Monthly Archives: January 2013 – י״ח בשבט ה׳תשע״ג

A sensible wish

Page. 1 Mrs. Whiskers is looking to see no one is around and opens a box labeled 9 Ball. She reads the instructions, “The 9 Ball once a week.  You can make a sensible wish, see fine print below. She thinks, “A 9 Ball, I get to make a wish …hum…” “Better be a good […]

Israeli Elections or Lord of the Rings

Frodo says to the other ‘halflings’, “We are going to have to find a way to defeat our enemies.” Bibi-strider thinks to himself, “I can see I will have to be a real Politician in order to collate with everyone, oye.” “We must go to Rivendale to meet with all the parties.” Pippin, “A party? […]

Get Rich! Parshat HaMan

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 Today! Say “Parshat HaMan” to Insure a Good Income Don’t forget to say “Parshat HaMan” today: Segula* (spiritual invoking ploy) for a good income – on the Tuesday of the Parshat Beshalach week, our sages tell us that it’s an opportune time to recite “Parshat HaMan”, the story of the manna, […]

Dungeons and Dragons

Agent 26 contacts Z.O.T. H.Q. and was asked to send in her monthly report. 8 hours later. She finishes off her calculations and sends it off to Z.O.T. Agent 26: “Sigh all done.” Mrs. Whiskers daughters walk through the front door with their friends. Sugar: “Hi Mom!” Agent 26: “No!” Sugar raiding the Refrigerator: “What’s […]