Monthly Archives: July 2011 – כ״ז בתמוז ה׳תשע״א

NORA: Practice Makes Purr-fect

Click to Play the videos Nora: The “Original” Practice Makes Purr-fect Nora The Piano Cat: The Sequel – Better than the original! Nora The Piano Cat: Whose Piano Is It, Anyway? Nora Calls The Piano Tuner ( Nora The Piano Cat YouTube Channel

Glenn Beck or Everquest

Page 1 Blue Cat and Orange Tabby. Blue Cat: “If I want to hear the truth it costs money.” Orange Tabby: “How so?” Blue Cat: “Regular TV doesn’t host Glenn Beck anymore. He’s switched to his own network which costs $6 a month.” Orange Tabby: “You’d have to ask yourself if it’s worth the cost.” […]

Cowboy Dogs

"Tex" Great Pyrenees on the left, John Wayne "Duke", Great Dane in the center, "dude" Israeli Canaan Dog on the right.” If you want clear skys without Chem Trails, Pilgrim, You’ll have to come to Jerusalem  The skys are so clear and blue that my Asthma has cleared up. 

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