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Zorro the Cat and three Senioritas

Click here for larger image Singing Cat: “Let me tell you friends about eh legendary Sephardic folk here… El Zorro!” Three single female Sephardic Cats admireing Zorro. Cat 1: ” He’s so handsome.” Cat 2: “Ah Zorro!” Cat 3: “And unmarried.” As Zorro tries to runs away, Cat 3: “One Minute Senior Zorro.” she grabs […]

The story of Zorro the Cat

Click here for larger image Cat singing: “Zorro so cunning and free.” as a Cat dressed as Zorro walks around. Zorro swings into Nina’s balcony. Zorro casts his eyes on the lovely Nina. Zorro hands Nina a plate of Chicken. Zorro: “A token of my esteem.” Nina: “תודה” Zorro: “meow?” he loves Nina. Nina’s mother […]