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How the war and attacks are effecting daily life in Jerusalem and the world

The Weather report 1 Adar II-5782

The Godfather Theme Song The Godfather Theme Song The Rest of the World wants nothing to do with this mess! JerusalemCats Comments: The following is for your information. Inside Pfizer and AstraZeneca’s UKRAINIAN BIOLAB! [Bio-Warfare Lab] Military biological activities of the United States in Ukraine The Dreizin Report – 2022-05-17 – The Fall of the […]

The prophecies are true

The-Simpsons-USSR-Returns m o d e r n i t y 7 Posted 02March2022 Paul Joseph Watson: Nuclear fallout edition. Weird Al Yankovic – Foil [Do people think of you as this?] Israeli Humor – Hope kindergarten TOP What is Holocaust Revisionism? Watch to learn more. For International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we must honor these […]

Gaza Rockets: Sderot, The Jewish Mother Treatment

From Israel’s channel 12 Nov 12th, 2019 By David Lange – November 14, 2019 An elderly resident of the beleaguered town of Sderot – under constant rocket fire from Gazan terrorists – was watching Channel 12 and noticed they had a reporting crew driving along the deserted streets of Sderot. So she did what you’d […]

The Jews Will Not be Driven from Jerusalem

Jerusalem is open for Business! Come and Shop! Jerusalem chosen among ‘Best Cities in the World’ By Viva Sarah Press November 19, 2015, Israel features in 11 categories in the Condé Nast Traveler’s 28th annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Jerusalem, El Al, and select Eilat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv hotels were chosen as among the […]