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Come Home

After bleating a path to Israel, Jacob’s sheep frolic in new home Israel is 5th safest country in the world for tourists – study Is Israel really a safe country? Good news for olim: Immigrant Absorption Ministry budget to rise by 220 million NIS, Funds will be directed to encourage immigration from the US and […]

Winter is coming

And Now Gazprom Reminds Europe: Winter Will be Big Ex-Polish FM thanks US for destruction of Russian gas pipeline Putin’s speech during accession ceremony of new territories to RF Vladimir Putin’s Battle Cry Against The Deep State Russia declares war on the Straussians A panicked Empire tries to make Russia an ‘offer it can’t refuse’ […]

Bibi VS E.U. Borg

Star Trek: Original Series Intro Click to Play Star Trek: The Next Generation Intro Click to Play Click to Enlarge Bibi VS E.U. Borg Page 1 Music playing old Star Trek theme. Bibi says, “Earl Grey tea, hot.” Frodo answers, “I thought that was Capt. Picard’s line, Sir.” “Space shows are In Frodo, the LotR […]

Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto-Wake Up-27October2013

Homeland Security-Fighting Terrorism since1492 It is time to wake up. You do not belong here. Indian Americans, Native Americans,