A Rosh Hashanah Message 5775 תשע״ה

Mother of Murdered Israeli Teen: A Rosh Hashanah Message


Happy Rosh Hashanah

Happy Rosh Hashanah

A Rosh Hashana Song from Latma

For Rosh Hashanah Dream it. Do it. Technion New Year Message

We gather as a nation for the ימים נוראים to proclaim HaShem King and to ask for מחילה.  An individual asking for forgiveness from The King of Kings may feel they are so small to ask for anything.  “Who am I, so lowly with all my sins to have the chutzpah to show myself before Him feeling I deserve anything at all?”  Here is a story that may help give us the strength to speak with הקדוש ברוך הוא.Leopold Stokowski, a world famous conducter, was in New York City staying at a hotel.  A newspaper reporter was able to acquire an interview with the maestro.  The journalist was told he may come to the hotel room at 9pm but could not speak to Mr. Stokowsi for about an hour because a radio broadcast of a symphony was to air on the radio live and he wanted to hear it uninterrupted to have a feel for that conductor’s interpretation of the music.  When the production was over Stowkowsi said “That was delivered beautifully and would have been perfect if one of the 12 violins was missing making a flaw in the work.”  The journalist was flabbergasted, wondering how can you tell one violin in a orchestra was absent as he himself thought the music was beautifully performed. He was doubtful of the the lack of the violins so he called the radio network director and said how he enjoyed the beautiful production. The director said he was so happy to hear this because they thought the show was a disaster waiting to happen as one of the violinists could not show up because of a sudden illness.  The journalist said to Stokowski that he was right about the number of violins. Stokowski explained that if one is a master one knows when something is missing.   So too, HaShem wants to hear from all of us as He is the Master.  We are all important to Him no matter what we think of our worthiness. If He does not hear from us all then it renders a lack of perfection from his orchestra.

No matter where you hold you are important to HaShem.


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