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The Car Cover.com: Acura Car Cover Sales

Page 1 Side banner: “the carcover.com” Customer Service Cat with headphones on the computer: “‘thecarcover.com’ for all your car cover and car parts need. This is the place. How can I help you today? … My name is Rizzo.” 4 eyed Martian Woman at the computer: “I’ve seen your website for acuracarcover.com and need a […]

The Car Cover.com: The Ad

Three Birds sitting on a Tree Branch, Frankie: “Are you ready to rumble boys?” Second Bird: “Sure thing, Frankie.” A flock of Birds fly over cars making a mess overhead on all the cars. Car Covered in Chinese Elm tree sap and bird droppings. Car Owner: ” Oh yuck, My Car!” Announcer: “Keep your car […]