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Latma is back

The first new episode has been aired to IBA’s website and can be viewed here, but currently only exists in Hebrew. The second new episode הכול שפיט – פרק 2 Hakol Shafit, the Channel 1 TV show of right-wing satire Latma Hakol Shafit, the Channel 1 TV show of right-wing satire Latma, was greeted with […]

Love Caroline Glick’s logic

The Tribal update presents a song for Yom Haatzmaut, Tawil Fadiha, and Kim Jong On  Caroline Glick: The presence of Jews on the West Bank has nothing to do with prospects for peace קרולין גליק – לוחמת הסברה ציונית – רשימת הימין החדש Column One: Israel: The happy little country Netanyahu thought a moment […]

Joy of Sukkot – The Time of our Joy

Sukkot is great for a cat. Extra Chicken, Tuna and someone gave me a dish of Milk! Besides getting a very soft chair to sleep in, being able to jump on the Table and having someone to cuttle up with. Rabbi Svirsky; Think of Sukkot as a 7 day vacation on a tropical island of […]

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette: Mako, back in Action

EU Votes: PA given status just like the Vatican… They also gave Mr. Abbas a red checked Kippa, New livery to be designed by John Galliano. Stanley Greenberg presents: CLINTON sponsored “The 400,000 suicide ROACH MOTEL Rally” joined by Tzipi Livni & Kadema Flash Mobs in Tel Aviv, Israel. So many stupids unite over being […]