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Aleppo, Syria: Chamber of Commerce

Aleppo Hilton Hotel; In beautiful downtown Aleppo, Syria. Complementary shuttle service to hotel. Rooms include HBO, Cable TV, Dungeon and Full Service Torture Room included. Friday Champagne Brunch. Adventure Tours. Win a free vacation for you and up to four wives, 3 days, 2 nights at Gaza Casino Hotel in beautiful Downtown Gaza City. Woman’s […]

Joy of Sukkot – The Time of our Joy

Sukkot is great for a cat. Extra Chicken, Tuna and someone gave me a dish of Milk! Besides getting a very soft chair to sleep in, being able to jump on the Table and having someone to cuttle up with. Rabbi Svirsky; Think of Sukkot as a 7 day vacation on a tropical island of […]

One Day – New Year’s Greetings from Latma

New Years Greetings and cancelled terror plots (https://youtu.be/UhP1vo-zAKw) https://www.youtube.com/user/LatmaTV/featured If you are also allergic to the Israeli media You are welcome to join the club, Why would you get upset alone? אם גם אתה אלרגי לתקשורת הישראלית אתה מוזמן להצטרף למועדון, למה שתתעצבן לבד ?

Bill Clinton vs Bibi Netanyahu

compiled by Mr. Whiskers PM Netanyahu Quotes Lubavitcher Rebbe at UN assembly >Bill Clinton in Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior Book   Bill Clinton: Netanyahu killed the peace process Who’s to blame for the continued failure of the Middle East peace process? Former President Bill Clinton said today that it is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin […]