The Bird Cage Liner Gazette: Hurricane Irene

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette:Hurricane Irene 28-8-2011

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette:Hurricane Irene 28-8-2011

Lazer Beams: North Carolina’s Jonah Friday, 26 August 2011

North Carolina’s Jonah
The Gemara says that sailors are mostly pious people. Why? Sailors see all types of life-threatening tempests and squalls at sea, so not only do they have the fear of The Almighty in their hearts, but they’re always calling His Name to save them.
Scripture tells us that sailors have a sharp sense of spiritual awareness as well. When Jonah tried to run away from Hashem, he boarded a ship at the Jaffa port. At sea, the ship was tossed and turned by monstrous waves. The sailors drew lots, and the short straw fell on Jonah. They realized that Jonah was the reason for the impending catastrophe, for the ship was about to splinter, so they threw him overboard. The sea subsided and the sailors and their ship were saved.
Hashem doesn’t do things at random. Why is hurricane Irene advancing toward the good
and decent folks of North Carolina? It’s simple – North Carolina has its own Jonah: Jonathan Pollard, rotting away in a cell in Butner for the last 26 years when his crime should have incurred no more than an 8-year sentence. Words can’t describe the cruel utterly inhuman way that Pollard has been treated, not being allowed to see his dying father or even attend his funeral.
The USA could save itself billions of impending damage and lives as well by freeing Pollard right now. There’s no doubt in my mind or heart that Irene will just disappear if Pollard walks out of Butner. There’s proof to what I’m saying in the Gemara – see tractate Brachot 59a: When Hashem sees that his children in exile are in anguish, He sheds two tears in the sea. Hashem’s two tears because of Pollard could be what’s causing Hurricane Irene to be such a threat right now.
What can you do to help? Phone, fax, or email the White House right now. For the safety of America, demand the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard.
Cherished friends and family on the US East Coast, you have our incessant prayers for your wellbeing.

From Drudge Report, alternative News site Rick Perry and Islam By Daniel Greenfield

While I keep comparing Perry to Bush, and this is a personal view, I don’t read the same sincerity in Perry, that I did in Bush. There’s too much showmanship and I’m not sure who the man underneath is. He may be more to the right, he may be more to the left, or he may not care at all. As the race continues, it may be easier to get a read on him. Maybe, Perry may shoot a gun into the air, but his rhetoric is the same old Compassionate Conservatism. He may be more authentically Texan than Bush, but the substance of his ideas is the same. NAFTA, education for illegal aliens, and Islam is a great religion. Whatever we say and do, he may be the inevitable candidate. The man who merges the strongest points of Huckabee and Romney into one populist friendly package. Who sells a pro-business compassionate conservatism that comes off as a low pain alternative to Obama. But before that it might not be such a bad thing to pore over the details of his record in office.

Sarah Palin look’n Good
Joan of Arc Reincarnated?
No, It’s Pamela Geller wearing the Armor of Truth wrapped in the Mantle of Zeal.
Tony Blair's sister-in-law blew herself up"

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law blew herself up”

Tony Blair’s sister-in-law blew herself up for the cause by gaining 30 lbs since conversion. Dressing modestly I can hide all those unsightly pounds, It’s a win – win situation.

Flipper – Seeks office of Prime Minister in next election.
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