The Queen’s dilemma

The Queen's dilemma Page 1

The Queen’s dilemma Page 1

The Royal Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth ll: “oh.. Your majesty…you know that bleep I told you about well… you better call President of the United States and ask him to postpone whatever… until after the wedding.”
The Queen: “Oh my… I better call the White House.”
“Yes, Michelle? This is Queen Elizabeth calling from Great Britain.”
The Queen's dilemma Page 2

The Queen’s dilemma Page 2

Page 2
Michelle: “Oh, Hi there Liz.”
The Queen: “Oh… yes… i was wondering if I could ask you to postpone ah whatever it is until after my Grandson’s wedding this month.”
Michelle: “Oh…are you inviting Barak and I to the wedding?”
The Queen thinking: Oh, Jesus help me.
“Could I talk to Barak for a moment please?”
Michelle: “Sweetie Pie I have Liz on the line.” Barak Obama is watching TV.
Michelle: “She says something is going to happen at the end of the month.”
Barak Obama: “Yes?”
The Queen: “My counselor told me you were planning something really big which may interrupt my Grandson’s wedding.”
The Queen's dilemma Page 3

The Queen’s dilemma Page 3

Page 3
Obama: “What are your sources?”
The Queen: “My…astrologer informed me about a major international speed bump happening at the end of the month coming from your way.”
Obama: “Um mem er Well— Don’t worry, just have the Grandkids have a good disguise for their honeymoon.”
Obama: “We know you’ll get all the full attention of the press on Kate’s wedding dress for the Big Day… and then in May, everyone will focus on Me and my approval ratings will rise.”
The Queen: “I’m so glad to hear that.”
Obama: “No Problems. Liz. Ah but just one more thing…”
“If I was the KING of the United States would Michelle and I have gotten an Invitation?”
The Queen: “Well, ahem Barak we thought George decided not to use the K word.”
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