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Side banner: “the”
Customer Service Cat with headphones on the computer: “‘’ for all your car cover and car parts need. This is the place. How can I help you today? … My name is Rizzo.”
4 eyed Martian Woman at the computer: “I’ve seen your website for
and need a car cover and see you sell seat covers and brake pads as well.”
Rizzo: “Yes, Madam we have everything you could possibly want and at wholesale prices. Who needs to go to the dealership and get ripped off?”
Woman: “My husband has a VW, do you carry some car parts?”
Rizzo: “Do we have car parts? Are you kidding we could build a new car with all the car parts any make and model at the lowest prices available to you wholesale prices! Madam.”
Woman: “Oh goodie — My name is X792 and my VISA number is MARS253967000001 and here’s what I’d like to buy…” Acura Car Cover Sales page 2 Acura Car Cover Sales page 2

Page 2
Woman: “I’d like to thank you for your courteous service Rizzo. I gave you an A+ rating.”
Rizzo: “My pleasure Mrs. X792. Call me if you have any problems, either I or another one of our very qualified service people will help you.”
Rizzo: “Here’s our American phone number 310-959-5965, and remember; no tax is charged outside of California.”
Woman: “Since I’m having it shipped to Mars I won’t have to pay sales tax!”
Car Covers Manager to Webmaster: “Okay… That ad was alright for now… Except why a Martian with a cat? Why not use people? The banner needs to be larger and get rid of the green.”
Cat Webmaster: “According to our latest Gallop Poll, Cats and Martins are really in… I can do the green, red, but the Cats under contract.”

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