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6 foot Rabbit

Mrs. Whiskers at the Shuk. She sees a 6 foot rabbit in the Shuk (1.8288 Meters high). She can;t belive what she saw as she goes home on the Bus. Dr. Dog: “Well Mrs. Viskers, und how vas your veek? Mrs. Whiskers: “Not to hurt your feelings or anything…  Dr. Dog,  I know your a […]

A Vegetarian Diet is actually great tasting and good for you

Mrs. Whiskers is at the Doctor’s office. Doctor: “You’re seriously overweight, you have extremely high cholesterol. I will give you a new medicine for the cholesterol.” Mrs. Whiskers: Sigh. Doctor: “And I need to tell you need a complete lifestyle change. Are you exercising?” Mr. Whiskers: I’m not saying a word. Mrs. Whiskers: “I don’t […]

Shuk Kittens in Jerusalem’s Machaneh Yehuda market