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Next Year in Jerusalem

Pesach (Passover) seder is in a few days. What does Next Year in Jerusalem mean to you? If you are not living in Israel, you need to move to Israel NOW!! Look at all the things you are missing. Pesach Shopping The White plastic film covering the shelves of Chametz is what our local store […]

Rav Micha Golshevsky-The Source of Jewish Holidays-Pesach-Shine the light on Egypt-27March2014

Pesach-Shine the light on Egypt. Where were we in Egypt mentally? How bad was the Egyptian society morally? How does it compare with today in western society?

With the open sexuality in advertising
immodest women’s fashion
The Pornography, violent video games and TV
Treating Women like meat or objects
The social pressure for girls to have sex as teenagers and for women to have sex with any man outside of marriage.

The Third Temple – Dayenu

Dayenu From the Pesach Haggadah How many levels of favors has the Omnipresent One bestowed upon us: If He had brought us out from Egypt, and had not carried out judgments against them Dayenu, it would have sufficed us! If He had carried out judgments against them, and not against their idols Dayenu, it would […]

Shlissel or Key Challah

There is a custom to bake key-shaped or Shlissel challah in honor of the Shabbat after Pesach. This is a well observed custom you might want to try for yourself. You can do this by slipping a key directly in the challah, by baking it in the dough or placing it in the braids as […]