Enterprising Cats and Dogs

Outsiders trying to control our city.
A group of Cats are on a Trash Dumpster. Trash or Garbage Dumpsters in Israel look like green boats or ships, as in a 18th Century British Naval frigate or Whaler.
An American Dog walks past: “Ha, Ha, Ha, Haah Ha, Ha, Ha Ha”
Captain Cat: “Battle Stations Mr. Mew all paws on deck!”
Mr. Meow: “Shore leave is canceled!”
This garbage can is CAT territory...
Page 2
American Dog: “Hey! Well how are you all doing? Just pay-n a neighborly visit… Friends.”
Captain Cat: “Battle Stations Man the canons.”
Mr. Meow: “This garbage can is CAT territory…”
Cat: "Smiles too much."
Page 3
American Dog: “ha Ha Ha”
Captain Cat: “Go freeze yourself.”
Mr. Meow: “Not everyone that says they’re your friend…Is your friend.”
Cat: “Smiles too much.”
Strips: "Friend-shmend. It's over when they ask to borrow money."
Page 4
Strips: “Friend-shmend. It’s over when they ask to borrow money.”
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