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Mr. Whiskers

  Mr. Whiskers: What’s this? Mrs. Whiskers: Please take the trash out. Mrs. Whiskers: Just some things I don’t need any more. Mr. Whiskers: Eh… I’ll do it later. Kichi: Oops. Duke: The outside Cat’s need is greater then ours. Other Cat: A New Look

Modesty for Women – Wig Vs Scarf

Modesty for Women – Wig Vs. Scarf Rav Ovadia Yossef on Wigs / Sheitels (with English translation)  10July2012 Peah Nochrit (wigs) This is Absolutely Forbidden!!! There are more than 20 poskim who say that this is completely forbidden, it is absolutely forbidden to go out of the house into the public streets wearing a […]

Monkey among us

Not your regular drunk bar fight: a ruckus broke out at a bar in Brazil earlier this month, that began when a monkey chugged a glass of rum and went on to grab a kitchen knife and go on a rampage. Daring firefighters put their lives on the line and managed to corral the monkey, […]