The Car The Ad page1 page1

Three Birds sitting on a Tree Branch, Frankie: “Are you ready to rumble boys?”
Second Bird: “Sure thing, Frankie.”
A flock of Birds fly over cars making a mess overhead on all the cars.
Car Covered in Chinese Elm tree sap and bird droppings. Car Owner: ” Oh yuck, My Car!”
Announcer: “Keep your car clean and free from filth and pollution.”
Superhero is covering Car with a Car cover.
Car owner: “Yes!” Cat: “Why is that guy in his undies?” page2 page2

Page 2
Car Covers Manager to Webmaster: “I like the ad Make the name larger and take out the cat.”
Cat Webmaster: “you’re advertizing on website and must understand the cat must win. Besides we had to add a humorous punch line.”
Car Covers Manager to Webmaster: “We’re a serious business here.”
Cat Webmaster: “Of course I understand that. You realize that you are now inside of a cartoon yourself and what do you want for a free ad?”
Car Covers Manager to Webmaster: “I’m your boss you seem to be forgetting this point!”
Cat Webmaster: “It’s a minor claws in the contract… You pay cash and I will personally de cat the ad”

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