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Dungeons and Dragons

Agent 26 contacts Z.O.T. H.Q. and was asked to send in her monthly report. 8 hours later. She finishes off her calculations and sends it off to Z.O.T. Agent 26: “Sigh all done.” Mrs. Whiskers daughters walk through the front door with their friends. Sugar: “Hi Mom!” Agent 26: “No!” Sugar raiding the Refrigerator: “What’s […]

The Ham from ZOT interviews 2012

The Ham from ZOT interviews Kitty Katz and the Ham from ZOT Agent #8: “Yes, Thank you for your call.. This is Kitty Katz from Jerusalem Israel.” Caller Bernard: “This is Bernard, Hello Agent #8, So glad to see your cartoon is back on line… Just one question, are there going to be any Dogs […]