Zorro the Cat and three Senioritas

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Three senoritas find Zorro the Cat to be very interesting

Zorro the Cat and the three senoritas

Singing Cat: “Let me tell you friends about eh legendary Sephardic folk here… El Zorro!”
Three single female Sephardic Cats admireing Zorro.
Cat 1: ” He’s so handsome.”
Cat 2: “Ah Zorro!”
Cat 3: “And unmarried.”
As Zorro tries to runs away, Cat 3: “One Minute Senior Zorro.” she grabs him. “Oh Senior you are so so…”
Zorro: “Uh…”
Cat 2: “Oh Senior Zorro you must come for dinner.”
Zorro: “Er…”
Cat 3: “The nerve! He is mine!”
The Two Cats are fighting among themselves.
Cat 1: “Oh Zorro.” as Zorro runs away.

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