Monthly Archives: March 2023 – ט׳ בניסן ה׳תשפ״ג

Colour Revolution in Israel

Gaza and its Media Allies The USA IS funding the protests – proof US wages global color revolutions to topple govts for the sake of American control Colour Revolutions: State Dept is funding Group bankrolling Anti-Netanyahu Protests Colour Revolutions: Biden Regime Sponsoring a Coup and Training Palestinian Terrorist Army in Israel How Some Americans Support […]

Sefirat Ha’Omer chart

Count Today’s Omer Do a mitzvah in just one minute. Pick you size Paper Legal on top or Letter below. Sefirat HaOmer Chart 5783 Sefirat HaOmer Chart 5783 letter Click to enlarge Click to Download the PDF version   Sefirat HaOmer Chart 5783 Legal Size Paper or Sefirat HaOmer Chart 5783-letter  Size Paper […]