Celestial Operator

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Desperate Mom calls the Celestial Operator to contact her son.

Mom goes to any length to contact her son.

The Celestial Operator is a crystal ball which connects people to each other. similar to a video phone or Skype® or a galactic internet.
Mr. Whiskers teenage daughter, Sugar and his wife at home.
Sugar to her mother who is very sad: “Why’er so sad Mom?”
Mom: “I miss your brothers. I use to talk to Alex every day to find out if David was alright!’
Sugar puts her iBall® (like an iPhone but for the galactic internet) down on the table. Sugar: “here… use my iBall, don’t worry, I’ll dial.”
Sugar to iBall: “Hum… Egity Peggity Poogity pottity.”
iBall showing ‘Pacman Bell®’: “Username and Password.”
Sugar: “Cutiefudge, Chocolate 41.”
Mom thinking: ‘I’m suppose to remember all this!?’
Celestial Operator: “This is the Celestial Operator. What planet please?”
Mom, crying: “Well, you see my son hasn’t been returning my calls or my e-mails… I’m so worried about him… ever since we made Aliyah and you know the boys stayed in the States… the time difference, it’s so hard to catch him.”
Celestial Operator: “I see you’re dialing from Earth?”
“So you wanted to call what number please.”
Mom: “We moved to Jerusalem and he’s in L.A. – Los Angeles, CA 818-268-4071 He’s really such a good boy.”
Celestial Operator: “Thank you for choosing ‘Pacman Bell®.”
Alex is on the iBall: “Mom!”
Mom is very happy.

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