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The Ham from ZOT: Israeli Killer Drone

Agent 26 is staring out the window at the hills. Phone rings. “We’re sending in a ‘drone’ be on the look-out over” Agent 26: “copy, Roger.” “hum – sending in a ‘drone’ humm.” 3 hours later, 3 more hours later Page 2 Drone: “Hey Bud just checking in.” Agent 26: “Huh?” Agent 26: “Where are […]

The Ham from ZOT:The sheep return

The sheep return Agent 26 is staring out the window at the hills and says to himself, “Oh I say.” Then, “Meow!” Mrs. Whiskers hears kitty and opens the window for Kichi and thinks to herself, “Kitty just loves that window,” while Kichi (agent 26) hops out, she flips open her cell phone, “Yes, this […]

The Cooking Channel

“The Cooking Channel…”The snow has melted, almost. The Arabie Cooking Channel for Palestinian Sheep Today’s lesson: Grass Souffle. Sheepish Fuzzy, “Frozen Grass can be just as nutritious as fresh.” Sheepish Fuzzy, “And there we have it, “Grass Souffle!” Audience claps wildly and you hear music in the background. Sheepish Fuzzy bows and says, “Thank you, […]

The Ham from ZOT:Israeli Peppers

  MEOW Agent 26: “Those sheep are off limits and invading a Bayat Keneset yard” Sheep 1: “I ate the Israeli grass again.” Sheep 2: “ha ha” Arab Goat: “If you buy Israeli peppers in Lebanon it’s bad but if you steal Israeli grass it’s okay.” Arab Goat: “Aaabbbaaas says it’s not the produce, It’s […]