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Rav Lazer Brody-The Key to Positive Thinking-27August2014

People ask, with all the chaos and strife in the world, and much of it in our own backyard, how is it possible to maintain a positive outlook on life? The answer is easier than you think… – See more at: http://lazerbrody.typepad.com/lazer_beams/#sthash.lW8Y8U02.dpuf

flirtatious frenemies

The Internet is insane

A sensible wish

Page. 1 Mrs. Whiskers is looking to see no one is around and opens a box labeled 9 Ball. She reads the instructions, “The 9 Ball once a week.  You can make a sensible wish, see fine print below. She thinks, “A 9 Ball, I get to make a wish …hum…” “Better be a good […]