Osama Bin Laden declared dead on May 1

Osama Bin Laden Page 1

Osama Bin Laden Page 1

TV news announcer: “It has been confirmed that Osama Bin Ladin has been killed today… public Enemy #1…”
Osama Bin Ladin: “Where am I? Why is the line so long?”
Person in line: “I’m not sure but I believe I died.”
Osama Bin Ladin: “there must be some mistake, I’m much too important to be waiting so long… My watch has stopped.” To the person in line in front of him: “You find out what’s taking so long and report back!”
Angel at podium: “Yes?”
Person in Line:”A hem…yes, Mr. Bin Ladin would like to know why he’s in the back of the line and what’s taking so long.”
Angel: “Oh he does.. Does he?”
Person in Line:”Yes… and he wants to know where he is and what happened?” 
Osama Bin Laden is dead page 2

Osama Bin Laden is dead page 2

Page 2
Angel: “Oh he does…does he? Well tell him he’s dead and he will just have to wait his turn in line like everyone else — in the order he has died, Now get back into line.”
Person in Line: “Yes, Sir”
Osama Bin Ladin: “Well?”
Person in Line: “Yes, your dead and the angel says you have to just wait in line like everyone else in the order of your death.”
Osama Bin Ladin: “Did you tell him exactly who I am?”
Peron in Line: “yes I did now I’ll just get back into the line.”
Osama Bin Ladin:”Listen to me! Go back and tell him I demand to be seen now!”
Angel: “You back again, sonny?”
Person in Line: “Yes Sir; he made me come back and wants to be seen now.”
Angel: “He does… Does..He?
Person in Line: “Yes Sir.:”
Angel: “Tell him if he complains again we shall give him a 6 month extension waiting penalty… now get back in line.”
Person in Line: “Yes Sir.” 
Osama Bin Laden Page 3

Osama Bin Laden Page 3

Page 3
Person in Line: “He says; If you complain again you’ll have to wait for 6 months longer.”
Osama Bin Ladin: “Where’s the party? Where’s the 72 virgins? Why should I have to wait?”
Osama Bin Ladin:: “Closer…”
Osama Bin Ladin finally sees the Angel:”Finally”
Angel: “Oh Yes Mr. Osama Bin Ladin… Yes, Follow that Angel.”
The laughing Angel is pulling a lever that opens a trap door under Osama Bin Ladin. Osama Bin Ladin is falling and falling… 
Osama Bin Laden Page 4

Osama Bin Laden Page 4

Page 4
Osama Bin Ladin:”Ahhh!”
Osama Bin Ladin laying on the ground and a demon is prodding him with a pitch fork. Demon:” Get up Mr. Bin Ladin:…We’ve been expecting you.”
Osama Bin Ladin: “Not another line? Where am I?”
Demon: “You’re in the Right Place… Go pick a number and wait in line!”
Osama Bin Ladin at the number slip machine: “NumberW1758 Sh_t!”
Osama Bin Ladin in Hell, waiting in Line: “I hate bureaucracies.”
Osama Bin Ladin to the person in front of him: “Excuse me… What are we waiting in line for?”
Person: “We’re waiting for our new passport applications.” 

DS-5513 The Ultimate Bureaucratic Trap Door

Fast forward to the news of the last twenty-four hours from the U.S. Department of State and the brewing passport scandal. The documentation appears to be innocent enough right as we can not have terrorists and non-citizens obtaining passports to leave the U.S. right? Thus the controversy over the new DS-5513 that I highlighted on my radio program last night. The first question that came to mind is why would there need to be a requirement for an alternative form for a passport when you see the standard application requirements (from the U.S. Department of State Application for a Passport Form DS-11):

I’ve highlighted the requirements from the current form which is in existence now and it seems quite logical that for a United States citizen, naturalized or born here, this form is a no-brainer with sufficient security requirements that would assure documentation for issuance of a passport. In fact the current application has the necessary checks and balances once the information is received in Washington, D.C. for the government to refer the data to DHS for further investigation and validation should the State Department deem the identification and other requirements suspect or too vague for processing.

Now review the supporting documentation for DS-5513 the proposed Biographical Questionnaire for a U.S. Passport starting with page one from the Office of Management and Budget: 

Based on the controversy surrounding Obama’s birth certificate, anyone can have their own documentation questioned but there is a deeper problem when one analyzes the impetus behind the document above; the portion at the bottom which allows an innocent mistake such as forgetting an address of an employer or where your mother resided decades ago (if one is an old guy like me) or failing to list an employer could be considered perjury or worse based on the proposed program. The second page of the document above does nothing to reassure one that this will end well for new or renewal applicants for a passport based on the State Department’s justification:
I hate to break this to the government but I do not remember the name of the preacher who Baptized me, which church, or where it was located. This is a defined trap door where the American citizen can easily provide a false or erroneous statement, either deliberately or by accident, that opens the door to prosecution. Before anyone says that this is a reach, refer to the section above on the Patriot Act and the current administrations nefarious Regulatory Czar one Cass Sunstein. The application itself displays the land mines for the individual to step on and perjure themselves as one can see for themselves: 
This form is filled with booby traps for the average person and as one can see, please try to ask your mother if you are in the fifty plus age span (provided she is still alive of course) if she remembers the appointments for post-natal care over a half century ago. Needless to say it only gets worse on the next page: 
To be quite honest, I do not recall all twenty-five plus locations so I guess I can not get a passport when it is time to renew. Then again how many of my readers remember the address and name of their last supervisor for every job they have held in their lives: 
Thankfully this form is voluntary just like your income tax returns so there are no penalties if you make a mistake, right? Uh, wrong if one wishes to travel or leave the country.
The Largest Detention Camp in World History is Almost Complete Or look at this Want a Passport? Answer this: Were you circumcised at birth and was it a part of a religious ceremony?
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