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Dr. Dog: “I’m thinking of opening up my own clinic Dr. Cat.” Dr. Cat: “wow” Dr. Dog:  “Yes, I’m going to be very selective in my patients, based solely on their looks.” Dr. Cat: “What?! Outrageous Dr. Dog.” Dr. Dog to Mrs. Whiskers: “I’m leaving  Gates Hospital this month Mrs. Whiskers…  if  you want to […]

6 foot Rabbit

Mrs. Whiskers at the Shuk. She sees a 6 foot rabbit in the Shuk (1.8288 Meters high). She can;t belive what she saw as she goes home on the Bus. Dr. Dog: “Well Mrs. Viskers, und how vas your veek? Mrs. Whiskers: “Not to hurt your feelings or anything…  Dr. Dog,  I know your a […]

Jerusalem cats


Isru Chag – Sukkot

Isru Chag The day following a festival (such as the festival of Sukkot) is called Isru Chag (“tied to the festival”). Tachnun (confession of sins) and similar prayers are omitted throughout the remainder of the festive month of Tishrei. We put away the Sukkah for the next year. The Sukkah is made of cloth or […]