The Ham from ZOT: What’s wrong Mom?

what is wrong Page 1Mother to her daughter Spice: “Ever since we’ve moved I have lost my identity, I’m suffering from memory loss… I’m in a downturn.”
“When I was young I’d be able to pet my cat… but I’m so allergic to them and we’re not allowed a cat or dog here.”
Agent 71(Mr. Whiskers Hamster): “Suddenly I feel discounted.”
The Daughters; Sugar and Spice: “Do you like Ulpan?”
Mother: “Sigh… the teacher started telling us that in Hebrew (Semitic languages) there’s no “am, is,and are” it doesn’t exist… and there’s no present.”
Agent 71: “No presents! Does this mean I don’t get anything for my birthday?”
Mother: “If people only think about the past and the future… then they miss out on the NOW. Could this be a key to the problems in the Middle East?”
what is wrong page 2
Page 2
Agent 71 here… I need to report to 5.”
Agent 71: “Hello 5, some more key info.”
Agent 71: “The humans are starting to think the problems in the Middle East stem from no presents.”
Agent 5 hangs up the phone.
Agent 5 hands Agent 71’s report to Agent 2. Agent 2:”Perhaps Agent 71 does need that vacation… or therapy.”
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