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Politics that effect life in Israel and the lives of the Political Low Life, Scum bag Turkeys; I mean Politicians

Leaving California

It’s time to come home! Nefesh B’Nefesh: Live the Dream 1-866-4-ALIYAH ‘If You Love Your Children, Flee The State’: California GOP Lawmaker A ‘Traumatic Fight For Survival’: The Demise of San Francisco Should Concern All Americans Jerusalem is not San Francisco Park Hotels Makes ‘Difficult’ Decision To Stop Paying San Francisco CMBS Loan, Citing ‘Concerns […]

Colour Revolution in Israel

Gaza and its Media Allies The Rav is refused entry to Uman Torah Is the ONLY Thing Which Unites Us Cartoon: Hayut is seen sticking a flag in the back of a IDF soldier Smotrich: Judicial reform protests have ‘minimal’ effect on economy The USA IS funding the protests – proof US wages global color […]

A Fowl Tale: Israeli Elections

Shocker! The Wife of Israel’s Prime Minister Says She is Suing Rabbi Tovia Singer! Posted 29November2022 Tovia Singer: Shocker! Is the Wife of Israel’s Prime Minister a Christian? Rabbi Tovia Singer Responds Posted 31October2022 Tovia Singer: TOP קמפיין שס – ילד רעב Shas campaign – Hungry boy A Fowl Tale The presumptuous fowl thought that they could […]

The prophecies are true

Soviet Union Returns The SIMPSONS S09E19 – The Simpsons Tide 29March1998 m o d e r n i t y 7 Posted 02March2022 Paul Joseph Watson: Nuclear fallout edition. Weird Al Yankovic – Foil [Do people think of you as this?] Israeli Humor – Hope kindergarten TOP Senate Testimony Confirms BIOLABS In Ukraine Inside […]