The Ham From Zot: Mr. Cheaps

The Ham From Zot: Mr Cheaps Page 1
The Ham The Ham from Zot Agent 8: “Hold!”Agent 87: “Good Morning 8.”

Agent 8: “Good Morning 87.”

Agent 2: “Morning, I have a new assignment for you both.”

Agent 2: “Please, sit down..we have made an exciting breakthrough with M.E.O.W. And we need you both to investigate further.”

Agent 2: “What we have discovered is a M.E.O.W. Operative we think is working at a store called, Mr. Cheaps Market by the Honey booth on Agripa Street. Your job is to observe and report daily activities.”

Agent 2: “I don’t have to tell you how important this is…any questions?”

Agent 8: “Ah the market…do you see anything feline?”

Agent 87: “Look!”

Agent 8: “I see it.”

The Ham From Zot: Mr Cheaps Page 2
page 2Agent 8: “I wonder if it’s a secret door or entrance? My tricorder doesn’t register anything beyond this.”Agent 87: “Oh, look out.”

Beauregard : Speaking with a strong Panhandle Texas accent, Beauregard offers, “May I help yoooouuuuuwww?”

Agent 8: His eyes pop,“Ah, yes just admiring your store….do you have any organic tahina?”

Beauregard : “Why yes sir, of couwwrse…this is our finest, grade A in 2 sizes.”

Agent 8: “Perhaps the smaller size.”

Agent 87: “I think we’re being watched, I got some good pictures, let’s go.”

Agent 8: “Do you think it was an entrance?”

Agent 87: “We could come back and observe, day and night, I’ll call H.Q.”

Beauregard: “Shalom yaaalll, yes this is Beauregard heeeere, I believe 2 Zot agents were in the stowwre.”

M.E.O.W. Operative Sapphire: “Yes…..thank you Beauregard, I believe they are agent 8 and 87 from Zot….seen them before…keep a watch out, they could prove dangerous, over and meowt.”

M.E.O.W. Operative Sapphire: “If those hamsters even find an agent or amulet they’ll never understand it all Ruby.

M.E.O.W. Operative Ruby: “They’re industrious yet haven’t the brain capacity. What I’m worried about is that they have discovered one of our terminals…we may have to relocate it…purrrhaps in the lady’s restroom.

M.E.O.W. Operative Sapphire: I don’t wish to have any undue attention drawn to our terminal. We may need to contact the (Outer Edge) for advise.”

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