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Sydney, It’s time to come home

Jewish Parents in Victoria, Australia, Please for the safety of your children think about making Aliyah. At lest send them ahead to Israel where they are safe. I am deeply concerned that we are running out of time before we go over the cliff and public schools will become no-go zones for Jewish students. Increasingly […]

BDS Know the Facts

Time to Boycott the Boycotters: Boycott Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s parent Corporation. The time to get loud on Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever is now. Without an Aggressive Response, Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever Decision Is a Harbinger of Further Divestment From Israel Launching a counter controversy assault on Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever may […]


For the last one hundred years the 70 Nations and the leftist have been trying to bring peace to the Middle East without luck. In the mean time the Jews in Eretz Israel built a Jewish Country. How about going back and trying the original options. Build a Jewish State for Jews, by Jews, with […]

Children at Play