Kiychi’s Diary

Kiychi's Diary

Kiychi’s Diary

Kiychi is writing in her diary while eating Ice Cream.

Dear Diary, or should we just say I think my life is over with. My humans have adapted 4 cats last week.

I’m a very likeable cat in many ways but – when that new female came here I managed to keep her in one room.

The kittens however resist all efforts of mine to get out of my way. The female now has P.T.S.D. at this point…

My only victory, however, the kittens have taken over!

The only thing that has sustained me this week has been Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

The fleas and diarrhea are now gone only to be replaced by fungus and barf occasionally.

I’m hoping their manners will improve. In the meantime I eat in the windowsill

Yours truly

Kiychi Cat.

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