Experience, that most brutal of teachers…

Cats on a dumpster waiting for the trash

Dumpsters in Jerusalem Israel look like boats, so…

A group of Cats are on a Trash Dumpster. Trash or Garbage Dumpsters in Israel look like green boats or ships, as in a 18th Century British Naval frigate or Whaler.
A crow is on the crosswalk sign as the lookout.
A cat that is dressed as the 18th Century Vice Admiral of the White, Horatio Nelson and his crew are waiting for someone to put a bag of trash in the dumpster.
A woman is carrying 2 bags of trash to the dumpster.
Lookout Crow: “ther she blows Cap-n!”
Captain Cat: “All paws on deck Mr. Mew! prepare to receive cargo…”

Enterprise- Watch yourself there Kitty!

Someone was a raw recruit

Page 2
As the woman is tossing the bags into the dumpster a young cat is running to catch them.
Mr. Meow: “Watch yourself there kitty.”
The raw recruit get the trash and a lesson in Experience.

Thanks to C. S. Lewis – British Author

Page 3
Captain Cat: “Experience, that most brutal of teachers… but you learn my God, do you learn.”
Kitty: “Receiving Cap-n.” 
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