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Winter is coming

And Now Gazprom Reminds Europe: Winter Will be Big Ex-Polish FM thanks US for destruction of Russian gas pipeline Putin’s speech during accession ceremony of new territories to RF Vladimir Putin’s Battle Cry Against The Deep State JerusalemCats Comments: This is a time of Midah K’negged Midah, Measure for Measure. Just as the West and […]

Bibi VS E.U. Borg

Star Trek: Original Series Intro Click to Play Star Trek: The Next Generation Intro Click to Play Click to Enlarge Bibi VS E.U. Borg Page 1 Music playing old Star Trek theme. Bibi says, “Earl Grey tea, hot.” Frodo answers, “I thought that was Capt. Picard’s line, Sir.” “Space shows are In Frodo, the LotR […]

Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto-Wake Up-27October2013

Homeland Security-Fighting Terrorism since1492 It is time to wake up. You do not belong here. Indian Americans, Native Americans,

Problems to face when making Aliyah