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Response to Glenn Beck – Restoring Courage – Jerusalem 2011

Glenn Beck came to visit in Jerusalem and I wanted to see him, even if it was from far off I just had to go to the Kotel that day. I spoke with some spectators standing around watching, the ones that spoke English liked him in the crowds and one lady that only spoke Hebrew […]

Glenn Beck or Everquest

Page 1 Blue Cat and Orange Tabby. Blue Cat: “If I want to hear the truth it costs money.” Orange Tabby: “How so?” Blue Cat: “Regular TV doesn’t host Glenn Beck anymore. He’s switched to his own network which costs $6 a month.” Orange Tabby: “You’d have to ask yourself if it’s worth the cost.” […]

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette – Chem Trails

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette – Chem Trails Southern California may succeed from North California… It’s the War of Southern Aggression that’s upon America– The end of California as we know it? Is this a premier for “Mexifornia”? Will their new flag have an eagle holding a Black Bear in its very talons?Chem Trails pollute […]

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette: 4th of July 1776 or 2011

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette: 4th of July 1776 Thomas Jefferson’s Cat: ‘Thomas’ Amazing quotes that the United States seems to have forgotten… Questions we must ask ourselves as to what is happening to our beloved country…”My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” Thomas Jefferson Let us […]