Yearly Archives: 2023

Leaving California

Jerusalem is not San Francisco Downtown San Francisco Becomes A Ghost Town As Major Retailers Flee San Francisco’s Office District Not Only A Ghost Town, It’s Also Covered In Democrat-run metro cities overrun with ZOMBIE DRUG that eats human flesh California Defaults On $18.6 Billion In Debt, Saddling Employers With The Expense The Suffering Is […]

Truth or Consequences Covid-19: More Consequences

Why was the Covid Jab forced on everyone? FDA: Vaccines Don’t Have to Prevent Infection or Transmission TO KILL PEOPLE! Top 7 SERIOUS HEART PROBLEMS caused by the vascular-clogging Covid jabs Do Not Forget about the Children: TURBO CANCER: Children are DYING within hours or days of leukemia diagnosis, often after receiving vaccine jabs Covid […]

Colour Revolution in Israel

Gaza and its Media Allies The USA IS funding the protests – proof US wages global color revolutions to topple govts for the sake of American control Colour Revolutions: State Dept is funding Group bankrolling Anti-Netanyahu Protests Colour Revolutions: Biden Regime Sponsoring a Coup and Training Palestinian Terrorist Army in Israel How Some Americans Support […]

Sefirat Ha’Omer chart

Count Today’s Omer Do a mitzvah in just one minute. Pick you size Paper Legal on top or Letter below. Sefirat HaOmer Chart 5783 Sefirat HaOmer Chart 5783 letter Click to enlarge Click to Download the PDF version   Sefirat HaOmer Chart 5783 Legal Size Paper or Sefirat HaOmer Chart 5783-letter  Size Paper […]