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The Bird Cage Liner Gazette: Street Fighting Cats

California votes to ban Styrofoam containers from state. Ocean creatures protest Styrofoam infesting water in Santa Monica Pier. After a protest from Sperm Whales and Sharks the California Legislator has banned Styrofoam Containers in California. Hurricane Katia coming up to bat on the Eastern Coast of U.S.A.(see below) Arab countries fear new Israeli secret weapon: […]

Besame Mucho – Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra

  At the Katz Café; כץ קפה Green Cat and Orange Tabby talking, Orange Tabby: “Everything is so depressing. I’m so depleted.” Green Cat: “It’s just an endorphin problem…. Come on.” All the Cats in the Café are dancing. CLICK HERE TO PLAY Xavier Cugat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Xavier Cugat (Catalan pronunciation: [ʃəβiˈe […]

CheshireCat: Unified Theory of Obama

  CheshireCat 08/26/2011 02:57 AM Round about the cauldron go In the poisoned entrails throw A day with a conscience, he hath none His campaign of destruction has just begun Sweltered venom from Jeremiah Wright he got Boil the Jews and Honkies in a deep pot All who dare to try to stand in his […]

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette: Hurricane Irene

Lazer Beams: North Carolina’s Jonah Friday, 26 August 2011 North Carolina’s Jonah The Gemara says that sailors are mostly pious people. Why? Sailors see all types of life-threatening tempests and squalls at sea, so not only do they have the fear of The Almighty in their hearts, but they’re always calling His Name to save […]