Monthly Archives: March 2014 – כ״ח באדר ב׳ ה׳תשע״ד

Preparing for Pesach

Bentley ad for shmura matza from orit Samuels on Vimeo. Traditional shmurah matzah for your Passover table Traditional handmade shmurah matzah is recommended for seder use. Order your matzah today! Spelt and whole wheat matzah are available, too.  Many local Chabad-Lubavitch centers have a limited supply of shmurah matzah available. We invite you to contact […]

The Day After Purim

Pesach is 30 Days after Purim. It is time to clean the house for Pesach. Coronavirus Covid-19: Cleaning for Pesach The Corona Virus 11- Daily Halachic Corner – 104 – Rav Dayan Elgrod! Breslev English 29March2020 Pesach Cleaning Martin Perlin Dirt in not Chametz My Favorite Pesach Cleaning Checklist by Rabbi Scheinberg Posted by […]