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Groundhog Day 2013:

Groundhog Day 2013: Punxsutawney Phil Makes Prediction! Groundhog Day 2013 VIDEO Punxsutawney Phil Makes Prediction! הקסם של ירושלים / The Magic of Jerusalem

Alex and Joelle Wedding

SUNRISE SUNSET Click here for larger image

Preparation for drinking wine on Purim

Below is the secret tefillah of drinking b’kedusah, drinking in a holy way, on Purim. All know that it’s considered a mitzvah to drink until “ad lo yada”, until one doesn’t know the difference between blessed is Mordechai and cursed is Haman. Unfortunately without proper intention and focus this can both be dangerous (physically) and […]

Glenn Beck or Everquest

Page 1 Blue Cat and Orange Tabby. Blue Cat: “If I want to hear the truth it costs money.” Orange Tabby: “How so?” Blue Cat: “Regular TV doesn’t host Glenn Beck anymore. He’s switched to his own network which costs $6 a month.” Orange Tabby: “You’d have to ask yourself if it’s worth the cost.” […]