Mildred’s Quest to self discovery

Mildred's Quest to self-discovery Page 1

Mildred’s Quest to self-discovery Page 1

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Mildred holding boxes containing nation, religion, marriage, employment, family, political party, alien, unemployed, work, income, friends, neighborhood.

A work of a lifetime.

I tried to give myself labels to define myself to feel better about me. So I wouldn’t be suicidal.

Artist, Democrat, Low income, Work at low level jobs to pay the rent, (listen, I didn’t have to pay a lot of taxes). Worked in jobs I didn’t like. Only listened to classical music to define myself as intellectual, attended the Opera, Ballet, and traveled. Read literature.

I graduated college and found I didn’t have the qualifications to find work in my field of expertise.

Moved out of state to leave myself behind….I took myself with me inadvertently and moved back. Moved outside the country to really find myself this time. Was afraid to leave the apartment.

Mildred's Quest to self-discovery Page 2

Mildred’s Quest to self-discovery Page 2

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Had an ongoing search meanwhile for G-d looking in various boxes having trouble but then realizing He was right there all along…(wouldn’t you know, it’s because He was invisible).

Then, I discovered even though I had placed my identity inside all these boxes through my life that the culmination of my whole existence…the penultimate of my life’s meaning was finally realized.

I live in servitude to the family pet.

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