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Anatomy of a cat fight

Anatomy of a cat fight Yellow Tabby: “Would you please share?” Ragu: “I ate so much of Mr. Whisker’s cat food I’m so full and yet I’m apprehensive in leaving.” Yellow Tabby: “Obviously you’re stuffed and can’t eat anymore.” Ragu: “” Yes.” Yellow Tabby: “Surely you could let me have the last bit.” Ragu: “I […]


Cat relaxing with a Pillow.

Bread Wars

Bread Wars -Think Star Wars opening scenes; Two Arab Rats scheming; Lord Bloodlust: “Vacuum Brain, My old friend, Listen for 8 days the cats forsake eating Bread.” “For the cats it is a sin. So, in the entrances of the citadel we must sell bread to their non-religious cats to stain them and keep them […]

A new violin teacher

Mother: “How was your music lesson Spice?” Spice: “Wow it was really great.” “My new teacher Gloria can speak English as she’s American and i understood everything.” Mother: “Yes, That’s important.” Spice: “We played duets and she gave me some music to learn.” “And the best part of the lesson was when I met Fredereck!” […]