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A parody of the 1960’s TV series “The Man from UNCLE”, about a secret Hamster organization, sworn to protect mankind. The story involves a new immigrant family and their pet Hamster, from Los Angeles, California, adjusting to life in Jerusalem, learning Hebrew in Ulpan, dealing with the shops, daily life, and the bureaucracy.

The Ham from ZOT:Israeli Peppers

  MEOW Agent 26: “Those sheep are off limits and invading a Bayat Keneset yard” Sheep 1: “I ate the Israeli grass again.” Sheep 2: “ha ha” Arab Goat: “If you buy Israeli peppers in Lebanon it’s bad but if you steal Israeli grass it’s okay.” Arab Goat: “Aaabbbaaas says it’s not the produce, It’s […]

The Ham from ZOT interviews 2012

The Ham from ZOT interviews Kitty Katz and the Ham from ZOT Agent #8: “Yes, Thank you for your call.. This is Kitty Katz from Jerusalem Israel.” Caller Bernard: “This is Bernard, Hello Agent #8, So glad to see your cartoon is back on line… Just one question, are there going to be any Dogs […]

The Ham from ZOT: Arab Land Grab in Jerusalem

Page 1 MEOW Agent 26 on her cat perch, looking through binoculars at the Jerusalem hillside: “Ah!” MEOW Agent 26 on the Computer and Cell phone: “Yes, Agents could be U.N. Or Rat Moving Company. ”Skype ZOT Agent 8: “This looks like we need someone from ZOT. ”Mrs. Whiskers is cleaning the girl’s room while […]

My Demonoid; dealing with a Daemon

A The Ham from ZOT, Auntie Nosebag Crossover Auntie Nosebag is going through a depression. Alien 1 to Alien 2: “It is time.” Alien 2: “Yes?” Alien 1: “We will send them a Glimmer.” Auntie Nosebag shocked and her Cat is scared. Auntie Nosebag: “I just had the strangest thought!” In Another Stratosphere: Boss Daemon […]