D. Banando Private Eye and the case of the Mysterious Ms. Dantman

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The Police question D. Banando Private Eye

The start of the great Donut Thief Case

A 1940’s Detective Novel.
The Door says: D. Banando P.I. Have claws will travel
Two Police Dogs walk into D. Banando’s office. Police Dog: “Bernando in?”
Miss Albrite, D. Banando’s blond secretary: “I’ll tell Mr. Banando you want’n to see him.” As she does her nails.
Miss Albrite to the intercom: ‘Mr. Banando, a Lieutenant Q is want’n to speak with yas.”
D. Banando: “Alright, Miss Albrite send him in.”
D. Banando hangs up his hat and coat on the coat rack next to the window and Thinks: ‘This place is a mess.’
The 2 Police Dogs walk in D. Banando’s office. One Officer is carrying a bag of Donuts. Lieutenant Q starts questions D. Banando: “Bernando… we’re got some missing persons reported… anything unusual happening…” “let us knows if you find out anything.”
As the officers leave his office, D. Banando: “the name’s Banando – Yes, I will.”
Later gun shots are fired at his office window at the coat rack. ‘Bang Bang!!’ The window blinds and window glass are shattered. The coat rack, hat and coat are on the floor.
Miss Albrite runs into D. Banando’s office looking shocked.
D. Banando: “Miss Albrite someone knows I’m on the case… and of course is afraid of my superior investigation skills.”
Miss Albrite: “Then why did they aim at the dummy?”
D. Banando: “That wasn’t funny.”

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The Mysterious Ms. Dantman visits D. Banando Private Eye

The 1940's Classic Private Eye Missing Person Case starts.

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The next day Ms. Dantman, a gorgeous sexy redhead with all the right curves, who is dressed in black with a large brimmed black hat and red turtleneck top, walks into D. Banando’s office. Ms. Dantman to Miss Albrite, who is dressed in a white sailors top with a blue pleated skirt: “I am Ms. Dantman to see Mr. Banando.”
Miss Albrite to the intercom: Mr. Banando, there’s a Ms. Dantman here to see yas.”
D. Banando: “Send her right in Miss. Albrite.”
Ms. Dantman walks into his office as Miss. Albrite laughs her head off.
D. Banando: “How can I help you Ms. Dantman?”
Ms. Dantman: “My Daughter’s dog and a dozen donuts have disappeared!”
D. Banando: “What?”
Ms. Dantman: “Yes, it was Friday evening… I was going to have guests over and I had sent my daughter out to walk the dog. The dog has disappeared and the next day… I noticed the donuts are gone as well! ”
“I know I could count on you Mr. Banando.”
D. Banando with a puzzled look on his face: “Why is that? Have a seat Ms. Dantman.”
Ms. Dantman: “Well you see, I only trust persons whose names are from the first half of the alphabet.”
D. Banando thinking: ‘Obviously she has heard of my talents as an investigator.’
Speaking to Ms. Dantman: “Have you gone to the Police?”
Ms. Dantman: “Oh… No they begin with P.”
D. Banando: “It will take money for me to begin.”
Ms. Dantman: “Oh, How unpleasant.”
D. Banando: “because it’s an M word?”
Ms. Dantman: “How about cash?”
D. Banando: “that will be fine. I will start right away.”
“Er… It looks like an ABC cut and dry case to me… Ms. Dantman.”

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