Monthly Archives: December 2012 – י״ח בטבת ה׳תשע״ג

The Ham from ZOT interviews 2012

The Ham from ZOT interviews Kitty Katz and the Ham from ZOT Agent #8: “Yes, Thank you for your call.. This is Kitty Katz from Jerusalem Israel.” Caller Bernard: “This is Bernard, Hello Agent #8, So glad to see your cartoon is back on line… Just one question, are there going to be any Dogs […]

The Ham from ZOT: Arab Land Grab in Jerusalem

Page 1 MEOW Agent 26 on her cat perch, looking through binoculars at the Jerusalem hillside: “Ah!” MEOW Agent 26 on the Computer and Cell phone: “Yes, Agents could be U.N. Or Rat Moving Company. ”Skype ZOT Agent 8: “This looks like we need someone from ZOT. ”Mrs. Whiskers is cleaning the girl’s room while […]

Apartment Cat: A cat living in an Apartment in Jerusalem

Watching Over You- A Song of Faith

Lyrics: I hear a sound I look in every way Not a soul in sight I Find a place to lay I feel the wave Running through my veins I cry out to hashem Bemunah shelema I lift my head I look around the room My brothers in the corner What have I to do? […]