Hitbodedut – An Introduction to Personal Prayer

Emuna Outreach has been working overtime lately. We’re increasingly using the medium of video presentations to deliver the message of Jewish Outreach and Rebbe Nachman’s teachings far and wide, quickly and enjoyably.

Olive_grove2 Today, you’re invited to ride out to the Judean Hills with me. Far off the beaten track, there’s a cave and spring that Jewish guerillas used as a hideout from the Romans during the Bar Cochba rebellion nearly 2000 years ago. It’s a dream place for personal prayer. C’mon and join me – let’s see how hitbodedut – your own personal-prayer relationship with Hashem – is the key to emotional stability and true happiness.

For a healthy soul, it’s best to take the advice of the best doctor of the soul there is; in my book, that’s none other than Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. Rebbe Nachman stresses the importance of spending at least 60 minutes a day in personal prayer. Hashem is always available, with or without an appointment.

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