Monthly Archives: December 2010 – י״ז בטבת ה׳תשע״א

The Ham from ZOT

Click here for larger image Page 1 CLICK TO PLAY At the front of a herbal Medicine store on Rehov Agrippas, in Jerusalem a Muscle Builder looking Male hamster, Secret Agent 8, enters the secret entrance of זאת headquarters. A very sexy looking Female Hamster, Secret Agent 87, running to the elevator: “Hold” Agent 87: […]

D. Banando Private Eye and the case of the Mysterious Ms. Dantman

Click here for larger image A 1940’s Detective Novel. The Door says: D. Banando P.I. Have claws will travel Two Police Dogs walk into D. Banando’s office. Police Dog: “Bernando in?” Miss Albrite, D. Banando’s blond secretary: “I’ll tell Mr. Banando you want’n to see him.” As she does her nails. Miss Albrite to the […]

Experience, that most brutal of teachers…

A group of Cats are on a Trash Dumpster. Trash or Garbage Dumpsters in Israel look like green boats or ships, as in a 18th Century British Naval frigate or Whaler. A crow is on the crosswalk sign as the lookout. A cat that is dressed as the 18th Century Vice Admiral of the White, […]

Zorro the Cat and three Senioritas

Click here for larger image Singing Cat: “Let me tell you friends about eh legendary Sephardic folk here… El Zorro!” Three single female Sephardic Cats admireing Zorro. Cat 1: ” He’s so handsome.” Cat 2: “Ah Zorro!” Cat 3: “And unmarried.” As Zorro tries to runs away, Cat 3: “One Minute Senior Zorro.” she grabs […]