Watching Over You- A Song of Faith

I hear a sound
I look in every way
Not a soul in sight
I Find a place to lay
I feel the wave
Running through my veins
I cry out to hashem
Bemunah shelema
I lift my head I look around the room
My brothers in the corner
What have I to do?
I walk across sit down next to him
I don’t know what to say
It’s gonna be okay
Oh Hashem help us get through
I see the fear of every single jew
This is not a dream come true
Hashem is watching over you
I think it’s safe, I take a look outside
Look down in the water
I look up to the sky
I see my brother a tear drop in his eye, try to hold back but then I start to cry
I clear my thoughts wipe my tears away hoping its all over the sound
Begins to play, the clock is ticking
Hope that I’ll be fine, forgot about
My brother I pray it’s not his time
Oh Hashem help us get through
I see the fear of every single jew
This is not a dream come true
Hashem is watching over you
A distant shadow, a man dressed in green holding a little child, what does this mean
The soldier drops him, feet land on the ground, I see my little brother, he jumps in to my arms
Oh Hashem help me get through
I have the fear of every single Jew
This is not my dream come true
Hashems still watching over you
Published on Dec 9, 2012
After a week of intensity in the South of Israel, all of Am Yisrael finally felt the pain and began to understand what the citizens of Sderot and other cities of the South have been feeling for years. The internet was filled with well-wishers and blessings to the soldiers and citizens of Israel. Gabe Rosenfeld reacted in a way that was so natural to him. As rocket fire escalated and emotions were flowing, the words to this song began to write themselves. With the help of his Yeshiva, Yeshivat Lev HaTorah in Ramat Bet Shemesh, this song became more than just an idea.

The song describes the emotions of a young man who loses contact with his younger brother during a “Tzeva Adom” – Red Alert Siren. This song is not just a beautiful attempt at understanding our brothers and what they are going through but it is also a sign of hope. If Klal Yisrael can begin to care, feel, and pray about other Jews around the world regardless of affiliation, then maybe situations like this would not even occur. This is the focus and goal of Yeshivat Lev HaTorah and Gabe and friends have done a truly inspiring job in getting this important message across.

From Rabbi Lazer Brody:

Entifada or Emuna, or Don’t Swallow Flies

Someone in the IDF who is making decisions either has no combat experience or has never been in a street fight before. Obviously he also lacks emuna in our Torah and in our right to our holy Land of Israel.

Rashi says in his commentary on Chumash, that retreat is the beginning of defeat – he was so right.

Several days ago, armed IDF soldiers made a humiliating retreat from a mob of rock-throwing Arabs in Kafr Kaddum, a village in Samaria. When investigated, the soldiers said they were afraid to open fire for their orders were unclear. Besides, with the leftist attitudes of the self-deprecating secular Israeli media, the leftist judiciary and the government – who often places appeasing foreign governments ahead of the Torah’s commandments and protecting its citizens – the soldiers were afraid to use their weapons.

One IDF spokesman justified the soldiers’ restraint: “Our duty is to act proportionately. Live fire is the last means. We do not want to fire randomly at a crowd or strike noncombatants. And if we hit a combatant, we are obligated to provide medical assistance,” he added.

I’d call rock-throwers combatants. A rock on the head can kill.

There’s an important principle in combat, whether in the field or in the street: once the enemy attacks, neutralize him as quickly as you can. The first blow must be totally effective; the fight should be over as soon as possible.

The IDF spokesman with his parlor-room philosophies of “acting proportionately” sounds like the CNN or a European-Union spokesman. This attitude in life-and-death situations is symptomatic of many of the top IDF brass, who – like many of their civilian counterparts – care about car and career benefits much more than they care about Judaism and the homeland. They too are passing the buck, blaming their failures on the politicians that don’t let them fight battles to win. To our dismay, few of the decision-making politicians are emuna-oriented.

The soldier in the field blames the officer, the officer blames the GHQ, and the GHQ blames the government. This a pathetic Israeli anti-emuna version of the Old Woman that Swallowed a Fly.

The Hamas in Gaza and the Tanzeem and Jihad in the West Bank no longer fear the IDF. Deterrence is at an all-time low. IDF infantrymen are being chased out of villages by rock-throwing teens. At this rate, Intifada #3 is fast on the way. When our enemies smell fear, they’ll go for the jugular. This is not a game – it’s survival.

Without observing the Torah, a Jew has no right to the Land of Israel. King David says explicitly at the end of Psalm 105 that Hashem gave us this holyland for the sole purpose of observing His commandments. But, where there’s no emuna in Hashem, there’s no dedication to our homeland. A soldier who lacks dedication will never be effective. A weak but dedicated soldier can overcome a stronger enemy who lacks faith in what he’s doing.

The government and the IDF can take one of two choices: it’s either teshuva, emuna and fighting a no-holds-barred battle with a cruel enemy or losing deterrence and running a dozen times a day to the bomb shelters.

Hashem is sending the rock-throwing Pallies to show us just how flabby we’ve become with our lack of emuna. He wants us to strengthen our emuna and our hold on the holy Land of Israel. Let the old woman swallow flies, but let’s fill our mouthes with words of emuna. I hope someone in the government or in the IDF brass is listening. Hashem is now giving us a clear-cut choice – either emuna or another Intifada.

Living without emuna is downright dangerous. Why expose ourselves to danger? We all have a job to do, and that’s strengthening our emuna right away. Don’t delay!

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