Truth or Consequences Covid-19

This is what you get with the SARS‑CoV‑2 – Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccination Shot.

kol koreh - The high Sephardic Jewish court in Israel declares the vaccine is a poison and should not be given to children or others

kol koreh – The high Sephardic Jewish court in Israel declares the vaccine is a poison and should not be given to children or others

Rabbis and Doctors: “DON’T TAKE VACCINE” 12 August 2021

NY Beit Din: ‘Assur’ to Give mRNA Vaccine to Kids!

The Following items are reasons not to put your hope on a vaccine

The Testimony Project – The Film

The testimony project was born to provide a platform for all those who were injured after the corona vaccine, and to make their voices heard in the Israeli media.
We hope the project will encourage more and more people to tell their story.

Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta variant and some Alternatives to the Vaccine:

When several say yes & several say no shev al ta’aseh (sit tight do nothing).

“Rabbi Kanievsky did not say to take the vaccine.”
Rabbi Alon Anava and others

Also rabbis are only supposed to depend on trustworthy doctors for their decisions. A Doctor who gets bribes, or who has conflict of interests, or is being pressured/coerced/threatened to make a statement or has not thoroughly studied the subject in question is NOT a trustworthy doctor.
None of the doctors who spoke in favor of taking “vaccine” can honestly be deemed in the trustworthy category!

From a letter by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1977:

The most essential point (to put it differently):

The doctor’s opinion is decisive — according to Judaic law — when he speaks as a doctor (based on medical factors or life-saving measures).

If, however, he states his opinion as a state official or politician (based on political considerations), that according to his opinion, they (i.e. those political considerations) outweigh and eclipse the medical factors — this is the opposite of the ruling of the Code of Jewish Law.


This, my friends, is the crux of the covid issue.

Doctors who endorse the covid vaccine are not experts in vaccine safety or toxicology, but are merely parroting the “public health policy” determined by state officials. Consequently, they are communicating their opinion based on POLICY, i.e. political considerations, not on actual science.

Their opinion is irrelevant from a Judaic standpoint.

daas rofe mumche 2

At lest 151 leading rabbis worldwide oppose the Covid-19 Vaccine!

RED CROSS:Covid Vaxxed are now like AIDS patients-they are INELIGIBLE for donating plasma, blood and organs

Stop the Lies protest banner

Stop the Lies protest banner

UK Funeral Directer John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid-19

30April2021 – From The Salk Institute:“A lot of people think of it as a respiratory disease, but it’s really a vascular disease,” says Assistant Research Professor Uri Manor, who is co-senior author of the study. “That could explain why some people have strokes, and why some people have issues in other parts of the body. The commonality between them is that they all have vascular underpinnings.”

From 04April2020 – 30April2021 – Doctors and The Salk Institute have warned Hospitals and ICU Administrators not to use ventilators on Covid-19 Patients. If they are still using ventilators they are criminally liable. Time for all those “Jewish Lawyers” to get to work. Wrongful Death Suits anyone?

So, if being ‘vaccinated’ doesn’t reduce your risk of catching ‘Covid 19’…. and being ‘vaccinated’ makes you 71 times more likely to have a fatal heart attack…. and if two people die from the ‘vaccine’ for everyone supposedly saved by it….

FDA Medical experts warn: Coronavirus boosters kill more lives than they save

Watch the FDA Video and read the deadly summery

This meeting of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee was regarding the approval of the boosters [They did not approve the booster, but the politicians did] but the data shared in this clip is regarding the overall vaccine program and MUST be heard!
According to the FDA:Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 9/17/2021,
The FDA’s 67th virtual vaccines and related biological products advisory committee presented data that admits to everything we have warned about over the last 17 months and for some of us over the last 7 years +….
Are the shots effective? No.
Are they causing deaths? Yes.
Are they causing menstrual problems? Yes.
Are they causing pregnancy issues? Yes.
Do they reduce death? NO!
Do they reduce hospitalization? NO!
Are they connected to causing the new variants? YES.
Are they less effective than natural immunity? YES!
Are those who are unvaccinated MORE informed than those who are vaccinated? YES.

On the other side you have Doctors and other Professionals trying to treat people and are Ridiculed, threatened and dehumanized by “The Powers that be” for rejected the “Standard Treatments”.

Del Bigtree Interviews Dr. Vladimir Ze’ev Zelenko

Dr. Zelenko schools Israeli Rabbinic court | mRNA Covid-19 vaccine: Child Sacrifice, Molech


sheeple, Think!

sheeple, Think!

sheeple, Think!


noun informal derogatory See Comments on Sheeple:
plural noun: sheeple
people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led.
“by the time the sheeple wake up and try to change things, it will be too late”


The Medical Consequences of the Covid-19 vaccines

This is where The Covid-19 hysteria began, Italy’s Covid-19 death tally corrected… it was 97% FICTION

Know thy enemy:The ‘Covid Orchestra’ – the people profiting from ‘Covid 19

COVID-19: The Lies they Tell

COVID-19 TESTING: The Lies they Tell

COVID-19 DRUGS: The Lies they Tell

COVID-19 Fake Approbations: The Lies they Tell

COVID-19 Fake Vaccine Passports: The Lies they Tell

Mandatory Vaccination of Workers

“When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts…” – George Carlin

Covid internment camps

Medical Experiments. Kidnappings and More

The Dangers of “The Medical-Industrial Complex”

From 04April2020 – 30April2021 – Doctors and The Salk Institute have warned Hospitals and ICU Administrators not to use ventilators on Covid-19 Patients. If they are still using ventilators they are criminally liable.

A ‘War against God’

At lest 152 leading rabbis worldwide oppose the Covid-19 Vaccine!

Why Do All These Rabbis Warn Against Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Why Do All These Rabbis Warn Against Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Why Do All These Rabbis Warn Against Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine?

This is an interview with an undertaker named John O’Looney, from Milton Keynes in the UK.

FDA staffers warnings about Covid shots

It has started

Alternatives to the Vaccine



The Triumph of Evil

15October2020 The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Covid Patient Treatment Guide

What to do if you got the Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Shot – Suggestions

Don’t go to the Hospitals. The Hospitals will kill you.

Avraham Rachamim Chaim Sofer Flyer

Avraham Rachamim Chaim Sofer Flyer

The Medical Consequences of the Covid-19 vaccines


STUDY: 82% of pregnant women who got vaccinated for covid during first and second trimesters suffered miscarriage

06July2021 by:
Click to download PDF file Click to Download the report Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

Coronavirus Covid 19 Pregnant Woman Vaccine Shot

Coronavirus Covid 19 Pregnant Woman Vaccine Shot

(Natural News) New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) inadvertently revealed that as many as 82 percent of pregnant women who get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) end up suffering a miscarriage.

Entitled, “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons,” the paper contends with its words that there are “no obvious safety signals among pregnant [women] who received Covid-19 vaccines.” However, a table published as part of the study shows that the vast majority of pregnant women who get injected never end up delivering a live baby.

The study specifically looked at the mRNA (messenger RNA) jabs from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, which are the two most widely administered Chinese Virus injections in the country.

Deceptively, the research makes a more prominent claim that only 13.9 percent of all “completed pregnancies” end in miscarriage, even though this data point includes women who were not vaccinated until they reached the second half of their pregnancies.

The way the paper is presented makes it seem like there are no problems with the injections. It takes a careful eye to look more closely at the data, which is what one British oncology researcher did to come to a much different conclusion.

“The researchers inexplicably subsumed the first trimester spontaneous abortions – before, and including, 20 weeks – into the completed pregnancy / losses as a whole – 104 [miscarriages] out of 827 pregnancies,” she reportedly wrote to two prominent British doctors.

“However, since the aim was to discover whether Covid vaccination had any adverse effects in the different trimesters, the NEJM papers’ authors should have deducted the 700 women who were not actually vaccinated until the third trimester from the total 827, leaving only those vaccinated in the first 20 weeks, i.e. 127 women to figure in that part of Table 4.”

Medical establishment lying about miscarriages, spontaneous abortions caused by Chinese Virus injections

As such, the “real rate” of spontaneous miscarriages among women who were vaccinated within the first 20 weeks of their pregnancy is not 12.6 percent, but rather 82 percent because 104 out of 127 pregnancies were lost post-injection.

Though it was admitted in very fine print in the study, a total of 700 study participants, or 84.6 percent, received their first eligible dose of a Wuhan Flu shot during the third trimester. So, a total of 96 out of 104 spontaneous abortions, or 92.3 percent, occurred before 13 weeks of gestation.

“So the evidence is actually there in the NEJM study, but completely misrepresented in the way the data was presented in general,” the British oncologist warns.

Before Fauci Flu shots became a thing, the rate of first trimester miscarriages was between 10 and 26 percent. To have that rate jump to 82 percent post-injection for the Wuhan Flu represents “a more than three-fold incidence of spontaneous abortions directly linked to the mRNA vaccines,” the oncologist further wrote.

“So, yes, there is a huge red flag [against] vaccinating pregnant women here.”

Another person who contacted Life Site News confirmed this, indicating that her perception of the data contained in the study is that it does not match the associated claim that Wuhan Flu shots are safe and effective for pregnant women.

“It is clearly a lie and obvious to almost anyone,” this person reportedly wrote.

“Assuming that the remaining 127 women were before 20 weeks pregnant, that leaves an 82 percent miscarriage rate (104 out of 127). It is like saying that there were 700 men and 127 women studied and only a small percentage got pregnant. Well, from the start 700 could not have gotten pregnant in the first place,” she added.

More related news stories about the ongoing deception surrounding the safety and effectiveness of Chinese Virus injections (and lack thereof) can be found at

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KILLING BABIES: Death of infant linked to Pfizer Covid vaccine that mother took while breastfeeding

08September2021 by: Franz Walker

(Natural News) The death of a six-week-old breastfeeding baby has been linked to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine received by her mother, according to a vaccine adverse event filed with the U.S. government.

The baby’s mother, an unidentified 36-year-old woman from New Mexico, stated that she received her first dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on June 4, 2021. At the time, she was still breastfeeding her six-week-old infant son.

“On July 17, my baby passed away,” she said in a report filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Baby got sick after mother got vaccinated

According to the woman’s testimony, her son had become “very sick with a high fever” on June 21. This was when he was treated with intravenous antibiotics for two weeks in a hospital for what doctors assumed to be a bacterial infection.

Tests conducted by the hospital “never found any specific bacteria,” according to the VAERS report, with his case diagnosed as “culture-negative sepsis.” It stated that, at the end of his two-week hospital stay, the infant tested positive for rhinovirus and was sent home.

But while at home, the baby developed further symptoms over the following week. These included “strange rashes,” a swollen eyelid and vomiting. These caused his mother to bring him back to the hospital on July 15 where he was diagnosed with “atypical Kawasaki disease.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) describes Kawasaki disease, also known as Kawasaki syndrome, as an “acute febrile illness of unknown cause that primarily affects children younger than 5 years of age.” The disease causes swelling in the walls of medium-sized arteries throughout the body.

Clinical symptoms include fever, rash, swelling of the hands and feet, irritation and redness of the whites of the eyes, swollen lymph glands in the neck and irritation and inflammation of the mouth, lips, and throat.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Kawasaki disease is “usually treatable” and most children recover from it “without serious problems.” But this was not the case for the woman’s baby who passed away shortly after he was returned to the hospital from “clots in his severely inflamed arteries.”

The report provides few other details about the case. His mother stated that the baby had been born three weeks early when she developed appendicitis.

Did the spike protein get transferred through breast milk?

In the VAERS report, the mother questioned the role of the Pfizer vaccine in her baby’s death. In particular, she asked whether spike proteins from the vaccine could have been transferred to her baby through her breast milk. (Related: If the spike protein facilitates entry of a gain-of-function coronavirus into cells, then why are we coerced to submit to spike protein-generating vaccines?)

“I am curious if the spike protein could have gone through the breast milk and caused an inflammatory response in my child. They say Kawasaki disease presents very similarly to the Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in children that they are seeing in post-Covid infections,” she said.

She points to the fact that antibodies, including those against SARS-CoV-2 – the virus responsible for COVID-19 – are known to be transferred from mother to infant through breast milk. Something supported by scientific studies.

One recent study found that 98 percent of women who had never been infected with SARS-CoV-2 but were breastfeeding by the time they received an mRNA vaccine – the type that includes the Pfizer vaccine – had antibodies against the virus in their breast milk.

In addition, the same study found that women with higher levels of antibodies in their blood also had higher levels of antibodies in their milk.

As the woman pointed out in the VAERS report, this raises the possibility that the spike protein may also be transferred from breastfeeding mothers to their babies. Whether or not this is what happened to the child is unknown. No studies to find out whether the spike protein is present in breast milk have been conducted as of reporting time.

Follow for the latest on the dangerous side-effects of COVID-19 vaccination.

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US Births Fall To Lowest Level In A Generation Amid Pandemic “Baby Bust”


A little over a week ago, we reported on one of the biggest deflationary threats looming over the global economy: that is, China’s shrinking population, as deaths outpace births for the first time, a trend that demographers believe will only worsen as the impact of China’s one-child policy is felt on its population numbers.

Baby Stroller in Park

Baby Stroller in Park

And as Wall Street banks and America’s largest corporations complain about growing inflationary pressures in their sell-side research and earnings calls, the latest population update from the CDC has just confirmed that the deflationary trend of a falling birth rate continued last year in the US. In fact, one could argue this trend has been supercharged by the pandemic, thwarting theories about a lockdown “baby boom” as the number of births in the US fell by 4% in 2020, dropping to the lowest level since 1979.

Put another way: thanks to the pandemic, US birth rates have fallen to their lowest level in a generation.

Thanks to the pandemic, US birth rates have fallen to their lowest level in a generation

Thanks to the pandemic, US birth rates have fallen to their lowest level in a generation


Source: Bloomberg

Birth rates dropped across every race, ethnicity and age group – even teenagers (though teenage birth rates have been falling in the US for decades), according to the data, which was published by the CDC’s National Center for Health.

As we noted at the time, a shrinking population is bound to create serious challenges for China’s debt-fueled economy. It’s one reason to doubt President Xi’s propaganda about China being “on the rise” globally.

Still, declining birth rates are a problem across the developed world, and the US is no exception. The provisional data for 2020, at 3.6MM births, marks the 6th annual drop in a row. The decline will likely continue in 2021, when the brunt of the impact from the pandemic will be recorded, but with a nine-month delay.

Bloomberg suggested that fears of contracting the virus while pregnant, or while in hospital to give birth, combined with job insecurity and government measures limiting social contact and business activity, dissuaded Americans from having babies, according to surveys by Ovia Health, a women’s health technology company.

“There are several factors that go into family planning, and an entire ecosystem of support that enables and empowers parents and parents-to-be,” said Paris Wallace, chief executive of Ovia Health. “In 2020, nearly all of those factors were turned on their head, and many of those support systems came crashing down.”

While birth rates fell for women in all age groups between 15 and 40, the declines were steeper in states that were hit the hardest by COVID-19, such as California and New York. And the exodus from crowded urban centers exacerbated the drop in birth rates in places like NYC, where the constant shriek of ambulance sirens over the summer likely made it difficult for couples to get in the mood.

births declined for women of all age groups between 15 and 40

births declined for women of all age groups between 15 and 40

Source: Bloomberg

Interestingly, many pregnant couples in the city fled to give birth elsewhere (well, at least those who could afford to do so).

The percentage of births to NYC residents that occurred outside of the city increased for all months between March and November. Non-Hispanic White residents were 2.5x more likely to give birth outside of the city in April and May 2020 than during the same period a year earlier.

Here are some other key findings courtesy of Bloomberg.

  • Births in Florida surpassed those in New York last year — by just 440. It’s still significant given that the differential in favor of New York was about 1,500 and 5,000 in 2019 and 2018, respectively.
  • Fewer than 10,000 babies were born in Alaska, Vermont, Washington D.C., and Wyoming in 2020.
  • The number of births fell 3% for Hispanic women, 4% for both non-Hispanic White and non-Hispanic Black women, and 8% for non-Hispanic Asian women.

To sum up, a declining birth rate leaves the US with two options: either increase the inflow of immigrants, or risk a blowout in the per-capita level of America’s exploding debt.



Mortality rate from Delta variant eight times higher in “fully vaccinated” individuals

29June2021 by:

(Natural News) The latest claim is that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “Delta” variant is “spreading like wildfire,” and the most affected by it are those who were already injected with “vaccines.”

According to the latest data, people who took a Wuhan Flu shot or two are up to eight times more likely to test “positive” or have to be hospitalized.

A preliminary statistical analysis found that hospitalization rates and absolute mortality due to the Delta variant are substantially higher among the “vaccinated” compared to the unvaccinated.

The figures show that among patients who test positive for the Delta variant, the mortality rate for those who are “fully vaccinated,” meaning they received both doses of an mRNA injection, is nearly eight times higher.

This corresponds to similar research from Public Health England which determined that vaccinated people are 600 percent more likely to die from Delta than unvaccinated people.

In England, it is now clearly seen in the data that those who have been injected are responsible for the spread of Delta. And the more people that get vaccinated, the more Delta is spreading.

“The delta variant infection rate of people who received at least [one] dose of vaccine is lower than that of fully vaccinated people while higher than that of unvaccinated people,” reports Gnews.

Science: Get vaccinated and you’re more likely to die

At best, getting injected will lead to the same outcome as not getting injected. At worst – and this is what the data suggests – you are more likely to die if you get stabbed for the Chinese Virus.

So why even do it at all? Many people would probably say that they just want to “do their part,” but what part is that? The dying part? Because the only people who seem to be getting violently ill after exposure to Delta or any other alleged variant are people who obeyed the government and got injected.

“It makes you wonder why the politicians are still pushing everyone to get vaccinated, considering the chance of death is not too different anyway,” is how Gnews puts it.

“Also, it’s worth mentioning that compared with hospitalization rate and infection rate, mortality rate is considered more accurate because for infection data, a person may choose not to get tested and there might be false positive or false negative for test results. And for hospitalization data, a person may choose not to go to the hospital and just stay at home. However, it is impossible to choose not to die for anybody, that’s why mortality data are usually more accurate.”

As time goes on, it becomes increasingly clearer that getting injected is just plain stupid. The shots admittedly do not prevent infection, nor do they prevent the spread, so what good are they?

The only claim the medical establishment is making with regard to the injections is that they might lower a person’s risk of becoming seriously ill and requiring hospitalization after testing positive. The latest data, however, shows that even this is false.

“[T]his analysis at least suggested that UK government might have cherry-picked the results that fits the ‘take the vaccine’ narrative and chose not to report the whole picture in the article mentioned on their news report,” Gnews concludes.

“And this analysis also shows that the mortality rate (usually the most accurate metric compared with hospitalization and infection) for vaccinated people who have contracted delta variant CCP virus is very troubling, and might need further related investigation such as potential ADE effect.”

You can read the full report from Gnews along with all associated data at this link.

More related news about Chinese Virus vaccine deception can be found at

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From The Salk Institute: The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness

Salk researchers and collaborators show how the protein damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease

April 30, 2021
LA JOLLA—Scientists have known for a while that SARS-CoV-2’s distinctive “spike” proteins help the virus infect its host by latching on to healthy cells. Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.

The paper, published on April 30, 2021, in Circulation Research, also shows conclusively that COVID-19 is a vascular disease, demonstrating exactly how the SARS-CoV-2 virus damages and attacks the vascular system on a cellular level. The findings help explain COVID-19’s wide variety of seemingly unconnected complications, and could open the door for new research into more effective therapies.

Representative images of vascular endothelial control cells (left) and cells treated with the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (right) show that the spike protein causes increased mitochondrial fragmentation in vascular cells. Credit: Salk Institute

Representative images of vascular endothelial control cells (left) and cells treated with the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (right) show that the spike protein causes increased mitochondrial fragmentation in vascular cells. Credit: Salk Institute

“A lot of people think of it as a respiratory disease, but it’s really a vascular disease,” says Assistant Research Professor Uri Manor, who is co-senior author of the study. “That could explain why some people have strokes, and why some people have issues in other parts of the body. The commonality between them is that they all have vascular underpinnings.”

Salk researchers collaborated with scientists at the University of California San Diego on the paper, including co-first author Jiao Zhang and co-senior author John Shyy, among others.

While the findings themselves aren’t entirely a surprise, the paper provides clear confirmation and a detailed explanation of the mechanism through which the protein damages vascular cells for the first time. There’s been a growing consensus that SARS-CoV-2 affects the vascular system, but exactly how it did so was not understood. Similarly, scientists studying other coronaviruses have long suspected that the spike protein contributed to damaging vascular endothelial cells, but this is the first time the process has been documented.

In the new study, the researchers created a “pseudovirus” that was surrounded by SARS-CoV-2 classic crown of spike proteins, but did not contain any actual virus. Exposure to this pseudovirus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal model—proving that the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls.

The team then replicated this process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells (which line arteries) to the spike protein. They showed that the spike protein damaged the cells by binding ACE2. This binding disrupted ACE2’s molecular signaling to mitochondria (organelles that generate energy for cells), causing the mitochondria to become damaged and fragmented.

Previous studies have shown a similar effect when cells were exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but this is the first study to show that the damage occurs when cells are exposed to the spike protein on its own.

“If you remove the replicating capabilities of the virus, it still has a major damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply by virtue of its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor, now famous thanks to COVID,” Manor explains. “Further studies with mutant spike proteins will also provide new insight towards the infectivity and severity of mutant SARS CoV-2 viruses.”

The researchers next hope to take a closer look at the mechanism by which the disrupted ACE2 protein damages mitochondria and causes them to change shape.

Other authors on the study are Yuyang Lei and Zu-Yi Yuan of Jiaotong University in Xi’an, China; Cara R. Schiavon, Leonardo Andrade, and Gerald S. Shadel of Salk; Ming He, Hui Shen, Yichi Zhang, Yoshitake Cho, Mark Hepokoski, Jason X.-J. Yuan, Atul Malhotra, Jin Zhang of the University of California San Diego; Lili Chen, Qian Yin, Ting Lei, Hongliang Wang and Shengpeng Wang of Xi’an Jiatong University Health Science Center in Xi’an, China.

The research was supported by the National Institutes of Health, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Shaanxi Natural Science Fund, the National Key Research and Development Program, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University; and Xi’an Jiaotong University.

DOI: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.121.318902



Circulation Research


SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE2

Click to download PDF fileClick to Download the .pdf Publication. SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2-CIRCRESAHA.121.318902


Yuyang Lei, Jiao Zhang, Cara R Schiavon, Ming He, Lili Chen, Hui Shen, Yichi Zhang, Qian Yin, Yoshitake Cho, Leonardo Andrade, Gerald S Shadel, Mark Hepokoski, Ting Lei, Hongliang Wang, Jin Zhang, Jason X-J Yuan, Atul Malhotra, Uri Manor, Shengpeng Wang, Zu-Yi Yuan, and John Y-J Shyy



ALERT: Doctor says mRNA vaccines “will kill most people” through heart failure, 62% of vaccinated people already show microscopic blood clots

13July2021 by:

(Natural News) The vast majority of people who are getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) will die within a few short years from heart failure, warns Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D., a medical practitioner in British Columbia, Canada.

In one of his latest updates, Dr. Hoffe explains that he is observing in his patients who took an mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccine” from either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna that their capillaries are now plugging up, which he says will eventually lead to a serious cardiovascular event.

Chinese Virus mRNA shots are programmed to turn a person’s body into a spike protein “factory,” and Dr. Hoffe says that over time these mass-produced spike proteins cause progressive blood clotting.

No fewer than 60 percent of people who take an mRNA injection will suffer from these blood clots – and in the end, an overwhelming majority will end up six feet under due to the damage caused.

“We now know that only 25 percent of the ‘vaccine’ injected into a person’s arm actually stays in your arm,” Dr. Hoffe explains one his blog.

“The other 75 percent is collected by your lymphatic system and literally fed into your circulation so these little packages of messenger RNA, and by the way in a single dose of Moderna ‘vaccine’ there are literally 40 trillion mRNA molecules.”

Dr. Hoffe says that while these packages were designed by Big Pharma to be absorbed directly into people’s cells, the only place they can actually be absorbed is around the blood vessels and into capillary networks, which are the tiniest blood vessels where blood flow is slow and where genes are released.

“Your body then gets to work reading and then manufacturing trillions and trillions of these spike proteins,” he says.

“Each gene can produce many, many spike proteins. The body then recognizes these are foreign bodies so it makes antibodies against it so you are then protected against COVID. That’s the idea.”

COVID Vaccine || Blood Clots Guaranteed || Dr Charles Hoffe

mRNA injections insert “spiky bits” into blood vessels, eventually causing heart failure

Though the claim has long been that these spike proteins act as a deterrent to viral infection after being injected into a person’s body, the reality is that they actually become part of the cell wall of a person’s vascular endothelium.

“This means that these cells which line your blood vessels, which are supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly now have these little spikey bits sticking out,” explains Principia Scientific.

Dr. Hoffe says it is an inevitability that the injected will develop blood clots because as the vaccine-inserted spike proteins embed themselves within blood vessels and capillaries, blood platelets circulate around trying to fix the problem by creating increasingly more clots.

“So, when the platelet comes through the capillary it suddenly hits all these COVID spikes and it becomes absolutely inevitable that blood clots will form to block that vessel,” he writes.

“Therefore, these spike proteins can predictably cause blood clots. They are in your blood vessels (if mRNA ‘vaccinated’) so it is guaranteed.”

It turns out that these blood clots are different than the “rare” ones spoken about on the media that show up on CT scans and MRIs. These are microscopic and do not show up on tests, as they can only be detected using a blood test known as D-dimer.

Dr. Hoffe has been performing D-dimer tests on his mRNA “vaccinated” patients, which led him to discover that at least 62 percent of them have these microscopic blood clots.

“The most alarming part of this is that there are some parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs which cannot [regenerate],” he says. “When those tissues are damaged by blood clots, they are permanently damaged.”

To learn more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Chinese Virus injections, be sure to check out

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How COVID-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola November 11, 2020

Story at-a-glance

  • According to a study that examined how informed consent is given to COVID-19 vaccine trial participants, disclosure forms fail to inform volunteers that the vaccine might make them susceptible to more severe disease if they’re exposed to the virus
  • Previous coronavirus vaccine efforts — including those for SARS, MERS and RSV — have revealed a serious concern: The vaccines have a tendency to trigger antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)
  • ADE means that rather than enhance your immunity against the infection, the vaccine actually enhances the virus’ ability to enter and infect your cells, resulting in more severe disease than had you not been vaccinated
  • Lethal Th2 immunopathology is another potential risk. A faulty T cell response can trigger allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes can activate the complement system, resulting in airway damage
  • There’s evidence showing the elderly — who are most vulnerable to severe COVID-19 and would need the vaccine the most — are also the most vulnerable to ADE and Th2 immunopathology

According to a study that examined how informed consent is given to COVID-19 vaccine trial participants, disclosure forms fail to inform volunteers that the vaccine might make them susceptible to more severe disease if they’re exposed to the virus.

The study,1 “Informed Consent Disclosure to Vaccine Trial Subjects of Risk of COVID-19 Vaccine Worsening Clinical Disease,” published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, October 28, 2020, points out that “COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralizing antibodies may sensitize vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.”

“Vaccines for SARS, MERS and RSV have never been approved, and the data generated in the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic concern: that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralizing antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE),” the paper states.

“This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.

The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standard of patient comprehension for informed consent.”

What Is Antibody-Dependent Enhancement?

As noted by the authors of that International Journal of Clinical Practice paper, previous coronavirus vaccine efforts — for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) — have revealed a serious concern: The vaccines have a tendency to trigger antibody-dependent enhancement.

What exactly does that mean? In a nutshell, it means that rather than enhance your immunity against the infection, the vaccine actually enhances the virus’ ability to enter and infect your cells, resulting in more severe disease than had you not been vaccinated.2

This is the exact opposite of what a vaccine is supposed to do, and a significant problem that has been pointed out from the very beginning of this push for a COVID-19 vaccine. The 2003 review paper “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Virus Infection and Disease” explains it this way:3

“In general, virus-specific antibodies are considered antiviral and play an important role in the control of virus infections in a number of ways. However, in some instances, the presence of specific antibodies can be beneficial to the virus. This activity is known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of virus infection.

The ADE of virus infection is a phenomenon in which virus-specific antibodies enhance the entry of virus, and in some cases the replication of virus, into monocytes/macrophages and granulocytic cells through interaction with Fc and/or complement receptors.

This phenomenon has been reported in vitro and in vivo for viruses representing numerous families and genera of public health and veterinary importance. These viruses share some common features such as preferential replication in macrophages, ability to establish persistence, and antigenic diversity. For some viruses, ADE of infection has become a great concern to disease control by vaccination.”

Previous Coronavirus Vaccine Efforts Have All Failed

In my May 2020 interview above with Robert Kennedy Jr., he summarized the history of coronavirus vaccine development, which began in 2002, following three consecutive SARS outbreaks. By 2012, Chinese, American and European scientists were working on SARS vaccine development, and had about 30 promising candidates.

Of those, the four best vaccine candidates were then given to ferrets, which are the closest analogue to human lung infections. In the video below, which is a select outtake from my full interview, Kennedy explains what happened next. While the ferrets displayed robust antibody response, which is the metric used for vaccine licensing, once they were challenged with the wild virus, they all became severely ill and died.

The same thing happened when they tried to develop an RSV vaccine in the 1960s. RSV is an upper respiratory illness that is very similar to that caused by coronaviruses. At that time, they had decided to skip animal trials and go directly to human trials.

“They tested it on I think about 35 children, and the same thing happened,” Kennedy said. “The children developed a champion antibody response — robust, durable. It looked perfect [but when] the children were exposed to the wild virus, they all became sick. Two of them died. They abandoned the vaccine. It was a big embarrassment to FDA and NIH.”

Neutralizing Versus Binding Antibodies

Coronaviruses produce not just one but two different types of antibodies:

  • Neutralizing antibodies,4 also referred to as immoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies, that fight the infection
  • Binding antibodies5 (also known as nonneutralizing antibodies) that cannot prevent viral infection

Instead of preventing viral infection, binding antibodies trigger an abnormal immune response known as “paradoxical immune enhancement.” Another way to look at this is your immune system is actually backfiring and not functioning to protect you but actually making you worse.

Many of the COVID-19 vaccines currently in the running are using mRNA to instruct your cells to make the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (S protein). The spike protein, which is what attaches to the ACE2 receptor of the cell, is the first stage of the two-stage process viruses use to gain entry into cells.

The idea is that by creating the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, your immune system will commence production of antibodies, without making you sick in the process. The key question is, which of the two types of antibodies are being produced through this process?

Without Neutralizing Antibodies, Expect More Severe Illness

In an April 2020 Twitter thread,6 The Immunologist noted: “While developing vaccines … and considering immunity passports, we must first understand the complex role of antibodies in SARS, MERS and COVID-19.” He goes on to list several coronavirus vaccine studies that have raised concerns about ADE.

The first is a 2017 study7 in PLOS Pathogens, ”Enhanced Inflammation in New Zealand White Rabbits When MERS-CoV Reinfection Occurs in the Absence of Neutralizing Antibody,” which investigated whether getting infected with MERS would protect the subject against reinfection, as is typically the case with many viral illnesses. (Meaning, once you recover from a viral infection, say measles, you’re immune and won’t contract the illness again.)

To determine how MERS affects the immune system, the researchers infected white rabbits with the virus. The rabbits got sick and developed antibodies, but those antibodies were not the neutralizing kind, meaning the kind of antibodies that block infection. As a result, they were not protected from reinfection, and when exposed to MERS for a second time, they became ill again, and more severely so.

“In fact, reinfection resulted in enhanced pulmonary inflammation, without an associated increase in viral RNA titers,” the authors noted. Interestingly, neutralizing antibodies were elicited during this second infection, preventing the animals from being infected a third time. According to the authors:

“Our data from the rabbit model suggests that people exposed to MERS-CoV who fail to develop a neutralizing antibody response, or persons whose neutralizing antibody titers have waned, may be at risk for severe lung disease on re-exposure to MERS-CoV.”

In other words, if the vaccine does not result in a robust response in neutralizing antibodies, you might be at risk for more severe lung disease if you’re infected with the virus.

And here’s an important point: COVID-19 vaccines are NOT designed to prevent infection. As detailed in “How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged,” a “successful” vaccine merely needs to reduce the severity of the symptoms. They’re not even looking at reducing infection, hospitalization or death rates.

ADE in Dengue Infections

The Dengue virus is also known to cause ADE. As explained in a Swiss Medical Weekly paper published in April 2020:8

The pathogenesis of COVID-19 is currently believed to proceed via both directly cytotoxic and immune-mediated mechanisms. An additional mechanism facilitating viral cell entry and subsequent damage may involve the so-called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

ADE is a very well-known cascade of events whereby viruses may infect susceptible cells via interaction between virions complexed with antibodies or complement components and, respectively, Fc or complement receptors, leading to the amplification of their replication.

This phenomenon is of enormous relevance not only for the understanding of viral pathogenesis, but also for developing antiviral strategies, notably vaccines …

There are four serotypes of Dengue virus, all eliciting protective immunity. However, although homotypic protection is long-lasting, cross-neutralizing antibodies against different serotypes are short-lived and may last only up to 2 years.

In Dengue fever, reinfection with a different serotype runs a more severe course when the protective antibody titer wanes. Here, non-neutralizing antibodies take over neutralizing ones, bind to Dengue virions, and these complexes mediate the infection of phagocytic cells via interaction with the Fc receptor, in a typical ADE.

In other words, heterotypic antibodies at subneutralizing titres account for ADE in persons infected with a serotype of Dengue virus that is different from the first infection.

Cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies are associated with decreased odds of symptomatic secondary infection, and the higher the titer of such antibodies following the primary infection, the longer the delay to symptomatic secondary infection …”

The paper goes on to detail results from follow-up investigations into the Dengue vaccine, which revealed the hospitalization rate for Dengue among vaccinated children under the age of 9 was greater than the rate among controls. The explanation for this appears to be that the vaccine mimicked a primary infection, and as that immunity waned, the children became susceptible to ADE when they encountered the virus a second time. The author explains:

“A post hoc analysis of efficacy trials, using an anti-nonstructural protein 1 immunoglobulin G (IgG) enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to distinguish antibodies elicited by wild-type infection from those following vaccination, showed that the vaccine was able to protect against severe Dengue [in] those who had been exposed to the natural infection before vaccination, and that the risk of severe clinical outcome was increased among seronegative persons.

Based on this, a Strategic Advisor Group of Experts convened by World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that only Dengue seropositive persons should be vaccinated whenever Dengue control programs are planned that include vaccination.”

ADE in Coronavirus Infections

This could end up being important for the COVID-19 vaccine. Hypothetically speaking, if SARS-CoV-2 works like Dengue, which is also caused by an RNA virus, then anyone who has not tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 might actually be at increased risk for severe COVID-19 after vaccination, and only those who have already recovered from a bout of COVID-19 would be protected against severe illness by the vaccine.

To be clear, we do not know whether that is the case or not, but these are important areas of inquiry and the current vaccine trials will simply not be able to answer this important question.

The Swiss Medical Weekly paper9 also reviews the evidence of ADE in coronavirus infections, citing research showing inoculating cats against the feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV) — a feline coronavirus — increases the severity of the disease when challenged with the same FIPV serotype as that in the vaccine.

“Experiments have shown immunization with a variety of SARS vaccines resulted in pulmonary immunophathology once challenged with the SARS virus.”

The paper also cites research showing “Antibodies elicited by a SARS-CoV vaccine enhanced infection of B cell lines in spite of protective responses in the hamster model.” Another paper,10 “Antibody-Dependent SARS Coronavirus Infection Is Mediated by Antibodies Against Spike Proteins,” published in 2014, found that:

“… higher concentrations of anti-sera against SARS-CoV neutralized SARS-CoV infection, while highly diluted anti-sera significantly increased SARS-CoV infection and induced higher levels of apoptosis.

Results from infectivity assays indicate that SARS-CoV ADE is primarily mediated by diluted antibodies against envelope spike proteins rather than nucleocapsid proteins. We also generated monoclonal antibodies against SARS-CoV spike proteins and observed that most of them promoted SARS-CoV infection.

Combined, our results suggest that antibodies against SARS-CoV spike proteins may trigger ADE effects. The data raise new questions regarding a potential SARS-CoV vaccine …”

A study11 that ties into this was published in the journal JCI Insight in 2019. Here, macaques vaccinated with a modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) virus encoding full-length SARS-CoV spike protein ended up with more severe lung pathology when the animals were exposed to the SARS virus. And, when they transferred anti-spike IgG antibodies into unvaccinated macaques, they developed acute diffuse alveolar damage, likely by “skewing the inflammation-resolving response.”

SARS Vaccine Worsens Infection After Challenge With SARS-CoV

An interesting 2012 paper12 with the telling title, “Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus,” demonstrates what many researchers now fear, namely that COVID-19 vaccines may end up making people more prone to severe SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The paper reviews experiments showing immunization with a variety of SARS vaccines resulted in pulmonary immunophathology once challenged with the SARS virus. As noted by the authors:13

“Inactivated whole virus vaccines whether inactivated with formalin or beta propiolactone and whether given with our without alum adjuvant exhibited a Th2-type immunopathologic in lungs after challenge.

As indicated, two reports attributed the immunopathology to presence of the N protein in the vaccine; however, we found the same immunopathologic reaction in animals given S protein vaccine only, although it appeared to be of lesser intensity.

Thus, a Th2-type immunopathologic reaction on challenge of vaccinated animals has occurred in three of four animal models (not in hamsters) including two different inbred mouse strains with four different types of SARS-CoV vaccines with and without alum adjuvant. An inactivated vaccine preparation that does not induce this result in mice, ferrets and nonhuman primates has not been reported.

This combined experience provides concern for trials with SARS-CoV vaccines in humans. Clinical trials with SARS coronavirus vaccines have been conducted and reported to induce antibody responses and to be ‘safe.’ However, the evidence for safety is for a short period of observation.

The concern arising from the present report is for an immunopathologic reaction occurring among vaccinated individuals on exposure to infectious SARS-CoV, the basis for developing a vaccine for SARS. Additional safety concerns relate to effectiveness and safety against antigenic variants of SARS-CoV and for safety of vaccinated persons exposed to other coronaviruses, particularly those of the type 2 group.”

The Elderly Are Most Vulnerable to ADE

On top of all of these concerns, there’s evidence showing the elderly — who are most vulnerable to severe COVID-19 — are also the most vulnerable to ADE. Preliminary research findings14 posted on the preprint server medRxiv at the end of March 2020 reported that middle-aged and elderly COVID-19 patients have far higher levels of anti-spike antibodies — which, again, increase infectivity — than younger patients.

Immune Enhancement Is a Serious Concern

Another paper worth mentioning is the May 2020 mini review15 “Impact of Immune Enhancement on COVID-19 Polyclonal Hyperimmune Globulin Therapy and Vaccine Development.” As in many other papers, the authors point out that:16

“While development of both hyperimmune globulin therapy and vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 are promising, they both pose a common theoretical safety concern. Experimental studies have suggested the possibility of immune-enhanced disease of SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV infections, which may thus similarly occur with SARS-CoV-2 infection …

Immune enhancement of disease can theoretically occur in two ways. Firstly, non-neutralizing or sub-neutralizing levels of antibodies can enhance SARS-CoV-2 infection into target cells.

Secondly, antibodies could enhance inflammation and hence severity of pulmonary disease. An overview of these antibody dependent infection and immunopathology enhancement effects are summarized in Fig. 1 …

Currently, there are multiple SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV vaccine candidates in pre-clinical or early phase clinical trials. Animal studies on these CoVs have shown that the spike (S) protein-based vaccines (specifically the receptor binding domain, RBD) are highly immunogenic and protective against wild-type CoV challenge.

Vaccines that target other parts of the virus, such as the nucleocapsid, without the S protein, have shown no protection against CoV infection and increased lung pathology. However, immunization with some S protein based CoV vaccines have also displayed signs of enhanced lung pathology following challenge.

Hence, besides the choice of antigen target, vaccine efficacy and risk of immunopathology may be dependent on other ancillary factors, including adjuvant formulation, age at vaccination … and route of immunization.”

Figure 1: Mechanism of ADE and antibody mediated immunopathology. Left panel: For ADE, immune complex internalization is mediated by the engagement of activating Fc receptors on the cell surface. Co-ligation of inhibitory receptors then results in the inhibition of antiviral responses which leads to increased viral replication. Right panel: Antibodies can cause immunopathology by activating the complement pathway or antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC). For both pathways, excessive immune activation results in the release of cytokines and chemokines, leading to enhanced disease pathology.

Do a Risk-Benefit Analysis Before Making Up Your Mind

In all likelihood, regardless of how effective (or ineffective) the COVID-19 vaccines end up being, they’ll be released to the public in relatively short order. Most predict one or more vaccines will be ready sometime in 2021.

Ironically, the data17,18,19 we now have no longer support a mass vaccination mandate, considering the lethality of COVID-19 is lower than the flu for those under the age of 60.20 If you’re under the age of 40, your risk of dying from COVID-19 is just 0.01%, meaning you have a 99.99% chance of surviving the infection. And you could improve that to 99.999% if you’re metabolically flexible and vitamin D replete.

So, really, what are we protecting against with a COVID-19 vaccine? As mentioned, the vaccines aren’t even designed to prevent infection, only reduce the severity of symptoms. Meanwhile, they could potentially make you sicker once you’re exposed to the virus. That seems like a lot of risk for a truly questionable benefit.

To circle back to where we started, participants in current COVID-19 vaccine trials are not being told of this risk — that by getting the vaccine they may end up with more severe COVID-19 once they’re infected with the virus.

Lethal Th2 Immunopathology Is Another Potential Risk

In closing, consider what this PNAS news feature states about the risk of vaccine-induced immune enhancement and dysfunction, particularly for the elderly, the very people who would need the protection a vaccine might offer the most:21

Since the 1960s, tests of vaccine candidates for diseases such as dengue, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) have shown a paradoxical phenomenon:

Some animals or people who received the vaccine and were later exposed to the virus developed more severe disease than those who had not been vaccinated. The vaccine-primed immune system, in certain cases, seemed to launch a shoddy response to the natural infection …

This immune backfiring, or so-called immune enhancement, may manifest in different ways such as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), a process in which a virus leverages antibodies to aid infection; or cell-based enhancement, a category that includes allergic inflammation caused by Th2 immunopathology. In some cases, the enhancement processes might overlap …

Some researchers argue that although ADE has received the most attention to date, it is less likely than the other immune enhancement pathways to cause a dysregulated response to COVID-19, given what is known about the epidemiology of the virus and its behavior in the human body.

‘There is the potential for ADE, but the bigger problem is probably Th2 immunopathology,’ says Ralph Baric, an epidemiologist and expert in coronaviruses … at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In previous studies of SARS, aged mice were found to have particularly high risks of life-threatening Th2 immunopathology … in which a faulty T cell response triggers allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes, activating the complement system and potentially damaging the airways.”

Sources and References



Permanent “lethargy syndrome” and long-term loss of motor skills now common “side-effects” of Covid-19 vaccines

22June2021 by:

(Natural News) Plain and simple, lethargy is a lack of enthusiasm and energy, but what causes it? It could just be normal response to stress, overworking, lack of a good night’s rest, or even lack of nutrition. Everyone is familiar with feeling sluggish and weak, but not permanently, immediately following inoculation with the Covid-19 vaccines. This is different. After a few weeks, and several doctor visits, nobody seems to be able to figure out what’s wrong, and that’s because the “science is settled” on vaccines, though not really at all.

Just because you say a slogan over and over doesn’t make it true. The Covid vaccines are very far from “safe and effective.” They’re outright dangerous and detrimental to health, including normal daily functioning. For example, motor skills are something most of us just take for granted on a daily basis, like standing, walking, climbing stairs, balancing, coordinating, reacting and so on. This would include gross motor skills and fine motor skills, but what if you suddenly lost many of these abilities, right after getting jabbed with these so-called “safe and effective” experimental concoctions?

Now, there’s a wave of victims of vaccine coming out and explaining how they’ve lost motor skills, some while experiencing relentless, excruciating pain for weeks or months on end. Some victims are saying these crippling “side effects” come on 3 or 4 days after inoculation, and are lasting for 3 to 4 months, including constant lethargy, excruciating shooting pains going up their spine and neck, blindness, deafness and depression.

All Covid-19 vaccines are documented as a “medical experiment” by “emergency use authorization” only, according to the CDC and FDA

We’re talking about the most experimental inoculation ever created, untested, unproven and classified by the FDA and CDC as a “medical experiment.” Oh, yes they did. Emergency Use Authorization was all they could get for this, and the drugged up animals are suffering from immediate and long-term health detriment.

Eric Clapton received the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine and said, “I took the first jab of AZ and straight away had severe reactions which lasted ten days.” He said he thought he “would never play again.” Six weeks later he was told to take the second AZ shot, without being informed of any dangers whatsoever. Clapton said his body’s reactions were disastrous, and froze his hands and feet, rendering them “useless for two weeks.”

He suffers peripheral neuropathy now, even though the vaccine propaganda machine can only spew out the same tired lie in response to every injury and every death, claiming every single Covid-19 vaccine is 100 percent safe and 100 percent effective, at all times, everywhere, for everyone.

Will Eric Clapton ever play guitar again? Some people have gone deaf and blind too after getting these toxic Covid jabs

In the United Kingdom, 35 people have gone deaf almost immediately after getting the Covid-19 vaccine, and 25 others went blind after getting stuck with the mRNA inoculations. This is tracked by their yellow card system (similar to our VAERS system) that posts injuries, side effects and “adverse events” – which already reveals over 190,000 cases/reports.

These include varying degrees of extreme injuries. AstraZeneca’s vaccine accounted for 60 percent of all of these, including responsibility for 58 percent of the people who went blind or deaf. Tack on over 400 deaths reported in just this yellow card system, with nearly half of those attributed to Pfizer’s deadly concoction.

This is news you never hear on mainstream media USA networks. This is completely banned from any postings, videos or memes on ALL social media platforms, including YouTube. As far as Americans know, there are ZERO problems with any vaccines ever made, including all of these dirty, blood-clotting jabs for Covid-19. They simply have no clue, no news and no facts.

Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s this horrifying statistic: Among younger adults and youth, Covid-19 vaccines have KILLED over 250 times the amount of people the actual virus has killed. Let that sink in for a minute. Now why should any company or organization be ALLOWED to say the words “safe and effective” in the same sentence as vaccines, if you’re going to be censoring something?

Visit if you already got a toxic Covid jab or two and you are experiencing side effects, blood clots or other adverse events. Then tune your internet frequency to for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation.

Sources for this article include:



UK: 35 people deaf and 25 blind after taking mRNA vaccine shots

The Yellow Card scheme tracking potential vaccine injuries has flagged a combined 191,832 individual adverse events, or side effects, related to COVID vaccines.

5March2021 –
By David McLoone

LONDON, England, March 5, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Among people in the U.K., 35 cases of deafness and 25 cases of blindness have been reported by people who have taken the experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. The numbers are derived from the U.K. Yellow Card vaccine reporting scheme, which is the British equivalent to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca mRNA COVID vaccines were given temporary authorization in the U.K. by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the former in mid-December 2020, and the latter at the beginning of January 2021. Since then, the Yellow Card scheme has flagged a combined 191,832 individual adverse events, or side effects, of varying degrees of injury. Of the injuries recorded, AstraZeneca’s vaccine consistently performed the worst, accounting for 60% of all adverse events, and 58% of deaf and blind reports. Additionally, of the 402 fatalities, 197 were reported following use of the Pfizer formula, and 205 after taking AstraZeneca’s vaccine.

The latest data, which runs up to February 19 and was published on February 22, reveals a plethora of debilitating side-effects, but this has not alarmed officials at the MHRA who maintain that “no other new safety concerns have been identified from reports received to date.” They conclude from this that the “overall safety experience with both vaccines is so far as expected from the clinical trials.”

The regulator doubled down on supporting the jabs, stating that the “expected benefits of the vaccines in preventing COVID-19 and serious complications associated with COVID-19 far outweigh any currently known side effects,” including deafness, blindness, and death.

The MHRA justified this position by citing the passively analytical nature of recordings on the Yellow Card scheme: It is a self-reporting system. This means that none of the serious injuries, or even the deaths, are confirmed by a licensed doctor, giving the MHRA some leeway to declare that “the available evidence does not currently suggest that the vaccine caused the event.” Rather, the MHRA favors use of the term “temporally-related” to describe the succession of adverse events from injection with the vaccine, which they describe as “events occurring following vaccination but may or may not be caused by the vaccine.”

John Stone of Children’s Health Defense noted that, despite the passive reporting system used by the MHRA, “[n]evertheless, the very distinct event profiles of two products [COVID-19 vaccines] filtered through the same system after 15 million vaccine administrations [in the U.K.] would suggest that there is something to be investigated and explained.”

A pattern of adverse results has been established regarding use of the Pfizer vaccine, which can be seen by examining its use in the U.S., following the award of “Emergency Use Authorization” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December. In both the U.K. and the U.S., use of the Pfizer vaccine has brought about similar results, accounting for the majority of post-vaccination injuries in America. VAERS has recorded 19,907 cases of adverse events arising after taking a COVID-19 vaccine, 64% of which are linked to Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, and 36% attributable to Moderna’s equivalent jab.

In the U.S., VAERS reported 23 cases of complete deafness and 27 of unilateral deafness, with Pfizer’s jab making up 76% of complaints. Additionally there have been 29 cases of partial or complete blindness, over half of which followed the Pfizer vaccine.

Experimental mRNA vaccination programs in Israel, too, are returning grim results, with a new analysis of vaccine-related deaths demonstrating a dramatic rise in both young and elderly people dying after taking the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine over those who have died after encountering the pathogen naturally.

Upon investigating the Israeli Health Ministry’s own data on the nation’s vaccine rollout, Dr. Hervé Seligmann, a member of the faculty of Medicine at Aix-Marseille University, and engineer Haim Yativ revealed that Pfizer’s mRNA experimental vaccine killed “about 40 times more [elderly] people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period.

Among the younger class, the researchers discovered that these numbers are compounded to death rates at 260 times what the COVID-19 virus would have claimed in the given time frame.

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here.



Study: 397 Children diagnosed with heart inflammation after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

03August2021 by:

(Natural News) A study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on July 30 found that 397 children between the ages of 12 and 17 were diagnosed with heart inflammation called myocarditis after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

The condition occurred mostly in young boys. Heart inflammation was not identified as an adverse reaction during the safety trials for the vaccine, but the CDC announced in June that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would add a warning to the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines about a possible link to cases of myocarditis in teenagers and young adults.

Myocarditis is a condition that involves inflammation of the heart muscle. Symptoms can include fever and fatigue, as well as shortness of breath and a very specific type of chest pain. Patients tend to say their chest hurts more when they lean forward.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), CDC’s vaccine advisory group, met in June to discuss instances of myocarditis in people aged 30 and younger who have received an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. (Related: Exclusive: Athlete who recovered from COVID facing ‘very different future’ after second dose of Pfizer vaccine triggers myocarditis.)

Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA technology in their COVID-19 vaccines, while Johnson & Johnson uses the more traditional virus-based technology.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical (VaST) Work Group, which is part of ACIP, assessed the reported cases and noted that the risk of myocarditis following vaccination with the mRNA-based vaccines in adolescents and young adults is notably higher after the second dose, particularly in males.

According to VaST, the data suggests a likely association of myocarditis with mRNA vaccination in adolescents and young adults.

New study is based on reports of adverse reactions among children

The CDC conducted the new study by reviewing reports of adverse reactions to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 16, 2021.

VAERS received a total of 9,246 reports of adverse reactions among children during that period, 90.7 percent of which were made up of “non-serious adverse events.” The 397 reports of heart inflammation made up 4.3 percent of the total.

Fourteen children died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, according to the study. The cause of death was not available for six of the cases. Of the eight other children, two died of intracranial hemorrhage, two died of pulmonary embolism, two committed suicide, one died of heart failure and one died of a blood condition. None of the reported deaths had been caused by heart inflammation.

“Impressions regarding cause of death did not indicate a pattern suggestive of a causal relationship with vaccination. However, cause of death for some decedents is pending receipt of additional information,” wrote Anne Hause, the CDC’s corresponding author.

Hause noted that the study is subject to several limitations, including the fact that “VAERS is a passive surveillance system and is subject to underreporting and reporting biases.”

Though the system is considered passive overall, doctors are required to report all serious events following vaccinations. The study also wasn’t designed to capture all cases of heart inflammation and only counted the reports which used the term “myocarditis.”

The FDA issued an emergency use authorization for the Pfizer vaccine for children 16 years and older on Dec. 11, 2020 and expanded the authorization to children 12 and over on May 10, 2021. (Related: More child guinea pigs needed: FDA asks for more children to take part in experimental trials of deadly coronavirus vaccines.)

CDC’s vaccine advisory group still wants children to take the risk

After reports of heart inflammation began to emerge in June, the ACIP concluded that the risks of high inflammation didn’t outweigh the benefits of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine and decided to continue recommending it to children aged 12 and older.

The higher-than-expected rate of myocarditis cases among Americans below 30 is consistent with the data from Israel.

Israel’s Ministry of Health identified over 200 cases of myocarditis in men between 16 and 30 years old, a vast majority of those happening at the younger end of that range. That equates to a risk of between 1 in 3,000 and 1 in 6,000 of suffering from heart inflammation.

Pfizer previously said it had not observed a higher rate of heart inflammation than would normally be expected in the general population. Moderna also said that it could not identify a causal association with the heart inflammation cases and its vaccine.

Follow for more news and information related to coronavirus vaccines.

Sources include:



Covid vaccines from Pfizer destroy every system of the human body

21July2021 by:

(Natural News) The Israeli People Committee (IPC), a citizen-led group of Israeli health experts, has issued an urgent warning that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” from Pfizer damages virtually every system of the human body.

While much of the attention, at least in Europe, has centered around the AstraZeneca jab, which is linked to deadly blood clots, the Pfizer injection is actually far more dangerous and a much bigger threat, based on the latest data.

A detailed report released by the IPC warns that getting jabbed with a Pfizer syringe could lead to a catastrophic health outcome, as evidenced by the high number of people who have already had their lives ruined by it in Israel.

“There has never been a vaccine that has harmed as many people,” the report explains. “We received 288 death reports in proximity to vaccination (90% up to 10 days after the vaccination), 64% of those were men.”

The Israeli Ministry of Health, meanwhile, is claiming that only 45 people in Israel have died from the Pfizer injection. This is a gross undercount that minimizes the true deadly impact of the jabs.

If the figures contained in the IPC report are valid, then more Israelis have died from the Pfizer shot than have Europeans from the AstraZeneca shot throughout the entirety of Europe.

“According to Central Bureau of Statistics data during January-February 2021, at the peak of the Israeli mass vaccination campaign, there was a 22% increase in overall mortality in Israel compared with the previous year,” the report further warns.

“In fact, January-February 2021 have been the deadliest months in the last decade, with the highest overall mortality rates compared to corresponding months in the last 10 years.”

Younger people are dying most from the Pfizer jab

The most affected demographic seems to be younger people between the ages of 20-29, which saw the most dramatic increase in mortality post-release of the Pfizer vaccine.

“In this age group, we detect an increase of 32% in overall mortality in comparison with previous year,” the report states.

“Statistical analysis of information from the Central Bureau of Statistics, combined with information from the Ministry of Health, leads to the conclusion that the mortality rate amongst the vaccinated is estimated at about 1: 5000 (1: 13000 at ages 20-49, 1: 6000 at ages 50-69, 1: 1600 at ages 70+).”

Based on this data, the IPC estimates that as many as 1,100 Israelis have died thus far from the Pfizer injection. Older people die the soonest, usually less than three days post-injection, while younger people typically live for more than a week post-injection before passing away.

The IPC further found that the risk of mortality goes parabolic after the second injection. Those who stop with the first shot have a much greater chance of living than if they go in for the second round.

As for the injuries caused by the injections, the IPC found that cardiac events such as myositis and pericarditis are common. The same goes for massive vaginal bleeding, neurological damage, and damage to the skeletal and skin systems.

“It should be noted that a significant number of reports of side effects are related, directly or indirectly, to Hypercoagulability (infarction), Myocardial infarction, stroke, miscarriages, impaired blood flow to the limbs, pulmonary embolism,” the group contends.

The full report from the IPC is available for viewing at this link.

“These mRNA vaccines contain a virus which then attaches to the RNA (the messenger) of man’s DNA which can never be undone,” warned one commenter at Great Game India.

“This means that the RNA / messenger will always carry a virus; the very one they inject into the body!”

The latest news about injuries and deaths caused by Chinese Virus injections can be found at

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Doctors share THEIR OWN vaccine injury horror stories, revealing that vaccines are devastating the medical profession

06August2021 by:

(Natural News) Medscape has launched a new portal where doctors can share their own personal stories about vaccine adverse events. And already there are well over 1,000 entries, many of which contain horror stories about how chemical injections are destroying people’s lives.

One doctor expressed concerns about how low-risk, healthy adults are being pressured by the government and the media to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Children and even babies are also now being pressured as well.

Another linked to the Health Resources & Services Administration website, which contains information for people who have suffered vaccine injuries to apply for compensation through the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program.

Entry after entry tells of how vaccines of all kinds, including the ones launched by Donald Trump under “Operation Warp Speed,” are damaging people’s bodies and in some cases killing them.

The medical establishment would rather us all believe that such incidents are “rare,” but the truth is that they are much more common than people think. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) only captures maybe one percent of all injuries and deaths caused by vaccines, which means the figures are much, much higher than what the government is reporting.

“I have a hunch that every time we give the COVID vaccine we delay natural herd immunity by another 6 months,” another physician wrote. “I would rather contract the virus and have natural immunity.”

“The Cleveland Clinic has come out with a case study indicating that titers over 200 lend adequate natural immunity. This begs the question: why do we do free testing and free vaccines but not free titers? Why is that?”

This same person went on to explain that if she was in charge as opposed to medical quacks like Tony Fauci, she would be putting everyone on a vitamin D supplement and telling them to drink a gallon of water every day and go outside for 15 minutes in the natural sunlight.

“I would start a titer draw campaign and focus on those numbers,” she added.

Hospitals are being overrun with vaccinated patients suffering cardiac events

This preventative approach is something that the American government, and really most governments, never endorse or promote. The Thai government did recently grant approval for the use of the green chiretta herb in treating the Chinese Virus, but this is certainly atypical.

The Western paradigm of medicine would rather just inject everyone with experimental mystery chemicals and keep them masked forever while pushing junk food and junk living. This, naturally, is why much of the West is now a wasteland of obesity, disease and death.

“I have seen high levels of fibrinogen in vaccinated patients awaiting surgical scheduling,” revealed another doctor, specifying that almost everyone has fibrinogen levels exceeding 900 mg/dl.

A massage practitioner explained that her vaccinated patients are seeing success reversing their vaccine damage by taking proteolytic enzymes. One patient claims to have “peed out the spike protein” upon taking proteolytic enzymes as her urine was “extremely dark for 3-4 days after / while experiencing flu-like / detoxification symptoms.”

A hospital worker posted that she is seeing “at least triple the emergency codes we had even a year ago.” It is not “covid cases” that the hospital is seeing, though, but rather stroke and cardiac events that appear to be linked to the spike proteins contained in the Chinese Virus injections.

“There have been several anomalies where patients have no thrombotic history and present with significant clot burden and at times are also significantly anemic,” this person added.

To learn more about how Wuhan Flu shots are injuring and killing people, visit

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Post-vaccine horror: Blood clot victims develop severe headache, pain, then shortness of breath just 6 days after J&J vaccination

29July2021 by:

(Natural News) When you Google search for anything health-related, you’ll find mostly lies and distortions that work against you. But the ironic part is that when the damage from certain medications or vaccinations is so bad, they have to admit it. The cover-ups lasted as long as possible, and now we see, right out in the open: It’s just the tip of the iceberg of horrific health detriment the Covid vaccines are inflicting, so get ready.

Go ahead and ask Google what the emergency warning signs are of the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. Within just 6 to 13 days (that’s less than a week for many people), they become short of breath while suffering SEVERE headaches and abdominal pain. Oh, what could it be? What could be causing this intolerable pain that doesn’t go away? Is this the body’s reaction to something horrible happening inside it? Is the human body trying to purge this newfound poison inside the blood by attacking its own cells?

Let’s ask Google more questions.

Hey Google, what should we do if we can’t breathe right, walk, or think right after we get the J&J Covid vaccine? “Contact your physician to be assessed for treatment required for this type of blood clot.” Ok, sure. We’re talking about headaches like you never experienced before. Worse than migraines. Unbearable stomach pain. Shortness of breath. Panic. Off to the doctor you go!

“So doctor, we just got vaccinated, and we want to know how many blood clots we have due to the Covid jabs… is it one blood clot, hundreds, millions, billions, or trillions? Will the diagnostic tests show them, because we heard not, that you must use a blood smear to see how many?” These MDs are scared to death to run blood smears and show you, because they don’t want to see it themselves. Then everybody would know.

Google: “Patients who’ve had the Janssen vaccine should seek immediate medical attention if they develop shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling, persistent abdominal pain, neurological symptoms including severe or persistent headache or blurred vision, or petechiae beyond the site of vaccination.” By the way, petechiae are those little red, flat spots that show up on your skin, letting you know you’re bleeding underneath (think clogged capillaries here).

Alert: High risk for rare blood clots from J&J Covid jab? That can’t be good

Google goes on to explain: “After receiving the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine, there is risk for a rare but serious adverse event—blood clots with low platelets (thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, or TTS).” Here’s where that explanation is a trick. A cover up. Notice how it does NOT say the risk is rare, but rather that the type of blood clot is rare, making the vaccine even more guilty, since this is happening a week or so after getting injected. The risk of getting these blood clots is not rare, in fact, it’s happening all over the world, but the CDC and American Mass Media are covering all that up.

In fact, this is what the shots are intended to do – clot human blood with trillions of protein molecules that stick together in your arteries, veins and capillaries. That’s a high risk for very rare and deadly blood clots, meaning you most likely wouldn’t have got them if you never got the Covid vaccine.

The vaccine manufacturer and scientists at J&J-owned Janssen Pharmaceuticals already knows all of this, as they saw it happen in the clinical trials, where people developed cerebral vein thrombosis with thrombocytopenia.

Doctors are influenced not to draw attention to these blood clot cases as it might cause “vaccine hesitancy,” which means people will figure out that it’s the vaccines that are what’s so deadly about the Covid pandemic, much more than the virus itself. The vaccines ARE the pandemic. Still, these doctors are being overwhelmed by the decimated, “mysterious” health collapse of their patients, and just can’t seem to pinpoint (pun intended) the root cause, so they run all sorts of expensive diagnostic tests (that they profit from), and send you packing with some more deadly prescription drugs to temporarily relieve you of some of your pain and suffering (to no avail).

Blood thinner won’t save you from blood clots caused by COVID vaccines

Blood thinner won’t save you this time. Even Google will tell you that. Blood thinners are anticoagulants, but they won’t save anyone from the “rare” types of blood clots caused by who knows how many of the 6.85 million U.S. sheeple doses of the J&J dirty jabs made in dirty labs. Do all the vaccines cause blood clots, but we’re just too soon to see the carnage widespread?

The CDC is reviewing “data” involving all these blood clot cases that are so “rare” and coincidentally happen a week to ten days after the fake inoculations for China flu. People are dying from this, and it’s on record at the CDC. They know it. Serious thrombotic events are being shrugged off as “platelet-activating antibodies” and “a type of protein” for which using blood thinners will be harmful.

That begs the question of whether every single person in America who is on blood thinner right now–and we’re talking 8 million people–will they be the first to die when the blood-clot wave hits? Should they have even been given the Covid shot to begin with? Talk about the dangerous and haphazard mixing of medications and treatments.

Natural health advocates know better than to take toxic jabs from pharma goons, but if you know someone who already got pricked with the blood-clotting Covid inoculations, and they’re suffering from lethargy, pain, clouded thinking, that’s called CoVax Syndrome, so tell them to report it to VAERS. Also, check out for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming “Delta” and Covid “booster-vaccine” Holocaust.

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RED CROSS:Covid Vaxxed are now like AIDS patients-they are INELIGIBLE for donating plasma, blood and organs


SHOCKER: Red Cross is warning all Americans that Covid-vaccinated humans are INELIGIBLE for donating plasma… does that mean their blood and organs are also contaminated with spike proteins?

05September2021 by:

(Natural News) Hospitals like to use certain plasma that is made up of antibodies from people who have recovered from the China flu to help new China flu victims recover, but the Covid vaccines wipe out those antibodies, rendering their plasma useless. That means only people who have NOT received the blood-clotting, spike protein injections can donate convalescent plasma to save the new China flu victims.

So now herd theory has completely flipped, where the vaccinated are hurting their own kind by becoming harmful donors, should their vaccinated “cohorts” need blood or organ transplants.

In other words, the Covid-19 vaccines, as admitted by the Red Cross themselves, wipes out any natural antibodies that any person’s body has created to fight Covid-19 or its variants, so those people cannot help others fighting and/or dying from the China flu.

So if America were to reach the 100 percent vaccinated goal that the tyrannical government wants to reach SO badly, then there would be nobody left who could donate plasma, blood or organs to anyone ever again, including their own offspring or family members with the same blood type.

Convalescent plasma is a therapy using antibodies from blood of people recovered from a disease to save other people from dying of the disease

Western Medicine is so corrupt that they’re willing to corrupt the blood of everyone who accepts vaccination for Covid to the extent that they can never safely donate plasma, blood or organs. Autopsies of patients who were vaccinated for Covid reveal billions, and sometimes trillions, of spike proteins spread throughout the entire body, including capillaries, the brain, the heart and vital cleansing organs like the pancreas, lungs, liver and kidneys (the most popular organ donations).

These organs and tissues are no longer fit to be donated to someone else, who’s body is likely to reject them as foreign pathogens or will simply not be able to use them because they’re already failing due to spike protein invasion.

The “survivor’s plasma” is useless and would be harmful and dangerous for surgeons to replace sick people’s organs with other sick people’s contaminated organs. The special proteins are now invaded, infected and damaged by toxic spike proteins. There will be no immunity built against Covid-19 from vaccines, as the vaccines wipe out your natural antibodies, as the Red Cross warns us.

More than 60% of all Americans have no clue their plasma, blood and organs are UNSAFE to donate due to spike protein pollution

Plasma makes up the largest part of your blood, carrying salts, water, enzymes, nutrients, hormones and proteins to parts of the body that require them to function. The plasma also acts as a ‘janitor’ that removes cell waste products from the body. Covid survivor’s plasma contains special proteins generated by the immune system, but that all ends now, as Covid-19 vaccine-injected humans now have blood that’s corrupted with billions of virus-mimicking spike proteins, completely unfit for donating plasma, blood or organs to anyone, anywhere.

To donate convalescent plasma to people suffering from Covid or those so weak already from cancer, diabetes or heart disease, individuals must have a prior diagnosis of Covid-19 but not have received even a single Covid vaccine. Who knows this right now? A few truth bloggers? Natural health advocates take heed. You may be the only humans left on earth that can ever donate blood or organs again, to anyone, ever.

Tune your truth news dial to for updates on the war against dirty vaccines and socialism, and how to keep your family happy, healthy and safe.

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COVID-19: The Lies they Tell


Lies they told us about COVID

October 03, 2021 by: News Editors

(Natural News) The government and the media have lied about covid 19 from Day One. No wonder so many people refuse to take the vaccine.

(Article by Don Surber republished from

The lies began from the get-go.

Time magazine on May 8, 2020, reported, “The Coronavirus Originated in Bats and Can Infect Cats, WHO Scientist Says.”

The story said, “A World Health Organization scientist said covid-19 comes from bats and can infect cats and ferrets, but more research is needed into the suspected animal link to the disease.

“The novel coronavirus comes from a group of viruses that originate or spread in bats, and it’s still unclear what animal may have transmitted the disease to humans, Peter Ben Embarek, a WHO expert in animal diseases that jump to humans, said Friday in a briefing with reporters.

“The virus probably arrived in humans through contact with animals raised for food supply, though scientists have yet to determine which species, he said. Studies have shown that cats and ferrets are susceptible to Covid-19, and dogs to a lesser extent, he said, adding that it’s important to find out which animals can get it to avoid creating a reservoir in another species.”

The stork also delivers babies.

Then there was the one about Red China controlling the virus.

Nature magazine on March 18, 2020, reported, “The coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, a city of 11 million people in China’s Hubei province, in late 2019. Cases of the disease it causes, covid-19, grew by several thousand per day in China in late January and early February, the peak of the epidemic there.

“The number of infections appearing each day has since plummeted in China, owing in large part to containment efforts, but the outbreak is now a global pandemic. Large outbreaks in South Korea, Iran, Italy and elsewhere have propelled a spike in international cases across more than 150 countries.”

Nine days later, Radio Free Asia reported, “Estimates Show Wuhan Death Toll Far Higher Than Official Figure.”

The story said, “As authorities lifted a two-month coronavirus lockdown in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, residents said they were growing increasingly skeptical that the figure of some 2,500 deaths in the city to date was accurate.”

The story also said, “Funeral homes have informed families that they will try to complete cremations before the traditional grave-tending festival of Qing Ming on April 5, which would indicate a 12-day process beginning on March 23.

“Such an estimate would mean that 42,000 urns would be given out during that time.”

But why would Red China lie about something like this?

And even though it began in a city that houses a biological warfare lab, covid totally was not manmade.

Forbes magazine reported on March 17, 2020, “No, Covid 19 Coronavirus Was Not Bioengineered. Here’s The Research That Debunks That Idea.”

The column began, “Don’t you just love conspiracy theories?”

No, not really. I don’t like the conspiracy theory that Putin stole the 2016 election for Trump.

And of course Military Manly Man Mark Milley assured us Red China did not unleash covid upon the world.

The Guardian reported on April 14, 2020, “The Pentagon’s top general has said that U.S. intelligence has looked into the possibility that the coronavirus outbreak could have started in a Chinese laboratory, but that the weight of evidence so far pointed towards natural origins.

“The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Mark Milley, was speaking on the day of a Washington Post report about state department cables in 2018 in which U.S. diplomats raised safety concerns about the Wuhan Institute of Virology which was conducting studies of coronavirus from bats.”

And if you cannot trust the word of a four-star general who assured Red China he would give them a heads up in case of war, who can you trust?

I mean besides everyone else in America, including Hunter Biden.

Then there was flattening the curve. The idea was we would shut down our economy for two weeks and slow the spread of the virus just enough to defeat it.

CBS reported on April 6, 2020, “A number of countries around the world have been lockdown for weeks in an effort to flatten the curve and reduce the spread of coronavirus. Flattening the curve does not necessarily mean seeing a decrease in total cases right away; it would first produce a decline in the number of new cases, which should result in fewer hospitalizations and death in the weeks that follow.”

In some places in America, we are in Week 78 of the two-week lockdown.

Quarantining the healthy is a uniquely governmental approach to a medical crisis. It is like amputating your arm because you have gangrene in your leg.

And lying about covid is a good way to lose credibility when you need it most.

Which just happens to undermine public confidence in the vaccine.

But a few of the people hectoring us about the vaccine today told us last year that the vaccine was no good!

Joy Behar said on September 9, 2020, “As far as the vaccine is concerned, I’d like to inform America — in case we don’t know this because I looked all this up for you — the mumps vaccine took four years, the polio vaccine took 20 years, and the smallpox vaccine took a few centuries.

“It was developed initially in 1796, when they started to think about it, and it became useful in the 1950s. OK? It is not a simple thing to do.”

Referring to President Trump, she said, “He will push anything to get re-elected. Don’t fall for it, and by the way, I will take the vaccine after Ivanka takes it.”

The next day, Ivanka said she would take the vaccine and she did.

The problem with lies is eventually nobody believes you even when you tell the truth.

Read more at:



Dear Doctor...

Posted by Rabbi Michoel Green 29April2021

April 29, 2021

Dear Dr. ____,

Thank you for recent correspondence in which you eagerly invited me to receive the COVID-19 Dose 1 vaccine at your clinic.

You wrote: “COVID-19 vaccination is safe, effective, and is our path to controlling the pandemic.”

Kindly provide documentation (that I may share with my lawyer) certifying that you take full fiscal responsibility for any injury resulting from your “safe” vaccination.

If you cannot take any actual responsibility for its safety, I’ll disregard your invitation and will caution my entire community to do the same.

Moreover, I will advise them that you are parroting specious rhetoric that this injection is “safe and effective” but are unwilling to back up your claims. We’ll all realize that by refusing to accept liability for a product which YOU are actively promoting, you’re effectively conceding that it is neither “safe” nor “effective.”

Lastly, your enthusiasm to expose me to a product that you cannot even vouch for will indicate that you do not truly care about my health as your individual patient, but rather that your loyalties lie with state policies and your own profit margin that’s apparently dependent on the number of “covid-vaccine” doses you administer.

Your lack of response to this letter will expose you as a politically-motivated businessman who marches in lockstep with government, and who cares little about the individual health of his patients, rather than the kind and caring family doctor you always purported to be.

Thank you in advance for making this so painfully evident.

While I wish you success in your endeavors and personal life, I can no longer subject myself or my family to the risk of having you as their doctor. In fact, I wouldn’t even want you as an auto mechanic. (Have you considered a new career as a used-car salesman?)

Anyway, thank you again for your kind correspondence.

Have a wonderful day. And please stay safe out there from all the upcoming malpractice lawsuits and impending Nuremberg Trial indictments.


Rabbi Michoel Green



When Doctors Parrot Policy

Posted by Rabbi Michoel Green 13July2021

daas rofe mumche

daas rofe mumche

From a letter by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1977:


The most essential point (to put it differently):

The doctor’s opinion is decisive — according to Judaic law — when he speaks as a doctor (based on medical factors or life-saving measures).

If, however, he states his opinion as a state official or politician (based on political considerations), that according to his opinion, they (i.e. those political considerations) outweigh and eclipse the medical factors — this is the opposite of the ruling of the Code of Jewish Law.


This, my friends, is the crux of the covid issue.

Doctors who endorse the covid vaccine are not experts in vaccine safety or toxicology, but are merely parroting the “public health policy” determined by state officials. Consequently, they are communicating their opinion based on POLICY, i.e. political considerations, not on actual science.

Their opinion is irrelevant from a Judaic standpoint.

daas rofe mumche 2



NARRATIVE COLLAPSE: CDC admits there is no record of an unvaccinated person spreading COVID after recovering

14November2021 by:

(Natural News) An attorney filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that returned a document from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitting that there is no record of a single unvaccinated person ever spreading the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) after recovering from an alleged infection with it.

Elizabeth Brehm from Siri & Glimstad received a letter back from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) indicating that it was unable to procure “Documents reflecting any documented case of an individual who: (1) never received a COVID-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with COVID-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.”

“A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request,” the letter went on to state.

If unsatisfied with the agency’s response, Brehm was told that she can “administratively appeal” it in writing to the Deputy Agency Chief FOIA Officer, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Hubert H. Humphrey Building, 200 Independence Avenue, Suite 729H, Washington, D.C., 20201.

“You may also transmit your appeal via email to,” it further explained.

CDC works for Big Pharma, not the people

One would think that since the CDC is so opposed to health freedom when it comes to COVID vaccination that it would have a least one documented case of an unvaccinated person spreading the alleged illness. Truth be told, no such case exists.

All of this is based on hope, it turns out, not science.

“In contrast, there are endless documents reflecting cases of vaccinated individuals becoming infected with and transmitting the virus to others,” warned Aaron Siri on his Substack.

What makes this even worse is the fact that the CDC has never even bothered to look for evidence of the naturally immune transmitting Chinese Germs. When asked about it, the CDC said that “this information is not collected.”

“But yet the CDC is actively crushing the rights of millions of naturally immune individuals in this country if they do not get the vaccine on the assumption they can transmit the virus. But despite clear proof the vaccinated spread the virus, the CDC lifts restrictions on the vaccinated?! That is dystopian,” Siri wrote.

It turns out that every single peer-reviewed study out there shows that the naturally immune – meaning people who do not take the jabs – are nearly 100 percent protected against the Fauci Flu. And unlike the “fully vaccinated,” their natural immunity does not wane over time.

“I am no mathematician, but a constant 99 percent seems preferable to a 95 percent that quickly drops,” Siri wrote. “And, while the vaccinated readily transmit the virus, not so for the naturally immune.”

The lesson that needs to be learned here is that so-called “health authorities” are not to be trusted, especially when they work for fake government agencies that are technically private corporations in disguise.

“The lesson is that civil and individual rights should never be contingent upon a medical procedure,” Siri added. “Everyone, the naturally immune or otherwise, who wants to get vaccinated and boosted should be free to do so. But nobody should be coerced by the government to partake in any medical procedure.”

Numerous commenters on Siri’s Substack pointed out that none of this is about “saving lives.” All of it is about ratcheting up the global medical police state, which does not tolerate the individual right to choose one’s own medical procedures and health path.

“I’m sharing this with all of the local businesses in my area that discriminate against the naturally immune,” wrote one of the commenters.

The latest news about Chinese Virus plandemic deception can be found at

Sources include: 1 2


COVID-19 TESTING: The Lies they Tell


Why Hardly Anyone Trusts The Virus ‘Experts’

by Tyler Durden Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021 – 10:05

Authored by John Rubino via,

Early in the pandemic, “trust the science!” could actually be used in a debate without attracting derisive laughter. But as the flip-flops, mistakes and, yes, lies have accumulated, a consensus seems to be forming that the health care authorities are no more trustworthy than the people running Congress or the Fed.

For proof, let’s start with vitamin D, which sure seems to lessen the severity of coronavirus infections. As the chart below illustrates (couldn’t find the source, but google “covid vitamin D” and you’ll find lots of studies that track with this data), people with higher levels of vitamin D in their bloodstream tend to experience covid-19 as a non-event while people low levels found the infection life-threatening.

Vitamin D and covid 2021

Vitamin D and covid 2021

There are obvious questions about causality here, so calling vitamin D a “cure” is going way too far. But if it has even a marginal effect – and the data suggest considerably more — a rational government would, you’d think, be handing out vitamin D like Halloween candy. In fact, since we’re mandating/prohibiting all kinds of other behaviors, we might expect vitamin D consumption to be required along with masks and social distancing.

Even covid-czar Anthony Fauci recently said:

“If you are deficient in vitamin D, that does have an impact on your susceptibility to infection. So I would not mind recommending — and I do it myself — taking vitamin D supplements.”

So why aren’t family-sized bottles of vitamin D arriving in the mail from the CDC? A cynic might wonder if the fact that Big Pharma doesn’t make much money from cheap, widely available supplements plays a role in the government’s apparent lack of interest.

Now about those lockdowns. Tom Woods has been producing charts that appear to show virtually no difference in virus outcomes between US states with aggressive lockdown policies and those without. California, for instance, has shuttered most of its small businesses and imposed widespread curfews, while Florida hasn’t. Here’s the result:

California vs Florida covid lockdowns

California vs Florida covid lockdowns

As for the rest of the world – where they’re supposedly doing better than the US – the pattern of zero correlation between lockdowns and virus spread seems to be holding. France imposed a full national lockdown in March – after which the virus spiked. Then they added mask mandates (indoor and outdoor), with fines attached. And daily new cases soared.

France covid 2021

France covid 2021

Then of course there’s the lying. Dr. Fauci first claimed that masks don’t help – when he believed they did help — because he feared mask shortages for health care workers. He also admits to changing the official line on herd immunity according to what he thinks we’re ready to hear.

And, in what sounds more like incompetence than dishonesty, he’s apparently been answering the question “when will life go back to normal?” with whatever pops into his head at the time. In early 2020, it was the coming Autumn. In July, it was “a year or so.” More recently it’s “well into 2021.”

But the biggest and by far the most outrageous reason for this growing mistrust has to be the World Health Organization which, well, read for yourself:

WHO official urges world leaders to stop using lockdowns as primary virus control method

Andrew Mark Miller 10October2020

The World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19 urged world leaders this week to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method.”

“We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” Dr. David Nabarro said to The Spectator’s Andrew Neil. “The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it.”

Nabarro went on to point out several of the negative consequences lockdowns have caused across the world, including devastating tourism industries and increased hunger and poverty.

“Just look at what’s happened to the tourism industry in the Caribbean, for example, or in the Pacific because people aren’t taking their holidays,” he said. “Look what’s happened to smallholder farmers all over the world. … Look what’s happening to poverty levels. It seems that we may well have a doubling of world poverty by next year. We may well have at least a doubling of child malnutrition.”

In the United States, lockdowns have been tied to increased thoughts of suicide from children, a surge in drug overdoses, an uptick in domestic violence, and a study conducted in May concluded that stress and anxiety from lockdowns could destroy seven times the years of life that lockdowns potentially save.

The health care establishment could have saved a lot of time — and embarrassment — by just asking regular people about this stuff. But then they would have made a lot less money.


academie-medecine-fr-logo the French National Academy of Medicine

Covid-19 PCR test Nasal swabs are not risk-free


Nasopharyngeal [nasal] swabs are not risk-free
Press release of the French National Academy of Medicine

Click to download PDF fileClick to download the press release

“serious complications have started to be described in the medical literature in recent weeks, especially breaches of the anterior skull base associated with a risk of meningitis” “In addition, the French National Academy of Medicine recommends: – to reserve the practice of nasopharyngeal swabs to health professionals trained to perform this procedure under rigorous technical conditions;”
JerusalemCats Comments: In Los Angeles they have Security Guards doing the Nasopharyngeal swabbing

See further: Can Painful Complications Arise After A Covid-19 Nasal Swab Test?; Covid-19 Nasal Swab Test Led To Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak; Covid-19 Infections Complicated By Deadly Fungus.

Hat Tip:



Why Is The CDC Quietly Abandoning The PCR Test For COVID?


We have detailed (most recently here and here) the controversy surrounding America’s COVID “casedemic” and the misleading results of the PCR test and its amplification procedure in great detail over the past few months.


As a reminder, “cycle thresholds” (Ct) are the level at which widely used polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test can detect a sample of the COVID-19 virus. The higher the number of cycles, the lower the amount of viral load in the sample; the lower the cycles, the more prevalent the virus was in the original sample.

How does PCR testing for COVID-19 work?

How does PCR testing for COVID-19 work?

Numerous epidemiological experts have argued that cycle thresholds are an important metric by which patients, the public, and policymakers can make more informed decisions about how infectious and/or sick an individual with a positive COVID-19 test might be. However, as JustTheNews reports, health departments across the country are failing to collect that data.

Here are a few headlines from those experts and scientific studies:

1. Experts compiled three datasets with officials from the states of Massachusetts, New York and Nevada that conclude:“Up to 90% of the people who tested positive did not carry a virus.”

2. The Wadworth Center, a New York State laboratory, analyzed the results of its July tests at the request of the NYT: 794 positive tests with a Ct of 40: “With a Ct threshold of 35, approximately half of these PCR tests would no longer be considered positive,” said the NYT. “And about 70% would no longer be considered positive with a Ct of 30! “

3. An appeals court in Portugal has ruled that the PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful.

4. A new study from the Infectious Diseases Society of America, found that at 25 cycles of amplification, 70% of PCR test “positives” are not “cases” since the virus cannot be cultured, it’s dead. And by 35: 97% of the positives are non-clinical.

5. PCR is not testing for disease, it’s testing for a specific RNA pattern and this is the key pivot. When you crank it up to 25, 70% of the positive results are not really “positives” in any clinical sense, since it cannot make you or anyone else sick

So, in summary, with regard to our current “casedemic”, positive tests as they are counted today do not indicate a “case” of anything. They indicate that viral RNA was found in a nasal swab. It may be enough to make you sick, but according to the New York Times and their experts, probably won’t. And certainly not sufficient replication of the virus to make anyone else sick. But you will be sent home for ten days anyway, even if you never have a sniffle. And this is the number the media breathlessly reports… and is used to fearmonger mask mandates and lockdowns nationwide…

Testing this way sign

In October we first exposed how PCR Tests have misled officials worldwide into insanely authoritative reactions.

As PJMedia’s Stacey Lennox wrote, the “casedemic” is the elevated number of cases we see nationwide because of a flaw in the PCR test. The number of times the sample is amplified, also called the cycle threshold (Ct), is too high.

It identifies people who do not have a viral load capable of making them ill or transmitting the disease to someone else as positive for COVID-19.

The New York Times reported this flaw on August 29 and said that in the samples they reviewed from three states where labs use a Ct of 37-40, up to 90% of tests are essentially false positives. The experts in that article said a Ct of around 30 would be more appropriate for indicating that someone could be contagious – those for whom contact tracing would make sense.

Just a few days earlier, the CDC had updated its guidelines to discourage testing for asymptomatic individuals. It can only be assumed that the rationale for this was that some honest bureaucrat figured out the testing was needlessly sensitive. He or she has probably been demoted.

This change was preceded by a July update that discouraged retesting for recovered patients. The rationale for the update was that viral debris could be detected using the PCR test for 90 days after recovery. The same would be true for some period of time if an individual had an effective immune response and never got sick. Existing immunity from exposure to other coronaviruses has been well documented. These are many of your “asymptomatic” cases.

However, due to political pressure and corporate media tantrums, the new guidance on testing was scrapped, and testing for asymptomatic individuals is now recommended again. Doctors do not receive the Ct information from the labs to make a diagnostic judgment. Neither the CDC nor the FDA has put out guidelines for an accurate Ct to diagnose a contagious illness accurately.

Hence, our current “casedemic.” Positive tests as they are counted today do not indicate a “case” of anything. They indicate that viral RNA was found in a nasal swab. It may be enough to make you sick, but according to the New York Times and their experts, probably won’t. And certainly not sufficient replication of the virus to make anyone else sick. But you will be sent home for ten days anyway, even if you never have a sniffle. And this is the number the media breathlessly reports.

A month later, Dr. Pascal Sacré, explained in great detail how all current propaganda on the COVID-19 pandemic is based on an assumption that is considered obvious, true and no longer questioned: Positive RT-PCR test means being sick with COVID.

This assumption is misleading. Very few people, including doctors, understand how a PCR test works.


Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci

In mid-November, none other than he who should not be questioned – Dr. Anthony Fauci – admitted that the PCR Test’s high Ct is misleading:

“What is now sort of evolving into a bit of a standard,” Fauci said, is that “if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more … the chances of it being replication-confident are minuscule.”

“It’s very frustrating for the patients as well as for the physicians,” he continued, when “somebody comes in, and they repeat their PCR, and it’s like [a] 37 cycle threshold, but you almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle.”

So, I think if somebody does come in with 37, 38, even 36, you got to say, you know, it’s just dead nucleotides, period.”

So, if anyone raises this discussion as a “conspiracy”, refer them to Dr.Fauci.

In response to this and the actual “science”, Florida’s Department of Health (and signed off on by Florida’s Republican Governor Ron deSantis), decided that for the first time in the history of the pandemic, a state will require that all labs in the state report the critical “cycle threshold” level of every COVID-19 test they perform.

Then, in January, as Biden takes office, The FDA publicly admits it…

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting patients and health care providers of the risk of false results… with the Curative SARS-Cov-2 test.

First Fauci, then WHO, and then FDA all admit there is malarkey in the PCR Tests, but have – until now, done nothing about it… allowing the daily fearmongering of soaring “cases” to enable their most twisted 1984-esque controls.

All of which brings us to today’s announcement from The FDA, that it will be abandoning the PCR Test for COVID at the end of the year.

Audience: Individuals Performing COVID-19 Testing

Level: Laboratory Alert

After December 31, 2021, CDC will withdraw the request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel, the assay first introduced in February 2020 for detection of SARS-CoV-2 only. CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives.

Visit the FDA website for a list of authorized COVID-19 diagnostic methods. For a summary of the performance of FDA-authorized molecular methods with an FDA reference panel, visit this page.

In preparation for this change, CDC recommends clinical laboratories and testing sites that have been using the CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized COVID-19 test. CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season. Laboratories and testing sites should validate and verify their selected assay within their facility before beginning clinical testing.

The question one is forced to ask is simple – as with everything else that happens in the Healthcare-Industrial-Complex – cui bono?

Is another provider of testing about to be enrichened?

Or is it even more sinister than standard crony capitalism? Given the traditional winter spike in ‘flu’ cases and the PCR-Test-driven “casedemic” we experienced into the election and through the start of the Biden administration, one could be forgiven for suggesting that the last thing an already weakened Democratic Party, desperate to cling to control in DC, would be a dramatic re-emergence of the “deadly” virus (driven by the numerous false positives of the PCR Test as described in detail above) ahead of the Midterms?

Killing off the PCR Test would go a long way to “solving” the “casedemic” and offer Biden and his pals a positive talking point for voters.



WHO (Finally) Admits PCR Tests Create False Positives

by Tyler Durden Sunday, December 20, 2020 – 8:12

Authored by Kit Knightly via,

Warnings concerning high CT value of tests are months too late…so why are they appearing now? The potential explanation is shockingly cynical…


The World Health Organization released a guidance memo on December 14th, warning that high cycle thresholds on PCR tests will result in false positives.

While this information is accurate, it has also been available for months, so we must ask: why are they reporting it now? Is it to make it appear the vaccine works?

The “gold standard” Sars-Cov-2 tests are based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR). PCR works by taking nucleotides – tiny fragments of DNA or RNA – and replicating them until they become something large enough to identify. The replication is done in cycles, with each cycle doubling the amount of genetic material. The number of cycles it takes to produce something identifiable is known as the “cycle threshold” or “CT value”. The higher the CT value, the less likely you are to be detecting anything significant.

This new WHO memo states that using a high CT value to test for the presence of Sars-Cov-2 will result in false-positive results.

To quote their own words [our emphasis]:

Users of RT-PCR reagents should read the IFU carefully to determine if manual adjustment of the PCR positivity threshold is necessary to account for any background noise which may lead to a specimen with a high cycle threshold (Ct) value result being interpreted as a positive result.

They go on to explain [again, our emphasis]:

The design principle of RT-PCR means that for patients with high levels of circulating virus (viral load), relatively few cycles will be needed to detect virus and so the Ct value will be low. Conversely, when specimens return a high Ct value, it means that many cycles were required to detect virus. In some circumstances, the distinction between background noise and actual presence of the target virus is difficult to ascertain.

Of course, none of this is news to anyone who has been paying attention. That PCR tests were easily manipulated and potentially highly inaccurate has been one of the oft-repeated battle cries of those of us opposing the “pandemic” narrative, and the policies it’s being used to sell.

Many articles have been written about it, by many experts in the field, medical journalists and other researchers. It’s been commonly available knowledge, for months now, that any test using a CT value over 35 is potentially meaningless.

Dr Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR process, was clear that it wasn’t meant as a diagnostic tool, saying:

with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.”

And, commenting on cycle thresholds, once said:

If you have to go more than 40 cycles to amplify a single-copy gene, there is something seriously wrong with your PCR.”

The MIQE guidelines for PCR use state:

Cq values higher than 40 are suspect because of the implied low efficiency and generally should not be reported,”

This has all been public knowledge since the beginning of the lockdown. The Australian government’s own website admitted the tests were flawed, and a court in Portugal ruled they were not fit for purpose.

Even Dr Anthony Fauci has publicly admitted that a cycle threshold over 35 is going to be detecting “dead nucleotides”, not a living virus.

Despite all this, it is known that many labs around the world have been using PCR tests with CT values over 35, even into the low 40s.

So why has the WHO finally decided to say this is wrong? What reason could they have for finally choosing to recognise this simple reality?

The answer to that is potentially shockingly cynical: We have a vaccine now. We don’t need false positives anymore.

Notionally, the system has produced its miracle cure.

So, after everyone has been vaccinated, all the PCR tests being done will be done “under the new WHO guidelines”, and running only 25-30 cycles instead of 35+.

Lo and behold, the number of “positive cases” will plummet, and we’ll have confirmation that our miracle vaccine works.

After months of flooding the data pool with false positives, miscounting deaths “by accident”, adding “Covid19 related death” to every other death certificate…they can stop. The create-a-pandemic machine can be turned down to zero again.

…as long as we all do as we’re told. Any signs of dissent – masses of people refusing the vaccine, for example – and the CT value can start to climb again, and they bring back their magical disease.



FDA Recalls Millions Of At-Home COVID-19 Tests Over False Positives

by Tyler Durden 13November2021 –

Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times,

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed Thursday it is recalling some 2 million Ellume at-home COVID-19 testing because they can produce “false positives” due to a manufacturing defect.


The firm first informed the federal regulatory agency about the defect in some lots in October. But on Wednesday, the FDA said it identified additional lots that were affected by the manufacturing defect, made between Feb. 24, 2021, and Aug. 11, 2021.

To date, about 35 false positives from the COVID-19 tests were reported to the FDA. No deaths have been reported related to the test, according to the agency.

A “false positive” indicates that an individual has contracted the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19, when they actually do not.

The FDA noted that false positives could lead to “delayed diagnosis or treatment for the actual cause of the person’s illness, which could be another life-threatening disease that is not COVID-19” or receiving “unnecessary COVID-19 treatment from a health care provider,” which may “result in side effects.”

Another problem, the FDA noted, is isolation, including monitoring household or close contacts for symptoms, limiting contact with family or friends, and missing school or work.”

Underscoring the severity of the issue, the FDA said it “identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall … use of these tests may cause serious adverse health consequences or death.”

The antigen test detects proteins from the CCP virus from a nasal sample, and it’s available without a prescription for use by people aged 2 years and older. It also comes with an analyzer that connects with a smartphone app to show users to perform the test and understand the test results.

Ellume has recalled 2,212,335 tests in the United States to date. Earlier this year, the Australia-based firm announced it had about 200,000 of its tests.

The Biden administration had signed a $231 million deal with Ellume, which received approval to produce its tests under the Trump administration last year.

In October, Dr. Sean Parsons, Ellume’s chief executive, announced that the firm had created more safeguards to stop the problem from occurring again.

I’m very sorry that this has happened,” he told the New York Times at the time.

“We’re all about chasing accuracy, and to have these false positives is disappointing.”

And a spokesperson said that the “root cause” of the issue was identified. The company is already shipping new products inside the United States, the spokesperson added to the NY Times.

The Epoch Times has contacted Ellume for comment.


COVID-19 DRUGS: The Lies they Tell

Dr John Campbell: The ‘Smoking Gun’ study of why studies of Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 have failed

Posted 27August2020 “Hydroxychloroquine, evidence of efficacy”: The “Smoking Gun” study of why the W.H.O. studies of Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 have failed. Zinc was not given in all studies. HCQ has to be given with ZINC. The whole idea is to bring zinc into cells – where it inhibits viral replication. It is like giving a toy to a child without batteries and then state the toy does not work! The WHO Studies were giving overdoses of Hydroxychloroquine in the studies without any ZINC.
Belgium, not Dutch. Low-dose Hydroxychloroquine Therapy and Mortality in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19: A Nationwide Observational Study of 8075 Participants (International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 24 August)



Lancet Issues Major Disclaimer On Anti-HCQ Study, As Manufactured Disinformation Foments Hysterics

by Tyler Durden 02June2020

The Lancet has issued a major disclaimer regarding a study which prompted the World Health Organization to halt global trials of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), an anti-Malaria drug currently being used around the world to treat COVID-19.

As we noted last week, major data discrepancies have called the entire study into question – though the lead author says it does not change the study’s findings that patients who received HCQ died at higher rates and experienced more cardiac complications than without.

Until the data has been audited, The Lancet issued the following “expression of concern” regarding the study.

“Important scientific questions have been raised about data reported in the paper by Mandeep Mehra et al,” reads the “expression of concern” from The Lancet.

“Although an independent audit of the provenance and validity of the data has been commissioned by the authors not affiliated with Surgisphere and is ongoing, with results expected very shortly, we are issuing an Expression of Concern to alert readers to the fact that serious scientific questions have been brought to our attention. We will update this notice as soon as we have further information.”

-The Lancet

Of course, this is yet more evidence of the manufactured disinformation surrounding HCQ that Richard Moss, MD, (via exposes below…

I took hydroxychloroquine for two years. A long time ago as a visiting cancer surgeon in Asia, in Thailand, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. From 1987 to 1990. Malaria is rife there. I took it for prophylaxis, 400 milligrams once a week for two years. Never had any trouble. It was inexpensive and effective.

I started it two weeks before and was supposed to continue it through my stay and four weeks after returning. But I stopped it after two years. I was worried about potential side effects of which there are many, as with all drugs right down to Tylenol and aspirin. These, however, are rare. At a certain point, I was prepared to take my chances with mosquitoes and plasmodium, and so I stopped.

Chloroquine, the precursor of HCQ, was invented by Bayer in 1934. Hydroxychloroquine was developed during World War II as a safer, synthetic alternative and approved for medical use in the U.S. in 1955.

The World Health Organization considers it an essential medicine, among the safest and most effective medicines, a staple of any healthcare system. In 2017, US doctors prescribed it 5 million times, the 128th most commonly prescribed drug in the country. There have been hundreds of millions of prescriptions worldwide since its inception. It is one of the cheapest and best drugs in the world and has saved millions of lives. Doctors also prescribe it for Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis patients who may consume it for their lifetimes with few or no ill effects.

Then something happened to this wonder drug.



From savior of the multitudes, redeemer and benefactor of hundreds of millions, it transformed into something else: a purveyor of doom, despair, and unspeakable carnage.

Hydroxychloroquine and Trump

Hydroxychloroquine and Trump

It began when President Trump discussed it as a possible treatment for COVID-19 on March 19, 2020. The gates of hell burst forth on May 18 when Trump casually announced that he was taking it, prescribed by his physician.

Attacks on Trump and this otherwise harmless little molecule poured in. The heretofore respected, commonly used, and highly effective medicinal became a major threat to life, a nefarious and wicked chemical that could alter critical heart rhythms, resulting in sudden cataclysmic death for unsuspecting innocents. Trump, more than irresponsible, was evil incarnate for daring to even mention it. While at it, the salivating media trotted out the canard about Trump’s nonrecommendation for injecting Clorox and Lysol or drinking fish-tank cleaner to combat COVID. It was Charlottesville all over again.

Before a nation of non-cardiologists, the media agonized over, of all things, the prolongation of the now infamous “QT interval,” and the risk of sudden cardiac death. The FDA and NIH piled on, piously demanding randomized, controlled, double-blind studies before physicians prescribed HCQ. No one mentioned that the risk of cardiac arrest was far higher from watching the Superbowl. Nor did the media declare that HCQ and chloroquine have been used throughout the world for half a century, making them among the most widely prescribed drugs in history with not a single reported case of “arrhythmic death” according to the sainted WHO and the American College of Cardiology. Or that physicians in the field, on the frontlines, so to speak, based on empirical evidence, have found benefit in treating patients with a variety of agents including HCQ, Zinc, Azithromycin, Quercetin, Elderberry supplements, Vitamins D and C with few if any complications. Or that while such regimens may not cure, they may help and carry little or no risk.

And so, the world was aflame once again with a nonstory driven by the COVID media. The HCQ divide within the nation is only a continuation of innumerable divides that have surfaced since the pandemic began — and before. One will know the politics of an individual based on his position on any number of pandemic issues: lockdowns, sheltering in place, face masks, social distancing, “elective surgery,” and “essential businesses.” The closing of schools and colleges. Blue states and Red states. Governor Cuomo or Governor DeSantis. Nationwide injunctions or federalism. The WHO and Red China. Or, pre-pandemic, Brexit, open borders, DACA, and amnesty. CBD oil, turmeric, and legalizing marijuana. Russia Collusion, Trump’s taxes, the 25th amendment, Stormy Daniels, the Ukraine non-scandal, and impeachment. Or Obamagate. And now HCQ.

HCQ is only another bellwether. It represents the latest nonevent in a long string of fabricated media nonscandals. If a nation can be divided over HCQ it can be divided over anything. It shows neatly, as many of the other non-issues did, whether one embraces the U.S., our history, culture, and constitutional system, or rejects it. Whether one believes in Americanism or despises it. It is part of the ongoing civil war, thus far cold, but who knows? The passions today are no less jarring than they were in 1860. One would have thought that a man taking a medicine prescribed by his physician, even a President, would be a private matter. But no. Not today.

We swim in an ocean of manufactured disinformation created by a radical COVID media, our fifth column. They inflame the nation one way or another based on political whims. The propaganda arm of the Left, they seek victory at all costs including dismantling the economy, culture, and our governing system. Is there a curative for the COVID media and their Democrat allies who would destroy a nation to destroy Trump? He is all that stands between us and them. Is there an antiviral for this, the communist virus that has infected the nation, metastasized throughout its corpus, and now threatens the republic?

* * *

Dr. Moss is a practicing Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, author, and columnist, residing in Jasper, IN. He has written A Surgeon’s Odyssey and Matilda’s Triumph available on Find more of his essays at


COVID-19 Fake Approbations: The Lies they Tell

The Government lying about an endorsement of something and the Rav or Rabbi is so engrossed in the Gemara or a relevant question that he just does not have time for the “Politics”. Also most Ravs or Rabbis don’t have TVs or Internet or read Newspapers. The Media takes time away from the real task of learning, praying and personal prayer. Just look at Maran HaRav Yosef Ovadia, zt”l




The last week, a lot of new information has been coming out about the ‘elder abuse’ apparently being committed against Rav Chaim Kanievsky.


The Habayitah website and R’ Chananya Weissman’s Rumble channel have more of that story, and below I’m pasting some links to click through and read yourself.

Here’s a small snippet:


I witness that the Health Ministry Haredi Liaison Unit has issued press kits on Rav Kanievsky and his

family including press release, photo, and voice recording to outlets such as the one I worked for,

pushing the vaccine, and that we were instructed to redact any sign that the story was part of a public

relations campaign, but to make the article appear as a spontaneous news story, quoting the Rabbi’s

daughter as if her words were genuine, and not part of an orchestrated campaign.


And here’s the takeaway message:

Rav Chaim Kanievsky is 93 years old. He has effectively been in a state of cognitive decline for many years already and only recognises two members of his own family.

His house is full of cameras, his every move is controlled and ‘recorded’ by handlers – some of whom are directly working for the State of Israel – and all of these ‘statements’ about Covid 19 that we believed to be coming from Rav Chaim Kanievsky are in fact forgeries.

…all of these ‘statements’ about Covid 19 that we believed to be coming from Rav Chaim Kanievsky are in fact forgeries.


When this information came out, I got the following comment from Daisy, which I’m reproducing here:


I owe – actually we both owe – an enormous apology to Rav Kanievsky and his family. I badmouthed him, when it turns out he is ABSOLUTELY INNOCENT! TO badmouth a Tzaddik is such an aveirah, I am in tears. I have been sick nonstop for the past two weeks, so has my son and his family. Now I understand why.

Hashem, I am so sorry for every word I wrote that was negative about him. Please forgive me. I have to make a public apology, and to his family as well. Anything I said about him I am retracting right now. He is a Tzaddik, Gadol Hador or one of the Gedolei Hador – of course we have Rav Berland too, but he is also a Gadol for sure. My first instincts were correct.

What is going on with Rav Kanievsky is exactly what is going on with the Rav: it’s called ELDER ABUSE. They will do that to all the people who can stop their evil agendas. MONSTERS!


Here, I got this [linked to abve] from Rav Chananya Weissman – in case you didn’t see it yet: this deserves coming out of your break I believe, before Rosh Hashanah; for your sake, and for my sake.

May Hashem have mercy on both of us, and forgive me for this horrible sin I committed. I am not sure if you are in need of forgiveness too, but if you are, then of course may Hashem forgive you too.


“click here to continue reading”



That is the question I’ve been asking myself for months, already.

Because if you read Rebbe Nachman, he tells you again and again and again stay away from all doctors, they are mamash the agents of death.

In fact, he puts it even more bluntly. Here’s just one of his direct comments on the subject (found in English in the book Tzaddik, page 191.)

On the subject of medicine and the importance of avoiding physicians completely, the Rebbe said that when a person has someone sick in his house, if someone came and told him to give the patient a blow with a big wooden club he would certainly be very shocked. Yet when one puts the patient in the hands of the doctor it is literally like handing him over to a murderer.

The doctor’s remedies are more harmful than the blow of a murderer.

Who would want to kill the patient with his own hands? Just because you have to do something to try and save the patient does that mean you should hand him over to a doctor?

You might as well call someone to beat the patient to death.

Understand this.


Doctor-apologists within Breslov have always tried to claim that Rabbenu was only talking about the ‘primitive medicine’ in Eastern Europe at the time he was alive – shortly before vaccines had been discovered by Edward Jenner!!!

But I don’t buy that.

Rabbenu’s advice stands the test of time, and it’s not limited to time or place.

Dafka, he knew with ruach hakodesh what was going to occur all the way up to the coming of the Moshiach, so we’re meant to believe he was only talking about the early 1800s, when he said stay away from doctors and the medical profession?

I think not.

(It’s a separate point, but even before this Covid 19 scandal, iatrogenic illness – i.e. medical conditions caused by medical treatment and medicine itself – was the third highest cause of death in America. Take a look at the table below, from THIS website, which has a lot of referenced information, if you want to know more.)


Iatrogenic deaths USA

Iatrogenic deaths USA



So then, I always struggled greatly to understand why Rebbe Nachman appeared to totally disregard everything else he says about totally avoiding doctors, to encourage his followers to get their children vaccinated.

Here is a screenshot of the original Hebrew, which was sent to me by my friend C. who decided to research this a bit more after we were discussing it.

Rabbi Nachman and Smallpox Vaccine

Rabbi Nachman and Smallpox Vaccine


Here’s the translation:

Rabbenu HaKadosh said that each child needs to ‘stand up’ in the ‘pakin’ [Yiddish word, which apparently means vaccination] before they reach a quarter of a year (i.e. three months old)…[Yiddish phrase]… (And if not) he is like a spiller of blood.

Even if it’s a long way away from the city, and even if the travel has to occur in the time of the great cold [of winter], to stand up in the ‘pakin’, before a quarter of a year.


You see the problem?

How are we meant to square this above comment, supposedly from Rabbenu, with this statement that was definitely from Rabbenu:

[W]hen one puts the patient in the hands of the doctor it is literally like handing him over to a murderer.


Here’s what my friend had to say about it, after doing some research:

In regards to Rabbi Nachman and the smallpox vaccine;

I looked it up in Avaneha Barzel and one of the thing it says is that one should even travel in the time of the great cold in order to give the “vaccine” before the baby is 3 months.

I feel with everything Rabbenu really wanted his followers to do, he said several times in different ways and you can find it in different books.

But this vaccine thing is only found in Avaneha Barzel that was written after both Rabbenu and Rav Natan passed away.

I have a hard time imagining that Rabbenu would insist on a mother traveling in a horse and carriage with her 3 month old baby in the middle of the Ukrainian winter in order to give a vaccine.


Before the last year, I would never dream to question anything being put out in Rabbenu’s name.

But increasingly, I’m realising how the Jewish people’s holiest institutions and teachings have been infiltrated and compromised by people who are not holy.

And I’ve also learned that whatever is going on now, was also going on in the past, too.

So, if the forces of evil could put out a million forged and faked psakim from gedolim like R’ Chaim Kanievsky in broad daylight, in the ‘information age’, then for sure they could also have done that in the past, too, with gedolim like Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

We already know with all the persecution of the Rav, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, that’s gone on within the Breslov community in Meah Shearim and elsewhere, that there are some very problematic individuals deeply embedded within Breslov, whose yichus goes way, way back to all those other interesting people and families I keep writing about here.


So, let’s try to figure this out a bit more.

Here’s how the Breslov Research Institute translates that passage, above, in Tzaddik (footnote 14 on page 192):

“One who does not innoculate his infant children against pakin, smallpox, it is as if he murdered them. Even if one lives distant from the city, even in the middle of winter in freezing weather, one must bring his infant child for the vaccination.”

So, now we learn that pakin is apparently the Yiddish word for smallpox, NOT the Yiddish word for ‘vaccination’.


Everything now turns on the correct meaning of this word:


According to Morfix, we get these meanings back for that word:

to place, to position; to place upright, to erect; to get someone to their feet

This is not at all the language associated with vaccinations and innoculations.


If we take away the ‘helpful’ explanations in square brackets that pushes the explanation towards vaccines, the plain language seems to say this:

Rabbenu HaKadosh said that each child needs to ‘stand up in / be placed in’ the ‘pakin’ (smallpox) before they reach a quarter of a year (i.e. three months old)…[Yiddish phrase]… (And if not) he is like a spiller of blood.

Even if it’s a long way away from the city, and even if the travel has to occur in the time of the great cold [of winter], to be placed in the ‘pakin’, before a quarter of a year.

Or in other words:

Go, take your child and make sure you expose him to smallpox before he reaches three months old, even if you have to travel a long way to do that, even if it’s the middle of the winter.


Suddenly, this starts to make way, way more sense, and to perfectly fit with Rabbenu’s other advice on totally avoiding doctors and medicines.

So now, we get to the next question (which I can’t answer – maybe someone out there can help me out.)

Who tampered with the text in Avenha Barzel to make it sound like Rabbenu was pushing vaccines, when he wasn’t talking about vaccinations at all?


And while we’re pondering that, and its implications for just how deep-rooted in tumah this whole ‘vaccine agenda’ really is, let’s take a closer look at Edward Jenner, the ‘inventor’ of the smallpox vaccine.

Here’s some more research from my friend, C.:

Guess who is the profile manager of Edward Jenner (founder of smallpox vaccine) on Geni…?

Our dear Yigal Burstein….

Also it turns out that Edward Jenner was a Freemason and he reached the level of Master Mason.

In addition in this article it says that the lodge he was Master of was regularly visited by the Prince of Wales – the future George IV

More articles showing he was a Mason:


If you are new to this blog, you probably don’t know that Yigal Burstein is one of the ‘professional disinformation artists’ on geni, who ‘manages’ (also spelled D-I-S-T-O-R-T-S) a great many of the profiles of important people in Jewish history, including the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

What possible link does Yigal Burstein, resident of Israel, have with Edward Jenner, non-Jewish, English ‘inventor’ of smallpox vaccines?

And while you are chewing that over, here’s some other interesting information to throw into the mix.


The whole narrative about the smallpox vaccine that we’ve been taught doesn’t make sense, when you go back and piece together the actual information.

You and I were taught that English Physician Edward Jenner (1749-1823) ‘invented’ the smallpox vaccine.

But even a cursory look at a few Wikipedia pages starts to throw this whole story on its head.

Here’s some snippets, first from Jenner’s page:

[In the early 1700s….] Inoculation was already pioneered in Asian and African medicine and was a standard practice but involved serious risks, one of which was the fear that those inoculated would then transfer the disease to those around them due to their becoming carriers of the disease.

In 1721, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu had imported variolation to Britain after having observed it in Constantinople. While Johnnie Notions had great success with his self-devised inoculation (and was reputed not to have lost a single patient), his method’s practice was limited to the Shetland Isles.

Voltaire wrote that at this time 60% of the population caught smallpox and 20% of the population died of it. Voltaire also states that the Circassians used the inoculation from times immemorial, and the custom may have been borrowed by the Turks from the Circassians….

In the years following 1770, at least five investigators in England and Germany (Sevel, Jensen, Jesty 1774, Rendell, Plett 1791) successfully tested in humans a cowpox vaccine against smallpox…. but it was not until Jenner’s work that the procedure became widely understood.


In other words… Edward Jenner invented precisely nothing, but somehow got all the credit for his ‘smallpox vaccine’.

Once again, we see how ‘Master Masons’ are strangely catapulted to the top of the pile, and get all the good PR and undeserved credit.

But even stranger, is what apparently happens next (still from Jenner’s Wikipedia page HERE):

[I]n 1840, the British government banned variolation – the use of smallpox to induce immunity – and provided vaccination using cowpox free of charge (seeVaccination Act).

The success of his discovery soon spread around Europe and was used en masse in the Spanish Balmis Expedition (1803–1806), a three-year-long mission to the Americas, the Philippines, Macao, China, led by Francisco Javier de Balmiswith the aim of giving thousands the smallpox vaccine….

Napoleon, who at the time was at war with Britain, had all his French troops vaccinated, awarded Jenner a medal, and at the request of Jenner, he released two English prisoners of war and permitted their return home. Napoleon remarked he could not “refuse anything to one of the greatest benefactors of mankind”.


Er, if someone you were at war with offered your troops an ‘experimental medicine against smallpox’, I doubt you’d take them up on the offer, much less give them a medal and start singing their praises.

Napoleon, like Jenner, was a leading Freemason.

And yet again, we seem to have tripped over a piece of that ‘real history’ that they have tried so very hard to keep hidden from us the last 200 years, but which is now awkwardly poking into sight.


Here’s a quick snippet about that ultra-creepy worldwide ‘vaccination campaign’ from 1803 (is any of this sounding familiar?):

The Balmis Expedition, officially called the Real Expedición Filantrópica de la Vacuna (Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition) was a Spanish healthcare mission that lasted from 1803 to 1806, led by Dr Francisco Javier de Balmis, which vaccinated millions of inhabitants of Spanish America and Asia against smallpox.


Francisco de Balmis bears all the hallmarks of yet another crypto-Jew, and I suspect he was also part of some secret society fraternity.

But as I’m writing this as I go, we’ll park him for now, and maybe come back to this another time.

The point is – in the early 1800s, the world’s royalty and leading freemasons suddenly decided that ‘vaccinating’ the population against smallpox was a big priority for them all, and all worked together across their territories, and the world at large, to make that happen.

I cant help but find that extremely strange.


Here’s the last thing for now, as this is becoming a monster post again.

Marie Antoinette’s mother was a woman called Maria Theresa, (1717-1780), ruler of Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, Galicia and quite a few other places, besides.

Maria Theresa keeps popping up in my research of ‘Real Jewish History’, and she has a Jewish courtier that I’m finding it very hard to track down in real time, who also keep figuring large in my research, by the name of Abraham Mendel Theben.


Abraham Theben jof Pressburg

Abraham Theben jof Pressburg

Abraham is the son of a prominent Jewish leader called Menachem Mendel; and the father of another mysterious Jewish leader called Jacob Mendel Theben, and his daughter marries the son of none other than Jonathan Eybshutz.

Other children also marry into other interesting families, including the Oppenheimers, Wertheimers, (Frankist…) Beers and Mandels.

But strangely, I can find next to no information about him, or his family, which gives me a big red flag that something big is being hidden here.


Anyway, point is for this post that the Austrian monarch Maria Theresa was also really big on ‘innoculations’ and ‘vaccinations’ – and again, all this is happening 30 years before Master Mason Edward Jenner is meant to have ‘invented the smallpox vaccine.’

Snippet from Wikipedia:

After the smallpox epidemic of 1767, [Maria Theresa] promoted inoculation, which she had learned of through her correspondence with Maria Antonia, the Electress of Saxony (who in turn probably knew of it through her own correspondence with the Prussian king Frederick II).

After unsuccessfully inviting the Sutton brothers from England to introduce their technique in Austria, Maria Theresa obtained information on current practices of smallpox inoculation in England.

She overrode the objections of Gerard van Swieten (who doubted the effectiveness of the technique), and ordered that it be tried on thirty-four newborn orphans and sixty-seven orphans between the ages of five and fourteen years.


The trial was successful, establishing that inoculation was effective in protecting against smallpox, and safe (in the case of the test subjects).

The empress therefore ordered the construction of an inoculation centre, and had herself and two of her children inoculated. She promoted inoculation in Austria by hosting a dinner for the first sixty-five inoculated children in Schönbrunn Palace, waiting on the children herself.

Maria Theresa was responsible for changing Austrian physicians’ negative view of inoculation.


So, lots of lots of historical ‘vaccine’ weirdness, with ‘smallpox’ playing the part of our modern ‘Covid 19’, as the excuse for leaders, royalty and freemasons to ‘force vaxx’ their populations.

There are a lot of angles to this that really aren’t making sense according to the history we’ve all been taught.

Like, why would it take 250 years to ‘eradicate smallpox’ if successful vaccines were already being pioneered all over the place at the beginning of the 1500s, already?

Inoculation for smallpox appears to have started in China around the 1500s.Europe adopted this practice from Asia in the first half of the 18th century. In 1796 Edward Jenner introduced the modern smallpox vaccine.

In 1967, the WHO intensified efforts to eliminate the disease.


Man, I’m having a serious sense of deja vu.

We’ve been here before, it seems, with global pandemics and ‘worldwide vaccination projects’ enthusiastically endorsed by the world’s elites, that begin in China and end with the WHO.

But one thing is sure:

Rabbenu’s advice to stay away from doctors and medicines still holds true.

And he never told people to go and get their children ‘vaccinated’.



JerusalemCats Comments:
The Government lying about an endorsement of something and the Rav or Rabbi is so engrossed in the Gemara or a relevant question that he just does not have time for the “Politics”. Also most Ravs or Rabbis don’t have TVs or Internet or read Newspapers. The Media takes time away from the real task of learning, praying and personal prayer. Just look at Maran HaRav Yosef Ovadia, zt”l as an example.


COVID-19 Vaccine Passports: The Lies they Tell


Hot Mic Catches Israeli Health Minister Admitting Vaccine Passports Are About Coercion

by Tyler Durden 13September2021 –

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Unaware that he was on a hot mic and being broadcast live on a TV station, Israeli health minister Nitzan Horowitz admitted that vaccine passports were primarily about coercing skeptical people to get the vaccine.

covid Green Passport inspection

covid Green Passport inspection


“Imposing “green pass” rules on certain venues is needed only to pressure members of the public to get vaccinated, and not for medical reasons, Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said on Sunday, ahead of the weekly Cabinet meeting,” reports Jewish News Syndicate.

Unaware that his words were being broadcast live to the nation on Channel 12, Horowitz told Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked that not only should the green pass be removed as a requirement to dine at outdoor restaurants, but also, “For swimming pools, too, not just in restaurants.”

“Epidemiologically, it’s true,” said Horowitz, adding, “The thing is, I’m telling you, our problem is people who don’t get vaccinated. We need [to influence] them a bit; otherwise, we won’t get out of this [pandemic situation].”

The health minister went on to acknowledge that the system wasn’t even being enforced in most venues.

Disclose-tv-tweet-13September2021-Israeli Health Minister Admitting Vaccine Passports Are About Coercion

Disclose-tv-tweet-13September2021-Israeli Health Minister Admitting Vaccine Passports Are About Coercion

Israeli Ministry of Health-There is no medical or epidemiological justification for the Covid passport,

“There is a kind of universality to the ‘green pass’ system, other than at malls, where I think it should be imposed, [because] now it’s clear that it applies nowhere,” he said.

Israel was once lauded for its successful vaccine rollout and the speed with which it introduced vaccine passports.

The green pass was heralded as an “early vision of how we leave lockdown.” However, the country recently reported its highest ever number of daily COVID cases, with nearly 11,000 infections being recorded.

Although the early threat that the unvaccinated would be banned from entering numerous public venues convinced many younger people to get the vaccine, once it rolled out, the ‘green pass’ system was rarely even enforced and was subsequently scrapped at the end of May.

But once cases started rising again later that summer, Israel’s vaccine passport system was reintroduced and expanded.

Meanwhile, Sweden, which never imposed a hard lockdown, recently banned travelers arriving from Israel from entering the country.

* * *


Mandatory Vaccination of Workers

“When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts…” – George Carlin

ThePatriotNurse: Roll Up Your Sleeve and Show Me Your Papers or ELSE: Real Talk


ThePatriotNurse: Real Talk: How they Fight and What You Can Expect- Intimidation Tactics



Dozens of Medical Groups Call for Mandatory COVID-19 Jabs for Healthcare Workers

by Veronika Kyrylenko 27July2021

Dozens of groups representing healthcare workers in America have released a joint statement calling for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for their industry, arguing the step would be a “logical fulfillment of the ethical commitment” of the healthcare workers amid the uptick of COVID-19 cases.


The statement, put out by the American Medical Association (AMA) and 56 other groups, insists that shots are “safe and effective.” A statement by Susan R. Bailey, M.D., immediate past president of the American Medical Association, reads:

“It is critical that all people in the health care workforce get vaccinated against COVID-19 for the safety of our patients and our colleagues. With more than 300 million doses administered in the United States and nearly 4 billion doses administered worldwide, we know the vaccines are safe and highly effective at preventing severe illness and death from COVID-19. Increased vaccinations among health care personnel will not only reduce the spread of COVID-19 but also reduce the harmful toll this virus is taking within the healthcare workforce and those we are striving to serve.”


Naturally, Dr. Bailey mentioned neither the staggering number of adverse reactions and tens of thousands of possible deaths caused by the vaccines, nor the breakthrough infections among fully vaccinated individuals.

The organizations rationalize the need for mandates by mentioning “highly contagious variants, including the Delta variant,” and “significant numbers of unvaccinated people,” who presumably drive the surge of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.


The statement continues, “Unfortunately, many health care and long-term care personnel remain unvaccinated As we move towards full FDA approval of the currently available vaccines, all healthcare workers should get vaccinated for their own health, and to protect their colleagues, families, residents of long-term care facilities and patients.”

They went on to call for employers to “implement effective policies to encourage vaccination.”


Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, known for his eugenics views, as well as poor prediction skills, helped organize that statement from the medical groups, complaining on PBS News Hour that 40 percent of American healthcare workers remain unvaccinated. He argued that it is the “obligation” of healthcare workers to put “patients first” and “promote their health and well-being,” seemingly implying the health and well-being of medics is secondary. Emanuel mentioned the workers already need to take such jabs as influenza and hepatitis, therefore, “in the midst of COVID-19, we’re supposed to take the COVID vaccine,” he concluded, but failed to detail that flu shots have been used since 1930s, the hepatitis A vaccine since 1995, and hepatitis B vaccine since 1981, and they are not universally required.


In one of the latest indications of a switch of the vax campaign tactics from cajoling to coercion, Dr. Emanuel further noted that despite the availability of the vaccines that are free of charge, half of the country and a large proportion of healthcare workers remain too stubborn to get them. “And if you can’t induce people to get the vaccine by all of these other mechanisms, then requiring them to fulfill their ethical obligation is something we have to move to,” he stated.


When asked about the possible response to the initiative, Emanuel expressed optimism, and mentioned the University of Pennsylvania Health System introducing COVID-19 vaccine mandates, first in the nation’s large academic healthcare system to do so. He said that private business and healthcare institutions will most likely follow suit “to be able to intersect with people and keep their jobs.” It was also mentioned during the program that on Monday, the Department of Veterans Affairs became the first federal agency to require some of its personnel (115,000 medical workers) to get a shot.


Dr. Emanuel dismissed a notion that some employees may be hesitant to introduce the measure in order to keep their workforce from leaving, citing the case of the Houston Methodist Health System network that employs 26,000 people, of which 99.5 percent have rolled up their sleeves in response to the mandate.


The largest union of healthcare workers in the United States, the 1199SEIU Funds that represents 400,000 healthcare workers nationwide, announced in late June that it will oppose forceful vaccination, saying the workers “have the right to make their decision about their own health.” The New York State Nurses Association, which represents more than 42,000 nurses statewide, has also taken a stand against vaccine mandates for healthcare employees as a condition of employment. The association argues that the public has legitimate concerns regarding the vaccines’ safety, efficacy, and effectiveness since the jabs have been developed and processed under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), and at “warp speed.”


The tide of the COVID-19 mandates is starting to come into force this week. In addition to the Monday VA mandate, a couple of states switched carrots to sticks to get more people jabbed. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the Golden State will soon require state employees and all healthcare workers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or undergo weekly COVID-19 tests. The mandate will apply to 246,000 state employees in California, and at least two million healthcare workers in both the public and private sectors. In a similar vein, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that a vaccine mandate would soon take effect for 340,000 municipal workers, teachers, firefighters, and police officers.

Veronika Kyrylenko
Veronika Kyrylenko, Ph.D. is a research associate at GeoStrategic Analysis (Arlington, Va.) and a freelance writer whose work has appeared at the Western Journal, American Thinker, The Hill and other publications. She can be found on LinkedIn



California Nurse Shortage Reaches “Crisis Level” As Vaccine Mandate Wards Off Traveling Nurses

by Tyler Durden 02September2021 –

As America’s hospital beds have again filled with sick COVID patients, nurses and other healthcare workers have been quitting at the fastest rate since the early days of the pandemic, when nurses in some NYC hospitals were using garbage bags instead of PPE. Across the Internet, on subreddits and in Facebook groups, nurses have gathered to commiserate.


But it’s not just remote areas of Arkansas and Mississippi that are having problems. Local media in California have reported that across the Golden State, low staffing levels have reached a “crisis point”.

According to a story published by a newspaper in Bakersfield, in the past month, no fewer than four emergency room nurses have quit at one Eureka hospital.

And aside from the burnout and the pressure and the stress, nurses have also cited California’s mandatory vaccination rule as one reason they’re thinking about leaving the state. Traveling nurses have been turning down assignments in the Golden State at record rates because they don’t want to get vaccinated – and the mandate hasn’t even taken effect yet.

Cole of Scripps Health said the state’s testing requirement, imposed last week, already has discouraged some out-of-state, traveling nurses from taking temporary jobs at California hospitals.

“If they don’t want to get vaccinated, they are turning down California assignments,” he said.

Here’s more according to

Hospitals are struggling to comply with the state’s nurse staffing requirements as pandemic-induced burnout has exacerbated an already chronic nursing shortage nationwide.

But burnout isn’t the only thing compounding California’s nursing shortage: The state’s new vaccine mandate for health care workers is already causing headaches for understaffed hospitals before it is even implemented. Some traveling nurses – who are in high demand nationwide – are turning down California assignments because they don’t want to get vaccinated.

With more people coming in for routine care that can’t be delayed any longer, hospitals are nearing a “crisis point” as the staffing shortages leave them in danger of not meeting the state’s legal minimum staffing requirements.

Hospitals say they are reaching a crisis point, straining under the dual forces of more people seeking routine care and surging COVID-19 hospitalizations driven by the Delta variant.

“Oftentimes at hospitals there are long waits and long delays,” said Dr. Tom Sugarman, an emergency physician in the East Bay and senior director of government affairs at Vituity, a physicians’ group. “There’s not enough staff to keep beds open, and patients can languish waiting.”

Nursing shortages were common in California even before the pandemic. But now resources are nearing “the breaking point”. Every time case numbers seem like they’re finally about to subside, a new wave of cases rises up.

Emotional and physical exhaustion is the primary reason nurses are fleeing the bedside, experts say. It has been a long and brutal 18 months.

“We thought the pandemic would be over soon and could take time later to deal with our emotions,” said Zenei Triunfo-Cortez, president of National Nurses United, the largest nursing union in the country, which has more than 100,000 members in its California association. “Then the second surge hit, and the third and now it’s the fourth.”

Mary Lynn Briggs, an ICU nurse in Bakersfield, said of the dozens of COVID-19 patients she has treated since the pandemic began, only three have survived.

“Some days coming home from the hospital I yell at God, I yell at myself, I yell at COVID and cry. And that’s all before I pull into my driveway,” Briggs said.

A surprising number of nurses are wary of the vaccines, so Gov. Newsom’s requirement that nurses and hospital staff must get vaccinated could end up being the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Hospital administrators worry that the state’s vaccine mandate for health care workers, which goes into effect Sept. 30, could drive some of their workers out. Already, some report resistance among employees.

“One hospital told us they had 474 unvaccinated employees. They did a big education and incentive push. Only 12 people signed up,” said Richardson, the hospital association’s attorney.

Administrators are particularly concerned about low vaccination rates among support staff like janitors and food service workers. However, some nurses also are wary of the COVID-19 vaccine. Some nurses with large social media followings have participated in protests in Southern California, arguing that the mandates violate their personal freedom.

With staffing levels low across the US, traveling nurses working in temporary roles have been critical to help shore up hospital staff. But they’re also allowing nurses who don’t want to comply with vaccine mandates to simply pick up and leave. One expert said traveling nurses in Texas and Florida might be coming from California.

Nationwide more than 52,000 temporary health care jobs are posted, and Aya is only able to fill about 3,000 per week, she said.
“In the 16 years I’ve been in this space, I have never seen this high a need,” Morris said.

That need is creating intense competition for a limited pool of nurses nationwide.

“Nurses are getting paid premiums to work in Texas and Florida where it’s surging right now,” Sugarman said. “Those nurses have to come from somewhere, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some are coming from California.”

In short: vaccine mandates for health-care workers (most of whom have already been infected with COVID) are probably doing more harm than good as far as creating a safe and stable health-care system in the Golden State. Maybe Gov. Newsom (or his successor) should give it a rethink?



How to Legally respond to Death Jab orders!
Posted 17September2021 PRATHER POINT:


Hope is on the horizon


Yesterday, I had a few of my peeps come join me in the garden for cake and tea.

It may not sound like so much, but these small ‘get togethers’ of like-minded people are so uplifting and strengthening, stuck as we are in this current Covid 19 nightmare.

So we sat in the garden on a perfect Jerusalem night, as Ahmed down the street blasted his Arab wedding karaoke, and spoke about all things Corona and emuna related.

Because those two things go together.

And I learnt some surprising things, that gave me a lot of hope.


The first thing that I learnt is that there are apparently tens of thousands of secular people in Israel – what we would call ‘lefties’ – who are implacably ‘against’ what’s going on with the Covid 19 shots.

And these people are organising on Facebook, and starting to get a lot of things done.


Here’s the link:


They are encouraging parents to take their children out of ‘force-vaxxing’ schools and to work together to homeschool, come September 1.

They are publically standing up to these Government diktats in their groups, and apparently encouraged 2,500 secular teachers to quit, rather than go back to school and be ‘force-vaxxed’.

And most remarkable of all, they are talking about God.


You won’t hear about these groups from the MSM, because the corrupt media want us all to think that we are the only ‘weirdos in the village’ who are anti-Covid 19 shots.

But there are way, way more people out there who are not buying the propaganda, and who are standing up for what’s right, bravely, in whatever small way they can.


Over on the habayitah website HERE, you’ll find another example of that personal bravery that starts to turn the tide.

It’s the personal story of a Jew who risked getting arrested at the pool, to stand up for what’s right, and to not just crumple in the face of all this coronafascism.

Here’s a snippet:

Anyone can do this. Anywhere.

You must do this.

Just walk in, and call their bluff. Tell them to call the police. The worst that will happen, if you are calm and stand your ground, is that you will get a ticket, that you can then appeal in court, and the ticket will be cancelled, because they do not want anything going to court, lest they lose, there’s precedent, and the whole totalitarian system crumbles.

Call. Their. Bluff.

This is all just fear. There is nothing to be afraid of. Pool conquered. Gym conquered. Supermarket conquered. The counterattack progresses.

Thank you God for giving us the strength to do Your will and to fight back.


I just went to read that hyperlink above, called ‘Supermarket conquered‘ – and it’s even more inspiring than the pool story.

Go and read it – it’s along the lines of my Post Office saga, but honestly? The woman is way, way braver than I was, because she is taking a stand to walk around everywhere, totally unmasked.

But here’s the takeaway message:

This is all one big bluff.

Our enemies are empty shells. Evil is emptiness.

Show no fear. Stare the bastards down. Keep your calm. They’re nothing.


There is a weird ‘rule’ that the forces of evil appear to keep, that whatever diabolical, demonic scheme they are working on, it all has to be done according the rule of law.

We saw that in the Purim story, where Haman’s attempted mass murder is all played out against the backdrop of complying with Shushan’s legal code.

The same thing happened in Sdom, which apparently was also infested with lawyers and corrupt judges.

And the same thing is happening today, in the State of Israel, and the other places we all live in.

They are using psychological manipulation, peer pressure and threats with all this masks and ‘force-vaxxing’ stuff, because legally, they don’t have a leg to stand on.

And once more of us start to challenge the ‘rule of law’ all of this ISN’T BASED ON, the whole system of coronafascism will collapse.


If that sounds incredible, it may already be happening.

Also on habayitah, I saw this post:

Rabbi Weissman: Interesting news someone shared with me that won’t be reported:

Almost 1000 policemen were supposed to be sent to chalat because they refused to get the jab.

The Bagatz [Supreme Court] ruled out that it is illegal to force anybody to take the cr*p or any other medical procedure against their will.


People, be brave!

Talk to God, screw your emuna up to the sticking point, and then start to stand up for what you really believe in, and for the safety and health of yourselves and your families.

We can’t ‘play it safe’ anymore – the stakes are getting to high.

Each person, in their own way, has to take a stand for truth, for free choice, for the right of every human being to live life in the way the Creator designed it.

Every small ‘push back’ you make sends ripples out into the wider world, and creates angels that will help others to find their courage, and their voices, and their true emuna.


I have a good friend whose son is now being ‘banned’ from his high school because he doesn’t have a green pass.

My friend is a lawyer, married to a lawyer.

I want to say to her: sue the pants off that school!!!

Send them a lawyer letter telling them what they are doing is totally illegal, and see how quickly they crumple.

What do you have to lose, at this point?

What’s the alternative – to let them force-vaxx your son, just so he continue his education?!?!?

Since when is that even a credible idea?


I know it’s hard to stand up for what’s right.

I know the fear-consumed Karens are REALLY hard to deal with.

But here’s what you have to understand about humanity:

Most people are followers, not leaders.

As soon as there is a tiny group of people who start to stand up for what’s right, in all areas of life, that will paralyse the march of Coronafascism in its tracks.

I am 100% sure that much as my encounters with Karens disturbed me, it also disturbed them, and made it way less likely that they were going to launch an attack on their next unsuspecting victim.


We can’t play it safe anymore and continue just living in fear, and negating our free will and personal integrity and health just to keep in our comfort zone and avoid conflicts with the psychos out there.

What sort of life is that anyway, where we shuffle around bemasked and force-vaxxed, unable to even go for a jog, or to pray in a minyan, or to stand in silent prayer at the Kotel without wearing a mask, just because the coronafascists say so?

At some point, we have to say no more!!!

At some point, we have to be brave, and to manifest our emuna in the real world, in some tangible way.

Ein Od Milvado.

There is only Hashem.


And if I don’t take that risk, and if I don’t move out of my comfort zone?

Then what’s the point of being alive anyway, just to be ‘transhuman experiment’ with no free choice whose soul is totally trapped amongst the klippot anyway?

What’s the point of staying alive, if those are the conditions?

What’s the point?


Rabbenu tells us, we only have today.

Don’t wait for someone else to be ‘the one’ who is going to break the fear, and the force of coronafascism in your life.

Today, with God’s help, you can turn that corner already, and stop letting illegal and immoral coronafascism from dictating to you how you breathe, and where you go, and whether you can pray in a minyan.


So hold God’s hand, take a deep breath, and stand up for what’s right, in whichever way you can.

At this point, we have nothing left to lose.

And they can’t arrest us all.


You might also like this article:



What Can We Learn About COVID Tyranny From Australia And Afghanistan?

by Tyler Durden 26August2021 –

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

Despotic people tend to telegraph their future actions like inexperienced fighters tend to telegraph their punches; it’s not as if the intentions of totalitarians are obscured or hard to predict. In some cases they may even believe that they can be as obvious as they wish because they assume no one will ever try to stop them. They’ve been destroying lives for so long they adopt a sense of superiority, as if they are untouchable.

Covid1984 Banner

In my extensive study of psychopathy I find that, unfortunately, the primary catalyst for the exploitation and victimization of large populations of people is that many of them can’t wrap their heads around the idea of an organized conspiracy of human monsters. They refuse to acknowledge the existence of the evil right in front of them, so the evil is able to go unopposed for long stretches of time. There is ALWAYS a moment, though, when psychopaths push the wrong people too far. They just can’t help it, and this is when they find themselves on the business end of a noose or the barrel of a gun.

When it comes to organizations of psychopaths, the same moment also eventually arrives, it just takes longer for the public to comes to grips with the necessity of it.

In terms of the “Great Reset” agenda, medical tyranny using covid as a rationale is clearly a key ingredient to the future objectives of the power elite. At the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns last year I made several predictions and warnings. I said that the mandates and lockdowns for most people around the world would never go away, and I called this “Wave Theory”; the use of intermittent moments of limited freedom followed by increasingly more aggressive restrictions.

This cycle is meant to condition the public to the idea that governments are “allowed” to micromanage our daily lives, that this is “normal”, that it is for our own good and that we should enjoy the short moments of liberty or normalcy they so graciously let us to have.

I have warned consistently that all governments around the world would eventually try to adopt proof of vaccination requirements in order for people to participate in everyday activities such as going to public venues, going to school, shopping in stores or even getting a job. The mainstream media and governments consistently claimed last year that vaccine passports were “not going to happen”, and that the very notion was a conspiracy theory. Now, the vaccines passports are being implemented in numerous countries including some parts of the US and anyone who stands against them is called a “conspiracy theorists”.

You see how that works? If you expose the truth of an authoritarian plot the establishment lies and calls you a “conspiracy theorist”. Once the establishment admits to the plot and you refuse to comply with it those same liars call you a conspiracy theorist AGAIN, as well as a “terrorist.”

Yes, this was also predicted by myself and others at the beginning of the pandemic. We said that the people that fight against vaccine passport tyranny would be quickly labeled as traitors and terrorists “putting others at risk” because we are too “selfish” to bow down and take the experimental jab or submit to the lockdowns. This is exactly what has happened, with the DHS recently announcing that one of the warning signs of a potential terrorist includes opposition to covid mandates and vaccines.

I also predicted that the ultimate goal of the covid agenda will be to create domestic travel restrictions and state and city checkpoints, not to mention covid “camps” or prisons for the unvaccinated. In the US the DHS is admitting that they are entertaining the concept of interstate travel limits and a “papers please” system to prevent Americans from moving around freely. The state of New York hinted at covid camps many months ago, but the real plan is being revealed overseas in other Western nations like Australia and New Zealand.

And here is where we find the telegraphed punches…

I have specifically examined Australia and New Zealand’s fast track covid tyranny plans a year ago in my article ‘The Totalitarian Future Globalists Want For The Entire World Is Being Revealed’ and I noted that whatever happens in these countries along with certain countries in Europe is going to be tried in the US in the near term. The main difference being that these measures cannot be fast tracked in the same way in the US because Americans are heavily armed and have the ability to bury the establishment six feet under if we organized to do so.

This is why vaccine passports are still only incremental in the US and are not being pushed in the vast majority of the nation. This is why outside of major cities most Americans completely ignore the mandates and have been doing so for many months.

In my area I don’t think I have seen more than two people a day wearing a mask anywhere. The sight of it is so bizarre that it stands out almost immediately. I once even witnessed a woman in a mask (an obvious tourist) in line at the grocery store look around herself and realize NO ONE else was wearing one. She suddenly started making weird and very vocal excuses for her mask to all the people in line, claiming that she actually “hates the smell of detergents” and that was why she was wearing it.

The difference between free rural areas and the dystopian cities is stark.

Frankly, I don’t care if someone wears a mask or not. It’s a placebo that does nothing to stop the transmission of the virus, but if it makes them feel better then more power to them. The issue is when these scared and pathetic people try to project their delusions onto everyone else. Covid’s median death rate of 0.26% is so small it boggles my mind that so many people in blue states and counties are terrified of it. I don’t think they understand the basic statistics of the situation – 99.7% of the population has little to fear from covid.

This is the data according to the CDC and dozens of mainstream and independent medical studies, but you will never hear these numbers in the media. They will talk of infection numbers and deaths, but they refuse to put the deaths in perspective with the statistics. Why? Because then the public fear would go away, and the establishment needs to ramp up the fear so that they can continue to take away our freedoms in the name of “safety”.

I have been hearing a rather naive argument lately that countries like France are putting Americans to shame because they are in the streets protesting the lockdowns and passports. They are saying Americans will “never fight back.” What these people do not understand is that in most of the US there ARE NO LOCKDOWNS and there are no mandates. The government declares them, sure, and we just ignore them. There are only pockets of leftists in certain states and counties that actually follow and enforce these rules. The conservative population is fully ready and prepared to stop the agenda cold when the government actually tries to enforce it, and they will certainly try.

Here is where we need to understand the horrifying developments in Australia and New Zealand: The lockdowns are now normalized in these places and the governments need no real excuse for them. They simply announce there are a handful of covid cases and that lockdowns must return. Travel is strangled and basic rights and freedoms are nonexistent. The New Zealand Prime Minister’s latest speech on the restrictions says it all:

The main message here being that social interaction is forbidden. Just stay in your bubble and follow the mandates without question. And, even if you are vaccinated these rules still apply to you. The beauty of the covid restrictions is that they are a perfect excuse for a tyrannical government to block public assembly, which helps prevent the organization of resistance.

The globalists need the lockdowns to go on forever. In Australia and NZ the assertion is that anyone that breaks them will be targeted for punishment up to and including being locked up in a military run covid camp. These are the same measures that Biden and the globalists within the establishment would like for the US. It’s not conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy reality.

This brings me to the Afghanistan situation, and some people might suggest that it has nothing to do with covid tyranny, but bear with me. Again, it’s a matter again of predicting future events according to telegraphed punches as well as historic examples.

The question I’m hearing most when it comes to Afghanistan is “how is it possible for a group of tribal cave people to defeat the most advanced military in the world.” I think this conundrum needs to be explored when it comes to covid tyranny because if the epic might of the US military was not enough to hold back the Taliban, how do the globalists plan to enforce covid lockdowns in America?

Let’s be clear first that there are many people that argue that the US military was “not allowed to win” in Afghanistan. This is a misrepresentation of reality. That fact of the matter is, winning was ALWAYS IMPOSSIBLE in Afghanistan. The establishment knew this 20 years ago when they first sent American troops in. They did not need to sabotage the US mission in Afghanistan, because losing in Afghanistan was inevitable anyway.

The occupation of an entire nation in order to diminish an large insurgency and impose a cultural shift is an effort that must be accomplished swiftly or not at all. The monetary cost is crippling, the human cost is staggering and the amount of resources needed to maintain subjugation is exponential. The truth is, the longer an occupation goes on without the total elimination of the insurgency, the less likely it is to succeed. The problem is, in order to completely eliminate the insurgency, you would have to wipe out most of the population using tactics that are grotesque; tactics that only inspire MORE insurgency.

I’ll repeat the message here because I don’t think some people get it: The conspiracy to trap the US in failure was completed 20 years ago the moment we committed to the invasion of Afghanistan. It was all downhill from there and there was no way to win.

I have also heard it said that it’s impractical to compare an Afghan insurgency to an American rebellion against tyranny because the Taliban is made up of fighters that far superior in ability to any patriots in the US. In other words, some people think the Taliban are some kind of super soldiers. This is an idiotic take. I think the following video makes my point for me:

These are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch nor are they unstoppable berserkers. Their training is sub-par and the majority of combat incidents with the Taliban note their habit of not even looking down their sites on their rifles when they shoot. This leads us to a logical query when it comes to the covid gulag the globalist want to transplant to the US – If the low rent fighters of the Taliban can fend off the modern military might of the US, then how in the hell do the globalists expect to control an American insurgency made up of trained combat veterans and experienced civilian shooters using guerrilla tactics?

Who are they going to get to do this? Who is stupid enough to take the job of demanding papers and enforcing checkpoints and arresting those that don’t comply in predominantly conservative regions with more guns than people and enough ammo to fight at least a couple world wars? I suspect that expensive contractors would be the only answer outside of foreign forces, and even then, I would not want to be in their shoes when the sleeping giant of American rebellion stirs.

I guess the lesson I am deriving from these examples is that the globalists are going to try to enforce the covid mandate agenda and passport tyranny no matter what. They cannot stop the process which they have set in motion. The events in Australia and NZ show that their addiction to totalitarianism in insatiable and it demands they pursue increasing control regardless of the cost. They are telling us exactly what they are about to do.

The events in Afghanistan show that such control is nearly impossible to maintain over a population that is armed and that, in the US at least, they will ultimately lose…badly. Even if they use unmitigated terror tactics, they will still lose as long as Americans continue to fight. The laws of attrition always prevail, and technological superiority means nothing. To summarize, the fight is already won, but the struggle has just begun.

* * *

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Covid internment camps

Feds declare anti-vaxxers, Patriots and Religious are “terrorists”

ThePatriotNurse: RealTalk: The Feds Label Us as Terrorists while Fleeing Afghanistan


Feds declare anti-vaxxers are “terrorists,” unveil 90-day plan to wage false flag violence and blame it on “anti-lockdown extremists”

15August2021 by:

(Natural News) Just as we repeatedly warned would happen, the corrupt, criminally-run federal government has just declared war against the American people. In a widely-circulated Homeland Security warning, the federal government declared that anyone who opposes vaccines, masks, social distancing or lockdowns poses a “potential terror threat” to society at large. Dubbed a “National Terrorism Alert” by CIA-run NBC News, the warning also insists that anyone who thinks there was fraud in the 2020 election might also be a terrorist.

Never mind the fact that Democrats and the left-wing media spent the last four years decrying total fraud during the 2016 election, claiming “the Russians” stole the election. Back then, such declarations were declared to be patriot… but today, they’re considered terrorism.

According to the criminally-run government that has deployed biological weapons against its own people, it’s not “extreme” to demand mass injections with experimental, deadly spike protein bioweapons shots, but it’s totally extreme to resist being suicided via vaccine. The memo even warns that new lockdowns and restrictions are coming, and anyone who opposes them is a terrorist by default:

These extremists may seek to exploit the emergence of COVID-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a rationale to conduct attacks. Pandemic-related stressors have contributed to increased societal strains and tensions, driving several plots by domestic violent extremists, and they may contribute to more violence this year.


DHS potential terror threats Anti Covid-19 Vaccine, Election Fraud and the Religious

DHS potential terror threats Anti Covid-19 Vaccine, Election Fraud and the Religious

DHS warning is really a blueprint for a coming false flag violent attack to be waged by the deep state and blamed on the unvaccinated

This “national terrorism alert” from DHS is really just an admission that the deep state plans to launch false flag attacks in America and blame the unvaccinated. No doubt the FBI is rapidly recruiting crisis actors to firebomb a hospital (or some such thing) while CNN’s cameras capture the staged action and broadcast their propaganda around the world. The actors throwing the Molotov cocktails will, of course, all be on the FBI payroll and dressed in MAGA gear in order to demonize Trump supporters at the same time.

The purpose of the DHS warning is to set the narrative in advance of their own event, and we should carefully note they’ve given themselves almost 90 days (until Nov. 11th) to pull this off.

Astonishingly, this announcement by DHS that half of Americans are suddenly terrorists is nothing less than a declaration of war against the American people. This illegitimate government — which only stole power by rigging the 2020 election — now sees the people it claims to represent as enemy combatants to be targeted and destroyed.

While the American people are being demonized and targeted, the U.S. southern border remains wide open (on purpose) so that the nation can be flooded with millions of illegal aliens who will replace the soon-to-be-dead Democrat voters who have lined up to commit vaccine suicide. As obedient, brain-dead Democrats die from Antibody Dependent Enhancement, they will be replaced by a wave of illegals who will be handed voting rights in order to try to keep Democrat in power.

The deep state plans to use their upcoming false flag event as a way to criminalize all anti-vaccine speech and declare a medical / military dictatorship in America, with troops running highway checkpoints that demand to see your vaccine papers any time you cross a state boundary. Should you fail to present the proper vaccine papers, they will arrest you at gunpoint and haul you off to one of the CDC-run covid death camps that have already been publicly announced by the CDC, which insists these death camps will meet “minimum humanitarian standards.”

We advise all Americans to take the following precautions during any public protests:

  1. Remain peaceful in your protests. Do not allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated into doing crazy things. Understand that the deep state is trying to provoke an armed response. Don’t take the bait.
  2. Leave your weapons at home. Any weapons you bring to a protest will be used to incarcerate you as a “terrorist” once they stage the attack and blame you for carrying it out.
  3. Do not trespass onto private property, and specifically watch out for provocateurs trying to get a crowd of angry people to attack a hospital, clinic or some similar establishment. The FBI has likely already staged dead bodies inside the hospital (dressed as doctors and nurses) and anyone caught trespassing will be charged with acts of terrorism and murder.
  4. Video record everything. Wear a recorder and keep it running at all times. If a false flag event takes place and you have a video recording, understand that the complicit FBI will immediately move to confiscate all video recording devices so they can cover up their crimes (just like they did with the 9/11 videos of the missile strike on the Pentagon). If possible, secure your micro SD cards in a safe place on your body. The FBI is unlikely to strip search citizens and will likely focus on confiscation of mobile devices.

Get full details in this emergency alert message that exposes the coming false flag “terrorist” attack in America, being waged by the deep state itself:

Find more daily podcasts and fascinating interviews at:




National Terrorism Advisory System

National Terrorism Advisory System Issued: Friday, August 13, 2021 02:00 pm ET
View as PDF: National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin – August 13, 2021 (pdf, 2 page, 234.89KB)

Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland


The Secretary of Homeland Security has issued a new National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin regarding the current heightened threat environment across the United States. The Homeland continues to face a diverse and challenging threat environment leading up to and following the 20th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks as well religious holidays we assess could serve as a catalyst for acts of targeted violence. These threats include those posed by domestic terrorists, individuals and groups engaged in grievance-based violence, and those inspired or motivated by foreign terrorists and other malign foreign influences. These actors are increasingly exploiting online forums to influence and spread violent extremist narratives and promote violent activity. Such threats are also exacerbated by impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, including grievances over public health safety measures and perceived government restrictions.



Issued: August 13, 2021 02:00 pm
Expires: November 11, 2021 02:00 pm

Additional Details

  • Through the remainder of 2021, racially- or ethnically-motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists will remain a national threat priority for the United States. These extremists may seek to exploit the emergence of COVID-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a rationale to conduct attacks. Pandemic-related stressors have contributed to increased societal strains and tensions, driving several plots by domestic violent extremists, and they may contribute to more violence this year.
  • Additionally, leading up to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula recently released its first English-language copy of Inspire magazine in over four years, which demonstrates that foreign terrorist organizations continue efforts to inspire U.S.-based individuals susceptible to violent extremist influences.
  • Historically, mass-casualty domestic violent extremist attacks linked to RMVEs have targeted houses of worship and crowded commercial facilities or gatherings. Some RMVEs advocate via online platforms for a race war and have stated that civil disorder provides opportunities to engage in violence in furtherance of ideological objectives. The reopening of institutions, including schools, as well as several dates of religious significance over the next few months, could also provide increased targets of opportunity for violence though there are currently no credible or imminent threats identified to these locations.
  • Foreign and domestic threat actors, to include foreign intelligence services, international terrorist groups and domestic violent extremists, continue to introduce, amplify, and disseminate narratives online that promote violence, and have called for violence against elected officials, political representatives, government facilities, law enforcement, religious communities or commercial facilities, and perceived ideologically-opposed individuals. There are also continued, non-specific calls for violence on multiple online platforms associated with DVE ideologies or conspiracy theories on perceived election fraud and alleged reinstatement, and responses to anticipated restrictions relating to the increasing COVID cases.
  • Ideologically motivated violent extremists fueled by personal grievances and extremist ideological beliefs continue to derive inspiration and obtain operational guidance through the consumption of information shared in certain online communities. This includes information regarding the use of improvised explosive devices and small arms.
  • Violent extremists may use particular messaging platforms or techniques to obscure operational indicators that provide specific warning of a pending act of violence.
  • Law enforcement have expressed concerns that the broader sharing of false narratives and conspiracy theories will gain traction in mainstream environments, resulting in individuals or small groups embracing violent tactics to achieve their desired objectives. With a diverse array of threats, DHS is concerned that increased outbreaks of violence in some locations, as well as targeted attacks against law enforcement, may strain local resources.
  • Nation-state adversaries have increased efforts to sow discord. For example, Russian, Chinese and Iranian government-linked media outlets have repeatedly amplified conspiracy theories concerning the origins of COVID-19 and effectiveness of vaccines; in some cases, amplifying calls for violence targeting persons of Asian descent.

How We Are Responding

  • DHS will continue to identify and evaluate calls for violence, including online activity associated with the spread of disinformation, conspiracy theories, and false narratives, by known or suspected threat actors and provide updated information, as necessary.
  • DHS continues to encourage the public to maintain awareness of the evolving threat environment and report suspicious activity.
  • DHS is coordinating with state and local law enforcement and public safety partners to maintain situational awareness of potential violence in their jurisdictions and maintain open lines of communication with federal partners.
  • DHS is also advancing authoritative sources of information to debunk and, when possible, preempt false narratives and intentional disinformation, and providing educational materials to promote resilience to the risks associated with interacting with and spreading disinformation, conspiracy theories and false narratives.
  • More broadly, DHS remains committed to identifying and preventing terrorism and targeted violence while protecting the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of all persons.

How You Can Help

Be Prepared and Stay Informed

  • Be prepared for emergency situations and remain aware of circumstances that may place you at risk.
  • Maintain digital media literacy to recognize and build resilience to false and harmful narratives.
  • Make note of your surroundings and the nearest security personnel.
  • Government agencies will provide details about emerging threats as information is identified. The public is encouraged to listen to local authorities and public safety officials.

If You See Something, Say Something®. Report suspicious activity to local law enforcement or call 911.

JerusalemCats Comments:

Martin Niemöller: “First they came for the socialists…”

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) was a prominent Lutheran pastor in Germany. He emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps. He is perhaps best remembered for his postwar words, “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out…” …

Last Edited: Mar 30, 2012 Author(s): United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC



RED ALERT: Covid internment camps announced in America; Tennessee governor signs EO authorizing National Guard to carry out covid medical kidnappings

10August2021 by:


(Natural News) The vast majority of (oblivious) Americans have dismissed all this as a “conspiracy theory,” and now they’re shocked and frightened by the realization that covid internment camps are being actively deployed across America.

On Friday, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed Executive Order 83, which authorizes National Guard and State Guard troops to break into peoples’ homes, kidnap them at gunpoint, and take them to covid internment camps, all without any due process or respect for civil rights. Individuals can be targeted for this medical kidnapping by armed troops via “telephone assessments,” and the medical kidnapping of American citizens is being labeled “involuntary commitment” to “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities.”

In other words, FEMA-style concentration camps are here, and covid is the excuse for mass arrests and executions of Americans.

These are, of course, death camps being constructed and operated under the cover of the covid plandemic, which we have exhaustively shown is rooted in junk science fraud and media psychological operations.

The Tennessee EO is on top of the CDC’s announcement that covid camps will be set up on a nationwide basis, with people being medically kidnapped and taken to “humanitarian settings” where they will be forced into labor pools, just like a scene ripped right out of Nazi Germany.

The average American, upon learning that concentration camps are now being authorized in the United States, is expressing shock and disbelief that this so-called “conspiracy theory” turns out to be official government policy. As reported by, social media users are responding with comments like:

Wow! The guard will be utilized? Involuntary commitment? And construction of quarantine and isolation facilities? Thought all of that was just a silly conspiracy theory.

The pieces add up to a very scary picture!! People need to wake up…

Covid internment camps follow the pattern of Japanese internment camps across America during World War II

In truth, the US government has already demonstrated that it is able and willing to round people up at gunpoint, deny them all civil rights or due process, and throw them into death camps for an indefinite duration. They did this very thing in World War II to Japanese Americans who had committed no crime and did nothing wrong. Yet they were rounded up and thrown into what essentially became death camps, all because of their ethnicity.

If they can throw Japanese-American into death camps because of their ethnicity, they will gladly throw you into a death camp because your “vaccine papers” don’t check out.

I cover all this in today’s urgent Situation Update via

Situation Update, August 10th, 2021 – IT’S HERE: Covid internment camps announced in America

In tomorrow’s podcast, we cover the CDC’s announcement of covid death camps, and who they will target first for medical kidnapping and mass executions in government-run camps. Find that podcast here:



Nuremberg Code Punishable By Death

Special Reports Jon Bowne 22August2021

⊳ “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent,” code reads.

⊳ “Should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion.”

Are the petty tyrants who have recklessly mandated vaccines while refusing nonvaccinated people food, employment, and basic freedom of choice violating the internationally recognized Nuremberg Code, which is punishable by death?

In fact they are violating the set of research ethics principles for human experimentation created by the USA v Brandt court as one result of the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War with abandon.

The beginning of The Nuremberg Code reads:

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

The FDA’s emergency authorization of the ineffective Vaccines that were hastily approved that lead billion dollar vaccine industry windfall describes emergency approval as “An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.”

There are a myriad of Early Treatment alternatives that could have already saved thousands of lives had the doctors promoting them not been censored by silicon valley so that politicians could pretend be licensed in the Hippocratic Oath.

Every American household should have them readily available instead of being forced into being vaccine guinea pigs. But billions of our tax dollars go to incompetently trapping thousands of Americans in Afghanistan and arming the Taliban instead.

Alex Jones- Telegram-20August2021-Trump Accuses Pfizer of Fraud

Alex Jones- Telegram-20August2021-Trump Accuses Pfizer of Fraud


Medical Experiments. Kidnappings and More

Israeli Labor Medical Experiments on Sephardi Children

The Ringworm Children: Medical High Dose X-ray Experimentation on Sephardi Children by the Israeli Labor government

Posted 9September2011 vidsupquick “The Ringworm Children testing of large radiation doses on humans.”: A Jewish Genocide
Directed by David Belhassen and Asher Hemias. The documentary won the award for “Best Documentary” at the Haifa International Film Festival and was featured as a documentary at the Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2007.

In the early 1950’s, approximately 100,000 immigrant children, primarily from North Africa, received X-ray radiation treatment for ringworm upon their arrival in Israel. At the time, the medical establishment thought ringworm a grave danger to public health. It was later discovered that these treatments caused high rates of infertility, cancer and death. This tragic affair was hidden from the public eye for decades… until now. Through exhaustive research and testimonies of survivors, this emotional documentary illustrates how stereotyping immigrants can have horrific consequences.
Israel allowed one senior health official, Dr. Chaim Sheba, to conduct a massive program of unnecessary medical treatments which actually killed many of the victims. 100,000 Jewish (and Palestinian) Arab children were irradiated with high doses of X-rays. 6,000 of the victims died within the first year or so after treatment. To this day, many of the remaining victims suffer cancers, epilepsy, infertility and other brain disorders.


Ringworm and Radiation

By Barry Chamish 19August2004 Web Archive:

On August 14, at 9 PM, Israel’s Channel Ten television screened a documentary film which exposes the ugliest secret of Israel’s Labor party founders: the deliberate mass radiation poisoning of nearly all Sephardi youths of a generation.

“The Ringworm Children” (translated in Hebrew as “100,000 Rays”), directed by David Belhassen and Asher Hemias, recently won the prize for “best documentary” at the Haifa International film festival, and in the past year has made the rounds of Jewish and Israeli film festivals around the world. But it had yet to come to Israeli television screens. The subject is the mass irradiation of hundreds of thousands of young Israeli immigrants from Middle Eastern countries — Sephardim, as they are called today. The story goes like this:

In 1951, the director general of the Israeli Health Ministry, Dr. Chaim Sheba, flew to America and returned with seven x-ray machines, supplied to him by the American army.

They were to be used in a mass atomic experiment with an entire generation of Sephardi youths to be used as guinea pigs. Every Sephardi child was to be given 35,000 times the maximum dose of x-rays through his head. For doing so, the American government paid the Israeli government 300 million Israeli liras a year. The entire Health budget was 60 million liras. The money paid by the Americans is equivalent to billions of dollars today.

To fool the parents of the victims, the children were taken away on “school trips” and their parents were later told the x-rays were a treatment for the scourge of scalpal ringworm. 6,000 of the children died shortly after their doses were given, while many of the rest developed cancers that killed thousands over time and are still killing them now. While living, the victims suffered from disorders such as epilepsy, amnesia, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic headaches and psychosis.

That is the subject of the documentary in cold terms. It is another matter to see the victims on the screen.

To watch the Moroccan lady describe what getting 35,000 times the dose of allowable x-rays in her head feels like. “I screamed make the headache go away. Make the headache go away. Make the headache go away. But it never went away.”

To watch the bearded man walk hunched down the street. “I’m in my fifties and everyone thinks I’m in my seventies. I have to stoop when I walk so I won’t fall over. They took my youth away with those x-rays.”

To watch the old lady who administered the doses to thousands of children: “They brought them in lines. First their heads were shaved and smeared in burning gel. Then a ball was put between their legs and the children were ordered not to drop it, so they wouldn’t move. The children weren’t protected over the rest of their bodies. There were no lead vests for them. I was told I was doing good by helping to remove ringworm. If I knew what dangers the children were facing, I would never have cooperated. Never!”

Because the whole body was exposed to the rays, the genetic makeup of the children was often altered, affecting the next generation. We watch the woman with the distorted face explain, “All three of my children have the same cancers my family suffered. Are you going to tell me that’s a coincidence?”

The majority of the victims were Moroccan because they were the most numerous of the Sephardi immigrants. The generation that was poisoned became the country’s perpetual poor and criminal class. It didn’t make sense. The Moroccans who fled to France became prosperous and highly educated. The common explanation was that France got the rich, thus smart ones. The real explanation is that every French Moroccan child didn’t have his brain cells fried with gamma rays.

The film made it perfectly plain that this operation was no accident. The dangers of x-rays had been known for over forty years. We read the official guidelines for x-ray treatment in 1952. The maximum dose to be given a child in Israel was .5 rad. There was no mistake made. The children were deliberately poisoned.

David Deri makes the point that only Sephardi children received the x-rays: “I was in class and the men came to take us on a tour. They asked our names. The Ashkenazi children were told to return to their seats. The dark children were put on the bus.”

The film presents a historian who first gives a potted history of the eugenics movement. In a later sound bite, he declares that the ringworm operation was a eugenics program aimed at weeding out the perceived weak strains of society. The Moroccan lady is back on the screen. “It was a Holocaust, a Sephardi Holocaust. And what I want to know is why no one stood up to stop it.”

David Deri, on film and then as a panel member, relates the frustration he encountered when trying to find his childhood medical records. “All I wanted to know was what they did to me. I wanted to know who authorized it. I wanted to trace the chain of command. But the Health Ministry told me my records were missing.” Boaz Lev, the Health Ministry’s spokesman chimes in: “Almost all the records were burned in a fire.”

We are told that a US law in the late ’40s put a stop to the human radiation experiments conducted on prisoners, the mentally feeble and the like. The American atomic program needed a new source of human lab rats and the Israeli government supplied it. Here was the government cabinet at the time of the ringworm atrocities:

Prime Minister – David Ben Gurion; Finance Minister – Eliezer Kaplan; Settlement Minister – Levi Eshkol; Foreign Minister – Moshe Sharrett; Health Minister – Yosef Burg;
Labor Minister – Golda Meir; Police Minister – Amos Ben Gurion.

The highest ranking non-cabinet post belonged to the Director General of the Defence Ministry, Shimon Peres.

That a program involving the equivalent of billions of dollars of American government funds should be unknown to the Prime Minister of cash-strapped Israel is ridiculous. Ben Gurion had to have been in on the horrors and undoubtedly chose his son to be Police Minister in case anyone interfered with them.

Finance Minister Eliezer Kaplan was rewarded for eternity with a hospital named after him near Rehovot. But he’s not alone in this honor. Chaim Sheba, who ran Ringworm Incorporated, had a whole medical complex named after him. Needless to say, if there is an ounce of decency in the local medical profession, those hospital names will have to change.

After the film ended, there was a panel discussion which included a Moroccan singer, David Edri, head of the Compensation Committee for Ringworm X-Ray Victims, and Boaz Lev, a spokesman for the Ministry Of Health.

TV host Dan Margalit tried to put a better face on what he’d witnessed. He explained meekly that “the state was poor. It was a matter of day to day survival.” Then he stopped. He knew there was no excusing the atrocities which the Sephardi children endured.

But it was the Moroccan singer who summed up the experience best. “It’s going to hurt, but the truth has to be told. If not, the wounds will never heal.”

There is one person alive who knows the truth: Shimon Peres. The only way to get to the truth and start the healing is to investigate him for his role in the mass poisoning of over 100,000 Sephardi children and youth.

But here is why that won’t happen. The film was aired at the same time as the highest-rated TV show of the year, the finale of Israel’s talent-hunt show: “A Star Is Born.” The next day, the newly-born star’s photo took up half the front pages. There was not a word about “The Ringworm Children” in any paper, nor on the Internet. Until now.

Views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of israelinsider.


The Kidnapping of Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Children by the Israeli Labor government

edut-amram-org-the-kidnappings-logo The kidnapping of Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Children

The Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Children Affair

In the early years of the State of Israel, and especially in the fifties, thousands of babies and toddlers disappeared from their families – families of immigrants who came to Israel and were housed in transit and absorption camps. About two-thirds of the children were from families of Yemenite immigrants. According to low estimates, in those years every eighth child of a Yemenite family disappeared. The remaining third of the children were from other Mizrachi families – Tunisian, Moroccan, Libyan, Iraqi and others – and a small number were children of families who immigrated from the Balkans. Thousands of testimonies by parents indicate a similar method: parents were asked to give their children to nurseries or hospitals under the pretext that there “they will be given more appropriate care.” Sometimes children were violently taken by social workers or nurses, placed in ambulances and forcibly transferred to these institutions. The parents were not allowed to stay with their children and were told to go home and to return only to breastfeed their babies. A few days later the parents were told that their child had died. The parents never saw their child’s body and were not allowed to take their child to be buried. In many cases, parents did not receive a death certificate or received it much later, retroactively. A few dozen children were returned to their parents after the latter’s fierce protests, but the fate of most of the children is unknown. Many appeals to law enforcement agencies, government offices and various officials were unsuccessful. The children were not located and proof of their deaths was not found. On the contrary: some of them were found years later in the bosom of other families.

The affair came to light again a few years later, when most of the families received draft orders from the IDF for the children pronounced as “dead.” Over the years, and only after strong public criticism, official inquiries were conducted by the state. The first was an inter-ministerial joint committee of the Departments of Justice and Police, which operated between 1967 and 1968 (the Bahlul- Minkowski Committee). The Shalgi Committee, which was defined as a committee of inquiry and operated between 1984 and 1988, was the second committee. Only in the late nineties, after the protest of the late Rabbi Uzi Meshulam was the official investigative committee established, and it published its findings in 2001. Later a gag order was placed on all the committee’s materials, until 2066. All the committees concluded that most of the babies had died, and that the fate of about a dozen babies is unknown. The fact that the important materials of the investigation remained inaccessible and confidential for another seventy years creates serious resentment.

The manner in which the investigation committee dismissed the children’s disappearance is deeply disturbing. The Committee found it necessary to note that in those years official records were improperly taken and were in evident disarray, in order to dismiss the records in which it was documented that the babies had not died. At the same time, it relied upon lists of infants’ deaths that were composed retroactively, and accepted such records as a credible and reliable source of information. The committee did not see fit to investigate why two important archives related to the affair were destroyed around the time this committee operated, and it was satisfied with the explanation that the archives were destroyed “by mistake.” Moreover, the Committee focused on examining the claim of “establishment kidnappings,” but did not consider that it is highly possible that the disappearance of the children was a phenomenon which took place in parallel channels, under the auspices of an indifferent establishment which looked the other way, rather than being a result of a direct instruction or an expressed intention of the establishment (for further reading see Prof. Boaz Sangero’s article – Hebrew).

The adoptees and the missing adoption flies

Over the years we learn of more and more stories of children who went missing, and at the same time – of adults who have discovered they are adopted, and are trying to locate their biological parents. The adoptees all speak of a similar experience – on the one hand the desire to find out who their real parents are, and on the other hand – the great difficulty of confronting their adoptive parents, who perceive this move as ingratitude and distrust. Even those who manage to overcome these difficulties, tell us that in fact it is impossible for them to locate the biological family – adoption files do not exist, or exist but contain only partial records, and this does not enable them to locate the biological family. Families seeking to locate their children who disappeared encounter similar problems: non-existent documents, incomplete records, forged signatures and procedures which block access to information (especially in the Ministry of the Interior). Even in cases where parents were able to locate their child, they cannot force the disclosure on the child, for both legal and emotional reasons.

The tragedy of the families and the adopted children is manifold – the many parents whose child was taken away and have passed away in recent years without ever learning of his/her fate; children who were separated from their parents and families, many forced into institutions and orphanages, believing that they were abandoned by their parents; siblings and entire communities that grew up in the shadow of this tragedy. The families continue to bear the pain of this affair even now – when the denial and concealment prevent them from finding out what happened to their loved ones, or from the chance of finding some comfort in discovering what occurred, and perhaps reuniting with their disappeared children and siblings. (For further reading about the adoptees see Shlomi Hatuka’s investigative report).

Similar affairs from around the world

Similar affairs in the Western world, of removing babies and children from their parents, and handing them over to “more worthy” families or to institutions, have come to light in recent years. In Canada, Australia, and Switzerland children were taken out of families perceived as “backward,” and given to adoption or sent to an institution, as part of a policy of “assimilation” designed to re-educate those groups and eliminate their spiritual and cultural existence. In Ireland, young women who gave birth out of wedlock were forced to give their children up for adoption, imposed by Catholic institutions with the state’s approval. About 1,500 children and infants were taken from their families in the colony of Reunion and sent to France. They were falsely promised education and welfare there, but in practice they served as cheap labor, suffered psychological , physical, and sexual abuse, and were entirely cut off from their families. In Argentine, hundreds of babies of dissident parents were kidnapped during the military dictatorship from 1976 to 1983. In Spain thousands of babies were kidnapped close to their birth and sold for adoption after the parents were told that their child had died. The kidnapping was committed for financial gain, and it involved nurses, doctors, private hospitals and nuns. In many cases, exposing the affairs resulted in media exposure and heavy public pressure that eventually led to procedures of inquiry, recognition and the acceptance of responsibility by the state.

In the affairs referred to here, several factors that enabled the deeds exist simultaneously – racism, and a patronizing attitude that assumes there are parents and families who especially deserve to raise children, and on the other hand – there are families who do not deserve to raise their children, “inferior” people from whom it is acceptable and even desirable to take away the children. Families from the “wrong” groups – poor families, families of low social status, single mothers or families with a different culture or a different political outlook – all these are seen as groups that cannot and do not deserve to raise their children. These affairs, like the disappearance of the children of Yemen, the East and the Balkans, can be termed “crimes of racism and patronising”.

Demands and Goals

  • Official recognition of the affair of the children’s disappearance – infants and toddlers were taken from their parents by fraud and coercion. The children were given to adoption, sometimes sold for money, sometimes transferred to orphanages, all without their parents’ knowledge or approval.
  • Official recognition of the of the racist background of the affair – these actions became possible in the context of a racist and discriminatory perception of the immigrant families, most of them immigrants from the East, as families that are incapable and do not deserve to raise their children.
  • A public investigation of the medical and scientific aspects of the affair. The state must come clean regarding the nature of the medical treatments used on the immigrants, including experimental treatments for scientific research which were used on the immigrants without their consent.
  • Adding the affair of the children of Yemen, the East and the Balkans to secondary school curricula.
  • Complete public transparency regarding the affair, and the release of all the relevant materials and documents which are in government and private archives, in order to enable the children to be located and all the levels of the truth about the affair to be exposed.
  • Setting up a professional body for locating each of the children, including funding DNA tests for the families and the adoptees, and examining adoption and late registration files.
  • Clearing the name of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam.
  • Compensation for the victims of the affair

We have a number of purposes for re-igniting the public debate on the affair:

Providing a space for the families and their stories, for the enormous pain and suffering that was their lot, which continues to be denied by Israeli society. Even today the families are treated as suffering from “hallucinations,” and sometimes parents are even accused of abandoning their children. The families, who lost hope that the affair will be handled appropriately by the establishment, continued carrying the open wound without being able to speak legitimately about the tragedy that struck them. Therefore, the primary goal of our consciousness-raising evenings is “community healing” – not to wait for recognition by the establishment but to work within the community and for the community to alleviate even a little of the suffering of the families.

Carrying out the wishes of the deceased parents- many parents whose children disappeared continued to search for them, and they left us a will: “We want our children to know we did not abandon them.” Knowing this is important not only for the families but also for adopted children who grew up with a serious feeling of abandonment.

Applying public pressure to open the archives that are closed to the public. We demand to open the relevant files to any family and anyone who requests them, in order to understand what happened to their missing children, as well as full access to the testimonies given to the investigation committee by the different agents involved in the affair.

Israeli society must recognize the case as a serious crime of patronizing. The removal of children from their families by force and deceit is defined by the UN as genocide. Israeli society must learn from this affair of the dangers of racist and patronizing attitudes, and conduct some serious soul-searching concerning the past and present of this society.

Naama Katiee on the Kidnapped Children Affair (from the web series, “Prophets” – with English subtitles)

נביאים | أنبياء | פרק 7 | נעמה קטיעי The Kidnapping of Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan Children by the Israeli Labor government


All rights reserved to Amram.

Read the transcript and Remember to NEVER, EVER Trust the Government, Social Workers, Doctors or Nurses.

My father is Yemeni and my mother is Ashkenazi (European Jew)

When I got to university

I used to wear bracelets and earrings

I went to the teaching assistant

and she told me:

“Here you see? your jewelry, bracelets and earrings, it’s the result of male oppression on your body”

I felt embarrassed, suddenly I was ashamed of my jewelry

I mean, my jewelry are part of my Mizrahi (Eastern) identity

While she “freed” me from male oppression

She trapped me in another cage

It’s something that feminism should ask itself:

Why religious women, Mizrahi women and Arab women can’t find a place in it

it is a question that needs to be asked.

A few years ago I met Shlomi Hatuka (Mizrahi poet & activist)

He began to show me stories of people, I was shocked. Shocked!

I said: “It can’t be true!”

He told me: ‘Look, it happened. Children were simply abducted here ‘

Between 48 and 54 is the peak of the event

Children and babies are taken from their parents

Many mothers say: ‘We saw the boy, the baby was alive, I did not see a body, I have not seen a Tomb …

and I did not see the child ever since.

What the Yemenite families claim is that the children were taken from them

And were sold or given up for adoption to Ashkenazi families

My mom saw that I am interested in the topic

and she told me: ‘You know that they tried to take Grandma’s baby as well?”

She gave birth in a transit camp (“Maabara”), and at the same time some other women gave birth

And the baby was taken from them at birth and they told them: ‘The baby is dead! ”

My grandmother refused to believe. She just went there, searched through the rooms, she was lucky

She just found him, picked him up and left

And the other women who were with her, who gave their babies

They have not seen the babies since

Some children were taken from their families and not even given up for adoption, they just stayed in institutions

It’s like in the kibbutz where the children “belong” to everyday. this social concept that children are everyone’s

“So she has eight children but she has non so we’ll divide them!”

Social justice at the expense of the weak

Now, the parents who have taken adoptions

Isn’t it reasonable to go and check that the children you adopted were given up legally?

Not only that they didn’t check that, but even in cases when Yemeni families were able to find the child

They slammed the door in their face, said to them: “If you’ll come here, we’ll call the police! ”

People always say: ‘Oh they did not say anything!” That’s not true-

They went to the police, filed complaints, wrote letters to ministers, all sorts of government officials

they were simply ignored!

After 16, 17 years the parents began to receive military induction orders for the children who allegedly died

Every eighth child at the time, every eighth child, dissapeared

it’s a collective trauma

And then people wonder that we created a society with fundamental distrust between its parts

All these institutions of MCHC and nurses and that

So women developed a total lack of trust in these systems

Every time a nurse came to visit they would hide their children

The “Yemenite children affair” is not only about Ashkenazi versus Sephardi

It’s also about women versus women

Around this issue of “Feminine Solidarity” I always say to myself: Wait, but there’s this original sin here that we have not discussed yet!”

Ashkenazi women who came to Yemeni mothers and simply ripped babies out of their hands

The government Committees say: “Let me handle this!”

Three committees examined the issue and said: ‘It did not happen! ”

They literally tried to cover their tracks

We do not have these documents, we have testimonials, we have the families

Just as a Holocaust survivor comes and tells his story no one tells him: ‘Give me documents to prove that you were in the Holocaust”

You can not stand in front of a mother who tells you how her boy was taken from her hands. Not just taken, ripped out of her hands

And remain indifferent

This affair is so shocking that it must be part of the public discourse in Israel

It must be part of what you learn in the curriculum

Because you can’t learn about racism in Israeli society without this provision.

Not long ago the University of Haifa published published a study

which concluded that child’s chances of taken out of his home by social services is doubled if he is a Mizrahi child

The perception is that the Blacker the family is the less adequate it is to raise children, it is less cultured

and it is bellow the rest in every possible way.

When Israelis meet Germans they often wonder: What did they do? What their grandfather did during the Holocaust? ”

So many times I look at people. It could be just people on the street

And I think to myself: ‘Where was their grandmother? ”

Was she a nurse in a nursing room?”

I mean, this is Jews versus Jews, it is inconceivable

taking children from a community is defined by international law as genocide

It is defined a as a type of genocide

Because if you take the children then you actually cut the continuity of this group

I heard a story from a women whose grandmother said in a kind of acceptance:

“God healed their wound with the girl they took away from me”

This woman needs to get a prize, “The Israel Prize”!

Instead they tell her: ‘You are hallucinating… you are insane”



“Israeli Soldiers Forced Jab in Middle of the Night”

7 Tishrei 5782 12 September 2021
(h/t Deb Ghedini) With English Subtitles. Be sure to engage the “CC” button.

This demonstrates the importance of having these conversations with your children in advance and wargaming with them various possible situations they could find themselves in so they won’t be caught off-guard or unawares. Hashem yerachem!!

Israeli soldiers forced jab in middle of the night

English Translation.

I’m experiencing a complex situation…

And I need you to tag every lawyer who specialized in human rights, who knows how problematic this is.

Every parent that has children in the IDF (Israeli Army)

Every person that is sane and understands what’s going on here.

Let me tell you what happened.

My daughter was enlisted about a week and a half ago.

She was enlisted and now she’s in basic training.

It was yesterday… I flew abroad this morning…

But she called me at 1:30 at night… 2:00 at night.

And she described to me a situation that sounds like it’s taken from a dystopian movie…

Where a large group of officers, male and female, even a Brigadier,

came and violently and frighteningly woke up the young men and women,

the soldiers who are in basic training.

And they tell them that they have a minute to get up.

And when they get up they tell them they have come to vaccinate them (!)

These kids, after 16 hours on their feet… the commanders had them running back and forth all day.

And then after falling asleep just for a moment and then at two in the morning they come and

wake them up and say we’ve come to vaccinate you so that some soldiers won’t resist.

Understand how serious this is.

Understand how satanic this is.

Understand how much these actions are crimes against humanity.

Crimes against our children.

How secretly it’s all executed.

How it’s done through such a sick and poisonous psychology in order to neutralize the resistance of the young men and women.

I want to tell you that my daughter, she and three other girls out of a giant company of female soldiers,

were the only ones who managed to resist.

They almost subdued her as well.

My daughter told her,

“I was sick with corona and recovered. I got corona a month ago.

I recovered and I don’t need to get vaccinated.”

And that female commander brought a group of commanders and officers, including the brigadier.

And they all told her, “you have to get vaccinated right now, those are the army’s instructions.

Those are the army’s instructions.”

She told her, “you can’t vaccinate me, that’s not the law.”

My daughter fought back.

She called me crying and told me in shock,

“Mom, they’re just killing us here…

“They’re forcing us to get vaccinated.”

My daughter since she’s strong and she’s my daughter and I prepared her for this,

she stood her ground and she also physically protected three other girls.

And I asked for her to get together with the three other families

whose daughters were saved from this forced vaccination.

So that we can put together some sort of protest outside of the base.

I want to speak with the Prime Minister. I want to speak with the Minister of Defence.

I want to speak with the commander of that base in the south.

I want to understand what they’re doing to our soldiers, to our children at night.

When they wake them up at two at night and tell them that they’re going to vaccinate them,

to destroy them, without any resistance.

Since they’re still half asleep and in shock.

She told me that ten other female soldiers resisted but because something like twenty officers

were relentless and in the end they caved in and took the vaccine.

She said ten female soldiers said to the same officers:

“We want to hear the advice of our parents. We ask not to do this.”

“I want to get advice from my mom.”

And those officers didn’t let go and said, “you have no right to make a call right now.”

You’re taking this vaccine right now.

Friends, what’s going on here are crimes against humanity, crimes against our children.

These are deeds that one should allow himself to be killed and not take part in them.

I have nothing to say. There’s no reason we should send our children to the Defence Forces of Israel.

If that is the regard, if that’s how they treat our children, with contempt, with lack

of any basic respect for human beings, we have no reason to send our children to this army any more.

I ask for you to tag any lawyer in this country. Any lawyer that this is their specialty.

Because today it’s my soldier tomorrow it’s your soldier, it’s your cousin, it’s your neighbor.

Listen, what we’re going through right now is horrific.

My great luck is that my daughter is strong enough.

Now listen to something crazy.

She called me just now and told me, and I don’t have any way to help her. I don’t have any way to help her.

I tell her, my beautiful daughter, hang in there, hang in there, they can’t vaccinate you by force.

I guarantee you I’ll take you out of there if necessary. I’ll call in my own troops and I’ll take you out of there.

She told me that her friend spoke with her cousin in a base in basic training of the Golani unit. Golani soldiers.

And she told me that they have a “tradition” that it’s in written in their schedule.

They have a team and it’s on their schedule that at two at night they go between the bases

and wake soldiers up so that their resistance will be down and forcibly vaccinate them.

Do you hear what I’m telling you? Do you hear these crimes? They’re forcibly vaccinating them.

Now my daughter, what the brigadier told her, was that they wouldn’t have woken them up,

but they just happened to have bottles left over.

Which is a total lie.

Pay attention to the psychopathy, pay attention to the lies, pay attention to the manipulations.

It’s simply the fourth reich and what they’re doing there is nazism.

It’s just a continuation of the nazism.

To wake up innocent 18 year old kids at two at night with loud yelling and tell them forward,

you’re getting vaccinated now.

And what’s craziest about it all is that soldier from Golani who showed that it’s in their schedule.

And they lie just like the nazis lied to the Jews when they told them you’re going into

showers and then we’ll give you warm soup and work.

And they went into the showers of death.

Don’t send soldiers to the army.

The army is dangerous.

We don’t have an army anymore in the state of Israel.

I don’t have anything more to say as a mother of a soldier.

I don’t have any more to say, I’m done. I’m done, State of Israel.

To force my daughter to vaccinate.

I’m done with the state of Israel.

Please share everywhere you can.

Thank you everyone.


Hear Rabbi Bar Hayim on whose advice can be trusted:

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim: When Should You Trust Your Rabbi? Doctor? Anybody Else?

If you want to skip past the halachic foundation for this opinion (not recommended) move ahead to the 20 mins mark.

Here is another important message from the same channel that hosted the Israeli soldier’s mother: Who is threatening the Israeli Minister of Education? (Turn on subtitles for English!)

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Anonymous said…

Important Information from Rabbi Uri Sofer

The interview is only in Hebrew

Rumble — He relates to the halachic issue of individual rabbis giving a psak for crapcinating.

Summary: The shot is a horrific plague, his phone is ringing day and night from people that were harmed from it. Entire yeshivas where the students took the shot have been decimated. A rabbi has no authority to rule on matters of life and death for an entire nation that they must do something, only a Sanhedrin. Rav Kanievsky did not rule in favor of the shot, he received one-sided information in any case, and he is no longer capable of ruling on these matters; he does not even recognize his daughter and can barely speak a single word.


From 04April2020 – 30April2021 – Doctors and The Salk Institute have warned Hospitals and ICU Administrators not to use ventilators on Covid-19 Patients. If they are still using ventilators they are criminally liable.

The Dangers of “The Medical-Industrial Complex”

ThePatriotNurse: Why You should Stay OUT of the Hospital System: Wave Goodbye to Your Rights!


The Medical-Industrial Complex

By Ford Vox June 29, 2010

>Three years ago, the Department of Justice took stock of the orthopedic medical device industry–represented by the five big makers of orthopedic implants–and concluded that it was rampantly violating federal anti-kickback laws with the bribes and favors it was offering to surgeons. Such bribes often came in the form of training grants for those just starting out in the profession, or as lucrative consulting contracts for influential academic orthopedists.

The Justice Department fined the companies $311 million, and imposed mandatory new corporate compliance measures. But while the companies did modify some of their methods in accordance with new, more stringent oversight, they have nonetheless continued to funnel large sums toward the training of orthopedic surgeons who are in a position to use and promote their products. Indeed, crosschecking 2010 grant reports from two orthopedic foundations (Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation and OMeGA Medical Grants Association) against the roster of training programs published annually by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons reveals that the industry is subsidizing the salaries of up to one-fourth of 2010’s approximately six hundred new orthopedists at medical centers across the country, as they learn how to use these companies’ latest products.

“If you fund a pipeline of people that are going to be the users of the product, then that’s the way you keep getting the product to be sold,” explains Dr. Charles Rosen, the only orthopedist who testified before the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging in support of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, a mandate requiring corporations to make the consulting contracts and gifts they disburse public.

The Sunshine Act finally made its way into law this March as part of the health care reform bill. But so far, it, like the Department of Justice ruling, has done little to change the way orthopedics operates. Money continues to flow at a growing rate from industry to trainees. The difference now is that companies no longer give the money directly to specific surgeons, instead depositing it with third-party foundations, like the Orthopaedic Medical Grants Association (OMeGA) and the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF), who then pass it along to orthopedic departments. The new method is designed to prevent companies from rewarding specific surgeons for using their products. As Dr. Frank B. Kelly, chairman of OREF’s Education Grants Board explains, “we…make sure that the money is disbursed in a random and nonbiased fashion in compliance with the DOJ.” Any program that meets standards specified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education can enter the funding lottery.

But despite these new controls, the device industry still can – and does–earmark its donations for certain types of orthopedic subspecialties over others, thereby creating external incentives and pressures that influence the field to the detriment of patients.

* * * * * *
Take orthopedic back treatment, a magnet for device industry dollars.

Age-related back problems that were once commonly treated by simply cutting out small pieces of bone or fusing just two vertebrae together, are increasingly treated by fusing several vertebrae together from multiple sides. The newer methods are more costly to Medicare, risk more dangerous complications, and yield no better results, as a major study reported in April. But these more complex procedures–which translate into higher reimbursements for surgeons and equipment-makers – are rising in popularity.

In many cases, surgeries are being performed even when arguably no intervention at all is warranted. At a 2009 national orthopedics conference in Bonita Springs, Florida, the usefulness of surgery for back pain was debated. Those arguing against surgery pointed out that while 85 percent of adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, for all but 10 percent, the pain goes away within three months, regardless of what doctors do. In a poll that followed the debate, only one member in attendance volunteered that if she had “discogenic” back pain, she would choose surgery.

Yet surgeons fuse backs for lower back pain more often than for any other malady. Indeed, between 1998 and 2004, the amount spent on back surgery tripled from under six billion to $17.6 billion dollars per year. In most cases, it’s the appearance of a dark-looking “degenerated” disc on an MRI scan that precipitates a doctor’s decision to perform lower back surgery. But the appearance of such darkened disks are so common in people even without pain, that it’s essentially meaningless.

It’s worth noting that most orthopedic spine surgery programs can credit a piece of their financial security this year to donations from the companies that make spine implant and spine fusion equipment. Depuy Spine, Inc., alone allocated $2 million to pay for 25 new spine surgeons to start training in July. “There is too much surgery being done and industry is facilitating it,” says Dr. Rosen, “because they’re creating the demand by sponsoring fellowships.” Indeed, as industry-sponsored fellowship programs turn out more and more doctors trained to perform these kinds of complex back fusions, the pressure grows on those doctors to find more patients to undergo such procedures – whether it’s the best treatment option for them or not.

The device industry’s second favorite orthopedic specialty, by giving, is hip and knee replacement. There again, industry underwrites the majority of the formal training programs in this country (benefactors include all five of the DOJ-targeted companies). By contrast, such subspecialties as orthopedic cancer surgery and orthopedics for children share just six funded fellowships between them.

And forget about nonsurgical training. Dr. Eric Campbell, research director at the Mongan Institute for Health Policy, says he’ll curb his skepticism about industry manipulation of the field on the day that device manufacturers decide to fund fellowships at five major universities using nonoperative approaches to managing chronic back pain.

* * * * * *
In these ways, industry-salaried training promotes treatments designed to earn the sponsoring companies the most money – not necessarily the treatments that are in fact the most important or beneficial. So far, however, professional organizations have given the issue little attention. Defending the continued flow of industry money into the field, a board member of OREF points out that while institutions like Massachusetts General Hospital, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic might be able to offer their usual roster of fellowships without the company checks they’re depositing this year, lower profile, less well endowed institutions might not.

Even the officials assigned to monitor the companies censured by the Department of Justice in 2007 worked with OREF to get the flow of industry training grants started again, as they understood such grants to be “very important to the development of the field,” says David N. Kelley, former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan. (The DOJ tasked Kelley with monitoring Biomet Orthopedics, Inc., one of the big five, for 18 months ending in 2009.)

Leading medical journals, too, have given the issue short shrift: an otherwise comprehensive review of industry-related threats to the orthopedic profession published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery this March doesn’t discuss the new fellowship funds at all. And a major position paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) last year, co-authored by the journal’s editor, ventured no censure of the practice, instead offering, among its mindful suggestions, that fellowships “should not be named after the pharmaceutical or device industry sponsors.”

“Yeah, let’s don’t do that!” quips an exasperated Dr. Harlan Krumholz, a Yale cardiologist who writes about professionalism in medicine.

While they’re at it, better to avoid NASCAR-esque patches glued onto those white coats too…

* * * * * *
Dr. Rosen’s effort to take a stand against industry influence has sometimes seemed a lonely one. But he is relentless. In 2006, dismayed by the pervasive industry corruption of his profession, he founded what became the Association for Medical Ethics, dedicated to highlighting the repercussions of industry influence on health care. Any doctor can join, as long as they pass his litmus test: no industry ties.

Rosen believes his anti-industry activism, beginning with his vocal support for the Sunshine Act in 2008, earned him harassment, especially from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS). According to Senate sources, two people claiming to represent the AAOS called the Senate Aging Committee to lodge protests about Rosen even before his Sunshine Act testimony began. (The AAOS denies knowledge of the calls). After Rosen’s powerful testimony attracted national attention, his boss told him he was getting friendly advice from AAOS members that firing Rosen might be a good move for his department.

Then things really got difficult for Rosen. The AAOS allowed a disgruntled surgeon – whose work Rosen had critiqued on behalf of the California medical board – to initiate an official grievance against him, alleging unprofessional behavior. The surgeon in question had been suspended from medical practice by the state of California. Nonetheless, in violation of its own bylaws (according to which, members whose licenses have been restricted or revoked are barred from active fellowship), the AAOS gave credence to the suspended surgeon’s charges, and scheduled an official disciplinary hearing on Rosen last summer.

For over a year, Rosen feared for his livelihood as the AAOS dragged out the process. “They can sanction you, expel you, send you a letter of reprimand and put it on the front page of the AAOS newsletter that goes to all 24,000 orthopedists,” Rosen says.

It was only after the Sunshine Act passed this spring that the AAOS informed Rosen it would dismiss the charges. (That’s five months after Rosen’s accuser finally lost his medical license altogether, for flatly refusing a psychiatric evaluation, competence assessment, remedial training, and an ethics course).

The AAOS attempted to explain itself, in a letter sent to Senator Kohl (D-WI), a sponsor of the Sunshine Act, maintaining that its actions against Dr. Rosen had not been made in retaliation for his testimony in support of the act. (That was important for them to establish because, as the Senator warned the organization, retaliation over Rosen’s testimony would have constituted a federal crime.) Despite protestations that its motivations were pure, the AAOS did not deny that it knowingly allowed a surgeon on probation to file the grievance.

* * * * * *
While Dr. Rosen’s efforts are intended to promote awareness of problems like industry-financed medical training, there is one organization, according to a senior Medicare director (who asked to remain anonymous), that could actually change the system. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the official explains, could bar outside funding sources for training programs today if it chose to do so.

Unfortunately, however, beyond a vague 2002 position paper stating that medical educators should manage industry relationships in ways that promote professionalism and medical ethics, the ACGME so far has had little to say on the matter. Dr. Thomas Nasca, the ACGME’s CEO, declined interview requests and would only say, through his spokesperson, “we are not involved in the funding decisions for residency and fellowship programs.”

For now, then, it seems that industry funded training is here to stay, as there is no authority willing to take action against it. Unless Congress steps in, Medicare can’t even prohibit double-dipping (a practice whereby institutions take in both federal and industry money for the same fellowship). That means that the nation’s hospitals and clinics are left to make difficult choices while trying to survive in a strained economy.

Not everyone, however, is giving in to temptation. Over the past few years, the University of Wisconsin has taken a close look at all of its industry connections and put in place tough internal policies that treat any new links with extreme caution.

Like many major teaching institutions, Wisconsin spends far more on its residents and fellows than Medicare reimburses, but it picks up the slack on its own, resolutely finding ways to raise money itself, rather than resorting to industry funds. As times have gotten tighter, its orthopedics department has sometimes eyed other institutions enjoying their industry provided wealth.

But “at this point,” says Dr. Carl Getto, Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs at UW Hospitals and Clinics, “we’ve chosen not to do that.” And so, for the moment at least, they’re sticking to their ideals.

Ford Vox, MD, is a physician, based in Atlanta, who specializes in caring for people with complex brain injuries. He has written for Newsweek, Slate, and the Los Angeles Times.



Justice News

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Justice Department Announces Largest Health Care Fraud Settlement in Its History

Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion for Fraudulent Marketing

WASHINGTON – American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. (hereinafter together “Pfizer”) have agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products, the Justice Department announced today.

Pharmacia & Upjohn Company has agreed to plead guilty to a felony violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for misbranding Bextra with the intent to defraud or mislead. Bextra is an anti-inflammatory drug that Pfizer pulled from the market in 2005. Under the provisions of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, a company must specify the intended uses of a product in its new drug application to FDA. Once approved, the drug may not be marketed or promoted for so-called “off-label” uses – i.e., any use not specified in an application and approved by FDA. Pfizer promoted the sale of Bextra for several uses and dosages that the FDA specifically declined to approve due to safety concerns. The company will pay a criminal fine of $1.195 billion, the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States for any matter. Pharmacia & Upjohn will also forfeit $105 million, for a total criminal resolution of $1.3 billion.

In addition, Pfizer has agreed to pay $1 billion to resolve allegations under the civil False Claims Act that the company illegally promoted four drugs – Bextra; Geodon, an anti-psychotic drug; Zyvox, an antibiotic; and Lyrica, an anti-epileptic drug – and caused false claims to be submitted to government health care programs for uses that were not medically accepted indications and therefore not covered by those programs. The civil settlement also resolves allegations that Pfizer paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe these, as well as other, drugs. The federal share of the civil settlement is $668,514,830 and the state Medicaid share of the civil settlement is $331,485,170. This is the largest civil fraud settlement in history against a pharmaceutical company.

As part of the settlement, Pfizer also has agreed to enter into an expansive corporate integrity agreement with the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services. That agreement provides for procedures and reviews to be put in place to avoid and promptly detect conduct similar to that which gave rise to this matter.

Whistleblower lawsuits filed under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act that are pending in the District of Massachusetts, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the Eastern District of Kentucky triggered this investigation. As a part of today’s resolution, six whistleblowers will receive payments totaling more than $102 million from the federal share of the civil recovery.

The U.S. Attorney’s offices for the District of Massachusetts, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and the Eastern District of Kentucky, and the Civil Division of the Department of Justice handled these cases. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts led the criminal investigation of Bextra. The investigation was conducted by the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the FBI, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS), the Office of Criminal Investigations for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Veterans’ Administration’s (VA) Office of Criminal Investigations, the Office of the Inspector General for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Office of the Inspector General for the United States Postal Service (USPS), the National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units and the offices of various state Attorneys General.

“Today’s landmark settlement is an example of the Department of Justice’s ongoing and intensive efforts to protect the American public and recover funds for the federal treasury and the public from those who seek to earn a profit through fraud. It shows one of the many ways in which federal government, in partnership with its state and local allies, can help the American people at a time when budgets are tight and health care costs are increasing,” said Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli. “This settlement is a testament to the type of broad, coordinated effort among federal agencies and with our state and local partners that is at the core of the Department of Justice’s approach to law enforcement.”

“This historic settlement will return nearly $1 billion to Medicare, Medicaid, and other government insurance programs, securing their future for the Americans who depend on these programs,”said Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services”The Department of Health and Human Services will continue to seek opportunities to work with its government partners to prosecute fraud wherever we can find it. But we will also look for new ways to prevent fraud before it happens. Health care is too important to let a single dollar go to waste.”

“Illegal conduct and fraud by pharmaceutical companies puts the public health at risk, corrupts medical decisions by health care providers, and costs the government billions of dollars,” said Tony West, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division. “This civil settlement and plea agreement by Pfizer represent yet another example of what penalties will be faced when a pharmaceutical company puts profits ahead of patient welfare.”

“The size and seriousness of this resolution, including the huge criminal fine of $1.3 billion, reflect the seriousness and scope of Pfizer’s crimes,” said Mike Loucks, acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. “Pfizer violated the law over an extensive time period. Furthermore, at the very same time Pfizer was in our office negotiating and resolving the allegations of criminal conduct by its then newly acquired subsidiary, Warner-Lambert, Pfizer was itself in its other operations violating those very same laws. Today’s enormous fine demonstrates that such blatant and continued disregard of the law will not be tolerated.”

“Although these types of investigations are often long and complicated and require many resources to achieve positive results, the FBI will not be deterred from continuing to ensure that pharmaceutical companies conduct business in a lawful manner,” said Kevin Perkins, FBI Assistant Director, Criminal Investigative Division.

“This resolution protects the FDA in its vital mission of ensuring that drugs are safe and effective. When manufacturers undermine the FDA’s rules, they interfere with a doctor’s judgment and can put patient health at risk,” commented Michael L. Levy, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. “The public trusts companies to market their drugs for uses that FDA has approved, and trusts that doctors are using independent judgment. Federal health dollars should only be spent on treatment decisions untainted by misinformation from manufacturers concerned with the bottom line.”

“This settlement demonstrates the ongoing efforts to pursue violations of the False Claims Act and recover taxpayer dollars for the Medicare and Medicaid programs,” noted Jim Zerhusen, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky.

“This historic settlement emphasizes the government’s commitment to corporate and individual accountability and to transparency throughout the pharmaceutical industry,” said Daniel R. Levinson, Inspector General of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. “The corporate integrity agreement requires senior Pfizer executives and board members to complete annual compliance certifications and opens Pfizer to more public scrutiny by requiring it to make detailed disclosures on its Web site. We expect this agreement to increase integrity in the marketing of pharmaceuticals.”

“The off-label promotion of pharmaceutical drugs by Pfizer significantly impacted the integrity of TRICARE, the Department of Defense’s healthcare system,” said Sharon Woods, Director, Defense Criminal Investigative Service. “This illegal activity increases patients’ costs, threatens their safety and negatively affects the delivery of healthcare services to the over nine million military members, retirees and their families who rely on this system. Today’s charges and settlement demonstrate the ongoing commitment of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and its law enforcement partners to investigate and prosecute those that abuse the government’s healthcare programs at the expense of the taxpayers and patients.”

“Federal employees deserve health care providers and suppliers, including drug manufacturers, that meet the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior,” said Patrick E. McFarland, Inspector General of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. “Today’s settlement reminds the pharmaceutical industry that it must observe those standards and reflects the commitment of federal law enforcement organizations to pursue improper and illegal conduct that places health care consumers at risk.”

“Health care fraud has a significant financial impact on the Postal Service. This case alone impacted more than 10,000 postal employees on workers’ compensation who were treated with these drugs,” said Joseph Finn, Special Agent in Charge for the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General. “Last year the Postal Service paid more than $1 billion in workers’ compensation benefits to postal employees injured on the job.”

Civil Division
Press Release Number:

Updated September 15, 2014



What is on the Department of Justice website on Pfizer?

Website Search: 12September2021
403 results

U.S. v. Pfizer, Inc. – Settlement Agreement U.S. v. Pfizer, Inc….U.S. v. Pfizer, Inc. – Settlement Agreement SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT This Settlement…(collectively, the “United States”), and Pfi

Final Judgment: U.S. v. Chas. Pfizer & Company, Inc. Final Judgment: U.S. v. Chas. Pfizer & Company, Inc. ©2018 CCH Incorporated…(1932 – 1992), United States v. Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc., U.S. District …

Pfizer Agrees to Pay $23.85 Million to Resolve Allegations that it Paid Kickbacks Through a Co-Pay Assistance Foundation | USAO-MA | Department of Justice …today that pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. has agreed to pay $23.85 million…IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, May 24, 2018 Pfizer Agrees to Pay $23.85 …

EDVA Seizes Seven Websites Used to Collect Personal Information and Illegally Profit from the COVID-19 Pandemic | USAO-EDVA | Department of Justice …websites of Pfizer, Inc. (“Pfizer”)—specifically, “,” “pfizer-vaccines…the legitimate websites of either Pfizer or UNICEF, the sites …

Whether Section 564 of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act Prohibits Entities from Requiring the Use of a Vaccine Subject to an Emergency Use Authorization …45 Op. O.L.C. __ (July 6, 2021) 2 (“Pfizer Fact Sheet”). In recent months, many…COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen …

Wyeth and Pfizer Agree to Pay $784.6 Million to Resolve Lawsuit Alleging That Wyeth Underpaid Drug Rebates to Medicaid | OPA | Department of Justice …pharmaceutical companies Wyeth and Pfizer Inc. have agreed to pay $784.6 million…drugs, Protonix Oral and Protonix IV. Pfizer, which is …

Drug Maker Pfizer Agrees to Pay $23.85 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Liability for Paying Kickbacks | OPA | Department of Justice Thursday, May 24, 2018 Drug Maker Pfizer Agrees to Pay $23.85 Million to Resolve…Kickbacks Pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Inc. (Pfizer), based in …

COVID-19 Related Technical Assistance …webinar with representatives from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson who…with the World Health Organization, Pfizer, and Latvian officials to …

Related Enforcement Actions: P | CRIMINAL-FRAUD | Department of Justice Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (2018) U.S. v. Pfizer H.C.P. Corporation: Docket No: 12-CR-169

Justice Department Recovers Over $2.8 Billion from False Claims Act Cases in Fiscal Year 2018 | OPA | Department of Justice In addition, the drug manufacturer Pfizer paid approximately $23.85 million to…patients taking Pfizer drugs. The government alleged that Pfizer

Asylum Interview Interpreter Requirement Modification Due to COVID-19 Moderna.html; CDC, Information about the Pfizer– BioNTech COVID–19 Vaccine (Jan. 25…ncov/ vaccines/different-vaccines/Pfizer-BioNTech.html. 10 FDA …

Two Pharmaceutical Companies Agree to Pay a Total of Nearly $125 Million to Resolve Allegations that they Paid Kickbacks Through Co-Pay Assistance Foundations | USAO-MA | Department of Justice …pharmaceutical companies (United Therapeutics, Pfizer, Actelion, Jazz, Lundbeck, Alexion

Sherman Act Violations Resulting in Criminal Fines & Penalties of $10 Million or More Gluconate $20 International Japan Pfizer Inc. 1999 Maltol/Sodium Erythorbate

Pharmacist Arrested for Selling COVID Vaccination Cards Online …and Drug Administration approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use…government purchased vaccine doses from Pfizer and Moderna. The …

United States v. Armstrong, Case No. 2:19-CR-00243-JCC: Information …pharmaceuti cal product marked by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. 24 25 26 27 A ll in…a pharmaceutical product marked by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. 4 All in …

Excessive Prices in Pharmaceutical Markets Background Note by the Secretariat …the end of 2022. *3 Flynn Pharma & Pfizer v CMA [2018] CAT 11, para. 443. 2.2…long been off-patent. Up until 2012, Pfizer sold Epatunin as a branded …

FOIA Logs 4-1-2020 to 6-30-2020 Withhold in Full Documents produced by Pfizer in response to Department inquires

download Gluconate $20 International Japan Pfizer Inc. 1999 Maltol/Sodium Erythorbate…Products $20 International Japan 1 Pfizer Inc. (1999) Maltol/Sodium …

download AND TRADEMARK OFFICE, PETITIONER v. PFIZER INC., ET AL. ANDREI IANCU, UNDER SECRETARY…appeals in Nos. 2020-1197 and 2020-1198; Pfizer Inc., which …

Sherman Act Violations Resulting in Criminal Fines & Penalties of $10 Million or More Gluconate $20 International Japan Pfizer Inc. (1999) Maltol/Sodium Erythorbate

Gilead Agrees to Pay $97 Million to Resolve Allegations that it Paid Kickbacks through a Co-Pay Foundation | USAO-MA | Department of Justice …pharmaceutical companies (United Therapeutics, Pfizer, Actelion, Jazz, Lundbeck, Alexion

Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli at Pfizer Settlement Press Conference | OPA | Department of Justice Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli at Pfizer Settlement Press Conference United…announce a historic settlement with Pfizer Inc., the …

New Zealand: In Focus – Jan. 2021 …is scheduled to start receiving the Pfizer vaccine in March 2021. In 2019, a 28-year-old

Criminal Complaint COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use: (1) Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine; (2) Moderna

Southern District of New York: Declaration of Milosz K. Gudzowski [American Cyanamid Company] …by the librarians, I believe that Pfizer, Inc., is the corporate successor of…General Counsel & Vice President at Pfizer, and Raul Rosado, General …

Fourth Foundation Resolves Allegations that it Conspired with Pharmaceutical Companies to Pay Kickbacks to Medicare Patients | USAO-MA | Department of Justice …pharmaceutical companies (United Therapeutics, Pfizer, Actelion, Jazz, Lundbeck, Alexion

2020 ICHIP Activities …along with representatives from GSK, Pfizer, and Novartis discussing current and…Nigeria. The representatives from Pfizer and Novartis both spoke …

HCFAC Report United States. In May 2018, Pfizer Inc. (Pfizer) agreed to pay more than $23…including Medicare patients. Specifically, Pfizer resolved allegations …

The Philippines British-Swedish AstraZeneca and U.S. Pfizer vaccines. The U.S. Agency for International

Woman Arrested for Fake COVID-19 Immunization and Vaccination Card Scheme: Mazi complaint and affidavit COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use: (1) Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine; (2) Moderna

Lebanon County Man Charged With Trafficking Counterfeit Drugs | USAO-MDPA | Department of Justice …marks of pharmaceutical manufacturers Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Bayer AG, Eli Lilly

Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office Seizes Domain Name Falsely Purporting to Provide COVID-19 Vaccines | USAO-MD | Department of Justice …noted that the trademarked logos for Pfizer, the World Health Organization (WHO)

Wyeth and Pfizer Agree to Pay $784.6 Million to Resolve Lawsuit Alleging that Wyeth Underpaid Drug Rebates to Medicaid | USAO-MA | Department of Justice …today that drug companies Wyeth and Pfizer, Inc., have agreed to pay $784.6 million…Wednesday, April 27, 2016 Wyeth and Pfizer Agree to Pay $784.6 …

Judgment Termination Initiative: Missouri, Western District …10/9/1964 12881 12/14/2018 1/14/2019 Chas. Pfizer & Company, Inc. 1/17/1966 15290-1 12/14/2018

download Pacific Bell Telephone Company 17 Pfizer Inc. 18 Scripto-Tokai Corporation 19

Legacy Antitrust Judgment Legacy Antitrust Judgment U.S. v. Chas. Pfizer & Company, Inc. Case Open Date: December

download …pending; Cocaine “Bitcoin,” and Base (L) “Pfizer“; and 4.1 ,:,rams Mar. 18, 2021 BOYD…bundles, stamped pending “Bitcoin” and “Pfizer“; and 7.85 …

Southern District of New York: Declaration of Milosz K. Gudzowski [American Cyanamid Company] …by the librarians, I believe that Pfizer, Inc., is the corporate successor of…General Counsel & Vice President at Pfizer, and Raul Rosado, General …

Karen Stromberg, et al. v. Qualcomm Incorporated: United States’ Statement Concerning FTC v. Qualcomm Inc. …under California law, see Clayworth v. Pfizer, Inc., 233 P.3d 1066, 1070 (Cal. 2010)

Novartis Agrees to Pay Over $51 Million to Resolve Allegations that It Paid Kickbacks Through Co-Pay Foundations | USAO-MA | Department of Justice …pharmaceutical companies (United Therapeutics, Pfizer, Actelion, Jazz, Lundbeck, Alexion


What is on the Department of Justice website on Pfizer 12September2021?

What is on the Department of Justice website on Pfizer 12September2021?



Why do surgeons continue to perform unnecessary surgery?

Philip F. Stahel, Todd F. VanderHeiden & Fernando J. Kim

Patient Safety in Surgery volume 11, Article number: 1 (2017)

6018 Accesses | 14 Citations | >458 Altmetric | Metrics details

Patient safety in surgery has historically suffered from a lack of physician-driven initiatives aimed at recognizing, preventing and mitigating medical errors and surgical complications [1]. In spite of a multiplicity of global patient safety initiatives, mandatory safety protocols and the introduction of surgical safety checklists, we continue to fall short of protecting our patients from preventable harm [26]. This unrecognized problem has escalated so far that medical errors currently rank as the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States [7, 8] (Table 1). Strikingly, in the 21st century, we still have to come to terms with the absurd reality that it is significantly safer to board a commercial airplane, a spacecraft, or a nuclear submarine, than to be admitted to a U.S. hospital [914]. What can surgeons do to protect their patients from the hidden dangers of an imperfect health care system? The most intuitive solution is to avoid complications originating from surgical treatment that may not be indicated or beneficial for patients in the first place. In other words, avoiding unnecessary surgery could be considered the most pragmatic approach towards reducing preventable surgical complication rates.

Table 1 Leading causes of death in the United States

1. Heart disease (~614 000 deaths per year)
2. Cancer (~591 000 deaths per year)
3. Medical errors (~440 000 deaths per year)

▪ Journal of Patient Safety 2013, 9:122–8

What do we mean by unnecessary surgery? We define this as any surgical intervention that is either not needed, not indicated, or not in the patient’s best interest when weighed against other available options, including conservative measures [1, 15]. From a historic perspective, the threat of unnecessary surgery has been publicized as far back as the 1950s, when Dr. Paul Hawley, the Director of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), stated that “the public would be shocked if it knew the amount of unnecessary surgery performed (…)” [16]. More than twenty years later, in 1976, the American Medical Association (AMA) called for a congressional hearing on unnecessary surgery, claiming that there were “2.4 million unnecessary operations performed on Americans at a cost of $3.9 billion and that 11,900 patients had died from unneeded operations (…)” [17].

In 2016, the existence of unnecessary surgery remains a daunting reality that continues to expose our patients to an unjustified surgical risk [18]. For example, multiple clinical trials have shown that spinal fusions for back pain do not lead to improved long-term patient outcomes when compared to non-operative treatment modalities, including physical therapy and core strengthening exercises [19, 20]. In spite of these insights from high-quality trials, spinal fusion rates continue to dramatically increase in the United States [18]. Another relevant example is arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the world [21]. This minimally invasive surgery allows treating internal knee damage through small percutaneous skin incisions, with a fast-track postoperative recovery period. In the United States alone, surgeons perform approximately 700,000 arthroscopic partial meniscectomies every year. Strikingly, a recently published prospective randomized controlled trial (“Finnish Degenerative Meniscal Lesion Study”/FIDELITY trial) that assessed patient outcomes after arthroscopic meniscal trimming compared to sham surgery revealed no benefit for patients from the routine surgical procedure at 12 months follow-up [22]. Actually, considering the risk for patients sustaining a severe intra- or postoperative complication, no surgical procedure should be considered “routine” from the patient’s perspective [23]. Yet, until present, a change in practice has not occurred, and arthroscopic meniscectomies continue to be performed on hundreds of thousands of patients in the United States every year [24, 25].

Consider this provocative analogy: If surgery were a pharmaceutical drug, the procedure would be required to undergo scrutiny of testing its safety and feasibility in phase 1 and 2 trials. Subsequently, its efficacy would have to be proven in prospective randomized controlled trials prior to approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [18]. Yet, the FDA does not regulate surgical procedures. Common sense would impose the expectation that whenever new level 1 evidence disproves a benefit for a certain surgical procedure, the ineffective practice would be called into question and abandoned immediately. This is obviously not the case in the field of surgery.

The title of this editorial asks, “Why do surgeons continue to perform unnecessary surgery?” To phrase it another way, one might pose the question, “Why would a reasonable surgeon consider performing unneeded surgical procedures?” From a surgeon’s perspective, two distinct answers appear intuitive:

  1. 1.We perform surgery because we have been trained to do so and because “we have always done it this way” or we simply do not know any better. In German psychology, this behavior is analogous to a historic entity termed “Funktionslust” [1].
  2. 2.We are incentivized to perform surgical procedures, either for financial gain, renown, or both.

As representatives of the most privileged and rewarding profession on Earth, it is our duty as surgeons to be unwavering patient safety advocates. This mandates that we recognize the common – yet extremely dangerous – incentives of unnecessary surgery and their potentially deleterious effects on our patients. Once these “hidden threats” are recognized and mitigated, surgeons can begin to foster a transparent culture of shared decision-making and thereby form a true partnership with their patients [26]. Under this evolving paradigm, patients are encouraged to participate in the choice of their treatment based on the best available scientific evidence, while surgeons take into consideration and respect their patients’ personal values, fears, and expectations [26]. By embracing patient safety as a core responsibility for surgeons, we have the opportunity of eliminating the “phantom menace” of unnecessary surgery and the associated risk of preventable patient harm.

This responsibility is not negotiable. The onus is on us.


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Authors’ contributions

PFS designed the editorial and drafted the first version of the manuscript. TFV and FJK provided critical feedback and input to the final version of the article. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

Competing interests

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

Author information


  1. Department of Orthopaedics, and Department of Neurosurgery, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver Health Medical Center, 777 Bannock Street, Denver, CO, 80204, USAPhilip F. Stahel & Todd F. VanderHeiden
  2. Department of Neurosurgery, University of Colorado, School of Medicine, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO, 80204, USAPhilip F. Stahel
  3. Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, University of Colorado, School of Medicine, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO, 80204, USAFernando J. Kim

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Philip F. Stahel.

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Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication waiver ( applies to the data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated.



How Not To Get Murdered By The Govt’s And Hospital’s ‘Covid Protocols’: With Viruses Historically Eluding ‘Vaccines’, Look To These Alternatives

By Alan Barton – All News PipeLine 08September2021

Things just seem to keep happening no matter what we do


So many disasters, so many lies, so many incompetency’s’, so many false hopes, so many proofs of conspiracy proven that it all boggles the human mind. Satan is on a roll, and he is not slowing down but accelerating his war on Humanity and our Creator and His followers. Today we will lightly go over updates and addendums to previous works published here on ANP; not to bore you, but there are some things that must be said and shown to fill in some gaps, complete and update our knowledge of those things.

A truly horrible story told to Thomas Renz in a show called “Lawfare” on Brighteon.TV by a lady named Michell Tavares highlights the evils of the modern Murder Hospitals and how they operate. Protocols, the set of rules to follow in the described situation, forced her father who went to the hospital for “diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) a complication of his diabetes where his body started producing high levels of blood acids called ketones.

“So he went in with the DKAm” she explains. “He had a high glucose of 869.”

However, instead of treating her father for diabetes, Tavares says that the hospital immediately classified him as a COVID-19 case.

“That was the first thing they do, and this is part of the problem,” she said. “I think that you know in the first walk in every assumption is COVID as if nothing existed before COVID.

“I call it a lazy diagnosis, doctors have become too lazy,” she adds.

Beyond that, Tavares explained that the hospital staff kept pushing to put her father on a ventilator. This was despite it being against her father’s wishes.

“It was it was a ventilation argument for two days starting off with the emergency department and then I said it’s against his wishes.”

In addition, she explains that he was not in any serious life-or-death situation that would need a ventilator.

“It was not to the point of Oh my gosh, his lungs are going to collapse and he needs a ventilator.” as reported in Natural News where there is also mention of other situations like this one.

Another Brighteon.TV show, The Dr. Stella Immaneul Show, was covered by Natural News with this interesting comment. “According to the doctor, she once had a male COVID-19 patient in a state where she had a newly obtained license. He also suffered liver disease but did not divulge it to her. “That would have been a death sentence,” Immanuel said. Nevertheless, she recommended that the patient take IVM and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) afterward – and the patient got well.

However, Immanuel received a complaint from the state’s medical board for treating the COVID-19 patient with HCQ and IVM. The complaint said the two drugs would have put the patient at risk of liver failure. Immanuel nevertheless defended her decision to prescribe the two drugs. “The patient is alive [and COVID-19] would have taken [him] out,” she said…..Immanuel also had strong words for doctors espousing the use of one drug alone to treat COVID-19. “You are doing the patient a disservice. All these things work in conjunction with each other. It’s a multi-drug approach. It is not one-drug only. That does not make sense,” she said. Her remarks were directed at doctors recommending IVM-only, HCQ-only or budesonide-only approaches.

When a patient gets sick, we put them on HCQ, IVM, Zithromax [or] budesonide; we put them on a steroid; we give them albuterol if they need to,” Immanuel noted. She added that “fifteen months into taking care of COVID-19 patients, I pretty much have developed cocktails that work.” In the video she also covers vitamins, D, C, and zinc and necessary for recovery as well as a preventative.

These show the need for every PCR test to be thrown out, as they do NOT show whether or not you have covid (not any other virus) but serve ONLY to convince you that they need to destroy your life.


There is a history of attempts to create a vaccine for corona viruses, actually any kind of virus, but NEVER any success. To better understand why an anti-virus vaccine is so difficult, try reading this article in Frontiers in Microbiology titled “Viral-Induced Enhanced Disease Illness” that gives a basic understanding of what you would be up against in designing that vaccination, not just for Covid19, but any viral infection including Influenza, RVS, SARS corona virus, MERS corona virus, Dengue virus, Zika virus, West Nile virus and so on. All attempts and trials proved that it cannot be done with current technology as shown in the SARS trials that gave the trial Ferrets enhanced Hepatitis, and the trial vaccination against Dengue virus infections resulted in “the subset of trial participants who were inferred to be seronegative at time of first vaccination had a higher risk of more severe dengue and hospitalizations from dengue compared to unvaccinated participants” and the failure to find one for RSV, though there is a drug that helps severe cases, palivizumab (pah-lih-VIH-zu-mahb) is available to prevent severe RSV illness in certain infants and children who are at high risk for severe disease. Just as HCQ, Ivermectin, zinc, vitamins C and D, and some others do with covid.

Other failed virus vaccines include the more widely known 1955 Cutter Incident, when some batches of polio vaccine contained live poliovirus.

Natural News has a great headline that really grabs our attention when they wrote “UK government to begin mass murdering children with deadly covid injections, parents kept out of the loop”. What really strikes me is the bit about “school children between the ages of 12 and 15 years will soon be injected for the Fauci Flu without their parents’ knowledge or permission” That is a go-to-war strategy for so many of us.

One interesting drug that helps treat severely ill Co19 patients is one my doctor prescribes for me for my heart disease, and that is Metoprolol, in patients that are required to go on ventilation. Unless you have a case of bacterial pneumonia or the like, I see no reason to use ventilators, but the treatments should focus on treating that specific illness causing the problems and not on the mythical PCR test results for covid; treat the actual disease, not the CDC mandated one. That is a major reason hospitals are murder centers by their own Protocols.


The other major drug used to treat “covid” (it is usually just the seasonal flu, but can also be pneumonia as well as the common cold among others) is Ivermectin, not allowed by the CDC and the like. I believe Rand Paul has the reason for this insanity well in hand, “the use of ivermectin for treating the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is because of widespread “hatred of Trump.”

As you may recall, the former president pushed older pharmaceutical remedies like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) at a time when the medical establishment as a whole wanted people to “mask up” and wait for a vaccine. Consequently, those remedies remain off limits to this very day, despite their extensive track record of safety and effectiveness.

“The hatred for Trump deranged these people so much that they’re unwilling to objectively study it,” Paul is quoted as saying. “They will not study ivermectin. They will not study hydroxychloroquine without the taint of their hatred for Donald Trump.”


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which glowingly approved ivermectin for human use back in 1996, is now claiming in mockery that the drug is only for horses and cows.” We went over the horse thing last time. Back to Rand and the hospital, or more correctly, the medical profession, “the FDA is treating ivermectin the same way it treated HCQ, pretending as though it never approved these substances for human use. Suddenly, because Trump promoted them, the FDA is claiming that they are dangerous and not to be used.” True enough, but fails to acknowledge the NWO Lucifarians (Illuminate is a good enough term here) mandating what is going to be happening.

But the CDC itself recommends Ivermectin, the “horse dewormer”, for the influx of “refugees” (read as “Invaders”) but there seems to no outcry about them getting the medicines that actually work. “As doctors confronted the COVID-19 pandemic, they looked for potential anti-viral medications. A review of research indicates ivermectin is a legitimate contender to slow the viral replication process. As an example, one study confirms that ivermectin is a specific inhibitor of importin that can stop the replication of HIV and dengue viruses.

Both are RNA viruses belonging to different families. SARS-CoV-2 belongs to a third family of viruses called coronaviruses. However, because ivermectin demonstrated the ability to interfere with the replication of multiple RNA viruses, it was completely reasonable for physicians facing the COVID-19 pandemic to attempt to use it. They had a reason to be optimistic about the drug’s effectiveness against another RNA virus.” reads the PJ Media story on this matter.

But I suppose they think they are correct, especially when deaths in 80% vaccinated UK are up TEN TIMES from this same time last year when there was NO ONE vaccinated for covid. The Liberty Daily spoke of this when they said “The constant drumbeat from Big Pharma’s pawns in government, media, Big Tech, and academia hits Americans over the head every day with their push for universal vaccinations. Vaccine mandates are spreading faster than the disease itself as millions are suddenly finding themselves forced to choose between taking the experimental drugs or losing access to life’s essentials such as jobs or groceries.

The justification for rising authoritarianism and incessant propaganda in America has been the notion that if we just get everyone vaccinated, Covid-19 will go away and we can establish a “new normal” for society.” To use the old proverbial counter claim, I call bull on that one. The reality is just the opposite in fact. Take a look at a couple of graphs they published, I’ll make a note to consider afterwards.


Do you remember when in this ANP article, the “Haunting Facts They Don’t Want You To Know: The Ties Between Dr. Fauci, The CIA, The CDC And The Wuhan, China Lab Where Covid Was Created Are Alarming!” where the graphs were shown of the yearly and monthly flow of Flu cases? The graphs above show something very different – the huge rise in cases does NOT follow the seasonal flu as covid did but instead follows the increase in covid vaccinations! This is very serious, and is PROOF that it is not covid causing the increase in disease, but the vaccinations themselves. Circumstantial proof indeed, but still proof. We SHOULD be in the lowest part of the flu season now and not increasing just yet.

In that second graph, note that the deaths within 28 days of testing positive has a lot to do with the treatments given at the hospitals for the false assignment of covid and therefore the mistreatments given, while the increase happening right now is the result of the vaccinations themselves.

They continued in that article to state “Berenson decided to analyze the United Kingdom to see how they’re fairing. They are much larger than Israel with population densities similar to the United States. They are nearly as heavily vaccinated as Israel, having already reached the milestones set by the Big Pharma puppets in the United States. The results were shocking…

“To the vaccine fanatics who are saying, Israel, who cares, Israel’s tiny, muah…” he tweeted. “The UK – population 65 million, ~80% of adults fully vaccinated – is very much heading the wrong way. Deaths are up 10x – yes, tenfold – compared to this time last year. Cases are rising again.”


Health Impact News said a few days ago that “COVID Shots Are Killing and Crippling Teens in Record Numbers – Young Children Are Next” using VAERS data, and remember that VAERS is only approximately 1% of the actual numbers according to the doctors themselves, as they do not want a black mark on their records for reporting what the CDC does not want reported.

They said “there have been 3000 more cases, more deaths, more hospitalizations, and more life threatening events in the past 9 months among our teens, than there have been for the previous 5 years for ALL vaccines.” and added “there are now more deaths recorded in VAERS following COVID shots for the past 9 months than for the past 30 years following ALL vaccines….. Over 56% of the 6,076 recorded deaths following vaccination for the previous 30 years prior to COVID were among infants below the age of 3, according the government.

And not a single one of these babies who died had the cause of death documented as “vaccines” on their death certificate, because the CDC does not have any category that lists “vaccines” as a cause of death, so they were listed as SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) instead.”

Yes, Hospitals are factories of death.

“Because our government is being run by left-wing tyrants, Joe Biden’s military has ordered all personnel to get a COVID-19 vaccine or face disciplinary action that would include removal from their service branch, but two members who have already had the virus and have natural immunity are bucking what they view as an unlawful order and are fighting back, in court.


According to the Children’s Defense Fund, the two members have filed legal action on behalf of themselves and the other 220,000 personnel who also have had the illness and now have natural immunity, a suit that comes on the heels of new research proving that natural immunity works best to fend off even the delta variant better than any of the three approved vaccines.” Natural News said about the push to murder our Servicemen and Women with the vaccine.

There is a lot more I’d like to say about our Military, but we can wait for another time to tell that story.

In another Natural News article SD Wells said that “the antibodies that target Covid-19’s spike protein are turning against the immune system of the vaccinated and attacking body tissues, and this has been evaluated for all three of the CDC “emergency approval” Covid vaccines – Moderna, Pfizer and J&J. This attack is triggered by not only the experimental jab, but by the virus as well. In other words, you get the Covid vaccine, still catch Covid, and both the jab and the virus cause your newly injected “spike protein” antibodies to attack and destroy your own body tissues, including vital organs you need to survive and to fight infection.”

And as you would need continuous updates with new injections, “This pharmaceutical dependency program is a steady revenue stream for the medical system, as it now oversees thousands of new cases of blood clots, pericarditis and myocarditis in young people. The FDA recently approved a new drug to combat blood clots in adolescents. This vaccine injury (blood clots) will continue to rise as adolescents are forced into the experiment.

This pharmaceutical dependency program will ensure routine hospital visits for people who no longer have a functioning immune system, who are now cursed to suffer through vaccine-induced antibody dependent enhancement and increased susceptibility to infections.

Let’s end today’s topic with a short video about how not to be murdered by the “protocols” – that should bring us back to where we started nicely enough.

Before concluding, let us offer a clear disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and we do not offer medical advice. We will discuss what has helped us individually, things others recommend, but none of that should replace the advice or orders of your doctor.





Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist for Mass Murder

23August2021 |

Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist for Mass Murder

Paul Craig Roberts

As I posted this morning, Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis pulled the rug out from under the lying scum that constitutes the American medical establishment by establishing throughout Florida medical centers that cure Covid instead of spreading it with vaccination. Now it has happened again. This time in faraway India.

The Indian Bar Association is charging WHO chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan with the mass murder of Indians. Dr. Swaminathan spoke against the use of Ivermectin in the Tamil Nadu province with the consequence that Ivermectin’s use was blocked and Covid cases skyrocketed with deaths increasing ten-fold.

In the provinces where Ivermectin was used—Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Goa— Covid cases declined sharply by 98%, 97%, 94%, and 86%. This success, which cleared large areas of India from Covid, was kept from you by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, AMA, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest of the criminals who control the narrative.

Acting for the Indian Bar Association, Dipali Ojha said the WHO official is accused of misconduct because she used her position as a public health official to further the agenda of special interests to maintain an Emergency Use Authorization for the lucrative vaccine industry.

Dipali Ojha further stated that the Indian Bar Association is bringing action under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code against Dr. Soumya Swaminathan and others, for murder of each person who died due to obstruction of treatment of Covid patients with Ivermectin. Punishment under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code is death or life imprisonment.

Well, finally, the beginning of accountability for the orchestrated “Covid Pandemic.” As I have emphasized for some months, Dr. Fauci, NIH, CDC, WHO, FDA, the presstitutes, and the politicians have used Covid to kill and injure large numbers of people for the sake of billions of dollars in Big Pharma vaccine profits. The health authorities, whore media, and scum politicians have lied through their teeth and prevented the use of known, safe cures. Not a single person needed to die or have health impaired by the virus. They were murdered in order to generate fear and panic to drive vaccine profits, insure the destruction of civil liberty, and perhaps serve the darker agenda of population reduction.

Here is a report of the legal action taken against WHO officials:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the American Bar Association had the integrity and courage to bring charges against, or at least sue, Fauci, Walensky, FDA, NIH, CDC, the governor’s who criminally imposed lockdowns and harmful mask mandates, and the criminal medical organizations and associations that aided and abetted mass murder by blocking Ivermectin and HCQ and punished the doctors who saved lives by prescribing these totally safe medications.

We are faced with the situation in which official government and private organizations in the US, UK, and EU are greater mass murderers than Pol Pot! And nothing will be done about it. The West is so undemocratic that accountability is impossible.

The criminals in charge are about to illegally bestow final approval on the killer vaccines so that they can continue serving their agendas with mass inoculation with a vaccine that is known both to kill and to spread the virus.


A ‘War against God’


Pioneer of hydroxychloroquine-zinc protocol for covid calls plandemic a “war against God”

16July2021 by:

(Natural News) Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, the first to recommend hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc as an early remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), is outraged that the world has been taken hostage by a “group of sociopaths” pushing “vaccines,” passports, and other authoritarian measures as the “cure” for the plandemic.

During a recent interview with LifeSiteNews‘ Claire Chretien, Dr. Zelenko, a family physician in New York, explained that nothing the government and medical establishment are pushing as “solutions” to the Chinese Virus are valid. And the things that are have been, and continue to be, systematically suppressed.

Dr. Zelenko has seen roughly 3,000 patients who tested “positive” for the Fauci Flu over the past year. Of these, 1,000 were identified as “high risk,” and Dr. Zelenko was able to successfully treat them with HCQ and zinc, which “reduced the death rate from 7.5 percent to less than half a percent.”

This is substantially better than the 80-90 percent of Chinese Virus patients who died after being put on ventilators, which is what Tony Fauci and other fake physicians were pushing last spring.

“That is an 84 percent reduction in hospitalization and death,” Dr. Zelenko says about the superiority of his treatment methods. “Out of the 600,000 dead Americans that we have, we could have prevented 510,000 from going to the hospital and dying.”

As you probably know, HCQ quickly landed itself on the government’s blacklist of medicines that could not be prescribed for treating the Wuhan Flu after it was discovered that the FDA-approved drug worked exceptionally well at treating it.

Since Fauci and friends have a vested interest in pushing experimental gene therapy injections, lockdowns and Chinese face masks, HCQ was prohibited from use across most of the country, despite having a decades-long track record of safety and efficacy.

“It has been embraced by world-leading physicians who are honest and capable of deductive reasoning and are not indoctrinated,” Dr. Zelenko told LifeSiteNews. “Unfortunately, 90 percent of physicians in this country are incapable of independent thought.”

“The net result is that they follow blindly the recommendations of their employers or government agencies without using common sense. They just follow orders, like the Nazis did.”

The government and conventional medicine are what’s killing people, not “covid”

Dr. Zelenko has been an outspoken opponent of Chinese Virus injections, especially in young children who have a zero risk of dying from Chinese Germs.

Those who do test “positive” will more than likely never develop symptoms, and if they do an early treatment regimen of HCQ, zinc and other nutrients and “superfoods” like green tea, they will most likely prevent the need for hospitalization.

Ivermectin is another drug that Dr. Zelenko says holds promise, explaining that “there are dozens of studies that corroborate” its use as a safe and effective remedy for the Fauci Flu.

“This is the cure for tyranny,” Dr. Zelenko says about his remedies, noting that those who oppose them are engaging in a “war against God.” The only reason people are dying, he says, is because of “the government you live under, and the doctor you choose.”

“If I can tell you, ‘Go to the pharmacy and get quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc,’ which are all over the counter, and if you use them in the right dosage, you will get better and stay healthy,” Dr. Zelenko further explained about how easy it is to stay safe against the Chinese Virus by simply supporting your immune system.

“All of a sudden I have empowered the individual not to be subjugated or brutalized by terrible governance and physician malfeasance and malpractice.”

The latest news stories about Chinese Virus deception and tyranny can be found at

Sources for this article include:



POWERFUL INTERVIEW! COVID Jabs are Premeditated First Degree Murder, says Dr. Zelenko 8November2021

Zelenko’s research and warnings on vaccine dangers have been proven to be dead-on by peers.

The Alex Jones Show:POWERFUL INTERVIEW! COVID Jabs are Premeditated First Degree Murder, says Dr. Zelenko




NY Beit Din: “Assur” to Give mRNA Vaccine to Kids!

Thomas Renz 1November2021




“On Tuesday of last week I was given the unique honor to testify at a Rabbinical Court in New York City with a number of the top experts in the world regarding the COVID jabs. It was my pleasure to provide input to God’s chosen people on such an important issue and I hope it will save lives.

Attached is the official English translation of the ruling. Please read and share as widely as possible. The video of the testimony is on my website.“
Click to download PDF fileClick to download the ruling NY Beit Din: “Assur” to Give mRNA Vaccine to Kids! kol-korei-english

Thomas Renz
Renz Law, LLC


Posted 29October2021 Wisdom United:
Testimony at Rabbinical Court in New York with a number of the top experts in the world regarding the COVID jabs.
0:00:00 DVM, PhD Geert Vanden Bossche
0:29:31 Dr. Peter McCullough
0:48:00 Dr. Robert Malone
1:50:47 Attorney Thomas Renz
2:42:06 Dr. Jane Ruby
3:10:00 Dr. Christiane Northrup
3:29:00 Dr. Michael Yeadon
4:34:00 Dr. Janci Lindsay
5:09:45 Dr. Richard Urso
5:40:00 Dr. Jessica Rose

6:07:53 Testimony: Adverse Reactions
Harav Shlomo Alexander Halevi Pollak, Dayan and Moreh Tzedek*
Rav of Chelek Levi, Beis Hamedrash of Serentch, and head of the Kollel Vasikin and Rashbi – Lakewood, NJ
Harav Yoel Moshe Friedman, Dayan and Moreh Tzedek*
Rav of Toras Chaim, Beis Hamedrash of Rivnitz, and presiding over Yeshiva Divrei Menachem – Monsey, NY
Harav Doniel Yonoson Green, Dayan and Moreh Tzedek*
Rav, director of Keystone Jewish Center, communal guide and activist, Talmudic instructor – Crown Heights, NY
* Halachic authority, member of rabbinical court



Rabbis and Doctors: ‘DON’T TAKE VACCINE’

4 Elul 5781 12 August 2021

kol koreh - The high Sephardic Jewish court in Israel declares the vaccine is a poison and should not be given to children or others

kol koreh – The high Sephardic Jewish court in Israel declares the vaccine is a poison and should not be given to children or others

Dr. McCullough testifies for the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court

Dr. Ruby testifies for the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court

Dr. Zelenko testifies for the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court

Dr. Yeadon testifies for the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court


If you initially took the vaccine, at least don’t continue to get it over and over again. They are admittedly tweaking the dosage.

Also, I have it from a reliable source that Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology, has said that, in accordance with the agreement the State of Israel signed with Pfizer, the State is forbidden to publicize ANY ADVERSE VACCINE REACTIONS FOR TEN YEARS!!!!!


~ ~ ~

“Prime Minister extorts hospital administrators”: Anger over Israel Today’s exposure of secret agreement (Machine Translated)

The political system erupted this morning (Thursday) after the publication in “Israel Today” , according to which there is a government agreement with the Ministry of Health and hospital administrators, on the addition of hundreds of standards of medical staff for the treatment of patients, including a secret and unprecedented memorandum of understanding.

Under this agreement, hospital administrators undertook not to report, warn or interview the media about hospital insufficiency in the treatment of corona patients in critical condition and other patients in critical condition, regardless of the actual situation in the hospitals and the level of patient care. This emerges from conversations with five senior directors of large hospitals in the country, some of whom were personally involved in an agreement between the Ministry of Health and the government. (Source)

Somebody explain to me why more and more people are STILL being put on ventilators EVERY SINGLE DAY, when it is already well known that most of them will die that way.


10 serious COVID patients given Israeli drug, leave hospital in one day

THE GOVERNMENT ARE ALL CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yes, Another Copy of the List of Rabbanim–Plus Personal Knowledge regarding the Psakim of Rav Kook & the Amshinover Rebbe


I’m sure many of you have already seen at least parts of the list floating around of rabbanim who oppose this newest & most aggressively promoted vaccine.

(Many bloggers avoid writing the exact name so as not to get flagged by censor-bots. We could just call it kavod-19, pronouncing kavod with the Ashkenazi pronunciation & it sounds the same, heh-heh.)

I’d like to thank Hava of the Hava Ha’Aharona blog for sending out this latest list of these rabbanim and Neshama of Habayitah blog for posting the list on her blog.

Others are posting it too, but these were the first I happened to see with this most recent list.

It’s very helpful for those of us who truly care about daat Torah, and continue to encounter a very one-sided presentation of daat Torah regarding the vaccine—that THE daas Torah is to take the vaccine (especially when this concerns a not-well-tested new injection allegedly against a disease that often appears with mild symptoms & a 99% survival rate for people without pre-existing medical issues—such an approach bothers our basic common sense).

Yet looking at the list, it’s impossible to ignore globally & highly regarded talmidei chachamim on the caliber of Rav Adas of Kol Yaakov or Rav Kotler of Lakewood (just to name two of the many), and several highly respected chassidish Rebbes.

Rav Eliyahu Brog is a grandson of Rav Avigdor Miller.

But before you scan the list, I’ve got some personal knowledge to add regarding 2 of them.

Rav Dov Kook of Tiveria
My husband’s youngest sister & her husband consider Rav Kook their Rav.

Rav Kook is against ALL vaccines—including The-Vaccine-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

Though my sister-in-law generally follows Rav Kook’s psakim, she can’t bring herself NOT to vaccinate her children at all, so her children have undergone all the standard vaccinations (polio, whooping cough, etc.) recommended for children.

I don’t blame her.

My own 6-year-old is not up-to-date with his vaccinations, but he was vaccinated for diseases like polio & meningitis & the other really scary ones because I could never forgive myself if a child caught those devastating diseases when a vaccine possibly could have prevented them.

The point here is to note that Rav Kook is not singling out this particular vaccine.

He opposes vaccines in general & refuses to make an exception for this new & aggressively promoted vaccine.

Anti-vaccine: That is his shitah.

To certify this information, my husband called his youngest sister several months ago to clarify Rav Kook’s position. I was also there for the phone call. My husband asked her several times regarding Rav Kook’s position and she repeated the above information several times.

So there you have Rav Kook with the details behind his decision.

The Amshinover Rebbe
The Amshinover Rebbe allows the standard vaccines that have been around for decades—generations, even.

However, he does not allow the flu vaccine or the “kavod” vaccine.


He concludes they have not been tested enough to determine their safety.

​Needless to say, his stance is most sensible.

By their nature, flu vaccines can never be tested long enough because they’re seasonal & change from year to year. So he opposes them.

The “kavod” vaccine has not even been around for a year.

No one KNOWS the long-term consequences of the vaccine.

(Science is about KNOWING. Scientific knowledge is assumed to be based on FACT.)

And in fact, even some of the short-term data is alarming. (New York) (Eretz Yisrael)

(I purposely linked to mainstream, pro-vax sources that tone down the harm possibly caused by the injection so the evidence cannot be dismissed as conspiracy theories or subjective anti-vaccine agendas.)

We don’t even KNOW if the vaccine even WORKS! (And I mean the long-term too.)

(Case in point: My husband’s friend took all the recommend injections then promptly got infected with the new Delta variant.)

To me, the Amshinover Rebbe’s position shows good old-fashioned plain logic & common sense.

Bluntly, I do not think you need to be a stunning talmid chacham to arrive at this common-sense position, though being a stunning talmid chacham definitely helps.

And I heard this position a few months ago directly from one of his female followers, who was constantly in touch with the Rebbe regarding his views on the topic.

She & her husband host very difficult people within their chassidus—emotionally challenged guests not easily managed by most people.

And they do so on a regular ongoing basis.

So the Rebbe remains in close contact with them, providing them with answers & support throughout the whole saga (including what to do about hand-washing with difficult people who won’t do it as often as recommended, etc.—every aspect of it).

In addition, the Rebbe told them that in the merit of hachnasat orchim, they will not be harmed by the virus. The merit of hachnast orchim (hosting guests) will protect them.

So I heard all this directly from this Amshinover lady.


Rabbis Speak Out!

152 leading rabbis worldwide oppose the C0\/lD shot.

Posted by Rabbi Michoel Green 9August2021

(If you are a rabbi and wish to attach your name to this historic list, please email me)

The following rabbis issued public statements exhorting Jews not to take the injection:

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman, NYC

Rabbi Aharon Reisner, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Aharon Yitzchak Stern

Rabbi Ahron Raz, Jerusalem [former rav of Bikur Cholim Hospital and author of Sefer Tiferes Shmuel]

Rabbi Alon Anava

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak

Rabbi Amos Gweta

Rabbi Arel Segal Halevi

Rabbi Arie Pressman, Taganrog, Russia

Rabbi Asher Mordechai Rubin

Rabbi Avraham Cohen, Jerusalem [Dayan, Sefardic community]

Rabbi Avraham Pinchas Koritz, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Avraham Rachamim Sofer, Lakewood, NJ

Rabbi Avraham Yosef Zaide, Beitar[Rosh Yeshiva, Chabad, Israel]

Rabbi Avrohom Simcha Chanun, Jerusalem [Rebbe of Khal Chaseidei Yerushalayim]

Rabbi Avrohom Yehoshua Soloveitchik

Rabbi Bentzion Biaron, Senior Dayan, Jerusalem

Rabbi Benzion Halbershtam, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Binyomin Zev Halperin, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Chaim Adelman, Amherst, MA

Rabbi Chaim Rabinowitz, Rebbe, Jerusalem [Rebbe of Mishkanos Haroyim]

Rabbi Chaim Zev Shneider, Mir Yeshiva, Jerusalem

Rabbi Chananya Weissman, Jerusalem

Rabbi Daniel Asor

Rabbi Daniel Green, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Dov Berkowitz

Rabbi Dov Gross, Dayan of Gur, Ashdod

Rabbi Dov Meir Stein

Rabbi Dovid Diskind, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Dovid Meir Shmueli

Rabbi Dovid Michoel Shmidel, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Eli Burstein, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Eliyahu Brog, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Eliyahu Brog, Flatbush, NY [Grandson & successor of Rabbi Avigdor Miller z”l]

Rabbi Fishel J. Todd, Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim

Rabbi Gavriel Cohen, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Gideon Charlap

Rabbi Hillel Handler, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Meir Chakak Halevi

Rabbi Meir Eliyahu

Rabbi Meiri Chananel

Rabbi Menachem Edri

Rabbi Menachem M. Green, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sabowitz, Beit Shemesh [Rav of Khal Chareidim]

Rabbi Menashe Amon

Rabbi Michoel Green, Westborough, MA

Rabbi Mordechai Betzalel Klein, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Mordechai Vizhnitzer, Dayan of Vizhnitz, Ashdod

Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Karp, Kiryat Sefer

Rabbi Moshe Shimon Wosner, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Moshe Zev Zorger, Jerusalem [Posek, dayan, author of Shu’t Vayoshov Moshe]

Rabbi Naftoli Tzvi Rotenburg, Kossoner Rebbe, Beit Shemesh

Rabbi Natan Kofsitz, Eidah Hachareidis, Beit Shemesh

Rabbi Nussen Naftoli Horowitz, Brooklyn, NY [Rav of Bais HaMedrash Or Yechezkel]

Moshe Stein, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Osher Chaim Lieberman, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Chazon Yaakov, Jerusalem [Grandson of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef z”l]

Rabbi Pinchas Levin, Mequon, Wisconsin

Rabbi Reuven Halpern, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Reuven Flamer, Monsey, NY

Rabbi Reuven Marzbach, Jerusalem [Rosh Kollel Lomdes Yirosecha]

Rabbi Shimon Chyrek, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Shimon Nebenzhal, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Shimon Shapiro, Jerusalem [Elder Mashpia, Breslov]

Rabbi Shlomo Pollack, Lakewood, NJ [Rav and Rosh Kolel, Chelek Levi] [1]

Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchok Stern, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Stern, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Shmuel Meir Katz, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Shmuel Yosef Bittersfield, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Shneur Friedman, Rechovot

Rabbi Sholom Ber Benjaminson, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky, Philadelphia [Rosh Yeshiva, Philadelphia]

Rabbi Simcha Yaakov Landau, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Simcha Yisroel Bloom

Rabbi Smilowitz, Kremintzer Rov, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Tuvia Shulzinger, Kiryat Atta

Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Zorger, Dayan, Jerusalem [Eida Chareidis]

Rabbi Tzvi Friedman, Av Beis Din, Masores, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Tzvi Greenhaus, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Uri Michoel Sofer, Dayan

Rabbi Yaakov Dovid Cohen, Monsey, NY

Rabbi Yechiel Michel Friedman, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Yehoshua Atik, Jerusalem [Rosh Kollel Giboirey Hachayil]

Rabbi Yehoshua Finkelstein, Lakewood, NJ

Rabbi Yekutiel Ohab-tzion, Tiberius

Rabbi Yeshaya Rottenburg, Rozla Rebbe, Beitar

Rabbi Yeshua Asher Rabinowitz [Rav of Khal Mishkanos Haroyim]

Rabbi Yinon Malachi, Elad

Rabbi Yisroel Chaim Blumenthal, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Yisroel Reismann, Lakewood, NJ [1]

Rabbi Yitzchok David Smith, Passaic, NJ

Rabbi Yoav Alon, Rechovot

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Rabbi Yonoson Hahn

Rabbi Yosef Berger

Rabbi Yosef Binyamin Wosner, Zichron Meir, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Yosef Dovid Teitelbaum, Sassover Rebbe, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Yosef Flamer, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Yosef Mordechai Salamon, Bnei Brak

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Rabbi Yuval Asherov Hakohen

Rabbi Yuval Ovadia

Rabbi Zalman Leib Gruber, Lakewood, NJ [1]

The following rabbis instructed individuals not to the take the vaccine:

Rabbi Aharon Feinhandler, Jerusalem

Rabbi Aharon Shuv, Jerusalem

Rabbi Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, Rosh Yeshiva, Lakewood

Rabbi Avika Rabinowitz, Rebbe, Porisov

Rabbi Avrohom Elimelech Biderman, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Biderman, Rebbe of Lelov Nicholsburg

Rabbi Dov Kook, Tiberius

Rabbi Dovid Biderman, Lelover Rebbe, Boro Park, NY

Rabbi Dovid Kohn, Rebbe, Toldos Aharon

Rabbi Dovid Twersky, Rebbe, Rachmastrivka

Rabbi Dovid Yekusiel Aronson, Pardes Hana

Rabbi Eldad Shmueli

Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg, Rosh Kolel Mir, Flatbush, NY

Rabbi Eliyahu Shiri

Rabbi Elya Ber Wachtfogel, South Fallsburg, NY

Rabbi Ezra Zafrani, Lakewood, NJ

Rabbi Feivish Hager, Kossover Rebbe, Boro Park, NY

Rabbi Landau, Rebbe, Strikov, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Milikowsky, Rebbe, Amshinov, Jerusalem

Rabbi Mordechai Gottlieb

Rabbi Mordeci Sheinberger

Rabbi Moshe ShternbuchRabbi Moshe Tzadka, Rosh Yeshiva Porat Yosef, Yeruslayim

Rabbi Nachman Biderman, Jerusalem

Rabbi Noson Zeigelbaum, Dayan, Vien, Boro Park, NY

Rabbi Pinchas Eliyahu Shadday, Rosh Yeshiva, Jerusalem [Rosh Yeshivat Botzina Kadisha]

Rabbi Pinchas Shuv [Rav of Kehilos Ishei Yisroel & Mishkan Aharon]

Rabbi Rabinowitz, Rebbe, Biala, Bnei Brak

Rabbi Raphael Szmerla, Lakewood

Rabbi Ravid Nagar

Rabbi (Rebbe) of Pinsk Karlin, Jerusalem

Rabbi Roth, Rebbe, Shomrei Emunim

Rabbi Shalom Arush, Jerusalem

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rosh Yeshiva, Philadelphia

Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Kohn, Rebbe, Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok

Rabbi Tzion Buganim

Rabbi Yaakov Meir Shechter, Breslov, Jersusalem [Mekubal and elder Breslov Mashpia]

Rabbi Yakov Adas, Jerusalem

Rabbi Yakov Shiknazi

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Rabbi Yitzchak Kohen, Yeruhalayim

Rabbi Yosef Asyag

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Rabbi Yosef Tzvi, Dushinsky, Rebbe, Jerusalem [Rebbe of Dushinsky]

Rabbi Zemba, Lakewood, NJ

Rabbi Zev Epstein, South Fallsburg, NY

Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Monsey






Protest the Prime Minister’s Hate Speech


On behalf of world Jewry, I must voice my most vehement protest to the shockingly divisive and insolent words spoken by Israel’s Prime Minister this past Thursday, and then brazenly reiterated yesterday.

At this perilous time, it is more critical than ever before in history to preserve the unity of our people at all costs.

We may NEVER exclude a Jew from entering a synagogue or study hall, or from participating in public prayer or Torah study, which is the inviolable birthright of every single Jew from infancy, תורה ציוה לנו משה מורשה קהילת יעקב, and even before that, from his mother’s womb, as saintly women in Jewish history regularly attended study halls so that their unborn fetuses could hear the sweet words of Torah study.

A synagogue is the home of every single Jew without exception. מה טובו אוהליך יעקב משכנותיך ישראל.

“How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel.”

Our prayers are incomplete if even a single member of the community is excluded, and even sinners must join us in person in order for our prayers to be heard on high.

Any effort to exclude Jews from synagogue is a grave and unprecedented assault on the integrity and unassailable unity of the Jewish People, both in the Land of Israel and worldwide.

In their self-righteous hysteria for so-called public health, such foolhardy policies that attempt to divide and alienate fellow Jews only serves to jeopardize the actual health and security of Israel by violating the true secret of our strength, our unity.

Because of our sins we were exiled from our Land. מפני חטאינו גלינו מארצנו.

Such hate speech against fellow Jews serves only to perpetuate the reason we exiled in the first place, senseless hatred.

Not only is this an egregious assault on our unity, but it is a grave breach of Torah values. Attempting to prevent a Jew from attending synagogue or study hall reeks of a גזירת שמד, a decree against Torah observance.

As a lifelong emissary and disciple of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, I must invoke his timeless words:

There are three שלימויות, three things whose completeness must be preserved no matter what:

1. Completeness of the People, שלימות העם

2. Completeness of the Torah, שלימות התורה

3. Completeness of the Land, שלימות הארץ

Such divisive rhetoric and unjust policy is denigrating and jeopardizing both שלימות העם AND שלימות התורה.

People of Israel:

Do not believe your compromised leadership and false prophets who promise you safety and a “return to normal” but only if you tolerate their tyranny, marginalization and abuse against individuals who refuse to comply with their unjust experimental injection.

Do not be fooled by the false sense of security that they promise you if you only will continue to comply.

They cannot and will not accomplish anything good by denigrating and being פוגע in שלימות העם and שלימות התורה.

Do not believe their lies and utter falsehoods. Do not accept their tyrannical policies that are based on skewed data, censorship, and suppression.

Hundreds of independent scientists and medical experts in Israel and worldwide, have cautioned against the grave mortal risks of this injection.

Hundreds of leading rabbanim and Torah scholars have categorically prohibited its use.

The despotic government is attempting to sideline all these experts, threatening to marginalize and alienate all the Jews who heed these rabbis in accordance with genuine Judaic law.

This is a shockingly unprecedented assault on Judaism and the Jewish community, attempting to rent asunder our people into two camps, the majority against the minority. The Torah exhorts us לא תתגודדו לא תעשוהו אגודות אגודות – do NOT split the Jewish community into separate camps at odds, forcing nonvaccinated Jews to form shuls of their own.

Such brazen divisiveness has not been seen since the dark days of Sabbateans and Frankists, may their names be erased, and it is now the time for all of us – both those who succumbed to injection and those who resist injection – to come together for the sake of the survival of our people.

DO not allow them to subvert our values and claim “pikuach nefesh” to justify their dark deeds. It’s PRECISELY the opposite:

Pikuach nefesh of six million Jews hangs perilously in the balance, specifically DUE to their unprecedented assault on our unity, our religion, our freedom, and on individual rights.

We cannot allow politicians to recklessly compromise on שלימות התורה and שלימות העם and put us all in great existential danger.

To the Prime Minister and the government of Israel, we say:

ENOUGH! Your days of tyrannizing our people is OVER. We demand an end to these intolerable policies and hate speech. We will NOT comply.

You will NOT succeed, and justice WILL be served.

You have been warned.

To the people of Israel, I conclude:

Let us all strengthen our Emunah and bitachon in בורא עולם ומנהיגו, in the Healer of all flesh, to protect us from all ailments and risks, both real and imagined

Strengthen your immune system with natural healing methods that have been tried and proven for centuries and millennia, not with high-tech genetic implants that cause blood clots, neurological damage, reproductive problems, and death.

STOP complying with state-sponsored apartheid policies that unjustly divide us and marginalize healthy Jews from synagogue and beit midrash.

Resist, in the name of the Torah and for the sake of Am Yisrael.

And surely Hashem will bless our efforts and our moral fortitude, and the truth prevail, since אמת מארץ תצמח – the truth with emerge to the entire world from THE Land, ארץ,

I.e. ארצנו הקדושה, our holy land, that by us preserving the integrity of שלימות התורה and שלימות העם, we will have true שלימות הארץ, territorial integrity of our holy land, and we’ll surely return to G-d’s Holy Home atop the Temple Mount, in the Third Beit Hamikdash, may it be rebuilt in the most immediate future. Amen.



When to Disregard the Majority?

Posted by Rabbi Michoel Green 5March2021

This is the second time that the writings of the the third Rebbe of Chabad, known as the Tzemach Tzedek, have been misinterpreted and/or misquoted in attempt to endorse covid policies! The first time was discussed a previous post.

tzemach tzedek i think

Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch (1789-1866) wrote in his Responsa Tzemach Tzedek (Yoreh Deah 359, pictured above) that if some doctors recommend a certain treatment and others say it’s preferable not to do it, then: if the two groups are equal in number and expertise, then שב ועל תעשה עדיף — it’s preferable to stay put and NOT take it, but if the majority of doctors recommend the treatment, then one SHOULD take it. This is because when trying to assess a situation, we follow the majority opinion.

However, he notes that this rule applies only when there is no concern of questionable mortal risk, in which case we would NOT follow the majority (but instead we’d be required to err on the side of caution and heed the warning of two doctors who advise the patient NOT to fast on Yom Kippur, for example, even if they’re contested by a hundred even more competent doctors who maintain that it’s safe for the patient to fast [1]). Nevertheless, in the case under discussion there is no such concern. It’s simply that some doctors claim the treatment is not recommended while the majority claim it is. In such a case, concludes the Tzemach Tzedek, the dictum “shev v’al taaseh” (i.e. when in doubt one should opt to not take action) does not take precedence over the majority view recommending the treatment.

Why am I sharing this here?

Several rabbis have erroneously misconstrued this responsum as a source that one is required to follow the alleged majority of medical experts who recommend the experimental covid injection over the minority of experts who recommend against it.

I write “alleged majority of experts” since:

a) doctors who did speak out against this injection have been censored, suppressed, or threatened, so we cannot know with certainty that there isn’t a silent majority of experts who are simply afraid to speak out;

b) this is a new experimental technology concerning which no doctor has any experience, and surely not with regard to long-term risks. Consequently, no doctor can be relied upon as a medical expert to vouch for its safety, unlike the therapy discussed by the Tzemach Tzedek with regards to which both groups of doctors presumably had expertise;

c) the vast majority of doctors who are currently recommending this injection are merely parroting medical policy dictated by others (like the CDC). Their opinion is NOT based on their own experience or expertise, and cannot be considered halachically-binding medical testimony. [1]

All this aside, there are three glaring reasons why this responsum is totally irrelevant to the experimental covid injection under discussion:

1) In our case, the minority of medical experts are not saying that it’s merely “preferable” not to take this treatment. Instead, they are earnestly warning us of their concerns of serious life-threatening risks associated with this treatment, including antibody-dependent enhancement, pathogenic priming, cytokine storm, autoimmunity, lifelong injury, infertility, or death. In this case, the Tzemach Tzedek himself clearly acknowledged the הלכה רווחת that we do NOT follow the majority view when there is possible mortal risk, but instead err on the side of caution and heed the advice of the two experts who caution against taking it, even if they are VASTLY outnumbered by experts who maintain that it’s safe. [2]

2) The concern here is not only based on any one (or two) doctor’s prognostication concerning mortal risks of this product, but about actual adverse effects, including fatalities, that have already occurred. As of this writing, there have already been well over a thousand reported deaths – and nearly two-thousand hospitalizations – in the immediate aftermath of receiving these injections. In this case, all doctors’ opinions are largely irrelevant [3]. Halacha obliges us to err on the side of caution and avoid the well-documented risk of this injection. Or at the very least, it MUST be a personal choice.3) The Tzemach Tzedek was discussing a patient with a diagnosed condition (he began with “לענין רפואה לחולי”). A patient’s obligation to heed a majority of doctors concerning a treatment does not relate to a healthy person’s decision on whether to take a prophylactic treatment to prevent a disease that he may or may not even catch in the first place. While doctors have been granted a certain degree of authority with regards to healing, “ורפא ירפא”, this authority does not necessarily extend to prevention. In this latter area, the doctor might have a vote but not a veto. [4]

Attempts to derive from this responsum that a healthy person is required to expose himself to the risks of an experimental injection – against the dire warnings of potential mortal risk from countless independent medical experts, and just for the sake of theoretically preventing symptoms of a potential disease that has a 99.9% survival rate – is totally absurd and without basis. Rabbis who cite this teshuva to enforce compliance with the new state-sponsored vaccine policy are demonstrating that they are either seriously misinformed or suffer gross lack of rabbinical competence, or both. Rabbis should never seek to misconstrue halachic texts to conform with popular secular agenda. In rabbinic parlance, such a person is called “מגלה פנים בתורה שלא כהלכה – one who insolently misinterprets the Torah.” [5]

While I would normally desist from expressing such words about anyone, let alone rabbis whom I’d otherwise hold in high esteem, I must unambiguously highlight their grave error in this case, since we are discussing a serious matter of life and death affecting millions of yidden worldwide. We cannot remain silent while their adherents and students are being misled in such a dire situation of sofek sakonas nefoshos. We also may not remain silent while the Tzemach Tzedek’s words are being misconstrued to the peril of klal Yisroel everywhere. [6]

May we merit a complete healing for all the sick of our people, and a complete return to sanity, truth, and objective reality.

Rabbi Michoel Green


[1] Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim Harav 618:9

[2] Ibid s’if 5

[3] See recent letter by Rabbi Wosner. Halacha authorizes medical experts to establish a concern of risk, but not necessarily to establish a din of incontrovertible safety.

[4] Observation attributed to Rabbi Chaim of Brisk. It should also be pointed out that the Lubavitcher Rebbe never said that one should heed the advice of doctors with regard to vaccination. Instead, if it was tested and proven to be incontrovertibly safe, the Rebbe recommended taking it ומכלל הן אתה שומע לאו. In our present situation, that condition has not been satisfied, which is the entire crux of the matter.

[5] Sanhedrin 99b

[6] Read about another recent misinterpretation of the Tzemach Tzedek’s writings in attempt to condone halachically-unjust and indefensible covid policies: Rabbi’s Blog: No Authentic Halachic Source for Masks (


“Vaccinating our children is not acceptable”, Testimony of Pediatrician Dr Angelina Farella before the Texas Senate

Posted 27July2021 lFattoQuotidiano Fr: French Subtitles.
Testimony of Pediatrician Dr. Angelina Farella, before the Texas Senate Commission. Vaccinating our children is not acceptable. Children are not super spreaders.

Arutz Sheva

Journalist Oshrat Kotler: As a minority, why should the unvaccinated lack rights?

“There is great controversy among scientists both regarding the vaccines and regarding the method by which coronavirus should be managed.”

103FM, 25July2021

Oshrat Kotler - Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

Oshrat Kotler – Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

Journalist Oshrat Kotler slammed Prime Minister Bennett’s statements last week during which he claimed that “vaccine-refusers are hurting us all.”

Over the weekend, Kotler responded on Facebook, “Those who were vaccinated become infected with coronavirus and infect others with coronavirus, and also develop serious illness. So on what basis, exactly, are you demanding a million people who are concerned about the vaccine to go get vaccinated? I also got vaccinated, and suffered from a very frightening inflammation of the heart muscle, to this day I suffer from arrhythmias, and impaired thyroid activity.”

“There are thousands more in the country like me! The FDA warns of this side effect as well as others that have been discovered in the meantime, so how dare you underestimate the concerns of a million people? How dare you turn them into untouchables, into people who endanger others?” Kotler wrote.

Speaking on Sunday morning to Golan Yochpaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM, Kotler said she had watched the speech delivered by Prime Minister Bennett, and admitted: “I was terrified, it still terrifies me. It is a divisive, inciting text with no scientific basis.”

“I am in contact with scientists, there is a very big controversy among scientists both regarding the vaccines and regarding the method by which coronavirus disease should be managed or dealt with. Among the billion vaccinated people around the world, if we can believe the data, one million in Israel (who have not been vaccinated) is a minority, so it lacks rights?”

Later, she sharply criticized Bennett, saying: “The prime minister gets up and incites against an entire population, saying they are harming your health – are you crazy? There are doctors – a lot of doctors – 40,000 around the world, who say that people who have not been vaccinated do not endanger anyone else. It’s like with the flu vaccine, okay? It’s very similar. The technique is different but it’s the same thing.”

“The vaccine cost me my health”

Kotler noted that she was vaccinated, but she said “it cost me my health. It was terrible, I went to a cardiologist because I thought I was having an anxiety attack. It was unbearable, I had very high blood pressure, twice my normal range. It was frightening, because the heartbeats were in my ears, body, everywhere. I went for tests and found arrhythmias, changes in the thyroid gland.”

She said that “There is underreporting [of adverse effects]. This is not a feeling – there are no protocols,” adding, “I stopped believing the Ministry of Health the third or fourth time I received incorrect data from them. I recommend all health reporters heavily question Ministry of Health publications,” she said.

Asked if she thought the vaccine saved humanity from the virus, she replied: “I do not know yet. Because all the information at the moment, all the data, is routed through people who are related to the pharmaceutical companies. How can I believe the pharmaceutical companies’ reports and studies, which are funded by them, and from which they make billions? I really do not know.”

Kotler also commented on the way COVID data is presented by the media, saying “The presentation of this story by the media will be studied in the history of media and world politics. If we had shown for 30 years those 2,500 people who die every year from the flu and count every infected person, no one would have left his home.”


Health Ministry: 20% of vaccinated coronavirus carriers infect EVERYONE!

Arutz Sheva

Health Ministry: 80% of vaccinated coronavirus carriers didn’t infect anyone and the 20% DID!

New Health Ministry data shows vaccinated coronavirus carriers did not cause mass outbreaks.

Arutz Sheva Staff, 24July2021

A new investigation by Israel’s Health Ministry showed that most people who were vaccinated and later contracted COVID-19 did not infect anyone else, Mako reported.

The investigation showed that vaccinated individuals who attended cultural shows, event halls, restaurants, and gyms while positive for coronavirus did not cause widespread infection: 80% of those vaccinated did not infect anyone else who was present at those locations. Another 10% of vaccinated individuals infected one other person, while 3% infected two or three other people. Information on the remaining 7% was not known, the Ministry added.

The investigation did not include private homes, since exposure in small, enclosed locations is generally greater, especially when it occurs within a private home.

In March, prior to the outbreak of the Delta coronavirus variant, Health Ministry data showed that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is highly effective at preventing asymptomatic transmission.

In February, a staff of experts from the US found that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines were 83% effective at preventing transmission by 36 days after the first dose, and 89% effective at preventing transmission by day 36 after the second dose. The study also showed that within 15 days after the first dose, the vaccine was 75% effective at preventing transmission.

Comments from Aurtz Sheva readers:
20% of people who got the garbage shot infected other people? That’s horrible!!

Covid-19 Vaccine: Big US implications from Israel, Hospitalised, 91.4% rate after 2 Doses.

Click to download PDF fileClick to download the report files_weekly-flu-corona_EN-2021_corona-flu-week-27-EN



VAX FAIL: Latest “covid” outbreak in Israel occurred mostly in “fully vaccinated”

01July2021 / By

The Israeli government is claiming that the majority of people who are testing “positive” for the new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “Delta” variant were already vaccinated.

Ran Balicer, who leads an Israeli government “expert advisory panel,” says that his country is considering another lockdown due to this latest “strain” of the Chinese Virus, which is supposedly linked to a spike in hospitalizations.

The vast majority of those who are suffering in this hospital, however, are people who received both doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s experimental mRNA gene therapy injection, which proves that the jabs are useless.

“The entrance of the delta variant has changed the transition dynamics,” Balicer is quoted as saying, adding that this B.1.617.2 strain, as they are calling it, has been “detected” in more than 70 countries.

More than 200 people in Israel allegedly tested “positive” for the Delta variant, which prompted Israeli authorities to demand that everyone in the country put back on their face masks while indoors.

Everywhere except one’s personal home is once again a face mask zone in Israel, which has seen some of the most draconian Chinese Virus measures be enforced throughout this past year.

About 55 percent of Israel’s 9.3 million residents have now received both doses of the Pfizer injection. Children as young as 12 are now eligible to take it, and the government is pushing hard for everyone to obey.

“Our goal at the moment, first and foremost, is to safeguard the citizens of Israel from the Delta variant that is running amok in the world,” announced Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

When will the coronavirus madness end?

The Israeli government continues to aggressively demand that all residents take the Pfizer injection, despite the Israeli People Committee (IPC) having already come to the conclusion that the jabs cause catastrophic damage to the body.

It is obvious that everyone who is still getting sick from “covid” is actually suffering adverse events from the injection itself. Many of us predicted this would happen and here we are watching it unfold in real time.

The plan all along was to scare everyone into getting injected, and once the vaccine side effects kicked in, to then blame those on new “variants” that required more lockdowns, masks and vaccines.

It will become a never-ending cycle of tyranny, injections and fearmongering, as long as people accept it. Hopefully Americans do not allow what is currently happening in Israel to once again happen here.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are already well over 10,000 “breakthrough” cases of the Chinese Virus that have been documented across 46 states and territories, all resulting from post-injection side effects.

Try as they might to continue blaming all the sickness on invisible floating virus variants, the truth of the matter is that every new “wave” of disease is a product of the jabs.

“They won’t be satisfied until they complete the global reset and usher in the one world order with the satanic antichrist,” wrote one commenter at The Epoch Times, speculating as to the true purpose behind all this nonsense. “Believers: get ready to meet in the air.”

“Why on God’s green earth would anyone allow themselves to be injected with an experimental biologic agent/gene manipulation when there are safe and effective treatments for covid-19,” asked another.

“The spike protein is toxic and after being injected, your cells are churning them out by the millions and they are traveling to numerous other locations in your body. If you don’t die soon after being jabbed, expect to suffer the effects in the months and years ahead.”

The latest news about Chinese Virus tyranny can be found at

Sources for this article include:



India’s Ivermectin Blackout: The Secret Revealed

BY TYLER DURDEN 02October2021 –

Authored by Justus R, Hope via,

On May 7, 2021, during the peak of India’s Delta Surge, The World Health Organization reported, “Uttar Pradesh (is) going the last mile to stop COVID-19.”


India Government teams are moving across villages

India Government teams are moving across villages


The WHO noted, “Government teams are moving across 97,941 villages in 75 districts over five days in this activity which began May 5 in India’s most populous state with a population of 230 million.”

The activity involved an aggressive house-to-house test and treat program with medicine kits.

The WHO explained, “Each monitoring team has two members who visit homes in villages and remote hamlets to test everyone with symptoms of COVID-19 using Rapid Antigen Test kits. Those who test positive are quickly isolated and given a medicine kit with advice on disease management.

The medicines comprising the kit were not identified as part of the Western media blackout at the time. As a result, the contents were as secret as the sauce at McDonald’s.

The WHO continued, “On the inaugural day, WHO field officers monitored over 2,000 government teams and visited at least 10,000 households.”

This news story was published on the WHO Official Website in India. The website details the WHO’s work against COVID-19 in India, including a discussion about their “Online course for Rapid Response Teams.”

Such teams are the very government teams discussed above assigned to conduct the house-to-house test and treat program in Uttar Pradesh. In discussing the role of the Rapid Response Team (RRT), the WHO site reports,

“RRTs are a key component of a larger emergency response strategy that is essential for an efficient and effective response…WHO has produced and published this course for RRTs working at the national, sub-national, district, and sub-district levels to strengthen the pandemic response with support from the National Center for Disease Control, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

The Rapid Response Teams derive support from the United States CDC under the umbrella of the WHO. This fact further validates the Uttar Pradesh test and treat program and solidifies this as a joint effort by the WHO and CDC.

Perhaps the most telling portion of the WHO article was the last sentence, “WHO will also support the Uttar Pradesh government on the compilation of the final reports.”

None have yet been published.

Just five short weeks later, on June 14, 2021, new cases had dropped a staggering 97.1 percent, and the Uttar Pradesh program was hailed as a resounding success.

According to ZeeNews of India, “The strategy of trace, test & treat yields results.”

“The Yogi-led state has also been registering a steep decline in the number of Active COVID Cases as the figure has dropped from a high of 310,783 in April to 8,986 now, a remarkable reduction by 97.10 percent.”

By July 2, 2021, three weeks later, cases were down a full 99 percent.

On August 6, 2021, India’s Ivermectin media blackout ended with MSM reporting. Western media, including MSN, finally acknowledged what was contained in those Uttar Pradesh medicine kits. Among the medicines were Doxycycline and Ivermectin.

Uttar Pradesh Daily Covid-19 Cases

Uttar Pradesh Daily Covid-19 Cases

On August 25, 2021, the Indian media noticed the discrepancy between Uttar Pradesh’s massive success and other states, like Kerala’s, comparative failure. Although Uttar Pradesh was only 5% vaccinated to Kerala’s 20%, Uttar Pradesh had (only) 22 new COVID cases, while Kerala was overwhelmed with 31,445 in one day. So it became apparent that whatever was contained in those treatment kits must have been pretty effective.

News18 reported, “Let’s look at the contrasting picture. Kerala, with its 3.5 crore population – or 35 million, on August 25 reported 31,445 new cases, a bulk of the total cases reported in the country. Uttar Pradesh, the biggest state with a population of nearly 24 crore – or 240 million – meanwhile reported just 22 cases in the same period.

Two days ago, just seven fresh positive cases were reported from Uttar Pradesh. Kerala reported 215 deaths on August 25, while Uttar Pradesh only reported two deaths. In fact, no deaths have been reported from Uttar Pradesh in recent days. There are only 345 active cases in Uttar Pradesh now while Kerala’s figure is at 1.7 lakh – or 170,000.”

“Kerala has done a much better job in vaccination coverage with 56% of its population being vaccinated with one dose and 20% of the population being fully vaccinated with a total of 2.66 crore – or 26.6 million – doses being administered.

Uttar Pradesh had given over 6.5 crore – or 65 million – doses, the maximum in the country, but only 25% of people have got their first dose while less than 5% of people are fully vaccinated. Given the present COVID numbers, Uttar Pradesh seems to be trumping Kerala for the tag of the most successful model against COVID.”

This author reviewed the reasons behind Kerala’s failed treatment model in two articles, “The Lesson of Kerala” and “Kerala’s Vaccinated Surge.”

By September 12, 2021, Livemint reported that 34 districts were declared COVID-free or had no active cases. Only 14 new cases were recorded in the entire state of Uttar Pradesh.

On September 22, 2021, YouTube hosted a video by popular science blogger Dr. John Campbell detailing the Uttar Pradesh success story. He gave a breakdown of the ingredients and dosages of the magical medicine home treatment kit responsible for eradicating COVID in Uttar Pradesh. The same kit was also used in the state of Goa.

Dr. John Campbell broke India’s Ivermectin Blackout wide open on YouTube by revealing the formula of the secret sauce, much to the dismay of Big Pharma, the WHO, and the CDC. Readers will want to watch this before it is taken down. See mark 2:22.

Each home kit contained the following: Paracetamol tablets [tylenol], Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin 12 mg [quantity #10 tablets], Doxycycline 100 mg [quantity #10 tablets]. Other non-medication components included face masks, sanitizer, gloves and alcohol wipes, a digital thermometer, and a pulse oximeter. See mark 2:33.

Campbell reports that the exciting things in the kit that grabbed his attention were: Zinc, Vitamin D3, Ivermectin, and secondary antibiotic treatment. “Interesting, that’s what the government decided to give.” See mark 3:40

John Campbell has reviewed repurposed drugs for COVID before. He has interviewed both Dr. Tess Lawrie and Dr. Pierre Kory. Repurposed drugs hold the potential for benefitting many conditions, not the least of which include viruses and cancers.

Dr. Campbell noted that there had been no recent cases in 59 Uttar Pradesh districts. In addition, out of 191,446 tests completed in the previous 24 hours, only 33 samples were positive for a test positivity rate of only 0.01%. Dr. Campbell called this low number “staggering.” See mark 5:05.

By September, cases had fallen dramatically. Out of the entire state of 200 million plus inhabitants, only 187 active cases were left compared to the peak in April of 310,783 cases. See mark 5:41.

Dr. Campbell attributes their success to many factors, including early detection and early treatment with kits costing a mere $ 2.65 per person. See mark 6:20.

Dr John Campbell: Home ivermectin based kits in India

Posted 22September2021:
Goa, home medical kit with ivermectin, zinc and vitamin D
Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant in the presence of Minister for Health Shri
Pulse Oximeter, Digital Thermometer, Paracetamol tablets (15), Vitamin C tablets (30), Multivitamin tablets with Zinc (30)
Vitamin D3 tablets (2 packs), Ivermectin 12mg tablets (10), Doxycycline 100mg tablets (10), Three-ply face masks (5)
N-95 Masks (2), Sanitizer (100ml), Alcohol based Wipes (1 box with 20 plies), Gloves (2 pairs)
Uttar Pradesh Population 204 million
No fresh Covid cases in UP’s 59 districts
Last 24 hours, 191,446 samples tested
33 samples tested positive
Test Positivity Rate, lower than 0.01
Active caseload Currently 187, April, 310,783
Factors to explain success
Targeted testing of specific groups
Early detection
Contact tracing
Free and timely provision of medicine kits and treatment to the rural populace
$2.65 per person
State government, 50 lakh medical kits through village surveillance committees
A team of doctors will supervise the administration of doses as well as distribution of the medical kits among the children in all 75 districts of the state

Home isolation and ivermectin-based treatment kits

August 2020
Government Order (GO), ivermectin-based treatment kit
People with mild or asymptomatic covid-19
Kept in home isolation
Mild case
Oxygen saturation more than 94%
Moderate case
Oxygen saturations 90-94%
Indication for hospitalisation
Oxygen saturations below 90%
Of those testing positive
90% successfully treated at home
10% hospitalised
Treatment pack: Ivermectin, Doxycycline, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Zinc
Paracetamol, Thermometer, Pulse oximeter
Local Covid Control Centres
Twice-daily phone calls to household contacts to check on progress
They asked for oxygen saturation levels and temperature readings
Checked that ivermectin and doxycycline had been taken

Notice that Dr. Campbell does not mention a single person who had any toxicity from those ten 12 mg pills of Ivermectin – in the entire state of over 200 million. Not one poisoning was reported. No Indian poison control articles or telephone calls were reported. Out of millions of distributed medicine kits, each containing 120 mg of Ivermectin, not one person in Uttar Pradesh was reported to have had a problem with the drug.

Notice that Dr. Campbell at no time criticizes the medicine kit as “fringe” or ineffective. After all, it would be improper to accuse a WHO-sponsored program such as the Uttar Pradesh test and treat – coordinated by WHO – of being “fringe.”

Contrary to what little we receive – at great expense – from the government in the United States, these kits are efficient and contain gloves, a thermometer, and an oximeter. The last time I purchased an oximeter some ten years ago, it cost some $200.00. This entire kit – including the oximeter – costs only $2.65.

And notice that a government can purchase over one thousand home treatment Ivermectin containing kits for the price of one course of Remdesivir. Remdesivir runs $3,100, and it is an impractical drug as it must be given late in the disease during hospitalization. Moreover, it is a drug that does not save lives.

On the other hand, the Ivermectin kits are highly correlated with eliminating COVID-19 in Uttar Pradesh. Indeed with less than 11% of their population fully vaccinated, the Uttar Pradesh model of test and treat is superior not only to Kerala, with a much higher percent vaccinated. Uttar Pradesh beats the UK, the US, and nearly everywhere else in the world in terms of the lowest active COVID cases.

Rather than turning a blind eye to Uttar Pradesh, perhaps it is time to analyze its success. It is time for all to realize that far from being dangerous, Ivermectin is safer than hand sanitizer or plain Tylenol, judging from the number of United States poison control calls.

Now is precisely the moment to point out that Dr. George Fareed, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Harvey Risch were correct in their U.S. Senate Testimony on November 19, 2020. They advised that early outpatient treatment was essential and would save hundreds of thousands of American lives if adopted. It wasn’t.

Now is the right moment to notice the onslaught of United States poison control articles attempting to smear Ivermectin, a drug proven safe and effective in the Uttar Pradesh test-and-treat program administered under the auspices of both the WHO and CDC.

It is appropriate to remind the reader that the WHO and CDC possess direct and recent knowledge of Ivermectin use for COVID-19 in India. Moreover, they know better than anyone the colossal effectiveness and overwhelming safety of Ivermectin used in those millions of Uttar Pradesh test and treat kits.

Perhaps it is also time to ask why exactly Dr. Tess Lawrie’s peer-reviewed meta-analysis was given an Altimetric score of 26,697, making it number eight out of some 18 million publications.

This rank is far better than the top 1%, which would only need a ranking of 180,000 for it to rank in the top 1%. It would only need 18,000 for it to rank in the top .1%. Ranking in the top .001% would mean #180. Therefore, at number eight, it is 8/180 of the top .001% or roughly the top 4.4% of the top .001%. This article ranks in the top 5% of the top .001%!

In other words, only seven articles in the world out of those 18 million are ranked higher.

This peer-reviewed paper is one of the most cited of medical references of all time – period. That should alert any reader – immediately – to its historical significance. Dr. Tess Lawrie is a 30-year veteran WHO evidence synthesis expert. Her conclusion is every bit as meaningful as the article’s rank. Here are those words,

“Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using Ivermectin. Using Ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that Ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

Maybe it is time to ask why Dr. Pierre Kory’s peer-reviewed narrative review of Ivermectin ranks #38 out of the same 18 million publications.

He concludes, “Finally, the many examples of Ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality reduction indicate that an oral agent effective in all phases of COVID-19 has been identified.”

If Dr. Lawrie’s paper is ranked in the top 5% of the top .001% of all such published medical articles of all time, then Dr. Kory’s is not far behind. His is 38/180 of the top .001% or the top 21% of the top .001%

Thus, both articles would rank in the rarified atmosphere of nearly one in a million.

Therefore, the reader must now ask why two magnificent independent reviews from two different continents, coming to the same conclusion, are both ignored by our world’s medical leaders?

Uttar Pradesh is one such population that experienced a considerable drop in COVID-19 morbidity and mortality months AFTER Dr. Kory’s article was published on April 22, 2021. Therefore, one must ask that if Ivermectin so predictably and safely eradicates COVID-19, then why is it not being systematically deployed over all the world, as Dr. Kory and Dr. Lawrie suggest?

Perhaps every reader needs to ask themselves this question – Why is it that BOTH Dr. Lawrie’s and Dr. Kory’s supremely-rated expert review articles, published in the medical literature on PubMed, the National Library of Medicine, are BANNED from Wikipedia?

Although India’s Ivermectin victory over COVID may have been lost on bent-on-vaccinating-everyone Big Pharma and Big Regulators, the message seems to have gotten through to the man on the street. If Google Trends is any indicator, interest in Ivermectin is exploding, and for good reason. We are all being systematically deceived by influential organizations in the name of profits.

A daily onslaught of media propaganda bombards us with messages attempting to steer us away from the safest and most effective treatments.

Interest in Ivermectin and India is only increasing and has now reached an all-time high.

Interest in Ivermectin and India

Interest in Ivermectin and India

India’s conquest of COVID-19 is concealed no longer. The secret is out.

And perhaps, at long last, that much-anticipated WHO Final Report detailing the most successful Pandemic campaign of any place on earth will be published.

* * *

Justus R. Hope, M.D. is the author of the book “Ivermectin for the World”, released as a call to action for the use of Ivermectin to end the humanitarian crisis in India with the COVID-19 Pandemic



Coronavirus cases spike in highly vaccinated Israel but drop in unvaccinated Palestine

19August2021 by:

(Natural News) The Middle Eastern states of Israel and Palestine show contrasting figures in both vaccination rates and case counts amid the ongoing pandemic. Israel recently saw a massive spike in Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases despite three-fifths of its population being vaccinated. Meanwhile, Palestine saw its COVID-19 cases drop even though more than 90 percent of its population remains unvaccinated.

Naturopathic doctor Suneil Jain pointed out the stark contrast in a tweet. His post said: “Palestine: 8.2 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Israel: 62 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Guess which one is doing better?”

Jain pointed to figures from the website to support his tweet. He compared the vaccination rates and the number of COVID-19 cases in both countries and found that the former was directly proportional to the latter. While Israel suffers from high case counts despite the majority of its citizens being vaccinated, Palestine, with many remaining unvaccinated, has seen a steady drop.

As of Aug. 10, more than half of Israel’s population have been fully vaccinated, while only 8.2 percent of Palestinians have received two doses of coronavirus vaccines. Palestine has only administered around 1 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, a small number compared to the more than 10 million doses administered by Israel.

Furthermore, figures from show that the daily number of new COVID-19 cases in Israel has surpassed the 3,500 mark. Meanwhile, daily new COVID-19 cases in Palestine never went beyond 500. These figures suggest that COVID-19 vaccines are not only ineffective, but they could also be responsible for the new wave of COVID-19 infections.

According to the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker, Israel procured and approved both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines for use. On the other hand, Palestine relied on donated vaccines for its vaccination program. The country received a total of 37,440 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and 24,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine through the World Health Organization‘s COVAX initiative. Palestine also received doses of the Russian-made vaccine, Sputnik V, according to a BBC report.

Israel relied too much on the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

Israel used the two-dose Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on a huge percentage of its population, alongside the two-dose Moderna vaccine. More than 5.4 million Israelis received the Pfizer/BioNTech shot in the country’s widely praised mass inoculation program. However, examinations done by Israeli medical experts reveal that Pfizer’s vaccine may have caused more harm than good.

Back in April 2021, researchers from Tel Aviv University and Israeli healthcare provider Clalit Health Services reported that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine increased the risk of people catching COVID-19 variants. They found that Israelis who completed the vaccine’s two-dose schedule were eight times more likely to get infected with the South African B1351 strain. Meanwhile, those who received one dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech shot were at higher risk of catching the British B117 strain.

“We found a disproportionately higher rate of the South African variant among people vaccinated with a second dose, compared to the unvaccinated group. Based on patterns in the general population, we would have expected just one case of the [B1351] variant – but we saw eight,” the study’s lead researcher, Dr. Adi Stern, said. (Related: Study finds Pfizer coronavirus vaccine puts people at HIGHER risk of covid “variants”.)

Months later, the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) revealed that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was only 39 percent effective against the B16172 delta variant. The ministry noted this finding in its July 22 report, which included COVID-19 cases recorded between June 20 and July 17. This corresponded with the time of the more infectious variant’s spread in Israel. (Related: Israel faces new coronavirus outbreak even though its citizens already got vaccines.)

The MOH’s report also noted the waning effectiveness of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19 transmission. People vaccinated in March and April 2021 had more than 50 percent protection against the COVID-19 virus, while those inoculated in February 2021 only had 44 percent. Israelis inoculated at the start of the year saw their vaccine-induced protection levels drop to a measly 16 percent.

First identified in India, the B16172 delta variant has since spread to other countries. According to Israel’s Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center, the strain is 60 percent more infectious than the British B117 strain. It has also caused almost three times more hospitalizations than the B117 variant. has more articles about vaccination programs contributing to COVID-19 surges.

Sources include:


This is an interview with an undertaker named John O’Looney, from Milton Keynes in the UK.


Taking responsibility


How do we know if something is ‘real’ or ‘fake’?

As we go forward, it’s going to be crucially important for us to understand what is likely to be real, and what is likely to be fake.


We need to be doing our hitbodedut, and asking God all the time to really show us what’s true and what isn’t, because the world of lies is still cranking along at full speed, and most of us really have no clue just how many ‘lies’ modern life is built on.


At the same time….

There are certain tricks of the trade, certain things I look for, to decide whether I think something is likely to be true, or likely to be fake.

And in this post, I want to try and share some of these tidbits with you, so you will hopefully have an easier time of the birur, going forward.

So, let’s start with EXHIBIT 1, which a reader kindly sent to me a few days’ ago, like this:

More info on vax and graphene oxide

Check out this article.May Hashem save us and reveal Moshiach immediately! Gmar Chasima Tova


I clicked the link, and it brought up an article I actually saw when it first came out a month ago.

Long story short, it purports to be a conversation between one ‘Steven Fishman’ and a ‘Dr Milo Canderian’.

Here’s the first three paragraphs:

….Dr. Mylo Canderian, Ph.D. [born Milos Iskanderianos, Corfu, Greece, 1938], who developed the patent for Graphene Oxide for use as a Hematological Bioweapon in 2015.

In full transparency, Dr. Canderian is what I would call a “Genocidal Globalist,” who follows Precept Ten of the Georgia Guidestones, which is very seldom discussed, stating “Be not a Cancer upon the Earth; Leave Room for Nature.”

Dr. Canderian is a Medical Contributor to the World Health Organization and is also very supportive of Klaus Schwab and the “Great Reset,” ushering in one world digital currency which is a secondary goal of the WHO for 2022.


Real or Fake?

Even before I continue reading the rest of the piece – where Dr Milo is apparently openly saying that most people have 3-10 years left to live – I am 95% sure this is fake.


Well, firstly you can’t take out patents for ‘Hematological Bioweapons’.

Because technically, at least, how would someone protect a patent for an invention designed to covertly mass murder millions of people?

And that third paragraph in is just a little too ‘perfectly designed’ for conspiracy theorists, hitting all the right buttons about WHO, digital currencies and Klaus Schwab.

But before I totally dismiss this is ‘fake news’ on the other side of the bench, let’s first run a few simple checks on the information it contains.


Check one:

Who the heck is ‘Steven Fishman’?

I can’t get a straight answer to that, but the main person who comes up on Google with that name is a former Scientologist who is serving a jail sentence for serious fraud.

In any case, the fact that the person who is writing this piece is either a former Scientologist (i.e. definitely a spook) or doesn’t exist tends to suggest right off the bat this is fake.

Because real people always have some sort of ‘trail’ on the internet. You will find them in all sorts of weird places, like leaving a book review on Goodreads, or having a Facebook account – something, somewhere, that suggests they really do exist.

‘Steven Fishman’ is failing that test.


Next, I check to see if I can find this ‘Dr Milo Canderian / Milos Iskanderianos’ in the real world.

I can’t.

He has no patents for anything listed.

He is not appearing anywhere on the WHO website.

And in fact, he doesn’t exist on the web outside of literally tens of this exist same story, cut and pasted into a load of ‘alternative news’ sites.

So at this point, I am 100% sure that this is fake news.


So now, a word on the sites that are posting this story up and pretending that it’s real.

Either they are 100% ‘controlled opposition’ – and always have been – OR, they are incredibly gullible and naive, and are doing zero due diligence on the information they are sharing with their readers.

Either way, it’s interesting to note that the sites that are sharing this ‘fake news’ include:

Henry Makow

David Icke

– Amongst many, many more.


I strongly suspect these people are ‘controlled opposition’.

I.e., people who are paid to ‘act’ as though they are leading the charge against the controllers, and spreading the truth, but really are just sowing more deliberate confusion and handicapping any attempt to ‘resist’ by leading us all off in directions that do nothing, and accomplish nothing.

There are many, many people in this category, so buyer beware.

Now, let’s take a look at another example, to ring the changes between probably ‘fake’ and probably ‘real’.


This is an interview with an undertaker named John O’Looney, from Milton Keynes in the UK.

It originally appeared on ‘The Crowhouse’ website two days ago, and has now been picked up by a few other sites.

(Shmirat Eynayim friendly.)

UK Funeral Directer John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid-19


I highly recommend you watch this, and come to your own conclusions about what he’s saying.

Here’s why I am leaning towards believing this is genuine:

  1. He has a real, verifiable name, and a real, verifiable business.

For example, THIS is the website for his Funeral Parlour in Milton Keynes:

And when he says he was interviewed by the BBC at the very beginning of what he then believed was the Covid 19 pandemic in the UK, I can also easily stand that up:


2. He gives specific details of things that only someone at the coal face would know.

For example, O’Looney says that there were no ‘excess deaths’ happening in 2020, and that if anything, the number of people dying was actually less than in 2019.

And he also explains in details about how bodies are ‘washed and dressed’, and how he continued to do that for his customers even when he wasn’t meant to, because of ‘Covid fears’.

And there are other things that make his account sound authentic, like his familiarity with the stats about the number of cremations (95%) vs burials (5%) that typically occur in the UK.


It’s the small things like this that build credibility.

When O’Looney tells me that typically, he would collect most bodies for burial from the hospital, and then from an assortment of care homes, hospices and (minimally….) people who died at home, I believe he’s telling the truth.

That’s important, because when he then says that in the ‘first wave’ of Covid in the UK, he was exclusively collecting dead people from nursing homes, over the duration of three weeks, and that this had never, ever happened before previously, I believe him.

And when he says that in his view, thousands of people were deliberately ‘euthanised’ with something called ‘Midazolam’ in Covid’s ‘first wave’- and that he checked this out by starting to look for prescription papers for this next to the deceased when he came to collect them in the nursing homes – I’m inclined to believe it.


HERE is the Wikipedia page for ‘Midazolam’.

HERE is the Wikipedia page for ‘Midazolam’
Midazolam is a short-acting drug of the benzodiazepine class that is used to treat acute seizures, moderately severe insomnia , to induce sedation and amnesia before medical procedures. It has powerful anxiolytic, amnestic , hypnotic , anticonvulsant , sedative effects, and also relaxes skeletal muscles . Midazolam has a fast recovery time and is the most commonly used benzodiazepine for premedication; less commonly it is used to induce and maintain anesthesia . Flumazenil – a benzodiazepine antagonist , which can be used to treat an overdose of midazolam, as well as to reverse the effect of sedation. However, flumazenil can cause seizures in mixed overdoses and in benzodiazepine-dependent individuals, so it is not used in most cases.

If O’Looney is making this up, he’s really done his homework.


He has other interesting things to say, too.

Like, not a single child has died of Covid within a 60 mile radius of Milton Keynes, over the last 18 months.

I.e. there is zero chance of ‘Covid 19’ killing our children.

BUT – he fully expects to see lots of kids who ‘died from Covid’ now showing up in funeral homes, now they’ve started ‘vaccinating’ 12 year olds in the UK.

And he also lays out very clearly, that practically ALL the people he’s helped to bury over the last few months died very soon after getting the shot, including young people who dropped dead from heart-attacks.


Again, listen to him yourself, make up your own mind.

But ask yourself:

What does a bona fide funeral director in Milton Keynes stand to gain, by making this stuff up?

If people are really ‘dying from Covid’ – as our corrupt governments and MSM tell us – and are not dying from vaccine injury as a result of the Covid 19 jab – as O’Looney is saying – what does he have to gain, by lying like this?


While you are pondering that, let me share some snippets of something my mum just emailed me.

My mum believes in vaccines. She got the flu jab every year, and dutifully went to get double-jabbed with the Astrazeneca ‘Covid 19’ shot while back.

But even my mum is starting to think there is something very fishy going on here.

Here’s what she just sent me:

Contradictions Gone Viral



“On August 22, an open letter by the COVID19 Assembly signed by 124 medical professionals, was sent to U.K. government authorities contesting official COVID policies based on flawed assumptions, undeniable failures and the shutting down of debate.

“The pandemic response policies implemented,” the signatories assert, “have caused massive, permanent and unnecessary harm to our nation, and must never be repeated.”

They isolate the enormous and unforgiveable errors inflicted by the ostensible guardians of public health, including the harms of lockdown policies, the institutional nature of the disease (“care home residents comprised around half of all deaths, despite making up less than 1% of the population”), the exaggerated nature of the threat, the suppression of successful early treatment, use of behavioural science to generate fear, an invalid COVID-zero protocol, the omission of critical information and “over-reliance on modeling while ignoring real-world data,” among other administrative practices…


“Most alarmingly, the New Zealand tracking system reports more deaths from the vaccines than from COVID since 2020.

As J.D. Rucker writes, “Covid-19 deaths are invariably inflated in most countries while vaccine death numbers are always underreported…it’s certain the vaccine death numbers are much, much higher.”


Is the New Zealand tracking system also lying?

Are all these doctors in the UK who finally found some courage to speak out about all the threats, ‘omission of critical information’ and strange fact that half the people who died from ‘Covid’ were in care homes lying?

And if the answer to these questions is ‘no’….

Then who is really doing the lying, here?


People believe what they want to believe, and they listen to the people they want to listen to.

Ultimately, God is going to hold each of us accountable for what we do and don’t do in this whole ‘Covid 19’ test of our middot.

Ultimately, those people who make some real teshuva from everything that’s going on, and who genuinely come closer to God, and sincerely start working on their bad middot – regardless of their vaccination status – will be rewarded for that.

And the opposite is also true.


Let me try to leave this on a more positive note.

If we’re dealing with a ‘chemical’ cause of the illnesses we are being told are ‘Covid 19’ – that means there is an antidote that can stop this ‘pandemic’ in its tracks.

A chemical cause would be a biotoxin, like graphene oxide.

That’s why as soon as it’s 100% pinned-down that graphene oxide nanotech is in these vials – and that moment is fast approaching – then the solution to that part of the problem will also be instantly available.

It seems that graphene oxide degrades and naturally breaks down in the body within 12 months, which is presumably why they are so keen on making these ‘booster shots’ every six months a thing, to keep the levels of the graphene oxide in vivo at the levels they need them to be.


To put this in different words:

They aren’t going to win.

More and more people are waking up, and pushing back.

Here in Israel, of the 5 million who got ‘double jabbed’, only 2 million showed up for dose number 3.

My daughter knows a few people her age who had three shots.

She said they pretty much all said that the first injection barely hurt, the second one made them pretty achy – and with the third one, they were all in bed, ill, for a whole week afterwards.

This is anecdotal evidence, but again, it tends to support the thesis that there is something in the shots themselves, that is making people sick.

And more and more people are starting to figure that out for themselves.


Take responsibility for yourself!

Do your own homework, believe what your own eyes are showing you, what your own soul is whispering at you.

Let me leave you with the unbelievable words of our leader in chief, Naftali Bennett, that apparently just appeared in The Economist, as to why Israel is pushing a third jab on people here, even though the FDA says only those over 65 should get a third jab:

“When twice-dosed people are infected and fall ill, it erodes the public’s trust in the vaccines and discourages others from getting vaccinated,” Bennett said.

He said that allowing the vaccines to wane is not only dangerous but provides “fodder for the anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists.”


Ah, those ridiculous conspiracy theorists, who told us that the ‘vaccines’ themselves were actually making people sick with ‘Covid 19’, chortle, chortle.

Just read this again:

“When twice-dosed people are infected and fall ill, it erodes the public’s trust in the vaccines and discourages others from getting vaccinated,” Bennett said.

I rest my case.

If the PM of Israel is saying it, it must be true.



I should add in another key ‘fact checking’ thing that I like to do, which is to see if I can stand up the information being shared across multiple, different sources.

That doesn’t just mean the same article being reprinted across multiple sites, that means being able to find the information itself in a number of different formats, and if possible, in an original source, like a government or university website.

Yet again, John O’Looney’s claims that deaths from ‘Covid’ in the UK only shot up immediately AFTER the first vaccinations rolled are born out by facts.

(I.e. he is saying that many / most of the deaths being labelled as ‘Covid 19’ are actually adverse reactions to the Covid 19 ‘vaccine’ itself.)


THIS headline just popped up:

BREAKING – 30,305 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021 according to ONS data.

Go and read the whole article, if you want to clearly understand how they are teasing this information out of the system, because the ONS is not stating even plain facts like this clearly.

Which should also be a red flag. Why the secrecy, if no-one is really dying after having these shots?

30,305 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021 according to ONS data.

30,305 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021 according to ONS data.


As you can see above 14,265 people died within 21 days of having the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and 4,388 people died within 21 days of having the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine whose death allegedly involved Covid-19.

Another 11,470 people died within 21 days of having their second dose of having a Covid-19 vaccine, and 182 people died within 21 days of having their second dose of a Covid-19 vaccine whose death allegedly involved Covid-19.

Therefore 30,305 people died within 21 days of having the Covid-19 vaccine in England during the first 6 months of 2021.


Of course, this isn’t the end of the story.

  • How old were the people who died 21 days after getting a Covid shot?
  • WHAT did they die from, specifically?

This is the sort of information that should be freely available to the public, and that simply isn’t.

And again, we have to ask ourselves what are they trying to hide?



FDA staffers warnings about Covid shots


You are not alone


Sometimes when we’re in the middle of tremendous suffering, the hardest thing of all is that feeling that we are totally alone in our misery.

For all of us there comes that point of truth, that very narrow bridge to cross, where no-one else can ‘fit’ in the moment except us.

There is no room for friends, parents, siblings – and often, not even spouses.

I’ve written about this idea before, but the path that leads into the ‘world of truth’, and that place of true humility and teshuva, and ultimately, to complete redemption, is a very lonely one.

And this is how it has to be.


Yesterday, I was talking to an old friend of mine, who helped me buy groceries when we mamash ran out of money, a few years’ ago.

She was one of the very, very few people that stayed with me, while I was going through years and years of difficulties, suffering and extreme loneliness.

That process taught me a lot, not least about my own capacity to endure, and the importance of speaking to God every single day, for an hour if possible.

And it also taught me the limitations of human relationships.

Even when people love us, and we love them, sometimes the situation is just so crushing, the pain is just so great, that there is nothing anyone else can do to help, or change things around.

And that’s when you are dealing with truly caring, empathetic people, who really do want to help.


In my life back then, I discovered that most of the people I was hanging out with at that point really didn’t fit in that category.

It was a very difficult process of birur, and for years and years and years, I carried a profound sense of sadness around, that I just couldn’t seem to ‘connect’ to so many of those around me in a real way, and that I seemed to spend so much of my time alone, operating in a completely different world.

Now I’m seeing, it was great training for ‘Covid 19’ times.

Not least, because I had so much time to myself, that I could literally spend hours and hours talking to God.

Because I had no-one else to talk to, anyway.


So, I was talking to my friend yesterday, and she was telling me how ‘alone’ she’s feeling at the moment.

She isn’t ‘vaccinated’, has no intention of getting ‘vaccinated’ – but is getting increasingly worn down by the people around her, who apparently believe the news 100%; believe the government 100%, and keep trying to manipulate and guilt her into ‘doing her hishtadloos‘ for her health and her family.

The days we do hitbodedut, and connect to God and the true tzaddikim, are the days we can easily stand up to all the propaganda, see through the lies, and not break in the face of an onslaught of manipulative, mentally-ill guilt tactics.

And the days we don’t….

Are really hard.


While I was talking to my friend, I happened to mention that all those years spent in Rav Berland’s corner were also excellent training for what’s going on now.

Then too, I had to stand up for what I believed in – and had exhaustively researched – while everyone around me was literally telling me to my face I was a gullible fool.

Then too, I had to get into the habit of pressing ‘pause’ on the media’s manipulative and deceptive headlines, and avoid jumping to conclusions about what was really going on with the Rav, to dig a bit deeper and verify the truth.

Which brings me, the long way around, to the ikker of today’s post.


A couple of days’ ago, after hours of hearings about the Covid 19 shots, the FDA decided to NOT approve the ‘third shot’ for anyone under the age of 65.

Of course, Israel has been ‘force vaxxing’ its citizens with the third dose for weeks already, using coercive tactics and lying propaganda, so the corrupt government here found itself really on the back foot with this decision, and scrambling to ‘explain’ why Covid 19 is apparently so different in Israel, than it is in America.

Before we continue, you really should understand what the testimony presented in the US uncovered about the safety and efficacy of these shots.


BH, another good friend H. just sent me this, which sums things up very nicely:

I urge you to share this with every doctor, rabbi and community leader you know.

This is very concerning and very real. Do not let them blow you off.

Let them know that listening to another opinion costs nothing, hurts no one and does not make you a conspiracy theorist.

It may actually save countless lives.

This meeting was regarding the approval of the boosters (which thankfully did not happen on a broad scale) but the data shared in this clip is regarding the overall vaccine program and MUST be heard!

The FDA’s 67th virtual vaccines and related biological products advisory committee just held this meeting less than 24 hours ago and they have presented data that admits to everything we have warned about over the last 17 months and for some of us over the last 7 years +….

The full 8 hour presentation is on YouTube.

[This starts at the crucial part of the discussion, screenshots below].


FDA: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee – 9/17/2021



  • Are the shots effective? No.

  • Are they causing deaths? Yes.

  • Are they causing menstrual problems? Yes.

  • Are they causing pregnancy issues? Yes.

  • Do they reduce death? NO!

  • Do they reduce hospitalization? NO!

  • Are they connected to causing the new variants? YES.

  • Are they less effective than natural immunity? YES!

  • Are those who are unvaccinated MORE informed than those who are vaccinated? YES.


Here’s some screenshots and direct quotes from Steve Kirsch (Executive Director of the Covid 19 Early Treatment Fund).

His presentation, begins around the 4hr 20 min mark.

“We were led to believe that vaccines are perfectly safe. But this is simply not true.”

“We were led to believe that vaccines are perfectly safe. But this is simply not true.”

“We were led to believe that vaccines are perfectly safe. But this is simply not true.”



“VAERS shows heart attacks happen 71 times more often, following these [Covid 19] vaccines, compared to any other vaccine.”

“VAERS shows heart attacks happen 71 times more often, following these [Covid 19] vaccines, compared to any other vaccine.”

“VAERS shows heart attacks happen 71 times more often, following these [Covid 19] vaccines, compared to any other vaccine.”


[Statistical analysis by a number of different experts shows] “We kill two people [with the vaccines] to ‘save’ one life.”

[Statistical analysis by a number of different experts shows] “We kill two people [with the vaccines] to ‘save’ one life.”

[Statistical analysis by a number of different experts shows] “We kill two people [with the vaccines] to ‘save’ one life.”


“There are 411 deaths per million doses. That translates into 150,000 people have died.”

“There are 411 deaths per million doses. That translates into 150,000 people have died.”

[Four different experts found] “There are 411 deaths per million doses. That translates into 150,000 people have died.”

(Ed. note – that’s just in America…. And that’s just the deaths that occurred very soon after having the shots…)


[Referring to data about people aged 90+, from the Israel Ministry of Health]:

“In the most optimistic scenario, it means that 50% of the vaccinated group died, and zero percent of unvaccinated people died. Unless you can explain that to the American public, you cannot approve the boosters.”


Talking about Maddie de Garay, a teenager who participated in the Pfizer trials

Talking about Maddie de Garay, a teenager who participated in the Pfizer trials

[Talking about Maddie de Garay, a teenager who participated in the Pfizer trials]:

“Now she is paralysed for life. And there is no investigation. Please tell us why this fraud was not investigated.”


 “Early treatments are a much better alternative to boosters. In Israel, cases are at an all-time high. In India, Uttar Pradesh is almost totally Covid 19 free. Almost nobody there is vaccinated.”

“Early treatments are a much better alternative to boosters. In Israel, cases are at an all-time high. In India, Uttar Pradesh is almost totally Covid 19 free. Almost nobody there is vaccinated.”

“Early treatments are a much better alternative to boosters. In Israel, cases are at an all-time high. In India, Uttar Pradesh is almost totally Covid 19 free. Almost nobody there is vaccinated.”


There are 8 hours of information and input from real experts, real doctors, real researchers, with access to real, verifiable information on the efficacy and safety of the Covid 19 ‘vaccines’, HERE.

As a result of being presented with that information, even the totally corrupt FDA has now pressed ‘pause’ on the Covid 19 vaccines.

What does that tell you, about how even more corrupt the government of Israel, and our media, and our health establishment is?


When this bombshell information came out, the State of Israel -and the media propagandists that work for it – went into urgent ‘damage limitation’ mode.

Yesterday’s headlines were full of fake news of all these ‘young people’ – all unnamed, of course – who are apparently totally unvaccinated, and dying of Covid 19.

How can we explain this? My friend wanted to know yesterday.

Without researching it in depth, here is what I told her:

  1. This government, the Health Ministry and the media are lying about everything.

You think they are honestly telling us the truth about anything to do with ‘Covid 19’? Because I don’t.

2. Even before ‘Covid 19’, there were young-ish people who were getting sick and hospitalised for a bunch of different reasons, and some of those people even died.

Just now, no-one in Israel can apparently die from anything except ‘Covid 19’.

3. The government has changed the definition of ‘unvaccinated’ to include people who have had one shot, two shots – or even, people who had a third shot, but died within 2 weeks of getting it, hence labelled ‘unvaccinated’.

Of course, that 2 week ‘rule’ was introduced to magically transform an adverse reaction to the ‘vaccine’ that resulted in death, to a ‘lack of protection from Covid 19’.

4. If you put a person with healthy lungs on a ventilator, you can explode their lungs and kill them.

Which means that many of the people going into hospital for treatment are literally and deliberately being killed by people within the medical establishment, to boost the number of ‘Covid 19’ deaths.


There are probably many other things to say here, including how our governments are using totally unidentifiable ‘crisis actors’, who give long interviews apparently from their death beds all saying the same thing:

I wasn’t vaccinated, and now (immediately after doing this interview in full make-up on Tik-Tok, without even being intubated….) I’m going to die tomorrow from Covid. I WISH I’D GOT VACCINATED!!!!


(It’s a post for another time, but if you go HERE, you’ll see a recent video with three ‘Covid Crisis Actors’ in Australia.

At least one of them, Ramona Khoury is definitely an actress. The Daily Mail tries to debunk this by saying the person in the video is really one ‘Ramona El-Nachar’, a pharmacist. Guess what? ‘Ramona El-Nachar’ seems to be failing the ‘real person’ test. I can’t find a trace of her online – but if you can, I’d love you to share the information, so we can keep track of what’s really going on here.)


If you look past the ‘spin’, and all the deceptive headlines, the information about what is really going on here is hidden in plain sight.

Like THIS, from July 2021, from the UK:

Most COVID deaths in England now are in the vaccinated – here’s why that shouldn’t alarm you


Or THIS, from Israel, back on August 8, 2021:

Israel: No difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated; both are at the same risk of contracting COVID


So, if being ‘vaccinated’ doesn’t reduce your risk of catching ‘Covid 19’…. and being ‘vaccinated’ makes you 71 times m ore likely to have a fatal heart attack…. and if two people die from the ‘vaccine’ for everyone supposedly saved by it….

You tell me.

What’s the best hishtadloos you can do, to stay healthy?


It boils down to this.

Covid 19 is bringing everyone’s secret (and not so secret) bad middot to the fore.

Covid mask / vaccine bullies with narcissistic tendencies were ALWAYS bullies with narcissistic tendencies.

Covid hyperchondriacs who ran to the doctor and meds to ‘protect them’ from their own fears and anxiety were ALWAYS hyperchondriacs.

Covid manipulators who try to ‘guilt’ everyone into getting vaccines, and who ‘blame’ everyone else for getting sick, were always emotional manipulators who use guilt and blame to control the people around them.

And Covid ‘people pleasers’, who are willing to impale themselves on a toxic needle-tip just to keep the people around them ‘happy’…. Well. They were always ‘people pleasing’ in a way that half-killed them, even before Covid 19 showed up.

But it’s time for all that to change, now.


Tonight, begins the holiday of Sukkot.

I don’t know if ‘the next stage’ of this geula process is going to start at the end of this Sukkot holiday, or whether it’s going to continue until Chanuka, or whether the Rav, Rav Berland, has to be fully released, before that next stage begins in earnest.

But begin it will.

Covid 19 is only about working on our bad middot, and getting closer to God.

It’s a very lonely, difficult process, I know.

But at the end, you finally cross that narrow bridge to humility, peace of mind and real emuna.

And that’s when life really starts to be worth living, again.




Medical experts warn: Coronavirus boosters kill more lives than they save

27September2021 by:

(Natural News) Medical experts and other personalities have joined hands in opposing Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine booster shots during a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hearing. They warn that COVID-19 vaccines “kill more people than they save” and give rise to new, vaccine-resistant SARS-CoV-2 strains. The experts’ opposition to booster shots comes as President Joe Biden and his administration push for Americans to get injected with a third dose.

COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund Executive Director Steve Kirsch is one of the people testifying during the FDA Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) hearing. He says: “We were led to believe that the vaccines are perfectly safe, but this is simply not true.” Kirsch cites statistics from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which tracks injuries and deaths stemming from vaccination.

According to VAERS data, more than 6,000 individuals report heart attacks as soon as they get injected with the vaccine. “VAERS shows heart attacks happened 71 times more often following these [COVID-19] vaccines compared to any other vaccine,” Kirsch says. He continues that “even if the vaccines had a 100 percent protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life.”

Viral immunologist Dr. Jessica Rose is another doctor who has testified before the VRBPAC. She tells the committee that risks arising from the COVID-19 vaccine “outweigh and potential benefits.” Rose points out “a highly anomalous” rise in VAERS reporting rates linked to the COVID-19 vaccine during her testimony. “There’s an over 1,000 percent increase in the total number of adverse events for 2021, and we are not even done with [the current year],” she says. (Related: Tens of thousands are dying from the first two covid shots as FDA, CDC push third “booster” injection.)

Rose also warns that the booster shots may give rise to new COVID-19 variants that can bypass the purported protection from the vaccines. “There’s clear and present danger of the emergence of [variants] of concern if [we] continue with these alleged booster shots,” she says. The immunologist adds: “The onus is on the public health officials … and policymakers to answer these anomalies and acknowledge the clear risk signals emerging from their data.”

The experts cite Israel as an example of vaccine failure

The medical experts at the VRBPAC meeting cite Israel as an example of how COVID-19 vaccines fail in their intended purpose. The Middle Eastern country has used the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine on its population alongside some vaccine doses from Moderna. Unfortunately, the B16172 delta variant’s entry in Israel has caused a spike in COVID-19 infections. (Related: Israel stands as greatest proof that COVID-19 vaccine experiment is a massive failure.)

Rose notes that the emergence of the British B117 variant and the B16172 delta variant ” arose in very close temporal proximity to the rollout of the COVID-19 [vaccines] in Israel.” She elaborates: “Israel is one of the most injected countries, and it appears from this data that this represents a clear failure of these products to provide protective immunity against emergent variants.” Rose adds that the spike in infections despite an intensified vaccination drive “begs the question as to whether these injection rollouts are driving the emergence of new variants.”

True enough, a report by Israeli news outlet i24 News states that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine’s effectiveness against the delta strain has dropped to 39 percent. The Israeli Ministry of Health says it has based the finding on COVID-19 cases between June 20, 2021 and July 17, 2021 – concurrent with the more infectious strain’s spread throughout Israel.

Despite this diminished protection, the Biden administration justifies its decision on booster shots using Israel’s example. But MIT Sloan School of Management professor Dr. Retsef Levi thinks otherwise. He argues during the VRBPAC meeting that Israel’s booster shot program is “anything but a carefully designed study.”

Levi tells the committee: “Israel continues to have among the highest infection rates per capita in the world. COVID-19 deaths in [the country], in spite of all the boosters, are on the rise. Whereas in other countries, including many states in the U.S., they seem to be on the downward trend at the moment.” He also criticizes Israel’s move to mandate booster shots for citizens. “This does not allow any reliable learning – definitely not in such a short amount of time,” Levi adds.

Physician Dr. David Wiseman ultimately puts down a solid argument against booster shots during the meeting. He says: “We have an unclear need with unclear motivation, significant safety concerns, poor evidence of sustained boost efficacy, and wrong priorities. If [the] FDA cannot assure us of the safety of two doses, how can [it] assure us of three?” has more articles about the dangers of COVID-19 booster shots.

Sources include:



Norwegian Government Announces Lifting Of Final COVID-19 Measures

by Tyler Durden 25September2021 –

By Frazer Norwell of TheLocal,

On Friday, the Norwegian government announced that most of the last remaining coronavirus restrictions would be scrapped from Saturday, and life would return to normal with “increased preparedness”.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced on Friday that from tomorrow 4pm, most of the final remaining national Covid-19 measures in Norway would be dropped.

“Now we can live almost as we did before the pandemic hit us. I do not think everything will be as before. I think the coronavirus will affect us for the rest of our lives, for better or worse. We have learned how vulnerable we are and how much we can achieve when we stand together,” Solberg told a press conference on Friday.

The decision to lift measures such as social distancing was based on advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and the Norwegian Directorate of Health. In addition, limits on numbers at gatherings will also be axed, and rules stopping venues letting in guests past midnight will be repealed, and club-goers will be able to hit dance floors once again.

“The NIPH and the Norwegian Directorate of Health gave us advice on Monday that it will be possible to switch to normal everyday life around the turn of the month. The positive development has continued this week, and that is the reason why the government – after a thorough assessment – has concluded that tomorrow at 4pm, we will move on to normal everyday life.

Although most of the last remaining measures will be scrapped, those who test positive for Covid-19 will still have to self-isolate, and unvaccinated people living with someone infected will also need to quarantine.

Furthermore, the traffic lights system for schools will remain in place, and entry restrictions and travel rules (which we will have more on in a separate article) would stay in place for now.

Municipalities would still have the right to introduce their local restrictions and policy on face masks and gathering limits.


It has started


Pfizer Just Got ‘Full FDA Approval’ For Its COVID Vaccine. There’s Just One Thing…

by Tyler Durden 24August2021 –

Authored by ‘Sundance’ via,

Pfizer got full FDA approval yesterday.

“The move would make it the first Covid vaccine to go from emergency use authorization to full FDA approval.”

(read more)

With that in mind, it is worth a reminder that both Pfizer and Moderna stopped the clinical trials the FDA was using in their review:


The Moderna and Pfizer vaccine tests were conducted, as customary, with a control group; a group within the trial who were given a placebo and not the test vaccine. However, during the trial -and after the untested vaccines were given emergency use authorization- the vaccine companies conducting the trial decided to break protocol and notify the control group they were not vaccinated. Almost all the control group were then given the vaccine.

Purposefully dissolving the placebo group violates the scientific purpose to test whether the vaccine has any efficacy; any actual benefit and/or safety issues. Without a control group there is nothing to compare the vaccinated group against. According to NPR, the doctors lost the control group in the Johnson County Clinicial Trial (Lexena, Kansas) on purpose:

(Via NPR)

[…] “Dr. Carlos Fierro, who runs the study there, says every participant was called back after the Food and Drug Administration authorized the vaccine.

“During that visit we discussed the options, which included staying in the study without the vaccine,” he says, “and amazingly there were people — a couple of people — who chose that.”

He suspects those individuals got spooked by rumors about the vaccine. But everybody else who had the placebo shot went ahead and got the actual vaccine. So now Fierro has essentially no comparison group left for the ongoing study. “It’s a loss from a scientific standpoint, but given the circumstances I think it’s the right thing to do,” he says.

People signing up for these studies were not promised special treatment, but once the FDA authorized the vaccines, their developers decided to offer the shots.

(read more)

Just so we are clear, the final FDA authorization and approval for the vaccines are based on the outcome of these trials. As noted in the example above, the control group was intentionally lost under the auspices of “the right thing to do”, so there is no way for the efficacy, effectiveness or safety of the vaccine itself to be measured.

There’s no one left within the control group, of a statistically valid value, to give an adequate comparison of outcomes for vaxxed -vs- non-vaxxed. This is nuts. That NPR article is one to bookmark when people start claiming the vaccination is effective.

How can the vaccine not be considered effective when there is no group of non-vaccinated people to compare the results to?


Good grief, the entire healthcare system is operating on a massive hive mindset where science, and the scientific method, is thrown out the window in favor of ideological outcomes and self-fulfilling prophecies.

The fact that the researchers and doctors, apparently under the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies that have a vested financial interest in the vaccine outcome, lost the control group on purpose is alarming.

Of course, Big Pharma will promote the vaccine as beneficial, and the controlled media will promote that message with a complete disconnect from the clinical trial details, and the FDA will grant approval on results that were intentionally constructed to produce only one outcome.

As noted by Dr. Malone, the commonsense therapeutic approach should be the primary focus, not vaccination, for ongoing healthcare systems as the COVID-19 variants will continue to evolve. Ultimately, the natural immunity process will be of greater overall benefit than vaccinations which will require continual boosters to deal with the ever-evolving variants (a similar approach to dealing with reoccurring and evolving flu strains). Dr. Malone provided support for his position with concurrence from the leading U.K. Vaccinologist in Great Britain, Sir Andrew Pollard (SHORT VIDEO):

In essence, both Dr. Andrew Pollard (Director of the U.K. Oxford Vaccine Group), and Dr. Malone state that variants of the COVID-19 virus will continue to spread throughout the population regardless of vaccine status; and the virus will continue to evolve into more infectious but less deadly or pathogenic strains.

There simply is no way to vaccinate the population and stop the spread of COVID variants, because the vaccinated will contract and spread the virus just like the non-vaccinated. The vaccine approach should be targeted to the elderly and those most at risk.

Specific to the position of Dr. Malone – given the untested nature of the vaccine itself; no one knows the long-term side-effects; the benefit of the vaccine should be weighed against the individual’s current health status. Elderly populations with lower immune responses should be the target for vaccination; they are the most at risk. However, younger -less at risk- individuals will likely benefit more from therapeutic treatment after exposure *if* they experience any symptoms at all.

The problem is…. this commonsense approach is less favorable to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare systems that are controlled by the financial mechanisms inside the business of healthcare. Big Pharma would obviously make less money from a smaller target population for vaccination; ergo the therapeutic approach is a threat to the preferred approach of those who operate the business model. This is the overarching political battle.

The influence of the massive pharmaceutical corporations, inside the institutions of government controlled healthcare on a global basis, is massive. This outlook is the origin of the vaccinate push and vaccine narrative as the *only* and *best* solution. Anyone who raises a point, any point, in opposition to the mandated mass vaccine approach then becomes a target to be isolated, marginalized, ridiculed and removed.

Covid-19 Vaccine checkpoint forced-vaccination

Covid-19 Vaccine checkpoint forced-vaccination


Madness…. All of it.


The First Step of the Armed SS-Vaccine Police Death Camp roundup


Busted: Biden’s door-to-door vaccine enforcement goons instructed in writing to engage in ILLEGAL SOLICITATIONS to push dirty vaccines on Americans

15July2021 by:

(Natural News) The definition of solicitation is not limited to the selling of a product or service, but also includes urging, petitioning, requesting, enticing and alluring. And since that hasn’t worked, the Covid Regime thugs in Washington DC are now readying to send armed federal troops to your door with a few FEMA reps to question you, prompt you, record whether you’ve been China Flu vaccinated, and if not, convince you the inoculations are for the “greater good.”

Instructed on paper to “Ignore No Soliciting Signs, Use Your Script,” the SS-Vaccine Police are outright told to knock on doors without regard to privacy or laws put in place to keep that from happening. Per the door-knocking documents that were leaked from the Biden administration, they talk about missionaries across America spreading lies illegally to convince Americans that vaccines aren’t causing blood clots at pandemic proportions while having already murdered over 7,000 people. That number could be as many as tens times that amount according to doctors with inside information and statistics from VAERS, the vaccine injury reporting site.

This is not some friendly knock at your door about a community program or church drive. This is plain sinister and evil pharma going door-to-door, promoting depopulation vaccinations, while recording dissenters and their location for their next (and final) visit.

White House-coordinated FEMA surge teams to join fully armed ground assault campaign to solicit deadly inoculations

Here come the British. Here comes the Nazis. Here come the Russians. No, wait, it’s the Americans coming to kill the Americans. What kind of war is this? It’s domestic biological terrorism, and the Democrat Party is going door-to-door to coerce, with force, any Republicans, Conservatives, Red State patriots, resisters and refusers who try to deny the death-jab, that comes with the slogans, “Safe and Effective” and “We’re all in this together.”

Knock. Knock. Hello sir, ma’am, gender-fluid people? Anyone home that can answer a few simple questions about how you vote and if you think vaccines are scary? We are with the Health Department’s “Community Health Ambassador Outreach” team, and we have armed guards to help protect you, so won’t you please open the door and talk?

In the leaked documents, we see the SS Vaccine Police script to encourage and convince the door-knocking shills and goons that they are doing the right thing and that it’s not illegal:

  • Ignore no soliciting signs. You’re not soliciting! You’re offering critical information and resources. What you are doing is not illegal.
  • Knock and then back up. Follow COVID-19 distancing protocols and speak clearly. If someone is uncomfortable with you being there in person, offer to give them more distance or leave them a flyer.
  • Use your script. This will give you the basics. Once you get comfortable with it, feel free to make it sound more like you as long as all the key information is there.

All SS-Vaccine Police are instructed to document discussion and location of people who don’t cooperate and who have not been vaccinated

Door-knocking spreadsheets are being filled out to see who’s deplorable or not, and map out where they live. These are called pockets of resistance. If you let these villains know that you’re not vaccinated and that you question the science, they will document it, and you may wind up on a domestic terrorist watch list, or an extremist watch list, soon to lose many certain privileges, or simply be jailed, Delta-injected, and killed.

All SS-Vaccine Police are instructed to explain right away that they are not selling anything, that way it won’t sound like their privacy intrusion is illegal, even though it still is illegal. It’s time to check with our Sheriffs about protecting our guns, because this vaccine squad will morph into a gun confiscation squad next, faster than Covid-19 morphed into Delta Variant.

The main targets for the SS-Vaccine Police of America are seniors and high school females. Just like Hitler wanted to take out the weak first, also known as “burdens on society,” seniors in America are collecting social security from the government, money that doesn’t exist anymore, and they’re already weak and sick. Get it? Also, since Covid vaccines are proven by science and clinical research to KILL 4 out of 5 babies in the womb when their mothers are injected, then we know why Jill Biden is hitting up the high schools on her death jab tour — to sterilize all the young ladies, especially Conservatives.

Covid-19 vaccines are not safe or effective; they’re unsafe and defective. Visit if you already got a dirty jab or two and feel like you’re sick and dying. Then call an attorney. Also check out for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming vaccine holocaust.

Sources for this article include:


What are your rights? What do you do when they come for you?

Jeffrey Prather. Alert: Jab Knock & Talks

What do you do when they come for you? Watch this to find out. Anti-Strike Force Jab Guidance


The Right To Be Let Alone: What To Do When COVID Strike Force Teams Come Knocking

BY TYLER DURDEN 14July2021 –

Authored by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“Experience teaches us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficent.”

– Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis

A federal COVID-19 vaccination strike force may soon be knocking on your door, especially if you live in a community with low vaccination rates. Will you let them in?

Covid-19 vaccine strike force going door to door

Covid-19 vaccine strike force going door to door

More to the point, are you required to open the door?

The Biden Administration has announced that it plans to send federal “surge response teams” on a “targeted community door-to-door outreach“ to communities with low vaccination rates in order to promote the safety and accessibility of the COVID-19 vaccines.

That’s all fine and good as far as government propaganda goes, but nothing is ever as simple or as straightforward as the government claims, especially not when armed, roving bands of militarized agents deployed by the Nanny State show up at your door with an agenda that is at odds with what Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis referred to as the constitutional “right to be let alone.”

Covid-19 vaccine strike force harrassing Senior Woman"

Covid-19 vaccine strike force harrassing Senior Woman”

Any attempt by the government to encroach upon the citizenry’s privacy rights or establish a system by which the populace can be targeted, tracked and singled out must be met with extreme caution. These door-to-door “visits” by COVID-19 surge response teams certainly qualify as a government program whose purpose, while seemingly benign, raises significant constitutional concerns.

First, there is the visit itself.

While government agents can approach, speak to and even question citizens without violating the Fourth Amendment, Americans have a right not to answer questions or even speak with a government agent.

Courts have upheld these “knock and talk” visits as lawful, reasoning that even though the curtilage of the home is protected by the Fourth Amendment, there is an implied license to approach a residence, knock on the door/ring the bell, and seek to contact occupants. However, the encounter is wholly voluntary and a person is under no obligation to speak with a government agent in this situation.

Indeed, you don’t even need to answer or open the door in response to knocking/ringing by a government agent, and if you do answer the knock, you can stop speaking at any time. You also have the right to demand that government agents leave the property once the purpose of the visit is established. Government officials would not be enforcing any law or warrant in this context, and so they don’t have the authority of law to remain on the property after a homeowner or resident specifically revokes the implied license to come onto the property.

When the government’s actions go beyond merely approaching the door and knocking, it risks violating the Fourth Amendment, which requires a warrant and probable cause of possible wrongdoing in order to search one’s property. A government agent would violate the Fourth Amendment if he snooped around the premises, peering into window and going to other areas in search of residents.

It should be pointed out that some judges (including Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch) believe that placing “No Trespassing” signs or taking other steps to impede access to the door is sufficient to negate any implied permission for government agents or others to approach your home, but this view does not have general acceptance.

While in theory one can refuse to speak with police or other government officials during a “knock and talk” encounter, as the courts have asserted as a justification for dismissing complaints about this police investigative tactic, the reality is far different. Indeed, it is unreasonable to suggest that individuals caught unaware by these tactics will not feel pressured in the heat of the moment to comply with a request to speak with government agents who display official credentials and are often heavily armed, let alone allow them to search one’s property. Even when such consent is denied, police have been known to simply handcuff the homeowner and conduct a search over his objections.

Second, there is the danger inherent in these knock-and-talk encounters.

Although courts have embraced the fiction that “knock and talks” are “voluntary” encounters that are no different from other door-to-door canvassing, these constitutionally dubious tactics are highly intimidating confrontations meant to pressure individuals into allowing police access to one’s home, which then paves the way for a warrantless search of one’s home and property.

The act of going to homes and taking steps to speak with occupants is akin to the “knock and talk” tactic used by police, which can be fraught with danger for homeowners and government agents alike. Indeed, “knock-and-talk” policing has become a thinly veiled, warrantless exercise by which citizens are coerced and intimidated into “talking” with heavily armed police who “knock” on their doors in the middle of the night.

“Knock-and-shoot” policing might be more accurate, however.

“Knock and talks” not only constitute severe violations of the privacy and security of homeowners, but the combination of aggression and surprise employed by police is also a recipe for a violent confrontation that rarely ends well for those on the receiving end of these tactics.

For example, although 26-year-old Andrew Scott had committed no crime and never fired a single bullet or threatened police, he was gunned down by police who knocked aggressively on the wrong door at 1:30 am, failed to identify themselves as police, and then repeatedly shot and killed Scott when he answered the door while holding a gun in self-defense. The police were investigating a speeding incident by engaging in a middle-of-the-night “knock and talk” in Scott’s apartment complex.

Carl Dykes was shot in the face by a county deputy who pounded on Dykes’ door in the middle of the night without identifying himself. Because of reports that inmates had escaped from a local jail, Dykes brought a shotgun with him when he answered the door.

As these and other incidents make clear, while Americans have a constitutional right to question the legality of a police action or resist an unlawful police order, doing so can often get one arrested, shot or killed.

Third, there is the question of how the government plans to use the information it obtains during these knock-and-talk visits.

Because the stated purpose of the program is to promote vaccination, homeowners and others who reside at the residence will certainly be asked if they are vaccinated. Again, you have a right not to answer this or any other question. Indeed, an argument could be made that even asking this question is improper if the purpose of the program is merely to ensure that Americans “have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is.”

Under the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a, an agency should only collect and maintain information about an individual as is “relevant and necessary to accomplish a purpose of the agency.” In this situation, the government agent could accomplish the purpose of assuring persons have information about the vaccine simply by providing that information (either in writing or orally) and would not need to know the vaccination status of the residents. To the extent the agents do request, collect and store information about residents’ vaccination status, this could be a Privacy Act violation.

Of course, there is always the danger that this program could be used for other, more nefarious, purposes not related to vaccination encouragement. As with knock-and-talk policing, government agents might misuse their appearance of authority to gain entrance to a residence and obtain other information about it and those who live there. Once the door is opened by a resident, anything the agents can see from their vantage point can be reported to law enforcement authorities.

Moreover, while presumably the targeting will be of areas with demonstrated low vaccination rates, there is no guarantee that this program would not be used as cover for conducting surveillance on areas deemed to be “high crime” areas as a way of obtaining intelligence for law enforcement purposes.

We’ve been down this road before, with the government sending its spies to gather intel on American citizens by questioning them directly, or by asking their neighbors to snitch on them.

Remember the egregiously invasive and intrusive American Community Survey?

Unlike the traditional census, which collects data every ten years, the American Community Survey (ACS) is sent to about 3 million homes per year at a reported cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. Moreover, while the traditional census is limited to ascertaining the number of persons living in each dwelling, their ages and ethnicities, the ownership of the dwelling and telephone numbers, the ACS is much more intrusive, asking questions relating to respondents’ bathing habits, home utility costs, fertility, marital history, work commute, mortgage, and health insurance, among other highly personal and private matters.

Individuals who receive the ACS must complete it or be subject to monetary penalties. Although no reports have surfaced of individuals actually being penalized for refusing to answer the survey, the potential fines that can be levied for refusing to participate in the ACS are staggering. For every question not answered, there is a $100 fine. And for every intentionally false response to a question, the fine is $500. Therefore, if a person representing a two-person household refused to fill out any questions or simply answered nonsensically, the total fines could range from upwards of $10,000 and $50,000 for noncompliance.

At 28 pages (with an additional 16-page instruction packet), the ACS contains some of the most detailed and intrusive questions ever put forth in a census questionnaire. These concern matters that the government simply has no business knowing, including questions relating to respondents’ bathing habits, home utility costs, fertility, marital history, work commute, mortgage, and health insurance, among others. For instance, the ACS asks how many persons live in your home, along with their names and detailed information about them such as their relationship to you, marital status, race and their physical, mental and emotional problems, etc. The survey also asks how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have in your house, along with the fuel used to heat your home, the cost of electricity, what type of mortgage you have and monthly mortgage payments, property taxes and so on.

However, that’s not all.

The survey also demands to know how many days you were sick last year, how many automobiles you own and the number of miles driven, whether you have trouble getting up the stairs, and what time you leave for work every morning, along with highly detailed inquiries about your financial affairs. And the survey demands that you violate the privacy of others by supplying the names and addresses of your friends, relatives and employer. The questionnaire also demands that you give other information on the people in your home, such as their educational levels, how many years of school were completed, what languages they speak and when they last worked at a job, among other things.

While some of the ACS’ questions may seem fairly routine, the real danger is in not knowing why the information is needed, how it will be used by the government or with whom it will be shared.

Finally, you have the right to say “no.”

Whether police are knocking on your door at 2 am or 2:30 pm, as long as you’re being “asked” to talk to a police officer who is armed to the teeth and inclined to kill at the least provocation, you don’t really have much room to resist, not if you value your life.

Mind you, these knock-and-talk searches are little more than police fishing expeditions carried out without a warrant.

The goal is intimidation and coercion.

Unfortunately, with police departments increasingly shifting towards pre-crime policing and relying on dubious threat assessments, behavioral sensing warnings, flagged “words,” and “suspicious” activity reports aimed at snaring potential enemies of the state, we’re going to see more of these warrantless knock-and-talk police tactics by which police attempt to circumvent the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement and prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures.

Here’s the bottom line.

These agents are coming to your home with one purpose in mind: to collect information on you.

It’s a form of intimidation, of course. You shouldn’t answer any questions you’re uncomfortable answering about your vaccine history or anything else. The more information you give them, the more it can be used against you. Just ask them politely but firmly to leave.

In this case, as in so many interactions with government agents, the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments (and your cell phone recording the encounter) are your best protection.

Under the First Amendment, you don’t have to speak (to government officials or anyone else). The Fourth Amendment protects you against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. And under the Fifth Amendment, you have a right to remain silent and not say anything which might be used against you.

You can also post a “No Trespassing” sign on your property to firmly announce that you are exercising your right to be left alone. If you see government officials wandering around your property and peering through windows, in my opinion, you have a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Government officials can ring the doorbell, but once you put them on notice that it’s time for them to leave, they can’t stay on your property.

It’s important to be as clear as possible and inform them that you will call the police if they don’t leave. You may also wish to record your encounter with the government agent. If they still don’t leave, immediately call the local police and report a trespasser on your property.

Remember, you have rights.

The government didn’t want us to know about—let alone assert—those rights during this whole COVID-19 business.

After all, for years now, the powers-that-be—those politicians and bureaucrats who think like tyrants and act like petty dictators regardless of what party they belong to—have attempted to brainwash us into believing that we have no right to think for ourselves, make decisions about our health, protect our homes and families and businesses, act in our best interests, demand accountability and transparency from government, or generally operate as if we are in control of our own lives.

But we have every right, and you know why?

Because as the Declaration of Independence states, we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights—to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness—that no government can take away from us.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the government from constantly trying to usurp our freedoms at every turn. Indeed, the nature of government is such that it invariably oversteps its limits, abuses its authority, and flexes its totalitarian muscles.

Take this COVID-19 crisis, for example.

What started out as an apparent effort to prevent a novel coronavirus from sickening the nation (and the world) has become yet another means by which world governments (including our own) can expand their powers, abuse their authority, and further oppress their constituents.

The government has made no secret of its plans.

Just follow the money trail, and you’ll get a sense of what’s in store: more militarized police, more SWAT team raids, more surveillance, more lockdowns, more strong-armed tactics aimed at suppressing dissent and forcing us to comply with the government’s dictates.

It’s chilling to think about, but it’s not surprising.

In many ways, this COVID-19 state of emergency has invested government officials (and those who view their lives as more valuable than ours) with a sanctimonious, self-righteous, arrogant, Big Brother Knows Best approach to top-down governing, and the fall-out can be seen far and wide.

It’s an ugly, self-serving mindset that views the needs, lives and rights of “we the people” as insignificant when compared to those in power.

That’s how someone who should know better such as Alan Dershowitz, a former Harvard law professor, can suggest that a free people—born in freedom, endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights, and living in a country birthed out of a revolutionary struggle for individual liberty—have no rights to economic freedom, to bodily integrity, or to refuse to comply with a government order with which they disagree.

According to Dershowitz, who has become little more than a legal apologist for the power elite, “You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business… And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.”

Dershowitz is wrong: as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, while the courts may increasingly defer to the government’s brand of Nanny State authoritarianism, we still have rights.

The government may try to abridge those rights, it may refuse to recognize them, it may even attempt to declare martial law and nullify them, but it cannot litigate, legislate or forcefully eradicate them out of existence.



Biden’s Vaccine “Strike Force” Plan Stinks Of Desperation

BY TYLER DURDEN 16July2021 –

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

If there is one rule liberty minded people need to remember, it is that the establishment does not like losing control of the narrative. And when they do, noticeably weird things start to happen. For example, it is becoming painfully obvious that the narrative on the experimental mRNA “vaccines” has slipped right through the fingers of the Biden Administration, and as a consequence they are now in a scramble to get millions of vaccines injected into as many skeptical arms as possible before the public organizes for a full push-back against the agenda. It seems to me that they are in a bit of a panic.


The issue became more evident since January when various government entities and the media began to openly complain about the number of vaccine doses that were being thrown in the garbage because of expiration. Why were the vaccines expiring before use? The media spin suggests that it was due to “government mismanagement”, while officials at the state level have admitted that it has been due to a significant drop in demand.

In the meantime, Biden has shipped over 500 million covid vaccine doses overseas in June while at the same time claiming that the US was on track to meet his 70% vaccination goal by July 4th. Needless to say this never happened. The Biden admin now claims that the US population is now 67% vaccinated, and if this was actually true then it would be very close to meeting Anthony Fauci’s original guidelines for herd immunity. So why all the frantic hype about unvaccinated people?

Firstly, Fauci has continually moved the goal posts for herd immunity to the point that he is now telling the public to ignore herd immunity altogether and that the only option is to get EVERYONE vaccinated. Many of us in the liberty media said this is exactly what he would do, and he has proven to be incredibly predictable. Secondly, the CDC vaccination numbers seem to be inflated in order to create a manufactured consensus.

While claiming an overall vaccination rate of 67%, CDC stats indicate a maximum of around 184 million Americans with at least one dose, then indicate 160 million people with a double dose. Yet, according to the Mayo Clinic data map, only four states have a vaccination rate of 67% or more, all in the Northeast. Even California and New York are well under 67%, and the vast majority of states are sitting at around 50% or less.

Frankly, I don’t believe the CDC vaccine numbers at all. New dosage numbers are plunging across the US according to state officials; anyone who hasn’t been jabbed by now is not going to get jabbed unless they are forced to. There are no long lines for vaccines. No wait times. The CDC has even removed the wait time between doses. And still, CVS and Walgreens have been throwing away expired doses by the hundreds of thousands.

If we look at the CDC stats for full vaccination we are closer to 51% of the total US population, which matches more accurately with the Mayo Clinic state statistics. There is no indication that this percentage will be growing beyond the 51% mark anytime soon, if the stats are accurate at all.

This means that at least half the US population is in defiance of the program. This is probably why Fauci and Biden have become more aggressive in their vaccination agenda the past month. If they were getting the nearly 70% vax rates they claim, then they would not be stomping their feet indignantly over unvacinated people. The stats show a HUGE number of Americans are refusing to take the jab – There’s a vast army of us out there, and this is a good thing.

Why? Because there is simply no reason to take the experimental mRNA vaccine.

FACT: Covid-19 has a median IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) of 0.26% or less.

Why take an experimental vaccine over a virus that 99.7% of the population outside of nursing homes will easily survive? In my home county, only 17 people died from covid in 16 months time, many of them in nursing homes. The majority of the population also stopped wearing masks and ended the lockdowns about three months after the initial outbreak when it became clear that covid was a nothing-burger. The so-called “Delta variant is also prominent here, and neither deaths nor infections have increased in a noticeable way.

Most people here have already had the virus, and it was essentially like a bad flu with an extra kick or extra brain fog. After around a week people recovered. Easy. I perfectly understand people’s concerns when the pandemic first started; we had no idea what we were dealing with. However, after a few months the reality was evident. The continued delusional fear and terror over Covid is just self indulgent paranoia at this point.

FACT: Covid infections and deaths started collapsing LONG before the vaccines were widespread.

The mainstream media continually suggests that the vaccines are the reason for the fall in infections, but this is a lie. Covid cases peaked in January of 2021 and then plunged precipitously. In February of 2021 only 5.9% of the US population had received at least one dose of the mRNA cocktail. In conservative states where mandates were lifted far ahead of blue states and vaccinations are lower, infections and deaths fell even faster. Vaccines have NOTHING to do with the lower infections. Nothing.

FACT: At least 81% of people who have had covid are unlikely to be reinfected.

Fauci continues to ignore the science on herd immunity and completely dismisses people who have had covid as being immune. Yet, this is the reality. If we count the large numbers of people that have had covid, then the US hit herd immunity many months ago. This is why infections and deaths dropped off a cliff, not because of vaccinations.

FACT: The mRNA vaccines have NO long term testing data supporting them or proving their safety.

Initial testing for the average experimental vaccine is 2-4 years, and then another several years of observation and further testing is required before approval. Overall, vaccines are supposed to be tested and retested for 10-15 YEARS before being released to the public. The covid mRNA vaccines were released to the public in a matter of months with no official FDA approval and no long term data, at least none that has been revealed openly. The bottom line is that we have no idea what the long term side-effects of these vaccines will be. Though, there are some experts that are sounding the alarm…

FACT: Multiple vaccine experts are warning about potentially dangerous autoimmune disorders and infertility caused by experimental mRNA vaccines, including the doctor that invented mRNA technology.

We have received numerous warnings by virology and vaccine experts calling for caution when it comes to the covid vaccines. Former VP of Pfizer Michael Yeadon and many of his medical associates have published a call for vaccinations to stop until more testing can be pursued. Yeadon specifically warned of possible autoimmune disorders as well as infertility side effects. He has since been attacked relentlessly by the media.

MRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone spoke out on the dangers of mRNA gene therapy, specifically noting that the spike protein which the covid vaccine instructs your cells to manufacture could pose long term health risks, including blood clots and infertility in women. Malone’s interview has since been erased from YouTube and his accomplishments have been quietly removed from websites like Wikipedia. He is slowly being non-personed.

Finally, in hospitals across the country 30% of medical professionals have refused to take the vaccines. Some have only taken the jab because their jobs were threatened.

The controlled media argument against warnings like these from experts in the field is that they are “crazy” and should be dismissed. So, only the medical professionals that get a government paycheck and agree with the government mandates are somehow “sane”? Interesting…

When gaslighting doesn’t work, the spin doctors (no pun intended) pull out some classic fuzzy logic, claiming that there is “no evidence that the vaccines will cause any damage”. Well, that’s verifiably false as anyone doing a rudimentary search will see many people around the world have died or suffered health side effects right after taking the vaccine. But, of course, vaccine apologists then argue that this is not 100% “proof” that the vaccines are dangerous overall.

Well, there’s also NO EVIDENCE that the vaccines are safe. There is no long term safety data. And in medical science the rule is to err on the side of caution, not take reckless risks over a virus that is a non-threat to 99.7% of the population.

So let me make this perfectly clear to the covid cult which does not understand basic medical science – The burden of proof is ON YOU, on the government and on the pharmaceutical companies, not on on us. YOU must prove that the vaccines are safe, through long term testing. It is not for us to simply take the jab and become guinea pigs in the world’s largest medical experiment based on blind faith and empty opinions backed by zero data.

Biden’s “Vaccine Strike Forces”

These facts and more are being digested by the American public and the results are clear – Millions upon millions of us will not be taking the jab. It’s not going to happen. We will fight rather than comply, and eventually we will win. The globalist Reset agenda demands total vaccination, vaccine passports and complete compliance. They aren’t getting it, so, the natural outcome will be an attempt to force unvaccinated people to accept the jab.

Recently, Biden announced a plan to field “survey teams” across America which would go door-to-door, like census agents, to determine who specifically has taken the vaccines and who hasn’t. These teams would also “encourage” people who are not vaccinated to take the jab at a nearby location.

These surveys are, in my opinion, a ruse more than anything else. They could not possibly collect accurate counts because they have no way of knowing if people are telling the truth or not. The likely purpose of the surveys is to locate homes that refuse to talk to the teams on principle and mark them as “problematic”.

Biden’s press secretary let slip some interesting language on these teams, perhaps revealing their true intent when she called them “strike teams”. Is this to say that the initial goal will be to force people to take the jab on their own doorsteps? No, not right away. However, I believe the survey teams are the next step towards that very policy in the future.

For now, the covid cult is using corporations to enforce medical mandates by demanding employees and even customers get vaccinated before they can have access to employment or services. This is unacceptable, as many of these corporations have enjoyed endless stimulus injections from the government and are therefor beholden to taxpayers. Their private property rights do not extend to control over our personal medical decisions or histories.

Any corporation or business that demands proof of vaccination on behalf of the government or the globalists should be picketed and run into the ground. Any competing businesses that refuse to ask for vaccine passports should be supported by the public and protected from government retribution. My home state of Montana has made it illegal for companies to ask for vaccine passports, but many states have not. It is up to regular Americans at the local level to let businesses know you will not be tolerating medical tyranny.

By extension, Biden’s survey teams are a no-go. They are a precursor to door-to-door forced vaccinations and invasive pressure from the federal government on any number of other issues. This is called “incrementalism”, and they think we are too distracted to notice it. As the agenda continues to fall apart in the US, the establishment will get desperate. When the vaccine passport mandates by corporations fail (and they will), they will have to take violent action in the near term to get what they want.

These teams should be kicked out of any community they show up in. They should not be allowed to go door-to-door. The liberty movement is gaining incredible ground in this fight, but this means that the elites will become more unhinged and more dangerous in their rhetoric and actions. When control freaks and psychopaths do not get what they want, they tend to throw epic temper tantrums.

* * *



What Would Our Economy Look Like In The Shadow Of Vaccine Passports?

by Tyler Durden 10August2021 –

Authored by Brandon Smith via Birch Gold Group,

Yes, it’s an official concern now. The mainstream media and the Biden Administration have gone from suggesting that Covid vaccinations would “not be mandated” to saying they “should be mandated.” This means several very uncomfortable consequences are on the way for our economy and the nation as a whole. Remember, the federal government already decided it’s legal for companies to require coronavirus vaccines.

The most obvious next step: A mandatory “vaccine passport” certifying its holder has gotten the recommended injections.

The assertion by the establishment is that life would simply go back to normal as long as you comply and get your shots like a good citizen.

But from what I have seen even some people who have taken the vaccines voluntarily do not want a passport system in place, and for good reason. Should a mandatory vaccine passport system be implemented, life will never be normal again.

vaccine passports economy

vaccine passports economy


Vaccine passports are not a panacea

First we have to take into account the fact that there will never be a 100% vaccination rate in the U.S.; not even close. With a number of states at or below a 50% vaccination rate, there is a question of practicality regarding vaccine passports. Such a program would mean that around half the country could be put in the position of hearing they have no right to employment or possibly even general interaction in trade because they won’t take the experimental jab.

The real concern with a vaccine passport has nothing to do with coronavirus, or herd immunity, or saving lives. It’s a tool of control. Like the Soviet Union’s communist party membership card, it’s an official document that demonstrates compliance to authority. It’s a tool to divide the U.S. population.

If this autocratic diktat was directed at a tiny minority of people within the population, it might work at frightening them into accepting the vaccinations; to go along to get along. But, with hundreds of millions of people saying “no way,” history tells us the more pressure applied the more rebellion is inspired.

Second, we have to consider what the immediate economic and financial effects will be in light of this conflict. For example, look at the amount of relocation and migration that has happened in the U.S. in the past year alone. Many millions of people have escaped from predominantly blue states based on political and social factors; and the covid mandates and lockdowns are a big part of what inspired most people to leave.

As has been well documented, blue states are much slower in recovering economically when compared to red states with less restrictions. Not only that, but money moves with people. This is a hard reality. Conservative states are seeing ample cash inflows from tourism and mass migration while blue states are bleeding tax revenues. In light of this revelation, red states are going to ask themselves this question:

“Why would we commit economic suicide like the blue states by following their example? Wouldn’t vaccine passports be the equivalent of blue state covid mandates times a hundred?”

But let’s say for a moment that vaccine passports were somehow implemented everywhere in the country at the same exact time. What would happen then?

Economic consequences of a vaccine passport mandate

Well, the amount of bureaucracy that would be added between the average consumer and everyday trade would be immense, and with red tape comes a slowdown in business.

Whole new wings of the government would have to be created to track and enforce vaccine passports rules (I say “rules” because none of the mandates have ever been passed into law or voted on by the public). Regular inspections of businesses would have to be enacted, and new taxes would have to be created to pay for the system. The amount of space and employees needed to meet new standards for retailers would increase in order to check every customer that comes through the door for a passport.

Also, let’s not forget that many thousands of people in multiple states have had “breakout” covid infections despite being fully vaccinated, which means rules on social distancing and masking will also still be in place. The amount of capital that a business owner would have to spend to meet the government requirements would continue to rise while their profits would continue to fall. Eventually, the majority of small businesses would close, just as we saw during the first series of lockdowns.

Smaller businesses, which represent about half of the U.S. retail economy, would be under so much stress from maintaining the proper restrictions and adding infrastructure that they simply would not be able to compete with major corporations and Big Box stores.

The end result would be the complete disintegration of the small business sector (except perhaps online retailers). Only national and international conglomerates would be left behind to provide brick-and-mortar services to the public, and of course many millions of jobs would be lost in the process.

Less competition means ever increasing prices and a lower quality of goods and services.

Simply put, vaccine passports could result in the death of what’s left of the free market as we know it. The majors will know they have the public by the scruff of the neck, so why bother trying anymore? They can throw us scraps from the table and we would have to take them and be happy with what we get.

Practical alternatives to the death of the free market

Then again, there is a central factor that tends to arise when restrictions on the economy are put in place – The black market, or what I would call “alternative markets”.

When governments restrict domestic trade and limit consumer participation based on frivolous requirements, people don’t just roll over and submit. Instead, they find other ways to get the things they need more freely. This means black market trade or barter markets, alternative currencies and sometimes entire underground economies.

Free markets will not be denied. And this is where the government disguise of humanitarianism will really fall away and true tyranny will be revealed.

Anyone rational would say that people trading with each other on an individual or community basis is perfectly normal, but under medical tyranny such trade would be treated as an ultimate crime. By providing services for each other, common people would be “opening the door” to survival outside of the system, and if survival is possible, then non-vaccination is possible. Therefore, the argument will be made by the establishment that alternative economies need to be eliminated “for the good of society as a whole.” There is always an excuse for totalitarianism.

With a large portion of the population seeking a means to live without oppression, alternative markets will thrive, and the government will make war on them. Which means the people will be forced to make war on the government. It’s inevitable under every scenario. But in the meantime, barter and trade will continue without vaccine passports and there’s not much that governments can do to stop it.

I have little doubt that precious metals will become go-to commodities for trade as a currency, just as they always have in times of crisis. All trade systems need a universal mechanism with inherent value to back it, otherwise more and more steps are added in the trade cycle and it becomes more difficult to conclude each transaction. Straight barter will be useful, but so will precious metals (especially gold and silver) along with other hard commodities with intrinsic value and utility.

Economic disaster followed by an economic renaissance

What I see in the near future is economic disaster in the wake of any attempt at a vaccine passport system. Millions will lose their jobs or quit their jobs in protest. Small businesses will disappear under the weight of bureaucracy and constant scrutiny. The quality of goods and services will suffer as competition shrivels. But I also see the birth of a whole new economic system outside of the mainstream control grid. I see true free markets returning, and eventually, I see full blown rebellion.

What I suggest is that people get ready for this eventuality. We need to become producers again, rather than mere consumers. In order to position ourselves for success in the new trade environment we have to be able to make necessities, repair necessities or teach necessary skills. Those that are able to do this will do very well within alternative markets. And, of course, those that stock preparations and buy gold and silver will also have a safety net as the current economy is slowly crushed under the weight of covid mandates.

Finally, if you find yourself today in a heavily restricted city, county, or state, I suggest leaving now while you still can to a safer and more free place with more liberty minded people. Time is running out fast.

* * *


Alternatives to the Vaccine


‘This Ends The Debate’ – Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta

by Tyler Durden Aug 28, 2021 –

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the rest of President Biden’s COVID advisors have been proven wrong about “the science” of COVID vaccines yet again. After telling Americans that vaccines offer better protection than natural infection, a new study out of Israel suggests the opposite is true: natural infection offers a much better shield against the delta variant than vaccines.


The study was described by Bloomberg as “the largest real-world analysis comparing natural immunity – gained from an earlier infection – to the protection provided by one of the most potent vaccines currently in use.” A few days ago, we noted how remarkable it was that the mainstream press was finally giving voice to scientists to criticize President Biden’s push to start doling out booster jabs. Well, this study further questions the credibility of relying on vaccines, given that the study showed that the vaccinated were ultimately 13x as likely to be infected as those who were infected previously, and 27x more likely to be symptomatic.

Here’s an excerpt from a report by Science Magazine:

The new analysis relies on the database of Maccabi Healthcare Services, which enrolls about 2.5 million Israelis. The study, led by Tal Patalon and Sivan Gazit at KSM, the system’s research and innovation arm, found in two analyses that people who were vaccinated in January and February were, in June, July, and the first half of August, six to 13 times more likely to get infected than unvaccinated people who were previously infected with the coronavirus. In one analysis, comparing more than 32,000 people in the health system, the risk of developing symptomatic COVID-19 was 27 times higher among the vaccinated, and the risk of hospitalization eight times higher.

This time, the data leave little doubt that natural infection truly is the better option for protection against the delta variant, despite the fact that the US won’t acknowledge the already infected as having antibodies protecting them from the virus.

As the first country to achieve widepsread coverage by the vaccine, Israel is now in an unthinkable situation: daily case numbers have reached new record levels as the delta variant penetrates the vaccines’ protection like a hot knife slicing through butter.

Israel's Covid infections wrong direction

Israel’s Covid infections wrong direction


Source: Bloomberg

At the very least, the results of the study are good news for patients who have already successfully battled COVID but show the challenge of relying exclusively on immunizations to move past the pandemic.

“This analysis demonstrated that natural immunity affords longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization due to the delta variant,” the researchers said.

Unfortunately, the study also showed that any protection is time-limited. Protection offered by natural infection wanes over time, just like the protection afforded by vaccines: The risk of a vaccine-breakthrough delta case was 13x higher than the risk of developing a second infection when the original illness occurred during January or February 2021. That’s significantly more than the risk for people who were ill earlier in the outbreak.

What’s more, giving a single shot of the vaccine to those who had been previously infected also appeared to boost their protection. Still, the data don’t tell us anything about the long-term benefits of booster doses.

This latest data showing the vaccines don’t offer anywhere near the 90%+ protection that was originally advertised by the FDA after the emergency authorization. Other studies are finding harmful side effects caused by the mRNA jabs are also more prevalent than previously believed.

Read the study pre-print below:

2021.08.24.21262415v1.full by Joseph Adinolfi Jr.

Click to download PDF fileClick to download the Study Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity-521947447-2021-08-24-21262415v1-full



Eating a plant-based diet can help protect against COVID-19, researchers find

01August2021 by:

Veggies Vegetables Nutrition Healthy Diet Greens

Veggies Vegetables Nutrition Healthy Diet Greens


(Natural News) People who eat a plant-based diet are less likely to contract COVID-19 and become severely ill with the disease, according to a recent study by researchers from Harvard Medical School, King’s College London and the health science company ZOE.

The researchers analyzed data from over 590,000 people from the United States and the United Kingdom who answered a survey about the foods they ate last February using the ZOE COVID Symptom Study application. The application allows users to record their symptoms in case of COVID-19 infection and to log when they’ve had a positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

By early December 2020, 19 percent of the users who participated contracted COVID-19 based on positive PCR test results and symptoms reported via the application.

“For the first time, we’ve been able to show that a healthier diet can cut the chances of developing [COVID-19],” said co-author Sarah Berry, a senior lecturer in nutritional sciences at King’s College London.

A preprint of the study was released online in medRxiv. Click to download PDF fileClick to download the Study Diet quality and risk and severity of COVID-19-a prospective cohort study-2021.06.24

Diet quality and risk and severity of COVID-19-a prospective cohort study-2021.06.24

Eat more plant-based foods to avoid COVID-19

Poor metabolic health and certain lifestyle factors are associated with an increased risk and severity of COVID-19, but data for diets are lacking. For their study, the researchers sought to analyze the association of diet quality with the risk and severity of COVID-19 and how that intersects with socioeconomic factors.

To that end, the researchers examined data from 592,571 users of the ZOE COVID Symptom Study application from the U.S. and the U.K. The users completed a survey about the foods they ate in February 2020. The researchers scored users’ diet quality based on a scale that emphasized healthy, plant-based foods.

The users were followed until December 2020 and asked to log if they had contracted COVID-19 or were hospitalized because of it.

Diets with high quality scores were found to contain more plant-based foods, especially fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. On average, people with high-scoring diets ate two pieces of fruit and three different vegetables per day. They also ate 200 grams (g) of fatty fish every week and limited their intake of refined grains and processed foods.

People who eat plant-based foods have healthy microbes in their guts, said Tim Spector, a co-author of the study and a co-founder of ZOE. Having healthy gut microbes has been linked to better health.

On the other hand, low-scoring diets were found to contain more processed foods. On average, users with low-scoring diets ate fewer than two pieces of fruit per week and went some days without eating any vegetable or oily fish.

In addition, the researchers found that there were 72 cases of COVID-19 for every 10,000 person-months among users with high-scoring diets. Meanwhile, there were 95 cases of COVID-19 for every 10,000 person-months among users with low-scoring diets.

Overall, the researchers found that users with high-scoring diets were 10 percent less likely to contract COVID-19 and 40 percent less likely to become severely ill with the disease than users with low-scoring diets. They estimated that nearly a quarter of users who became infected with COVID-19 could have avoided the disease if they ate a healthier diet.

They also noted that users living in areas where plant-based foods were less available may face a greater risk of COVID-19 infection than users with easier access to those foods.

How to get started on a plant-based diet

There is no need to go vegan to reap the health benefits of eating plant-based foods. Many healthy plant-based diets, such as the Mediterranean diet, still allow meats and animal products to a certain degree. However, you’re encouraged to limit your intake of those foods as much as possible.

If you want to get started on a plant-based diet, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Eat more vegetables. Fill half of your plate with vegetables at lunch and dinner. (Related: 14 must-consume vegetables to stay healthy and fight disease.)
  • Limit meat and dairy intake. Though you can still eat meat and dairy, they shouldn’t be the center of your diet. Use them for making side dishes instead of adding them to your mains.
  • Choose healthy fats. The fats found in olive oil, fatty fishes and nuts support your health in many ways.
  • Switch to whole grains. Replace refined grains with whole grains. For example, eat whole-wheat bread instead of white bread and brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Eat fruit for dessert. Eating a piece of fruit for dessert is an easy way to add more fruits to your meals. has more articles on the health benefits of eating plant-based foods.

Sources include:



How eating your five-a-day may spare you from Covid: People who consume plenty of fruit and vegetables and cut out processed foods ‘are up to 40% less likely to fall severely ill with virus’

  • King’s College London scientists asked 600,000 people about their diets
  • They were then monitored for nine months in case they caught the virus
  • Professor Tim Spector said eating greens could ‘improve your immune system’

By Luke Andrews Health Reporter For Mailonline Published: 13July2021
Eating five-a-day day could cut your risk of falling severely ill with Covid, scientists claimed today.


King’s College London experts asked 600,000 people to log what they were eating before the pandemic began.


Volunteers were divided into five groups based on how healthy their diets were.


They were also tracked for nine months and asked to tell researchers if they caught the coronavirus and log how ill they became.


Results showed those who ate the most greens were 40 per cent less likely to be hospitalised and need oxygen if they were infected.


And they were 10 per cent less likely to catch the virus in the first place.


The researchers defined the healthiest eaters as those who ate two pieces of fruit a day and three different vegetables.


They also had 200g of oily fish such as salmon and sardines every week and kept fatty and sugary processed foods to a minimum.


On the other hand, the unhealthiest eaters had fewer than two bits of fruit over the course of a week and went some days without eating any vegetables.


They also steered clear of oily fish, and consumed more fatty and sugary processed foods than recommended.


Professor Tim Spector, one of the researchers, said there was ‘no need to go vegan’ to reap the benefits of healthy eating.


But he said eating a more plant-laden diet could ‘improve your immune system’ and ‘potentially reduce your risk from Covid’.


Professor Spector said: ‘People who eat higher quality diets (with low levels of ultra-processed foods) have a healthier collection of microbes in their guts, which is linked to better health.’


Study co-author Dr Sarah Berry said: ‘For the first time we’ve been able to show that a healthier diet can cut the chances of developing Covid.’


The study was run through health-tech firm ZOE’s Covid Symptom Study app, which has been downloaded more than a million times.


The software — which allows people to log their symptoms and whether they had a positive test — is used to track the coronavirus outbreak in Britain.


Academics used data from more than 31,000 participants who were thought to have caught Covid across the UK and US.


Only a quarter actually tested positive for the virus — the rest were assumed to have been infected based on the symptoms they showed.


At the start of the pandemic there was a lack of tests available, leading to millions of cases being missed officially.


Participants were asked about what they ate in February last year, before the virus took hold.


They were followed until early December — through the first wave and the start of the second wave — and asked to log if they had the virus, or were hospitalised.


Data showed there were 72.2 cases of Covid for every 10,000 person-months among participants with the healthiest diets.


But for volunteers at the other end of the dietary spectrum, the rate stood at around 95.4.


The difference was even worse for cases of severe illness — defined as patients who were admitted to hospital and required oxygen.


After analysing the results for other potential factors that may have skewed the findings such as sex, ethnicity and underlying health conditions, they found those with the best diets were 40 per cent less likely to suffer severe disease and 10 per cent likely to catch the virus in the first place.


The study, which was published on medRxiv, also involved scientists from Harvard Medical School.




Super Foods: How they help the body

By Jeffery Vaughn, 19th Medical Group / Published February 08, 2016

Super Foods: How they help the body

Eat the Best Leave the Rest Fruits and Vegetables, Different sorts of vegetables

(U.S. Air Force graphic by Airman 1st Class Mercedes Taylor)LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE, Ark. — Why do Super Foods work? Eating Super Foods can do four very important things in the body: they can decrease inflammation, can improve gut health, can increase antioxidants and could increase sulfur in the body. Here are four quick summaries talking about chronic systemic inflammation, gut health, antioxidants and the importance of eating sulfur-rich food.

Chronic Systemic Inflammation

Scientists believe chronic systemic inflammation in the body is the cause of many chronic diseases. If you can eliminate inflammation, you can eliminate the risk for the disease.

The cause of chronic systemic inflammation is directly linked to the food we eat and the main culprit is sugar and processed foods. The further you separate yourself from sugar and processed foods, the less inflammation you may experience.

In addition to eliminating sugar, adopting anti-inflammatory foods may reduce chronic systemic inflammation. Adding as many of these super foods such as whole grains, fatty fish and low-fat dairy to your diet as possible may help. Bottom line: eliminate foods with zero nutritional value and substitute foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Gut Health

The digestive system may be the most important system in the body. This system breaks down everything taken into the body and is programmed to decide what is released to the blood stream and what is flushed out as waste.

The digestive tract contains tight junctions and microvilli, similar to filters, in the intestinal wall. The intestinal wall cells break down food particles to decide what can enter the blood stream.

“Leaky gut syndrome” occurs when the tight junctions begin to open wide like a faucet and big undigested food particles and toxins flow freely into the blood stream.
The food particles and toxins are absorbed by tissue which causes chronic systemic inflammation and autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and psoriasis.

Eating refined sugar, processed food, and products containing gluten can increase your risk for developing leaky gut syndrome. Inadequate amounts of stomach acid, too much bad gut bacteria or too little good gut bacteria may also play a role. Chronic stress can also lower immune health leading to leaky gut syndrome.

Correct leaky gut syndrome by eliminating the wrong foods and eating the right ones:

1. Eliminate foods high in sugar, processed foods, and foods that contain gluten.
2. Add fermented vegetables like Kim Chi, sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt or take a high quality multi-specie probiotic.
3. Eat super foods like sweet potatoes, onions and bananas that contain fermentable fiber.
4. Increase foods that contain Vitamin D and Zinc. Super foods high in Vitamin D include mushrooms, eggs, salmon and fish oil. Super foods high in Zinc include pumpkin seeds, squash grass fed beef and dark chocolate.


The body undergoes oxidative stress every day and cells become damaged daily due to oxidation. When cells become damaged, they are called free radicals. Free radicals attack other cells to scavenge what they need for repair and end up damaging DNA.
When DNA is damaged, a chain reaction takes place where cells begin to replicate with damaged DNA. This sets the environment for diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. The process is a natural part of life and the body has a built-in antioxidant mechanism that repairs most cells.

When external toxins such as cigarette smoke, pesticides and pharmaceuticals get into the mix, the body’s natural antioxidant mechanism can not keep up and it soon becomes overwhelmed. Antioxidants from the food we eat become the reinforcements the body needs to bring balance back at the cellular level.

Antioxidants come from almost all super foods, especially fruits and vegetables. The most important thing to remember are different antioxidants do different things.

Vitamin C captures free radicals and neutralizes them. Vitamin E on the other hand repairs cells. The more variety of super foods you eat, the more types of antioxidants you introduce to the body and more antioxidant power is available for repair.

Foods high in antioxidants include dark green vegetables, blueberries, red berries, fish and sweet potatoes.

Sulfur Foods

Sulfur is so important because it offers detoxification which will remove the waste. It is a key player in removing waste. It makes cells more pliable allowing for better oxygen transport and waste removal. In addition, it also plays a major role in the creation of the most important antioxidant in the body: glutathione.

Glutathione plays a critical role in the production of insulin and maintaining healthy blood sugar. If you eat a healthy diet with super foods containing sulfur, your body will make plenty of glutathione and keep you healthy preventing diseases like heart disease, cancer or dementia.

Sulfur is extremely important if you have diabetes or want to prevent disease as it is the key to healthy cell growth and function.

Some examples of foods high in sulfur are eggs, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and legumes.



Natural ways to boost your immunity as coronavirus spreads

29February2020 by:


(Natural News) During the last half of December 2019, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) began spreading throughout China.

To date, researchers around the globe are scrambling to find a cure for COVID-19, which has already infected hundreds of thousands of people, and claimed thousands of lives.

But what if the key to staying healthy during a pandemic is strengthening your immunity with supplements and herbal remedies? Boosting your immune system could be essential to protecting yourself and not succumbing to infections in the first place.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus?

The coronavirus disease may not initially cause symptoms, and if you’re infected, you may carry the virus (SARS-CoV-2) for two days or up to two weeks before experiencing any symptoms. This makes the disease even more dangerous.

Common symptoms directly linked to COVID-19 coronavirus include:

  • Feeling short of breath.
  • Having a cough that gradually gets worse.
  • Having a low-grade fever that gradually increases in temperature.

Experts are currently studying the full list of symptoms.

Expert: Vitamins that may help boost immunity

Since a strong immune system is essential for enabling your body to fight infections, here are some promising natural protection strategies, according to nutritional experts.

Vitamin C

In an article titled “Coronavirus: Exploring Effective Nutritional Treatments,” written by Andrew W. Saul for the Orthomolecular News Service, he analyzed data gleaned from over 30 clinical studies to verify the antiviral power of vitamin C against different flu viruses spanning several decades.

Saul found that vitamin C inactivates the virus and boosts immunity to continue suppressing the virus. Many cases showed that oral supplementation of at least 10,000 mg of vitamin C daily offered protective benefits. But when dealing with stronger viruses, one may require larger doses given intravenously, such as 100,000 to 150,000 mg of vitamin C daily.

Vitamin C helps your body produce the antioxidant glutathione, as well as an antiviral called interferon.

In cases where IV vitamin C is unavailable, individuals gradually increased their oral dose up to 50,000 mg daily before reaching bowel tolerance. Most people are able to consume five grams (5,000 mg) of powdered or crystal forms of high-quality ascorbic acid at a time every four hours, to the tolerance of their digestive tract.

Andrew Saul writes, “Every virus seems to respond to this type of treatment, regardless of the whether it is SARs, Bird flu, Swine flu or the new Coronavirus flu.”

(Related: Clinical trials of intravenous vitamin C treatments for coronavirus commence in China.)

Vitamin D3

In a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled study where they gave the treatment group 1,200 IU (international units) of vitamin D3 during the cold and flu season. The control group received a placebo.

The participants in the vitamin D group had a 58 percent reduced risk of flu.

Vitamin D3 is a natural treatment for flu infections and it allows your body to create cathelicidin, an antibiotic protein that eliminates bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.

Vitamin D levels of 30 to 50 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) in your blood are believed to be enough, but research has found that levels of about 50 to 100 ng/mL are essential to prevent infection.

You can get vitamin D by following a healthy diet full of food sources of vitamin D, and through exposure to sunlight. However, it is essential to take supplements during the winter season. Consider 5,000 to 10,000 IU daily, or follow the instructions of your naturopathic physician.

If you already have the flu, your physician may recommend you take 50,000 IU daily for the first five days, then take 5,000 to 10,000 IU as a maintenance dose, but this depends entirely on your current blood levels, so get your blood tested by a competent clinical practitioner first.


According to a study from the Journal of Nanotechnology, silver nanoparticles kill HIV-1 and most kinds of viruses. Researchers who conducted the study incubated HIV-1 virus at 37 C and results revealed that silver particles killed 100 percent of the virus after only three hours.

Silver binds to the DNA of the virus cell, which prevents it from multiplying.

Silver prevents a virus from transferring from one person to another by hindering its ability to find a host cell to feed on. Without a host, viruses can’t survive.

Use colloidal silver at doses of 10 to 20 ppm (parts per million) to prevent infections. It is best to use nanoparticle silver.

Anti-viral foods

Aside from taking vitamins C and D and colloidal silver, eating anti-viral foods is one of the best ways to protect yourself against infectious diseases.

The foods below offer strong anti-viral properties.

  • Cilantro
  • Coconut oil
  • Fennel
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Kale
  • Parsley
  • Pomegranates
  • Red clover
  • Sprouts
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Turmeric
  • Wild blueberries

Exercise regularly to maintain your physical health and wash your hands thoroughly to maintain proper hygiene. Follow a balanced diet and take supplements to boost your immune system and protect yourself against the dreaded coronavirus.

Sources include:

Robert Bissett 01March2020

A positive article with reasonable suggestions. Below is a list for any flu season I’ve put together from the best sources I could find and from experience. First, maintain a positive attitude. Be rational; don’t buy into the fear. Almost every media story has an emotional approach. Pandemic is a scarey word, but what are the facts? Johns Hopkins is keeping track and reports this morning, Mar 1, 72 cases of Covid19, one death. The man who died was in his 50’s with underlying medical conditions. Older people, especially those with chronic illnesses such as heart or lung disease, are especially vulnerable. The CDC estimates 32,000,000 – 45,000,000 flu illnesses October 1, 2019, through February 22, 2020 with 18,000 – 46,000 flu deaths. 1 billion flu cases worldwide. A typical flu season. Why isn’t that in the news? It puts things in perspective. All flu illnesses will decrease with the coming of spring. Be well, America.

What to do now?
Avoid crowds, theater, sports, etc.
Limit trips to super market, etc.
Maintain six feet distance from anyone coughing/sneezing
Standard surgical mask, some help
N95 respirator, no beard, 95%, goggles,
Wash hands, face, sanitizer
Nasal spray, neti pot, saltwater solution
Rest, fluids

The Science?
Vaccine recommended 6 mo. and up
Up to a year away for Covid19
Antigenic drift may occur, less effective
Frey, et al, 2010…6% vaxed got flu; 9% unvaxed got it
Less effective for elderly
Zinc…lozenges, tablets, syrup may help
Vitamin C…some help
Vitamin D3/K2…some help
Echinacea…not proven

Antiviral meds…decrease time/symptoms?
zanamivir (Relenza)
oseltamivir (Tamiflu)
peramivir (Rapivab)
baloxavir marboxil (Xofluza)

Alternatives, on your own
Oregano oil, Oreganol
Silver hydrosol


Take Vitamin D and Zinc to prevent Death

Dr John Campbell: Quite Compelling Evidence, Vitamin D Protect Against COVID-19

Dr. John Campbell 13May2020
Does Vitamin D Protect Against COVID-19?
So the evidence is becoming quite compelling.
JoAnn E. Manson, Professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School Division of Preventive Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston, Massachusetts.
Already known about Vit D status Bone health, Cardiometabolic health. But it may be even more important now than ever Risk of developing COVID-19 infection and to the severity of the disease. Innate immunity and boosts immune function against viral diseases
Immune-modulating effect
Can lower inflammation
This may be relevant to the respiratory response with COVID – 19 and the cytokine storm.
Laboratory (cell-culture) studies Evidence that patients with respiratory infections tend to have lower blood levels of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D
Some evidence from COVID-19 patients as well.
Eightfold higher risk of having severe COVID illness among those who entered with vitamin D deficiency compared with those who had sufficient vitamin D levels
Supplementation was associated with a significant reduction in respiratory tract infections
12% to 70% reduction of respiratory infection with vitamin D supplementation
So the evidence is becoming quite compelling
Encourage our patients to be outdoors and physically active, while maintaining social distancing

  • Diet
  • food labels
  • fortified dairy products
  • fortified cereals
  • fatty fish
  • sun dried mushrooms
  • Quite reasonable to consider a vitamin D supplement RDA, 600-800 IU/dailyBut during this period, a multivitamin or supplement containing 1000-2000 IU/daily of vitamin D would be reasonable

Planning a randomized clinical trial, moderate to high doses In the meantime,
it’s important to encourage measures that will, on a population-wide basis, reduce the risk for vitamin D deficiency
Dr JoAnn Manson is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School; and chief of the Division of Preventive Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston, Massachusetts.



The mortality rate for covid-19 is falling rapidly, and here’s how we can continue to improve it

29September2020 by:

(Natural News) In March 2020, the mortality rate for covid-19 was advertised as a scary 3.4 percent by the World Health Organization and experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci. As more data was collected over time, the mortality rate fell. The latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) break down the mortality rate by age group.

If an individual does become infected, the CDC has prepared a “current best estimate” of the mortality rate based on data collected from March through September and taking into consideration the R naught factor.

The mortality rate for covid-19 should only concern those ages 70 and up

Based on an R naught factor of 2.5, children between the ages of 1 and 19, if infected, are only at a .00003 risk of dying. The risk to schoolchildren is so low; schools should have never closed or implemented such strict behavioral controls.

For young and middle-aged adults, ages 20 – 49, the risk of dying is still slight, approximately .0002. Almost every working age adult should be living their life as normal as possible, no longer controlled by arbitrary mandates.

As with most infections, the risk of death appears slightly greater for those ages 50 to 69: The risk of death for those infected in this age group is .005. The only concerning mortality statistic is for people ages 70 and up. The mortality rate for infected individuals in this group is 1 in 20. Sadly, policies put forth by Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York forced positive covid-19 patients back into the nursing homes, putting the most vulnerable population at risk and driving up the mortality rate.

How do we continue to lower the mortality rate?

Improvements can be made to the mortality rate if every American started focusing on strengthening their immune system, instead of fearing their environment. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and zinc should be made readily available to any patient with symptoms of a respiratory infection. Despite its effectiveness around the world, this treatment protocol has been suppressed and lied about, driving up the mortality rate.

Zinc and Selenium

Medical researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands found that the mineral zinc blocks viral replication for not only coronaviruses but all other RNA viruses, including poliovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, picornaviruses, and influenza viruses. Zinc works by correcting the proteolytic processing of viral poly-proteins. Zinc’s antiviral properties convey an up-regulation of interferon production, allowing the innate immune system to more rapidly respond to the virus to eliminate the infection from the body. Furthermore, zinc possesses anti-inflammatory activity and allows T-cell immune function to work efficiently, limiting cytokine storms that are observed in severe cases of covid-19. Other trace minerals are important for healthy immune function, including selenium.

Vitamin D

A study from Spain found that covid-19 patients respond well to vitamin D supplementation, even after infection. In the study, patients who tested positive for covid-19 were hospitalized 50 percent of the time when vitamin D was withheld. Two of the ICU patients did not survive. Another covid-19 positive group was given vitamin D. This group only saw one ICU admission (out of the 50 people studied) and that person did survive.

Vitamin C and Quercetin

A study titled, “Quercetin and Vitamin C: An Experimental Synergistic Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Related Disease (COVID-19)” found that quercetin interferes “at multiple steps of pathogen virulence,” including at “virus entry, virus replication, (and) protein assembly” to stop viral infection and proliferation. When quercetin is used in synergy with Vitamin C, the two become a prophylactic (preventative medicine) for the treatment of covid-19 and other respiratory tract infections.

Licorice root

Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice root) is one of many over-the-counter antiviral herbs that can be used to stop infections in the body. In vitro studies conducted on licorice root reveal antiviral activity against HIV?1, SARS related coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus, arboviruses, vaccinia virus and vesicular stomatitis virus.

Sweet wormwood

Artemisinin A is an active derivative of sweet wormwood herb (Artemisia annua /A. annua). This plant-based medicine inhibits SARS-CoV and other viruses in clinical studies. The plant’s concentration of aurantiamide acetate impedes cathepsin-L (CTSL), a protein that is critical for SARS-CoV-2 to gain entry into cells. Similar drugs are being developed to target CTSL to treat covid-19, and sweet wormwood herb provides the same medicinal mechanisms.

To learn more on living with viruses and overcoming infections naturally, visit ImmuneSystem.News.

Sources include: [PDF]



BREAKING GOOD NEWS: These four herbal extracts reduce viral load and block SARS-CoV-2, influenza, adenovirus

02September2021 by: Lance D Johnson

Japanese oriental matcha ceremony tradition

Japanese oriental matcha ceremony tradition


(Natural News) A new study investigates the antiviral activity of four plant extracts. Among the plants studied are: green tea (Camellia sinensis), pomegranate juice (Punica granatum), black choke berry juice (Aronia melanocarpa), and elderberry syrup (Sambucus nigra). These medicinal plant extracts were effective in vitro for stopping viral attachment, reducing viral load, and stopping the spread of infectious SARS-CoV-2, influenza, and adenovirus.

There was NO effective public health response to SARS-CoV-2 among the developed Nations because government leaders forbade natural immunity and dismissed effective strategies to achieve natural immunity. Entire populations are trained to fear endemic infections, instead of equipping the body to face them. Whether the infection is labeled covid-19, influenza or something else, all these infections are inevitable and can be overcome naturally, resulting in durable and comprehensive immunity.

Medicinal herbs offer a viable strategy to stop viral attachment and reduce viral load

The antiviral phytochemicals from medicinal herbs can block viral attachment, prevent dissemination of virus into the lower airways, and reduce overall viral load. These actions can reduce the spread of infectious viral material by magnitudes greater than the current fear-based approach which does not differentiate those with infection and those without and has no measurable effect on reducing the amount of infectious virus emanating from an infected person.

All four juices showed virucidal activity against SARS-CoV-2, influenza A virus (IAV) and the naked adenovirus type 5 (AdV5). This antiviral activity has previously been demonstrated against influenza viruses in vitro. Pomegranate and black choke berry stop viral replication against the enveloped viruses. Elderberry syrup is so therapeutic, it improves symptom relief for influenza patients, making recovery much easier. The simple act of gargling green tea combats influenza infections, too, cleansing one of the main areas where respiratory pathogens enter the body.

In the study, SARS-CoV-2 was sensitive to green tea and pomegranate juice, and the virus was completely deactivated by choke berry juice. In fact, choke berry juice reduced more than 96% of SARS-CoV-2 infectivity. Adenovirus Type 5 resisted the phytochemicals, but its replication was stalled the most by choke berry juice. The influenza A virus was very susceptible and was inactivated by each phytochemical. The authors of the study said that the plants’ antiviral activity against influenza was as strong as hospital grade disinfectant. All these extracts are inexpensive and can readily be deployed on a mass scale, but the public health leaders ignore the actual strategies that work, and refuse to promote treatments that reduce suffering and save lives.

Rapid deployment of herbal tinctures, juices and teas is how the population can adapt to respiratory pathogens

Plant-based medicines contain catechins, tannins and flavonoids that attack viral proteins. The polyphenols in pomegranate inactivate influenza viruses by targeting the virion surface glycoproteins, causing structural damage to the virion. The catechins in green tea break down the virion structure. More specifically, epigallocatechin gallate disrupts virus particles, weakening their intensity and blocking their interaction with target cells. Catechins interfere with endosome acidification and viral enzyme activity, blocking their fusion to host cells. The phytochemical, theaflavin-3,3?-digallat prevented SARS-CoV-2 infection by simply interfering with its cellular receptor — angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. Plant-based extracts show remarkable antiviral activity, but their potency varies from product to product.

The authors of the study believe that these basic plant juices and extracts should be used on a daily basis as oral rinses. “Since viral replication, symptoms and transmission occur in the nasal and oropharyngeal area, reducing viral titers as early as possible might represent a proactive strategy to prevent infection, dissemination, disease, and spread,” the authors wrote. These herbal products are common food preparations that can be applied as convenient ‘oral rinses’ and then swallowed for internal benefits. The authors stressed the importance of using herbal antivirals in the hospital setting to mitigate viral attachment and viral load, no matter if the infections are SARS-CoV-2, influenza or some other respiratory pathogen. Healthcare workers, the elderly and the immunocompromised would benefit greatly from these juices, extracts and teas. They should be deployed to nursing homes. These products should also be made available to schools to boost the immune response of children and teachers, to do away with insidious quarantine procedures, forced masking and other brain damaging, stress-inducing germaphobe behavioral controls.

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Hydroxychloroquine works in high-risk patients, and saying otherwise is dangerous

14August2020 by:

(Natural News) As of Wednesday, some 165,000 people in the United States have died from COVID-19. I have made the case in the American Journal of Epidemiology and in Newsweek that people who have a medical need to be treated can be treated early and successfully with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and antibiotics such as azithromycin or doxycycline. I have also argued that these drugs are safe and have made that case privately to the Food and Drug Administration.

(Article by Harvey Risch republished from

The pushback has been furious. Dr. Anthony Fauci has implied that I am incompetent, notwithstanding my hundreds of highly regarded, methodologically relevant publications in peer-reviewed scientific literature. A group of my Yale colleagues has publicly intimated that I am a zealot who is perpetrating a dangerous hoax and conspiracy theory. I have been attacked in news articles by journalists who, ignorant of the full picture, have spun hit pieces from cherry-picked sources.

These personal attacks are a dangerous distraction from the real issue of hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness, which is solidly grounded in both substantial evidence and appropriate medical decision-making logic. Much of the evidence is presented in my articles.

To date, there are no studies whatsoever, published or in pre-print, that provide scientific evidence against the treatment approach for high-risk outpatients that I have described. None. Assertions to the contrary, whether by Fauci, the FDA, or anyone else, are without foundation. They constitute misleading and toxic disinformation.

What do you need to know to evaluate these smears against hydroxychloroquine? The first thing to understand is that COVID-19 has two main stages. At the first stage, it is a flu-like illness. That illness will not kill you. If you are a high-risk patient and begin treatment immediately, you will almost certainly be done with it in a few days. When not treated, high-risk patients may progress. The virus then causes severe pneumonia and attacks many organs, including the heart. In this second stage, hydroxychloroquine is not effective.

So, if you are told that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work, ask this question: In which patients? Does it not work in those who have just started to have symptoms, or those sick enough to require hospitalization?

The second thing to know is that most low-risk patients survive without treatment. Low risk means you are under age 60 and have no chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, have no past treatment for cancer, are not immunocompromised, etc. High risk means you are over 60 or you have one or more of those chronic conditions. High-risk patients need immediate treatment when they first show symptoms. One should not wait for the COVID-19 test result, which can take days and can be wrong. Again, when Fauci and others say that randomized controlled trials show no benefit for hydroxychloroquine, you must ask: In which group of patients?

Every randomized controlled trial to date that has looked at early outpatient treatment has involved low-risk patients, patients who are not generally treated. In these studies, so few untreated control patients have required hospitalization that significant differences were not found. There has been only one exception: In a study done in Spain with low-risk patients, a small number of high-risk nursing home patients were included. For those patients, the medications cut the risk of a bad outcome in half.

I reiterate: If doctors, including any of my Yale colleagues, tell you that scientific data show that hydroxychloroquine does not work in outpatients, they are revealing that they can’t tell the difference between low-risk patients who are not generally treated and high-risk patients who need to be treated as quickly as possible. Doctors who do not understand this difference should not be treating COVID-19 patients.

What about medication safety? On July 1, the FDA posted a “black-letter warning” cautioning against using hydroxychloroquine “outside of the hospital setting,” meaning in outpatients. But on its website just below this warning, the FDA stated that the warning was based on data from hospitalized patients. To generalize and compare severely ill patients with COVID-induced pneumonia and possibly heart problems to outpatients is entirely improper.

In fact, the FDA has no information about adverse events in early outpatient use of hydroxychloroquine. The only available systematic information about adverse events among outpatients is discussed in my article in the American Journal of Epidemiology, where I show that hydroxychloroquine has been extremely safe in more than a million users.

It is a serious and unconscionable mistake that the FDA has used inpatient data to block emergency use petitions for outpatient use. Further, already back in March, the FDA approved the emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for hospitalized patients, for whom it is demonstrably less effective than for outpatients. If hydroxychloroquine satisfied the FDA criteria for emergency inpatient use in March, it should more than satisfy those criteria now for outpatient use, where the evidence is much stronger.

I can only speculate about the cause of the FDA’s recalcitrance. Hydroxychloroquine is an inexpensive, generic medication. Unlike certain profit-generating, patented medications, which have been promiscuously touted on the slimmest of evidence, hydroxychloroquine has no natural financial constituency. No one will get rich from it.

Further, it seems quite possible that the FDA, a third of whose funding comes from drug companies, is under intense pressure from those companies to be extremely conservative in its handling of hydroxychloroquine. If hydroxychloroquine is used widely and comes to be recognized as highly effective, the markets for expensive and patented COVID-19 medications, including intravenous drugs that can only be used in the hospital, will shrink substantially.

Whatever the reason for the FDA’s stonewalling on hydroxychloroquine, this much is certain: Americans are dying unnecessarily, the economy is in disarray, and the threads that bind our society together have frayed. I am speaking out, but where is everyone else? Where are our elected officials, including those who are themselves physicians? Some, including Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, have been discussing evidence of the drug’s effectiveness, but where are the rest?

This issue should not be a partisan one. If our elected officials are not willing to pry open the FDA, we must elect new officials. Why are we silent? The time to speak is now.

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JAMA article affirms benefits of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19

14September2020 by:

(Natural News) The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has published a new research letter highlighting the proven benefits of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in successfully treating the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Entitled, “SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Community Health Workers in India Before and After Use of Face Shields,” the paper explains that healthcare workers in India who came down with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) were quickly cured of the disease, their health fully restored, upon taking the generic anti-malaria drug.

None of these frontline workers wore face coverings, mind you. They only took HCQ, which quickly eliminated their symptoms and brought them back to good health in almost no time at all.

“The 12 infected workers were moved to care centers,” wrote Dr. M. Emmanuel Bhaskar, the paper’s author. “Four developed desaturation and mild breathing difficulty and were treated with oral hydroxychloroquine and oxygen therapy; all 4 recovered.”

Dr. Bhaskar’s research is a far cry from the hit piece that JAMA earlier published, supposedly “debunking” HCQ as an effective remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

As it turns out, HCQ is a simple, inexpensive and safe way to cure the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) without the need for a vaccine or other drug intervention. Other remedies like green tea and zinc have likewise shown incredible promise in alleviating the plandemic, if only the deep state medical establishment would allow it.

Anthony Fauci needs to be FIRED – why won’t Trump do it already?

If you recall from back in early August, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) was systematically censored from nearly all social media platforms for touting the benefits of HCQ publicly.

Dr. Simone Gold, for instance, was slammed by the media, censored by the likes of Facebook, and even fired from her job, “all for advocating for the right of physicians to prescribe what they believe is best for their patients.”

Dr. Stella Immanuel likewise had her reputation tarnished by the left-wing media talking heads for stating that she has successfully treated hundreds of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients using HCQ and azithromycin.

“We are taking this fight to the medical community,” Dr. Immanuel tweeted on Sept. 2. “If doctor will not prescribe HCQ fire them. Drs that will, please send us your info @ We will move patients into your clinics. Demand and supply works. When drs start losing business, they will wake up.”

A big part of the problem is Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and leader of the anti-HCQ, pro-vaccine medical mafia fighting at all costs to keep HCQ out of the hands of patients in need.

Fauci completely dismissed the work of Drs. Adnan Munkarah and Steven Kalkanis, whose research into HCQ, like the research mentioned above, contributes to the growing body of evidence showing that HCQ is both a safe and effective remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Our promising Henry Ford treatment study should be considered as another important contribution to the other studies of hydroxychloroquine that describes what the authors found in our patient population,” the two physicians wrote in an open letter.

“We – along with all doctors and scientists – eagerly support the need for randomized clinical trials. Unfortunately, the political climate that has persisted has made any objective discussion about this drug impossible, and we are deeply saddened by this turn of events,” they added, noting that the science should, in a just and fair world, “speak for itself.”

According to Shane Trejo, writing for Big League Politics, Fauci and all others who have demonized HCQ at the expensive of human lives “ought to have their licenses revoked, or perhaps even be jailed, for the needless suffering they have caused with their actions.”

More of the latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic is available for your reading pleasure at

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‘For $1/Day’… Double-Blind Ivermectin Study Reveals COVID Patients Recover More Quickly, Are Less Infectious

BY TYLER DURDEN 04August2021 –

A double-blind Israeli study has concluded that Ivermectin, an inexpensive anti-parasitic widely used since 1981, reduces both the duration and infectiousness of Covid-19, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The study, conducted by Prof. Eli Schwartz, founder of the Center for Travel Medicine and Tropical Disease at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, looked at some 89 eligible volunteers over the age of 18 who had tested positive for coronavirus, and were living in state-run Covid-19 hotels. After being divided into two groups, 50% received ivermectin, and 50% received a placebo. Each patient was given the drug for three days in a row, an hour before eating.

83% of participants were symptomatic at recruitment. 13.5% of patients had comorbidities of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, hypertension or cancer. The median age of the patients was 35, ranging from 20 to 71-years-old.


Treatment was discontinued on the third day, and patients were monitored every two days thereafter. By day six, 72% of those treated with ivermectin tested negative for the virus, vs. 50% of those who received the placebo. Meanwhile, just 13% of ivermectin patients were able to infect others after six days compared to 50% of the placebo group – nearly four times as many.


Three patients in the placebo group were admitted to hospitals for respiratory symptoms, while one ivermectin patient was hospitalized for shortness of breath the day the study began – only to be discharged a day later and “sent back to the hotel in good condition,” according to the study.

“Our study shows first and foremost that ivermectin has antiviral activity,” said Schwartz, adding “It also shows that there is almost a 100% chance that a person will be noninfectious in four to six days, which could lead to shortening isolation time for these people. This could have a huge economic and social impact.”

The study, which appeared on the MedRxiv preprint server and has not yet been peer-reviewed. That said, Schwartz pointed out that similar studies – ‘though not all of them conducted to the same double-blind and placebo standards as his’ – also showed favorable results for the drug.

Ivermectin is incredibly cheap due to its widespread use across the world to treat malaria, scabies, lice and other parasitic infections. In Bangladesh, the cost of ivermectin is around $0.60 to $1.80 for a five-day course, according to the report. In Israel, it costs up to $10 per day.

While Schwartz’s study showed efficacy among those who had already tested positive, it didn’t determine whether ivermectin is an effective prophylactic which could prevent one from contracting Covid-19, nor does it show whether it reduces chances of hospitalization – however Schwartz noted that other studies have shown such evidence.

For example, the study published earlier this year in the American Journal of Therapeutics highlighted that “a review by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance summarized findings from 27 studies on the effects of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection, concluding that ivermectin ‘demonstrates a strong signal of therapeutic efficacy’ against COVID-19.”

“Another recent review found that ivermectin reduced deaths by 75%,” the report said. –Jerusalem Post

As the Post notes, Ivermectin has been actively opposed as a Covid treatment by the World Health Organization, the FDA, and pharmaceutical companies.

The “FDA has not approved ivermectin for use in treating or preventing COVID-19 in humans,” it said.

“Ivermectin tablets are approved at very specific doses for some parasitic worms, and there are topical (on the skin) formulations for head lice and skin conditions like rosacea. Ivermectin is not an antiviral (a drug for treating viruses). Taking large doses of this drug is dangerous and can cause serious harm.”

Mere discussion of the drug has resulted in big-tech censoring or deplatforming thought leaders in collaboration with the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, Merck Co. – which manufactured the drug in the 1980s, has come out big against the use of ivermectin to treat Covid-19. In February, the company’s website read: “Company scientists continue to carefully examine the findings of all available and emerging studies of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 for evidence of efficacy and safety. It is important to note that, to date, our analysis has identified no scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies; no meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease, and a concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies.”

As the Post points out – Merck has not launched a single study of its own on ivermectin.

“You would think Merck would be happy to hear that ivermectin might be helpful to corona patients and try to study it, but they are most loudly declaring the drug should not be used,” said Schwartz.

“A billion people took it. They gave it to them. It’s a real shame.”

In closing, the research team writes that “Developing new medications can take years; therefore, identifying existing drugs that can be re-purposed against COVID-19 [and] that already have an established safety profile through decades of use could play a critical role in suppressing or even ending the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.”

“Using re-purposed medications may be especially important because it could take months, possibly years, for much of the world’s population to get vaccinated, particularly among low- to middle-income populations.



Head of Tokyo Medical Association says “now is the time” for all covid patients to get ivermectin, not vaccines

29August2021 by:

(Natural News) Earlier this year, Haruo Ozaki, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, issued a plea for the expanded use of ivermectin to treat the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Much like the current situation in the United States, Japanese authorities are hesitant to support the use of ivermectin, despite numerous scientific papers showing it to be a safe and effective remedy for the Chinese Virus.

Infections are spreading as more Japanese people get vaccinated, and Ozaki is urging the Japanese government to issue its version of an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the drug, which has been in widespread use as a remedy for parasites for many decades.

Despite having originated in Japan, ivermectin is still something of a taboo treatment there, probably because it is inexpensive, safe and effective – and thus does not generate massive profits for the pharmaceutical cartels.

“When the number of people waiting at home and receiving medical treatment increased sharply in the third wave of January, this was no good, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association worked together to build a system with the goal of 24-hour support,” Ozaki told Yomiuri, a Japanese media outlet.

“We are now able to handle up to 37 of the 47 district medical associations. However, the current situation where more than 1000 home caregivers are piled up every day is beyond the limit. Vaccination, medical examination, home visit, etc. are not available. Now, the health center is coordinating hospitalization. There is also a hospitalization coordinating center in Tokyo, but there is a system that can quickly accept and treat suddenly changed corona patients. I haven’t gotten to the point of being established.”

Ozaki says he is aware of “many papers” that support the safe and effective use of ivermectin in treating the Fauci Flu

Instead of continuing to inject people with experimental drugs that have never been proven safe or effective, why not give ivermectin a try?

All throughout Central and South America, doctors are administering ivermectin with great success. The drug is also being used in India with similar success to help sick patients overcome the Chinese Illness for mere pennies, which is easing the strain on health systems.

“The vaccine is not in time,” Ozaki says. “At such an imminent time, there is a paper that ivermectin is effective for corona, so it is a natural response for clinicians to try using it. Doctor-led clinical practice — that’s why many test papers came out.”

Rather than play politics as some are, the Japanese government, along with all other governments, have a duty to ensure that patients have safe and easy access to ivermectin if they choose to use it. Doctors should not feel intimidated or pressured not to prescribe it if it can help, as many say it can.

Many patients are dying because hospitals are refusing to give them ivermectin, which one could argue is a crime against humanity. There is no reason why ivermectin should remain off limits if it has the potential to quell cases and restore normalcy to society.

Ozaki points to a recent paper out of India which found that administering 0.3 mg / kg of ivermectin twice at three-day intervals resulted in an 83 percent reduction in new cases of the Wuhan Flu. Such results speak for themselves, he says.

Thanks to corrupt influence from the likes of Merck & Co., which supplies drugs like ivermectin to Japan, accessing it for the Chinese Flu remains a challenge. Even if a patient is able to find a doctor willing to write a prescription, many pharmacies no longer have any supply of the drug.

To keep up with the latest news about the Chinese Virus, visit

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The Triumph of Evil

The Burning Platform


The Triumph of Evil

Administrator Posted on 2September2021

Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

Ohio Judge Orders Hospital To Treat Ventilated COVID-19 Patient With Ivermectin


[ UPDATE: HOSPITAL HOMICIDE: American war veteran dies after hospital refuses to administer court-ordered ivermectin treatment]

SEE ALSO: How Not To Get Murdered By The Government’s And Hospital’s ‘Covid Protocols’

The murderers at West Chester Hospital in Cincinnati would rather patients die than to treat them with Ivermectin. This is how crazed and brainwashed the Medical establishment is. A judge had to intervene to force the hospital to give Ivermectin treatment to a dying patient. In America to get competent medical treatment requires wining a court case.


The corrupt public health authorities protecting Big Pharma profits use the excuse that people desperate for Ivermectin but unable to get Ivermectin for humans are harming themselves by taking large doses in formulations for animals. This, of course, is not a justification for banning the use of doses formulated for people.

Ivermectin Suppressed Covid in Africa where it is used against River Blindness

[ Click to download PDF fileClick to download the Study Why COVID-19 is not so spread in Africa-How does Ivermectin affect it-2021.03.26.21254377v1.full ]

In an earlier article I pointed out that in malaria-infested countries where the population has traditionally taken HCQ weekly to ward off infection, Covid cases are rare as HCQ is also a covid preventative and cure.

Now evidence arises from Japanese researchers that in countries in Africa where Onchocerciasis or River Blindness is endemic, Ivermectin is distributed to the population to prevent or cure infection. In these countries, there is practically no Covid.

Researchers divided Africa between countries that have Ivermectin programs for control of River Blindness and those that don’t. The countries without Ivermectin programs had 4.3 times more cases and 5.7 times more Covid deaths despite having a 220,000,000 smaller population.

The study concludes:

“Conclusions: The morbidity and mortality in the onchocerciasis [River Blindness] endemic countries are lesser than those in the non-endemic ones. The community-directed onchocerciasis treatment with ivermectin is the most reasonable explanation for the decrease in morbidity and fatality rate in Africa. In areas where ivermectin is distributed to and used by the entire population, it leads to a significant reduction in mortality.

The use of Ivermectin in India produced the same result. In the provinces of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Goa where Ivermectin was widely used as a preventative against Covid, cases declined by 98%, 97%, 94%, and 86% respectively.

In view of these hard facts, it is not only dishonest but also intentional murder when medical authorities and presstitutes assert that HCQ and Ivermectin are unsafe, untested, and recommend against, and actively prevent, their use to control Covid.

Both HCQ and Ivermectin have been in wide use for decades and are so safe that in most countries they are available as over-the-counter purchases with no prescription required.

Two senior FDA officials have resigned in protest against the politicization of the decision to give Covid Vaccine booster shots by the White House Idiot, CDC, and Fauci, who bypassed FDA where the regulatory power resides.

The evidence is overwhelming that the mRNA “vaccines” do not protect, produce harmful side effects including death, and spread the virus.
Therefore, the only reason to give booster shots is to worsen and spread the infection. In every country that has a majority of its population vaccinated, the vast majority of the new Covid cases are among the vaccinated. How can more vaccination be the solution? Is it really possible that public health officials, doctors, and hospital administrators are so brainwashed that they are incapable of thought? How can they be blind to the clear overwhelming evidence that the Covid vaccination program is a health catastrophe?

The medical authorities and presstitutes know the facts. Why do they suppress them?

Why do they lie and falsely assert that the new covid cases are a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” when the most vaccinated countries have the most new cases and most of the new cases are vaccinated people? This cannot be a mere mistake on the part of medical authorities and the media. If the vaccine provides immunity why are booster shots needed every few months as Fauci now declares? Each round of booster shots produces new variants immune to vaccines.
This is a policy for pharmaceutical profits and mass sickness and death.

Yet this is what our own government and medical system are doing to us.

I find the audacity of the intentional lie to be extraordinary as the available information makes the lie completely transparent.
Those who are murdering people with their lies show no shame!

This is the triumph of Evil.


Don’t go to the Hospitals. The Hospitals will kill you.


Ohio Judge Orders Hospital To Treat Ventilated COVID-19 Patient With Ivermectin

by Tyler Durden 01September2021 –

By Lil Hai of Epoch Times

A Butler County judge in Ohio has ordered a hospital to administer Ivermectin to a ventilated COVID-19 patient, granting an emergency relief filed by the patient’s wife.

Butler County Common Pleas Judge Gregory Howard ruled last week that West Chester Hospital, part of the University of Cincinnati’s health network UC Health, must “immediately administer Ivermectin” to patient Jeffrey Smith following his doctor’s prescription of 30 mg of Ivermectin for 21 days, the Ohio Capital Journal reported.

Smith, 51, is a Verizon Wireless engineer in Butler County. According to the lawsuit (pdf) filed by his wife Julie Smith, Smith tested positive for COVID-19 on July 9, and he was admitted to West Chester Hospital on July 15. On the same day, he was moved to an intensive care unit (ICU).

Smith’s condition continued to decline, and he was placed on a ventilator on Aug. 1. By Aug. 19, the ventilator was operating at 80 percent volume, with Smith’s chances of survival dropping to less than 30 percent, court documents read. At that time, the hospital claimed to have exhausted all options in its COVID-19 treatment protocol.

“At this point, there is nothing more the defendant can do, or will do, for my husband,” Julie wrote in an affidavit included in her complaint.

“However, I cannot give up on him, even if the defendant has,” Julie continued. “There is no reason why the defendant cannot approve or authorize other forms of treatments so long as the benefits outweigh the risks.”

Julie had read about some lawsuits reported by Chicago Tribune and The Buffalo News where patients in severe condition from COVID-19 later recovered after being given Ivermectin.

These patients had won lawsuits forcing their hospitals to treat them with Ivermectin. The plaintiffs in these cases were all represented by attorney Ralph Lorigo, chairman of New York’s Erie County Conservative Party, who later became one of Julie’s attorneys.

According to court documents, Julie requested that the hospital treat her husband with Ivermectin, but the hospital refused to even though she offered to release them from “any and all” responsibility.

Julie then sought medical advice from Dr. Fred Wagshul, who later prescribed Ivermectin to her husband. But the hospital still refused to do so, prompting her to file a lawsuit against the hospital.

“With absolutely nothing to lose, with little to no risk, and with the defendant likely to begin palliative care, there is no basis for it to refuse Dr. Wagshul’s order and prescription to administer Ivermectin,” Julie said in the affidavit.

Wagshul is a founding member of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a nonprofit organization that is working during the pandemic to develop effective treatment protocols to prevent COVID-19 infection as well as treat patients with COVID-19.

In October of 2020, FLCCC adopted Ivermectin as a core medication in its protocols for preventing and treating COVID-19. Its website references many recent studies reporting Ivermectin to be a safe, effective, and inexpensive drug against COVID-19, the disease caused by CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

“Ivermectin is so safe,” Wagshul told Dayton247Now. “It essentially has no drug interactions and no side effects.”

The UC Health hasn’t responded to a request from The Epoch Times for comment. According to the Ohio Capital Journal, it hasn’t challenged the judge’s ruling.

Federal Agencies Oppose Ivermectin For COVID-19

Ivermectin is a drug that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat certain infections caused by internal and external parasites. A Japanese scientist and an Irish-American scientist were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2015 for their discovery of Ivermectin, given the drug’s success at improving the health and wellbeing of millions of individuals infected with river parasites in the poorest regions of the world.

President Joe Biden’s top medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has advised people against using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

“Don’t do it. There’s no evidence whatsoever that it works, and it could potentially have toxicity,” Fauci told CNN on Sunday. “There’s no clinical evidence that indicates that this works.”

Last Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an official health advisory (pdf), reiterating its opposition to the use of Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment.

“Ivermectin is not authorized or approved by FDA for prevention or treatment of COVID-19,” the advisory reads. “The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel has also determined that there are currently insufficient data to recommend Ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19.”

“Adverse effects associated with Ivermectin misuse and overdose are increasing, as shown by a rise in calls to poison control centers reporting overdoses and more people experiencing adverse effects,” the advisory continued.

FDA warned on its website that taking large doses of Ivermectin is “dangerous and can cause serious harm.” The agency also stressed that Ivermectin products for animals are different from products for people because animal drugs are often highly concentrated.

“Such high doses can be highly toxic in humans,” FDA said.




HOSPITAL HOMICIDE: American war veteran dies after hospital refuses to administer court-ordered ivermectin treatment

09September2021 by:

(Natural News) A Vietnam War veteran is dead after a Texas hospital refused, in flagrant defiance of a court order, to give him ivermectin for a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) infection.

On August 19, Pete Lopez, 74, was put on a ventilator by medical staff at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital near Houston after testing positive for Chinese Germs. Lopez might have lived had he been given ivermectin in accordance with his wishes, but was instead murdered by workers at the hospital who refused.

Because of their Ivermectin Derangement Syndrome (IDS), hospital staff at Memorial Hermann decided that they would basically just pull the plug on Lopez because that is what Tony Fauci and the medical establishment has decided is the only way to “flatten the curve.”

The American Medical Association (AMA) decided that even though ivermectin has been FDA-approved for humans since 1996, it is now just a “horse de-wormer” that should not and cannot be administered to sick and dying people, even if it could save their lives.

Texas medical workers, desperately wanting to be medically “woke,” in turn decided to just go along with the AMA’s advice and deprive Lopez of something that very well could have saved his life.

“[Memorial Hermann] took away from my grandfather and us, his family, the opportunity to know whether or not that drug would have worked for him,” mourned Gabrielle Snider, Lopez’s granddaughter.

Ivermectin Derangement Syndrome is needlessly killing Americans

A similar situation occurred in Ohio after a man named Jeffery Smith was admitted to a local hospital and was refused ivermectin treatment. Smith’s family sued the West Chester Hospital and won, only to have Common Pleas Judge Michael Oster try to overrule the decision.

“Public policy should not and does not support allowing a physician to try ‘any’ type of treatment on human beings,” Oster decreed, falsely suggesting that ivermectin is only for “livestock” and not humans.

It is like banging one’s head against the wall trying to set the record straight that ivermectin is fully FDA-approved for humans. The prevailing narrative right now is that it is a dangerous “horse paste” that is not for human intake, which is patently false.

Whether or not ivermectin works for treating the Fauci Flu in humans is beside the point. The fact of the matter is that it is FDA-approved for humans and just like all other drugs, it can and should be administered for off-label use when a patient or doctor chooses it for such.

Since when did government bureaucrats gain total control over what types of medicines are allowed to be administered to sick and dying patients? Did Judge Oster suddenly become a licensed doctor? If not, why is he now practicing medicine from the bench without a proper license?

The good news in Smith’s case is that he technically won the case and did receive ivermectin, which worked so well that the hospital decided that he can soon be taken off the ventilator and sent home.

“Julie has won this case; I don’t care what this judge says,” said one of the Smith family’s lawyers, Ralph Lorigo. “We are believers he’s going to survive because of ivermectin.”

On Friday, the Texas Medical Board and the Texas State Board of Pharmacy together issued a joint statement supporting the right of all physicians to prescribe drugs like ivermectin for off-label use, which has been common practice for decades.

Both boards clearly indicated that they “do not endorse or prohibit any particular prescribed drugs or treatment for COVID-19 that meet the standard of care.”

The latest news about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny can be found at

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The attending physician of record better lawyer up because if the family can convince the DA to charge said doctor with murder, said doctor will be. This will also be reported to the medical board and to the National Practitioner Data Bank. In essence, probably all the physicians in the chart will be charged with murder. Careers over. That’s why you don’t want to be a hospital employed physician. He who signs the check determines the next record on the turntable.

I hope the patient’s family sues that ‘hospital’ out of existence! this is so far beyond the pale, I’m sick to my stomach…and to think it happened in Texas?!
Even worse – terrible PR, especially at this point in time!!



Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital To Administer Ivermectin

by Tyler Durden 02December2021 –

Authored by Matthew Vadum via The Epoch Times,

An elderly COVID-19 patient has recovered after a court order allowed him to be treated with ivermectin, despite objections from the hospital in which he was staying, according to the family’s attorney

After an Illinois hospital insisted on administering expensive remdesivir to the patient and the treatment failed, his life was saved after a court ordered that an outside medical doctor be allowed to use the inexpensive ivermectin to treat him, over the hospital’s strenuous objections.

Ivermectin tablets have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat humans with intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis, two conditions caused by parasitic worms. Some topical forms of ivermectin have been approved to treat external parasites such as head lice and for skin conditions such as rosacea. The drug is also approved for use on animals.

Remdesivir has been given emergency use authorization by the FDA for treating certain categories of human patients that have been hospitalized with COVID-19. But the use of ivermectin to treat humans suffering from COVID-19 has become controversial because the FDA hasn’t approved its so-called off-label use to treat the disease, which is caused by the CCP virus also known as SARS-CoV-2.

Critics have long accused the FDA of dragging its heels and being dangerously over-cautious and indifferent to human suffering in its approach to regulating pharmaceuticals, a criticism that led to then-President Donald Trump signing the Right to Try Act in May 2018. The law, according to the FDA, “is another way for patients who have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases or conditions who have tried all approved treatment options and who are unable to participate in a clinical trial to access certain unapproved treatments.”

Medical doctors are free to prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID-19, even though the FDA claims that its off-label use could be harmful in some circumstances.

Clinical human trials of the drug for use against COVID-19 are currently in progress, according to the agency.

The drug “most definitely” saved the elderly patient’s life “because his condition changed right immediately after he took ivermectin,” attorney for the family, Kirstin M. Erickson of Chicago-based Mauck and Baker, told The Epoch Times.


Sun Ng, 71, who was visiting the United States from Hong Kong to celebrate his granddaughter’s first birthday, became ill with COVID-19 and within days was close to death. He was hospitalized on Oct. 14 at Edward Hospital, in Naperville, Illinois, a part of the Edward-Elmhurst Health system. His condition worsened dramatically and he was intubated and placed on a ventilator a few days later.

Ng’s only child, Man Kwan Ng, who holds a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering, did her own research and decided that her father should take ivermectin, which some medical doctors believe is effective against COVID-19, despite the FDA’s guidance to the contrary.

But against the daughter’s wishes, the hospital refused to administer ivermectin and denied access to a physician willing to administer it.

The daughter went to court on her father’s behalf and on Nov. 1, Judge Paul M. Fullerton of the Circuit Court of DuPage County granted a temporary restraining order requiring the hospital to allow ivermectin to be given to the patient. The hospital refused to comply with the court order.

At a subsequent court hearing on Nov. 5, Fullerton said one physician who testified described Sun Ng as “basically on his death bed,” with a mere 10 to 15 percent chance of survival. Ivermectin can have minor side effects such as dizziness, itchy skin, and diarrhea at the dosage suggested for Ng, but the “risks of these side effects are so minimal that Mr. Ng’s current situation outweighs that risk by one-hundredfold,” Fullerton said.

The judge issued a preliminary injunction that day directing the hospital to “immediately allow … temporary emergency privileges” to Ng’s physician, Dr. Alan Bain, “solely to administer Ivermectin to this patient.”

The hospital resisted the order on Nov. 6 and 7, denying Bain access to his patient. The hospital claimed that it couldn’t let Bain in because he wasn’t vaccinated against COVID-19 and that its chief medical officer wasn’t available to “proctor” Bain administering ivermectin.

The daughter’s attorneys filed an emergency report with the court on Nov. 8 and Fullerton heard from both sides. The judge admonished the hospital and restated that it must allow Bain inside over a period of 15 days to do his job. When the hospital filed a motion to stay the order, Fullerton denied it, again directing the facility to comply.

The ivermectin appears to have worked, and Sun Ng has recovered from COVID-19. He was discharged by the hospital on Nov. 27.

“My father’s recovery is amazing,” his daughter, Man Kwan Ng, said in a statement.

“My father is a tough man. He was working so hard to survive, and of course, with God’s holding hands. He weaned off oxygen about three days after moving out of the ICU. He started oral feeding before hospital discharge. He returned home without carrying a bottle of oxygen and a feeding tube installed to his stomach. He can now stand with a walker at the bedside and practice stepping. After being sedated for a month on a ventilator in ICU, his performance is beyond our expectations. Praise the Lord.”

Attorney Erickson said the “happy” end result here provides “hope for the nation.”

“We get calls from all over the place,” she told The Epoch Times.

“People that want to sue hospitals after someone’s passed, they wanted to get the medicine and couldn’t. Obviously, that’s a different, difficult case because a medical malpractice case is very difficult.”

People just want to do what’s best for their family members and “find ivermectin themselves” and have it on hand “and use it when someone starts to develop symptoms,” Erickson said.

She said her legal team and client were “really thankful” that Ng recovered and “we salute” Judge Fullerton, Dr. Bain, and others, as well as the hospital for abiding by the court order in the end.

For more information on ivermectin and how to obtain it, Erickson said people should visit the website of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance at

Keith Hartenberger, system director for public relations for Edward-Elmhurst Health, declined to comment.

“We’re not able to comment due to patient privacy guidelines,” he told The Epoch Times by email.



Recordings prove that hospital covid protocols are KILLING patients

02November2021 by:

(Natural News) Families all across America are coming forward to tell all about how the medical system killed off their loved ones under the guise of fighting the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Numerous recordings reveal the horrors taking place at America’s hospitals, where sick and dying patients are being kept away from their families while being administered deadly drugs, deprived of nutrients and hydration, and put on ventilators, which quickly kill them.

“Prisoners in America’s jails do have more rights right now than COVID patients in America’s hospitals – it’s unheard of,” said Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, president and chief executive of the Truth for Health Foundation (THF), at an October 27 press conference.

THF is leading the charge to address the “horrific hospital violations of human rights” that are occurring all around the country. The group’s website explains that it aims “to provide truthful, balanced, medically sound, research-based information and cutting-edge updates on prevention and treatment of common medical conditions, including COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, that affect health, quality of life and longevity.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is also involved with pursuing justice. Ali Shultz, its legal director, has a personal motivation because her father-in-law is someone who allegedly suffered harm while admitted as a “covid” patient at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

“‘I’m doing my job’ has never been a defense to crimes against humanity,” Shultz said, referring to those in the medical profession who are going along with this mass genocide because their paychecks depend on it.

Western medicine is a death trap

In trying to see her father-in-law, Shultz was told that despite her medical power of attorney she could not see him. No matter what she did, from sending a letter to emailing them, nothing worked.

“I was literally carried out in handcuffs under color of law,” she says. “I was assaulted under color of law. I was deprived access to their health records, I was deprived access to them, and I was lied to. But that’s absolutely nothing compared to what happened to Chuck.”

Shultz says that Chuck was kept from hydration and nourishment for at least six days. Only once did he receive a single bag of five-percent dextrose water. Chuck was also secretly experimented on with a rheumatoid arthritis drug called baricitinib.

Another expert, Dr. Bryan Ardis, warns that the use of remdesivir on “covid” patients at hospitals is likewise a problem. The drug does not work and often leads to mortality, but hospitals everywhere have been giving it to their sick patients.

Why? Because the federal government is bribing them to do this by offering a 20 percent bonus reimbursement on medical coding claims. Tony Fauci is personally invested in remdesivir, so this is not at all surprising.

In another recording, a woman named Mary Ann talked about her Marine Corps veteran father who was killed at a hospital in Bozeman, Mont. Mary Ann was not allowed to visit him and had to watched him convulse and die, masked, through a glass barrier.

None of this should be happening. Patients and their families need to know they have rights. The world needs to know that it must stand up to this tyranny now to nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.

“You have the right to refuse treatment, you have the right to request treatment, you have the right to have an advocate when you are in the hospital,” Vliet says. “When those rights are denied, your civil rights, human rights, and constitutional rights are being overridden – and you will need an advocate.”

More related news about how the Chinese Virus is a cover story for mass genocide can be found at

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Houston Methodist Hospital suspends doctor who advocated use of ivermectin to treat COVID patients

18November2021 by:

(Natural News) Houston Methodist Hospital suspended the privileges of ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) Dr. Mary Bowden for allegedly spreading dangerous misinformation about Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) treatments.

Bowden, who ran her own private practice before joining the staff at Houston Methodist, claims that during her time at the hospital, she has treated over 2,000 COVID-19 patients and has been outspoken on social media regarding vaccine mandates and treatments. “The issues with vaccines and ivermectin really go against patient autonomy and their right to choose their treatment,” she said.

She also said that some people are being discriminated against because they have not been vaccinated, prompting her to send out an email saying she was going to prioritize those who are unvaccinated and stressing that she would never turn away a patient.

As a result, Houston Methodist stopped Bowden from posting about hospital policies on her social media accounts by suspending her hospital privileges. (Related: The biggest crime committed during the vaccine heist is the censorship of ivermectin.)

In a series of tweets, the hospital stated: “Dr. Mary Bowden, who recently joined the medical staff at Houston Methodist Hospital, is using her social media accounts to express her personal and political opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments.

“These opinions, which are harmful to the community, do not reflect reliable medical evidence or the values of Houston Methodist, where we have treated more than 25,000 COVID-19 inpatients, and where all our employees and physicians are vaccinated to protect our patients.

“Despite what she has posted, Houston Methodist does not and will never deny care to a patient based on vaccination status. Dr. Bowden, who has never admitted a patient at Houston Methodist Hospital, is spreading dangerous misinformation which is not based in science.

“Furthermore, Dr. Bowden has told Houston Methodist that she is vaccinated, as required of all physicians who practice at Houston Methodist.”

Doctor shifts focus on treating the unvaccinated

Bowden has previously been involved in a lawsuit with another hospital over her use of ivermectin for COVID-19 patients. Texas Health Huguley Hospital refused to allow Bowden to use ivermectin on Jason Jones, a patient who has been hospitalized with COVID-19 for over a month.

The hospital insists that ivermectin would be medically inappropriate. A trial court issued an order that would give Bowden temporary privileges at the hospital, but they appealed to block it. The case is now on hold.

On her practice’s website, Bowden said that she is shifting her focus on treating the unvaccinated. “In order to make room for unvaccinated who cannot find care, I will not be accepting new patients with routine ENT problems who are vaccinated,” she said.

Bowden added that she will continue to care for her established patients and won’t turn away anyone with life-threatening illnesses based on their vaccination status.

In an interview, she said that she has “loose” ties with Houston Methodist and is not an employee. She had privileges in case one of her patients needed to be admitted, but she mentioned that she will no longer be sending her patients to the Methodist emergency room.

In a statement, Bowden said that she first heard of her suspension when a newspaper reached out to her for confirmation. She said that nobody from the hospital bothered to talk to her about their concerns and that she received an email regarding her suspension from a staff member she never met before.

“I’ve been very disappointed with how Methodist has handled this,” she shared.

“I don’t consider myself dangerous, and I submitted my letter of resignation to them this morning. I have been overwhelmed by the positive support I’ve received from my patients and from people around the world thanking me for standing up for my beliefs. This will not alter my practice and I will continue to treat COVID early and aggressively.”

Learn more about how COVID-19 is being treated at

Sources include:


The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons-aapsonline-org-logo

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Lethal Connections: “Complete Lives” Morphs into “COVID Protocol” in America’s Hospitals

By Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD 26October2021

In a shocking departure from traditional hospital policies, a hospital admission has become like reporting to prison. Prisoners in America’s jails have more visitation rights than do COVID patients in America’s hospitals.

One family member, a professional psychologist with a career focus treating victims of trauma, said that in many hospitals COVID patients are treated “little better than animals.”

Shocking recordings of Mayo Clinic-Scottsdale and Banner Health System hospital executives have been released by an attorney on the Legal Advisory Council of Truth for Health Foundation, an Arizona public charity. Executives were discussing coordinated efforts to restrict fluids and nutrition for hospitalized COVID patients and to suppress all visitations for COVID patients.

The COVID protocol that hospital physicians must follow, in lockstep across the U.S., appears to be the implementation of the 2009-2010 “Complete Lives System” developed by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel for rationing medical care for people older than 50.

Dr. “Zeke” Emanuel, who was the Senior White House Health Policy Advisor to President Obama and has been advising President Joe Biden about COVID-19, stated in his classic 2009 Lancet paper: “When implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated.

“Attenuated” means rationed, restricted, or denied medical care that commonly leads to premature death.

In 2021, whistleblower doctors, nurses, attorneys, patient advocates, and journalists have exposed egregious hospital abuses, neglect of patients, denial of vital intravenous fluids and basic medicines to hospitalized COVID patients across the U.S.

The Complete Lives Protocol apparently derives from the 1990s UK National Health Service “Liverpool Pathway,” which in effect constituted euthanasia.

Now we see its malevolent manifestation in the “COVID Protocol.” Age-based rationing is happening every day on COVID units of our hospitals, since the overwhelming majority of COVID patients are older than 50, the age at which Emanuel claims that a life is “complete” and not worth the use of medical resources.

“Complete Lives System” and the “COVID Protocol” are pathways leading to suffering and premature death, mainly of older Americans. They achieve the government’s goal of reducing Medicare costs. At the same time, hospitals make untold extra millions with extra incentive payments for COVID patients during their tortured path to death, while they are chemically and physically restrained and isolated from families, pastors, priests, and rabbis.

The heartbreaking story of Veronica Wolski, a well-known Chicago Freedom advocate, was widely publicized. Once hospitalized in ironically named Resurrection Hospital, Veronica was given remdesivir, which she had repeatedly refused, denied proper basic medical care that could have been life-saving, and was not allowed access to her family, priest, or healthcare power of attorney. The hospital blocked Veronica leaving the hospital when she and her attorneys demanded release. Her healthcare power of attorney was removed by hospital security. Veronica died alone as a medical prisoner in a Catholic hospital denied even a priest at the end of her life.

Unconscionable hospital violations of human rights, including even violations of the Geneva Convention codes established following World War II to prevent abuses of prisoners, are occurring daily across the U.S.

  • Patients are coerced to take rapidly approved drugs like Remdesivir, in spite of known risks of kidney and liver failure, and to be placed on ventilators, both of which bring in incentive payments and create huge profits for hospitals.
  • Patients are denied adequate fluids and nutrition, as well as vitamins, inhaled and intravenous corticosteroids, antibiotics, antivirals, and adequate doses of “blood-thinners” (anticoagulants).
  • Patients suffer inhumane isolation with use of chemical and physical restraints, in violation of existing guidelines for patient protection.
  • Hospitals are using law enforcement to deny access to hospital grounds for family and advocates.

Patients and their advocates have been denied information on benefits of early treatments and denied access to such treatment. Autopsies have confirmed many patients died because of inadequate doses of standard anticoagulation, even after family members went to court to demand therapeutic doses to help save lives.

Doctors and nurses risk their careers, their licenses, livelihoods, and even their lives as they courageously speak out to inform their patients and the public with life-saving information. One ICU physician colleague posted this on social media recently:

Just finished a 10-night stretch in the ICU. Patient bashing and blatant meanness have taken on a whole new level within our healthcare colleagues. How can we NOT spiral downwards towards despair when this behavior is allowed and is being normalized?? …I feel I’ve been thrown into a Mean Girls sequel. Making fun of patients and families for not being V’d is the cool thing now. …I don’t mind taking care of COVID patients. But this hateful vibe that has permeated my world is what’s going to end my career if it doesn’t end.”

Welcome to the brave new world of government-directed medical care carried out by obedient, profit-focused hospital executives eager for the government handouts of incentive payments for following the “COVID Protocol.”

About the author: Dr. Vliet is the President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, and the creator of the Foundation’s innovative six initiatives that advocate for early outpatient COVID treatment, assist families of hospitalized patients denied effective treatment, defend medical freedom, and provide international educational and training programs focused on effective strategies for COVID and on the interconnections of health, faith and lifestyle approaches for restoring resilience and quality of life.

Since February 2020, Dr. Vliet has been part of the team of frontline physicians treating COVID early at home to reduce hospitalizations and death. With Dr. Peter A. McCullough, she is a co-author/editor of the Guide to COVID Early Treatment: Options to Stay Out of Hospital and Save Your Life. ( Dr. Vliet is a 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient for her national and international educational efforts in health, wellness, and endocrine aging in men and women. She is also the 2007 recipient of the Voice of Women from the Arizona Foundation for Women, and a past director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and a member of the AAPS Editorial Writing Team since 2009.

Dr. Vliet has been a leader in patient centered, individualized medical care. Since 1986, she has practiced medicine independent of insurance contracts that interfere with patient-physician relationships and decision-making. Dr. Vliet is the founder of Vive Life Center with medical practices in Tucson AZ and Dallas TX, specializing in preventive and climacteric medicine with an integrated approach to evaluation and treatment of women and men with complex medical and hormonal problems from puberty to late life.

Dr. Vliet’s consumer health books include: It’s My Ovaries, Stupid; Screaming To Be Heard: Hormonal Connections Women Suspect– And Doctors STILL Ignore; Women, Weight and Hormones; The Savvy Woman’s Guide to PCOS, The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Great Sex, Strength, and Stamina.

Dr. Vliet received her M.D. degree and internship in Internal Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and completed specialty training at Johns Hopkins. She earned her B.S. and master’s degrees from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Dr. Vliet has presented hundreds of professional CME programs for physicians and allied health professionals, healthcare Town Halls addressing the economic and medical impact of government intrusion into medicine, free market reforms, and consumer seminars and radio shows on integrated approaches to Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

Dr. Vliet speaks as an independent physician, not as a spokesperson for any healthcare system, pharmaceutical company, insurance plans, or political party. Her allegiance and advocacy is to and for patients. Dr. Vliet’s medical and educational websites are And


15October2020 The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Covid Patient Treatment Guide

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons-aapsonline-org-logo

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Physician List & Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment

Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment Home Page
August 28, 2021 Main Page:

Patient Booklet Download Page


Thank you for requesting the PDF guide.

The link to download your copy is: We are also sending you an email with a download link.

If you are looking for a physician in your area please click here for list of options.

An updated list of protocols in use for COVID early treatment and prevention can be found at

Click to download PDF file

Click to Download the .pdf Guide CovidPatientTreatmentGuidePlease also watch the companion videos:

1) Video by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, available at:

Dr. Vliet describes how to reduce your risk of getting sick from COVID-19. She explains home-based early treatment based on medical studies. Learn ways to boost your immune system, access early treatment and reduce the risk of going into hospital.

Dr. Vliet – COVID Early Treatment and Prevention

2) Video by Dr. Peter McCullough, available at:

Dr. McCullough Explains At Home Covid-19 Treatment Protocol


About AAPS

About AAPS

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons – AAPS – is a non-partisan professional association of physicians in all types of practices and specialties across the country.

Since 1943, AAPS has been dedicated to the highest ethical standards of the Oath of Hippocrates and to preserving the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship and the practice of private medicine.

Our motto, “omnia pro aegroto” means “all for the patient.”

Mailing Address: AAPS | 1601 N. Tucson Blvd. #9 | Tucson, AZ 85716

Phone: 1-800-635-1196
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Media Contact: Jane Orient, MD | (520) 323-3110 |

To serve the state? Or to serve our patients?

That is the question we will increasingly face as government forces its power into every nook and cranny of our professional lives. I once belonged to all the standard societies—my specialty society, my state and local medical society and—dare I admit this—even the AMA. But I discovered that none of these societies stood on the principles I hold dear—individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, and the ability to freely practice medicine according to time honored Hippocratic principles.

AAPS Fights to Preserve Medical Freedom!

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS, has been fighting the good fight to preserve the practice of private medicine since 1943. When the Clinton health plan was proposed, we fought for open meetings. And when the details came to light, the plan was halted. In the current battle over health care “reform,” the AAPS helped organize numerous physician rallys and has a pending lawsuit suit in the DC Federal District Court challenging the constitutionality of the ObamaCare insurance mandate.

AAPS Stands up for Physicians!

The AAPS legal team defends doctors who have been mugged by Medicare, or railroaded by hospitals using sham peer review. We sued the Texas Medical Board in defense of physicians’ due process rights; this suit is now on appeal. We drafted legislation for reform of the Texas medical practice act and are fighting for its enactment.

AAPS Helps Physicians Reduce and Eliminate Third Party Interference!

The AAPS seminar, “Thrive Don’t Just Survive,” has reached doctors all over the country who wish to leave the hassles of Medicare and the interference of managed care and start a cash practice. We have helped hundreds of doctors opt out of Medicare through information on our website and our limited legal consultation service. We challenged the HIPAA “Privacy Rule,” and got the government to acknowledge the “country doctor exemption” for physicians who do not file claims electronically.
AAPS Keeps You Informed!

Our monthly newsletter, AAPS News is packed with political, legal, and practical information that physicians cannot afford to miss. Our Journal of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons publishes the controversial issues—often with both sides in a point counterpoint–that you won’t find in most mainstream medical publications. AAPS email alerts and our website ( will get you the late breaking news as it happens and provide you with urgent political action items to help in the fight to restore medical freedom.

Individually, our members have appeared on Fox News, in the Wall Street Journal, in and other blog sites, contributing time, talent, and facts to counter the emotional arguments for socialized medicine.

AAPS speaks for Physicians NOT Corporate or Government Interests!

AAPS is completely funded by membership dues and contributions, so we answer to and advocate for our physician members and not big corporate donors or government funding sources. The AMA’s deal with HCFA gave it a monopoly on the CPT codes, from which it derives at least $70 million in revenue annually. AAPS was one of the first to expose this conflict of interest.

All elected AAPS Board members and officers serve on a volunteer basis and even pay their own way to board meetings. We do not have a big building, or a bloated staff. Every dime in dues goes directly to the fight for freedom in medicine.

Join Your Colleagues to Keep Patient-Centered Medicine Alive!

For almost 75 years, we have consistently stood for ethical patient-centered medicine—the kind only possible in a free market medical system.

So, if you are like me, and you are tired of contributing to organizations which claim to be your advocate, but do little more than lobby for short term payment increases, support politicians who cannot be trusted, and feed their own self preserving coffers by selling you CPT coding manuals, come join us at the AAPS.

AAPS Code of Medical Practice and Bylaws:


sheeple, Think!

sheeple, Think!


Comments: Book Mouse

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JerusalemCats Comments:

Sheeple and Holidays
Great News! I won’t have to be around Sheeple that have listened to the Murderous Media, the “Ministry of Health” or the Corrupt, Arrogant, Narcissistic, Megalomaniac EVIL “Experts” such as Tony Fauci.
In stead of the Sheeple doing their own research and find out what to take to prevent an illness that has a Survival Rate of 99.997%, they choice the Tyranny of Lock-downs, Mask Mandates and a DEADLY “Vaccine” that is just pure Avodah Zorah (Idolatry).


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