Gaza Rockets: Sderot, The Jewish Mother Treatment

From Israel’s channel 12 Nov 12th, 2019 By David Lange – November 14, 2019
An elderly resident of the beleaguered town of Sderot – under constant rocket fire from Gazan terrorists – was watching Channel 12 and noticed they had a reporting crew driving along the deserted streets of Sderot. So she did what you’d expect from the resilient, kindhearted people of Israel: waved a balloon at them to grab their attention and invited them in for a meal she had prepared for them, refusing to let them go until they ate!
Peak Israeli! This is a reason the terrorists will never defeat us.

Resident of Sderot Under Rocket Attack Invites Journalist and Crew in for Meal

An Open Letter to Critics of Israel

Comments: It is time to turn Gaza into the Fire Bombed city of Dresden, Germany during World War ll. There is nothing like the use of Fuel-Air Explosives and Carpet Bombing not just empty buildings but killing Terrorist, their Supporters and the Imams that encourage the Terrorist.

The Knock on the roof

The moment of the blast. During the 2014 Gaza War, the Nofal family (Hamas terrorist) home in Gaza was bombed. First Israel warned everyone in the building by firing a missile over the roof, so the civilians could evacuate, then followed a rocket from a F16 destroying only that building and nothing around it.

Hamas Child suicide Bomb Terrorist

Hamas Child suicide Bomb Terrorist


What Starts Online, Doesn’t Stay There

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